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this is bbc news. i martine croxall. -- i'm. the headlines at 11pm: centrist emanuel macron and the far—right‘s marine le pen will contest the run—off for the french presidency. here, jeremy corbyn won't commit to renewing the trident weapons system, but labour says it will back the nuclear deterrent. and a royal send off for tens of thousands of runners in this year's london marathon. the's mr cheek! —— he's missed his kick! good evening and welcome to bbc news. voters in france have rejected
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the candidates from the two main political parties in the first round of the presidential election. partial results suggest the centrist emmanuel macron, who's never held elected office, and marine le pen, leader of the far—right front national, will contest the final round of voting next month. let's join christian fraser in paris. hello. a warm welcome from paris. it isa hello. a warm welcome from paris. it is a beautiful evening here. the cities is looking resplendent. there is the eiffel tower lit up. but the shining lights in the presidential election very much a emmanuel macron and marine le pen. both have gone through to the second round run—off, which will take place a week on sunday. let's show you how they are looking at the moment. there are still votes being counted. but the forecast, so far, the projection
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putting a emmanuel macron on 23.8%, and marine le pen on twitter i.7%. and easy francois fillon, the former minister, i9.8%, in a third. he conceded earlier. jean—luc melenchon has not yet conceded. he wants to see the votes counted in the city before concedes. the really sorry story was ben maher hum of. —— benoit hamon. with these projections, we expect an annual benoit hamon and marine le pen will be fighting in the second round on the seventh of may. they go through toa the seventh of may. they go through to a run—off in two weeks time. mr macron said that a pager turned in french politics, with the people expressing a desire for change. marine le pen, for her part, described the result as historic. our first described the result as historic. ourfirst report comes described the result as historic. our first report comes from katya
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adler. one presidential election, two rival visions for france. fresh—faced emmanuel macron tops poll projections, promising fairer government, neither right nor left wing. a pro—eu centrist, confident of success. translation: i hope that in a fortnight, i will become your president. i want to become the president of all the people of france. the president of the patriots, in the face of the threats from the nationalists. a president able to protect, to transform and to build. emmanuel macron now goes through to the second and final round of france's vote for president. he will be against... far—right marine le pen, anti—immigration, anti—globalisation and anti—eu. her presidential plan was to make france for the french.
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translation: the time has come to get rid of all the arrogant people who wanted to dictate to the population what they should do. i am the candidate for the people. ever since polls closed this evening, this crowd has waited to see the woman they want as the next president of france — marine le pen. a campaign enabling the people of france... if you hear the insults they hurl at political rivals, you will see that france is extremely divided. there were clashes this evening in paris between police and voters frustrated with the projected election results. this has become known as the most stressful election in modern day france. up and down the country, in bars and living rooms, people were glued to their screens as soon
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as polls closed. left—wing candidates crushed, their supporters were bitterly disappointed. translation: now we know france is full of rich people and racers. i will not vote in the second round. —— racists. emmanuel macron and marine le pen are now on a charm offensive in the lead—up to the final presidential vote. their political visions may be clear but their parties have never been in government. whichever candidate france chooses, it will be a jump into the unknown. quite extraordinary. the two parties who have ruled the fifth republic since 1958 nowhere to be seen in the second round. iam joined by since 1958 nowhere to be seen in the second round. i am joined by the paras editor fought the economist. and also an editor of a news website. a lot of people were talking about what a emmanuel macron
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stood for. and they don't feel that he has actually defined manifesto. you disagree? -- paris. ijust feel that if you follow what he did as economy minister, and what he tried to do, because of some of the project that he had, in order to deregulate the market is and vested interests. he tried to open shops on sundays. he wanted at some point to deregulate the pharmacy industry. you cannot buy paracetamol in a supermarket in france, for example. he had plans to bust up some of those vested interests. in fact, he was not able to do it, because the government was not prepared to let him try to seek a majority, and they diverted his bill. but what you are looking at is somebody has a very clear idea about liberating markets, trying to liberate risks, energy entrepreneurs, to create jobs and make economic growth. he has a clear
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social justice programme at make economic growth. he has a clear socialjustice programme at the same time asa socialjustice programme at the same time as a liberal market programme. it is that, nation. so he is a little bit blairite. either nicky necessarily wa nts little bit blairite. either nicky necessarily wants to be associated with tony blair. but he does look very european. when he was economy minister, he could not get this pass the left of his party. and he is not a political party, but a movement. he needs support in the national senate to get his progress through, if he is elected. does he have enough people in the parliament to wa nt to enough people in the parliament to want to see his programme enacted? the real test will be the legislative elections in june. whoever wins the election has to get a majority one month later. he does not have any standing mp in the outgoing parliament. so he starts with nothing. there is a tradition in this country that the president normally should win the legislative election. the voters are coherent.
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they choose a man or a woman, and then they will give him or her the means to... if the candidates are not brought forward, then they can't be elected. yes, but he looks to change the personnel of the elite. half this candidates will be from the civil society. people with no political experience or roots in local constituencies. so it is a big challenge to get a majority from scratch, from zero. it has never been done. it remains to be seen if he can do it. but obviously, what he has already achieved is, was supposed to be impossible. seven people predicted he would bust, and he is there. we arejumping people predicted he would bust, and he is there. we are jumping the gun a little. —— so many people. marine le pen will try and portray him as the continuity candidate. will that
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work? i think what you really want to do is try betray him as a globalist, somebody who stands for open markets, a sort of, a cretinous it is nowhere. the sort of person that she finds is the source of all that she finds is the source of all that has destroyed france. in a way, the two are diametrically opposite in their worldview. she is a nationalist and a protectionist, a eurosceptic, out to take france out of the eu altogether. he is in favour of global trade, very pro— european. extraordinary to think is that he could do so well in a first round of election in france, with people waiting european flag. in speeches, they afford europe. a course, she will try to play on his insider status. he is a product, in many ways, of the establishment. but
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that opposite view is what she will focus on. —— they yell support for europe. she thinks he is weak because of europe has been unpopular and so on. but he has met europe popular again. he has and so on. but he has met europe popularagain. he has been campaigning with europe as a flag. that is go to make a second round very interesting, because it is there to be a referendum on frexit through the second round. we have been hearing from marine le pen. she says the survival of friends is at sta ke says the survival of friends is at stake here. the front nationale has only reached the second round was before. —— front. —— national. one country, one electorate,
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two very different faces. france has chosen change but of what sort? emmanuel macron was once called the champagne bubble, with no previous experience and no established party, he would, critics said, pop very quickly. vive la france! instead, he brought in those disillusioned with france's traditional parties. his liberal, pro—europe policy is attracting voters from both right and left. but voters from right and left also chose marine le pen, who wants everything emmanuel macron does not: leave the euro, slash immigration, and clamp down on free trade. her support has been the steadiest in this election, barely changing from months ago. so why was this result so hard to call? william and his sister helene had no idea who they would vote for today, even as they walked to their local polling station. they were not alone,
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almost a quarter of the electorate were thought to be unsure who they would support. i will still vote but i don't know who for. i am hesitating between four. i need to choose one. months ago, the selection looked far more certain, the favourite the conservative candidate francois fillon. he fought on through a financial scandal as voters left him, adamant until tonight that he would win. on thursday, a reminder of the challenges france is facing. the latest in a long series of attacks. it could have been a sign for some that this is a time for experience not experiment. so why try someone new? the first one, macron, because he was the candidate of hope. the second, marine le pen, because she was the candidate of anger. and you see the conflict between these two emotions. and more profoundly, because the two traditional
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political parties that have been leading france for the last decade, both collapsed. after months of uncertainty, france has opted for two different futures. hope or anger, free trade protectionism, eu member or not. all that stands in the way of power is one more vote. this election is the first in the history of france's fifth republic to ta ke history of france's fifth republic to take place under a state of emergency. more than 50,000 police and 7000 soldiers have been on patrol during the campaign. it has been conducted in a deeply divided and demoralised france, which has been hit by a series of terror attack since 2015. i am joined by the author of terror in france. we talked last night about the events on the champs—elysee on thursday. we wondered if it would affect the
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vote. it seems not to have done so. turnout has been strong. yes, and a man u macron tempos. but people predicted that marine le pen would come first because of the terrorist attack. —— emmanuel macron. french and others manage to nip in the bud most of the attack since july 2000 and 16. there is this unfortunate killing on thursday night. but nothing in the middle. —— 2016. the jihadist wanted to take the election hostage, because they want the extreme right to win so that they can save, look at the french, the english, they are racist and his mother phones. they failed at this. islamic state is not in a good state ifi islamic state is not in a good state if i may say so. —— islamphobes. with everything going on at the
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moment for them, they have other things to do. and there is a jihad fatigue in france. all those guys end up in prison, and people don't supervise them. your book writes about the rise of the jihad in the west. do you think between rounds, there is an extremist element in this country that would like marine le pen to win. does that mean that in the next two weeks, we are in a tense security situation? we are indeed. one of the reasons that i believe emmanuel macron wine was because amongst other things, he was very clear on those issues of terrorism. —— won. he had a tough position. people thought that because he was a centre left person, he did not take those things seriously. hadn‘t he sort of made things clear, as he did, he probably
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would have lost a few points of percentage to brazzaville or marine le pen. i believe for him, now, it isa le pen. i believe for him, now, it is a clear issue. not only does he have too windy second round, but he has to win. —— francois fillon. he has to win. —— francois fillon. he has to win the parliamentary election in june. —— has to win the parliamentary election injune. —— win the second. this is an opportunity for the jihadist to try to keep this new vote hostage of terror attacks. we must leave it there. i wish we had more time. the campaigning begins again in earnest tomorrow morning because there are two weeks of campaigning still to come. there will also be a televised debate in the midst of it when macron faces
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off against le pen. we will watch it closely, but that is the main picture. macron faces off against le pen. thank you. breaking news regarding an acid attack at a nightclub in east london which happened on the 17th of april. police are saying that arthur collins, the 25—year—old boyfriend of tv star ferne mccann has been charged with that incident. 1a cou nts charged with that incident. 1a counts of charged with that incident. 1a cou nts of attem pts charged with that incident. 1a counts of attempts to do bodily harm and one count of throwing corrosive fluid on a person to cause gbh. that is coming from scotland yard. it happened at the mangle club earlier this month. this is bbc news. the main stories. centrist, emmanuel macron,
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and the far—right‘s marine le pen will contest the run—off for the french presidency. jeremy corbyn won't commit to renewing the trident weapons system, but labour says it will back the nuclear deterrent. a murder inquiry is under way after a man is run over and killed by his own car as it was being stolen in manchester. sport now, and time for a full round—up from the bbc sport centre. james. hello. this season's fa cup final will be between chelsea and arsenal. the gunners beat manchester city 2—1 after extra time. david ornstein reports from wembley. they came en masse with hope renewed, a season that promised so much has so far failed to deliver. but there can be no looking back. for arsenal and manchester city, the fa cup is their route to glory. because glory is how these managers will be judged
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and it was city who initially looked the more convincing. sergio aguero, denied when the cross to him was ruled to have gone out of play. replays possibly suggested otherwise. after half—time, there would be no stopping aguero. a precise finish putting city on course for the final. arsenal, though, had other ideas. and within ten minutes, they were level. nacho monreal, timing his run and finish to perfection, giving the gunners a lifeline. soon, they were saved again, now by the post, while city also hit the bar. before, at the other end, danny welbeck went within inches of winning it. arsenal carried that momentum into extra time and capitalised when alexis sanchez put them ahead with his 24th, and perhaps most important, goal of the campaign. it proved decisive. so, arsenaland, in particular, their manager, arsene wenger, have responded to their critics. they will return to face chelsea for the trophy next month.
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for city and pep guardiola, it's huge disappointment. david ornstein and, bbc news, wembley. people questioned us. but it isa wembley. people questioned us. but it is a difficult time so you can be divided in what is natural inclination, or you can be united. and today we have shown the right response and stayed together. celtic are just one win away from their first domestic treble in 16 years after they beat their old firm rivals, rangers, 2—0 to reach the scottish cup final. they've already wrapped up the league title and the scottish league cup this season, and after only ten minutes, callum mcgregor put them ahead. scott sinclair was able to double their lead with this penalty in the second half, the third goal he's scored against rangers this season. celtic will face aberdeen in the final next month. there were two games in the premier league today. third—placed liverpool lost at home to crystal palace 2—1 philip coutinho put the hosts ahead with a great free kick, but two goals by former liverpool forward christian benteke gave palace the victory and eases their
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relegation worries considerably. they are now eight points above the relegation zone. manchester united won 2—0 at burnley. anthony martial and wayne rooney, who was making just his second premier league start since december, provided the goals. united are nowjust a point behind fourth placed manchester city. the two meet on thursday. in the london marathon, kenya's mary keitany has broken the world record for a women's only race that was previously held by paula radcliffe. keitany won it in two hours and 17 minutes. this was her third victory in the london marathon, and she beat ethiopian track great, tirunesh dibaba, by almost a minute. aly dixon was the fastest british runner. jo pavey dropped out of the race at around 16 miles, so she won't be selected for the world championships in london this summer. kenya were victorious in the men's race as well, dan wanjiru crossed the line first, for the biggest win of his career, beating the favourite kenenisa bekele. the winning time was two hours, five minutes, and 48 seconds. david weir has won a record seventh london marathon. he won his first way back in 2002. he beat his great rival, marcel hoog, from switzerland in a sprint finish to move ahead of dame tanni grey—thompson in the record books.
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she won six london marathon titles. the women's wheelchair race was won by switzerland's manuela schar in a course record time. world number one, mark selby, leads xiao guodong ten frames to six in the second round of the world snooker championship. selby is the defending champion and will take a four—frame cushion into the final session tomorrow afternoon. elsewhere, stephen maguire thrashed rory mcleod 13—3 to reach the quarter—finals with a session to spare. and one more football line to bring you before i go, in the last hour, n'golo konte and lucy bronze have been named pfa players of the year. that's all the sport for now. thank you very much, james. first, let's have a quick look at some of the front pages. the ft leads with the french elections, and former banker, emmanuel macron, going head—to—head against the far—right leader,
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marine le pen, in the race to become france's next president. the guardian says macron is now favourite to win as the result redraws the french political divide. the times says voters in france have humiliated the country's two established political parties. while the daily mail describe it as a new french revolution. the i features the former labour leader, tony blair, telling voters to put aside party loyalty for the sake of the best brexit deal. the daily telegraph questions labour's credibility on defence after they say jeremy corbyn ruled out ever using britain's nuclear deterrent. the daily express claims a foreign aid row broken out over claims taxpayers' cash was being given to a government which funds terrorists. and the daily mirror suggests madeleine mccann may have been snatched to order by slave traders and sold to a rich family. now, to the uk election, and jeremy corbyn says he'll order a review of "all aspects" of uk defence policy, if he becomes prime minister.
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the labour leader, speaking to the bbc‘s andrew marr, also refused to confirm whether renewing the trident nuclear weapons system would be in his party's election manifesto. but a spokesman later made it clear labour did support retaining trident. in response, the conservatives claim labour would "dismantle" the uk's defences. our political correspondent, vicky young, reports. jeremy corbyn has an army of loyal supporters who have kept at the helm of the labour party, despite opposition from many of his own mps. but now he has to introduce himself to a wider audience and persuade voters he's ready to be prime minister. morning, all. some of his views have caused huge controversy, even within his own party members and mr corbyn is opposed to nuclear weapons. so, would labour's election manifesto include a commitment to renew trident? we would include all aspects of defence as most incoming governments
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do, i think all have. after the interview, a party spokesman was forced to issue a statement clarifying the situation, saying the decision to renew trident had, been taken and labour supported that. 17:7, t::§7?
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labour is keen to focus on domestic issues in this election. on grammar schools, mr corbyn said that he did not like selective education. on the economy, he repeated his promise to set up a public national investment bank to plough money into infrastructure. and on private service providers in the nhs, jeremy corbyn supporters say he has been hampered as leader by disloyal mps and a negative press. this election campaign is a chance then to lay out his vision for britain, to tell the voters exactly what he stands for, but any confusion over policy will be seized on by his opponents. cheering in the opening stage of this campaign, the tories have made strong leadership a central theme. today, they said mr corbyn wasn't suitable to be prime minister. it'sjust chaos. you know?
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jeremy corbyn is putting himself forward as the next prime minister country. overnight. cold air to the north”, overnight. cold air to the north, and snow showers. a northerly sleet and snow showers. a northerly breeze. in the south, mild. the mornin. eiht o'clock, monday morning. eight o'clock, sunshine in the south coast. not a bad start to the day for plymouth and towards london as well. cloudier skies bringing drizzly showers here and there through the midlands, parts of wales as well. more persistent showers in northumberland all the way towards belfast. to the north of that, that is the colder air. sunshine and wintry showers, especially across scotland were sleet and snow will be heavy with hail mixed in. pretty chilly.
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ffi the day, this "fl 227 $5; the day, this cold e goes _; goes and ea: bringing w w goes raid. mostlyéébringing w goes raid. mostlyjéii. forging w splashes of rain. mostly dry for most of the day in the far south. it will be relatively pleasant. will be slaw will lle slaw contrasting further
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