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tv   Asia Business Report  BBC News  April 24, 2017 1:30am-1:46am BST

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the centrist emmanuel macron has proclaimed victory in the first round. he says his job now is to reconcile the country and gather broad support for the second round. he'll face a run—off with the far right national front candidate marine le pen in two weeks. she described the result as historic and said it was time to "liberate the french people". and this video is trending on — who said pandas were lazy? this sprightly panda called meng meng is quite the acrobat and has been turning heads by performing somersaults in her enclosure in sichuan province including a triple somersault! that's all from me now — stay with bbc news. and the top story here in the uk. police in manchester are investigating after a man was killed while his car was being stolen. michael samwell confronted the thieves in the early hours of sunday morning and they ran him over. now on bbc news all the latest
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business news live from singapore. investors cheered the results of the first round of voting in the french elections. and singapore is aiming to be the first smart nation ever. but is it learning fast enough to keep up with the competition? good morning, asia and hello, world. this is monday and thank you for joining us. we start off with the french elections and voters have indeed spoken. from 11 presidential candidates, the pro— european candidates, the pro— european candidate emmanual macron will be facing far right marine le pen in a run—off election on may seven. the
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winner will lead the second largest economy in europe and one of the seven largest in the world. let's have a look at the currency board and the eurojumps to a have a look at the currency board and the euro jumps to a five—month high against the us dollar following the election result. a relief rally for the euro. there were worries that if marine le pen won the presidency outright that would spur funds to leave the european union. that sense of relief in the stock market as well. the japanese stock exchange jumped 14% and, earlier, market as well. the japanese stock exchangejumped14% and, earlier, i spoke with david who offered this analysis. we should not break out the champagne just yet. i think what we need to do is have a look at what is likely going to happen. for now it looks pretty much like there will bea it looks pretty much like there will be a run—off between marine le pen who is the far right candidate and emmanuel macron, the centrist candidate. the polls are saying, and
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we should not read too much into them giving their track record of late, it looks much as though macron will win the french presidential election. that is what everybody is expecting on may seven because he got over 23% of the vote in the first round. but what if we have the worst case scenario first round. but what if we have the worst case scenario and marine le pen will be winning the french elections and becomes the new leader of france? what impact will this have on the euro and stock markets? the euro was stronger at the moment and, quite rightly, it predicts we will likely have a centrist candidate win the presidential election. unfortunately, whoever wins the french election... i'm not a politician, i do not have that much interest in how politics affects things. but if you look at france... it is in a mess. the economy is only growing at i%. there
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isa economy is only growing at i%. there is a10% unemployment rate and the debt versus gdp is approaching one yea rs debt versus gdp is approaching one years economic output of france. dire economic situation but a lot of a nalysts a re dire economic situation but a lot of analysts are saying that if marine le pen becomes the leader of france then we could see parity with the us dollar. we certainly could see that because the market hates uncertainty. if marine le pen were to win there would be a great deal of uncertainty. and i say again, france has economic problems call. so does the eurozone. they have the ministers meeting later on, it may need to talk about a lot of things. notjust brexit but, certainly, they will probably now need to talk about a french exit as well and how they will solve problems within the eurozone. here is a look ahead at what else is coming up over the next few days. due to report its earnings, this wednesday. that is twitter. sony
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will follow on friday and as mentioned earlier, the 27 remaining eu members are scheduled to meet on saturday to go over a negotiation outline guiding them through two yous of brexit talks. in other news:, the yous of brexit talks. in other news: , the japan—based yous of brexit talks. in other news:, the japan—based is reportedly looking at writing down as much as $3.7 billion for the year ending the first of march. that will be on goodwill from its acquisition of an australian logistics union. japan post is a conglomerate was businesses and postal delivery as well as banking and insurance. response from american airlines. the airline service suspended an employee after a clash over a baby stroller in san francisco. a passenger who uploaded video of the aftermath of the incidence of their mother had been struck with the pram as it was forcibly removed by the employee. american airlines has
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issued an apology to the passenger and her family. this issued an apology to the passenger and herfamily. this follows issued an apology to the passenger and her family. this follows another high—profile clash on a plane two weeks ago when a passenger was violently removed from an overbooked flight. do you save for a rainy day? that is a big question to ask yourself and what do you say but all? this question was put to over 8000 consumers across the region. described as the emerging affluent, these are consumers who are earning enough to save, and many of them an engine of economic growth. the study found that 67% of consumers across asia saved towards the top priority every month. and property is among one of the top things that they save fork with in the region planning to purchase a home. children's education also ranked high with 18% on average saving towards that goal. but there were surprising revelations as well. the survey was done to standard charter and they
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tell us more about it. there are big savers, two thirds of saving regularly. they are aiming for big dreams. it is about the house, children's education and then long—term for retirement. the way they are investing is quite conservative. what is so surprising about the study is the millennial, those people aged between 25 and 34. country to popular belief, they are actually saving. can you tell us about the findings? they are saving. these are often professionals with good jobs and they are saving predominantly to purchase their first property or, if they have children, thinking about the education of their children that they are also digitally savvy. 0ne of the interesting things from the study is that those who are digitally savvy are saving a% more. we would expect, as they get older, but that proportion will increase.
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smart cities is the concept widely known these days, may using technology to make lives simpler and more efficient. but singapore is aiming to be the world's first smart nation. so what does that actually entail? 0ur correspondent went to ta ke entail? 0ur correspondent went to take a look. you now what it's like. you wait for the bus on your way to work and if you are anything like me you are probably late. so enter this initiative. part of the government's plans to introduce technology to every aspect of daily life. i have installed these interactive bus maps in some bus stations across the island. that way you can plan your journey and if you are looking to save time you can also check on bus times and when the next bus that you wa nt times and when the next bus that you want is expected to arrive. at
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ground zero of the network system i was shown how data is collected about where the buses are and how long it takes to get to their stocks. with this information we know where the buses are a different points of the day so can put in measures to alleviate and dissipate crowds at points across the island. this will ensure that the transport system works more smoothly. singapore also uses technology does that translate lives. at this control centre, offices pick up distress calls from the public alerting them to emergencies like heart attacks. and app was developed to connect critically ill citizens to connect critically ill citizens to other citizens. this app help this woman say the man's life. he was as being for air. his lips were blue. immediately i performed chest
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compression is on him while waiting for the arrival of the ambulance. the plan is for the smart nation initiative to be rolled out across all sectors— make healthca re, initiative to be rolled out across all sectors— make healthcare, homes and offices. the government acknowledges it is not moving fast enough. if we do not get this right, jobs are at stake. wages are at sta ke. jobs are at stake. wages are at stake. and any government that does not prepare its people for the future and offer the potential for good jobs will be in trouble. because of its small size, singapore has always tried to stay ahead of the curve to survive. smart nation isa the curve to survive. smart nation is a part of the future strategy. but it needs to speed up to achieve its ambitions. but have a look now the market before we go. japan and australia react positively to the real result of the french general election. the
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japanese market up by two at i.3%. us markets reacted to macron taking first place in the presidential elections. sport today is coming up next. you are watching bbc news. let's bring you date with our stories. the centrist, emmanuel macron winds through to the second round of the french presidential election. he will face at marine le pen of the anti—immigration national front but despite the —— who describes the result as historic. princes william and harry along with kate was supporting runners at the london marathon. they have been praised by
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groups to support the bereaved for speaking out about the impact on the lives of the death of their mother, diana, but say there is a need for more help for those coping with the death of a loved one. kevin lost his wife to cancer eight years ago. since then, he has been helped by meeting others who have been bereaved through the social support group, widowed and young. at times, kevin says he found himself in a difficult place with his well—being at risk. it's a very traumatic experience and my own experience of that, it is your whole world upside down. you really don't know where to turn or how to cope initially. it certainly does affect your mental health overall. yvonne's experience was similar, her husband simon died suddenly on a business trip. she and her chidren were left struggling as they tried to cope with the shock. in time, that begins to happen, things begin to normalise. she acknowledges she came close to a mental health crisis. i spiralled down rapidly and i got to the point of actually
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beginning to think like, there is no point in my life any more. the thought of ending it began to cross my mind. was there anything that helped you pull away from that? yes, finding peer support, finding support initiatives where people actually understood what i was going through. and were able to encourage me and give me hope. she said she was lucky to have that support, others often don't get it. so she has set up a group and website, signposting where help and counselling can be found. it's the sort of resource which might have helped angela after her husband took his own life. she said nobody told her where to find support beyond her immediate family. there was no formal process if you like, that ran alongside the other processes that we become involved in, there was nothing offered to me that was specific to my bereavement. looking back, iwish it had been offered. she is now campaigning on behalf of people bereaved by suicide who are known to be more likely to develop mental health problems. some need a lot more
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support beyond friends and family, others don't. there is a clear message from those affected, the challenges and health risks for the bereaved need more recognition along with places to turn for help. it is possible to see more on that story on our website. if you would like to get in touch with me and big tea m like to get in touch with me and big team we are on social media. now, however, it is time for the sports news in sports today. hello. this is sport today live from the bbc sport centre. coming up on this programme: 500 goals for barcelona as messi wins el clasico against real madrid
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with the last kick of the game. alexis sanchez send arsenal through to the fa cup final after an extra—time goal against manchester city. and it's ten times a champion for rafael nadal as he wins again in monte carlo. and the west indies fill the wrath of khan as he becomes the first to reach 10,000 test. —— feel. hello, and welcome to the programme, where we start with football. in spain's primera division, lionel messi scored his 500th career goalfor barcelona when he hit the winner with the last kick of the game in a 3—2 victory over real madrid at the bernabeu. it was the argentine's second of the match and first goal against real madrid for three years and takes the catalans to the top of the league on head to head. they're level on points with los blancos who've played


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