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tv   Outside Source  BBC News  April 24, 2017 9:30pm-10:01pm BST

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hello, i'm ros atkins, this is outside source. these are the biggest stories in the bbc newsroom right now. emmanuel macron and marine le pen have made it into the second round of the french election. president hollande has urged the country to vote for mr macron. the far—right would be deeply divise for france. they would endanger our freedoms and the founding principles of our republic. in the last couple of hours marine le pen has said she's stepping aside as the leader of the national front to focus on her campaign. president trump says he wants the un to back new sanctions against north korea. and north korea has again warned that the threat of nuclear war is real. a bbc team has entered a town in syria recently held by islamic state. the next big battle with the islamic state will take place in raqqa. that will only happen if the opposition
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forces stop fighting each other first. and it is looking good for newcastle to make it back into the premier league. these are the polls looking ahead to the second round of the french election. the polls put mr macron well ahead for the second round. they were right for the first round — but well you know all the caveats around polling. a short time ago i spoke to professor helen drake — she's the chair in european integration at loughborough university. she's in paris. i asked her if the latest polls were good news for european integration. one thing we learned from last night
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is that the polls were quite accurate. marine le pen was supposed to win the first round and she came ina quick to win the first round and she came in a quick second so the polls which are putting macron ahead of le pen in the next round, i suppose we can trust them. macron has expressed a lot of support for the european union, and he has some practical and positive messages for how to strengthen the eu. i suppose that is true. you are supporting iam —— you are assuming that i am a supporter of european integration. for those who support european integration then macron is a babel bet. isn't that a fair assumption? it is a fair assumption that macron is polled to win and it is also true that in his programme he is explicitly pro—what the french might call more europe rather than less europe. the head of north korea's armed forces has warned that the threat of nuclear war is real.
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he blamed what he calls "the frantic war drills of the us imperialists". on the us side, donald trump has wants the un to impose new sanctions. the status quo in north korea is also unacceptable, and the council must be prepared to propose additional sanctions on north korea nuclear and ballistic missile isle programmes. this is a real threat to the world, whether we want to talk about it or not. north korea is a big world problem and it is a problem we have to finally sold. people put blindfolds on for decades and now it is time to solve the problem. barbara plett usher is live for us. what was the context in which mr trump was speaking. that was a
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meeting of the security council. they came to washington to meet with president trump. he took the opportunity to talk about international issues which are important to him. i think probably what was on the minds of those ambassadors was that he has threatened to slash us funding for the un. he did seem to hold out a carrot to them. he said if the un does thejob it carrot to them. he said if the un does the job it is a posted then he would be much less worried about the budget which he said was peanuts compared to the great work you are supposed to be doing. in terms of the response to north korea, was he demanding new sanctions or saying please consider this? he was saying the council should be prepared to impose new sanctions and there is talk about that last week when the
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council condemned the latest missile test. it said it would keep in mind the possibility of further measures, pacific quay mentioning sanctions which is not the usual format that they use —— specifically mentioning sanctions. we have secretary tillerson who is chairing a meeting about north korea at the un on friday. the state department said he would be focusing on enforcing the sanctions which already exist. they have also said new ideas will be discussed, and i think that a lot will depend on north korea's behaviour. if there is another test, either a missile test or a nuclear test, the talk about sanctions will probably pick up. there was one story i wanted to ask you about, there is a quite from bbc world news naming tony kim as a us citizen who was detained in north korea. tony kim was teaching at pyongyang university of science and technology.
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this means three americans are currently detained. after being accused of trying to steal a propaganda banner. and korean—american pastor kim dong chul who was sentenced to 10 years in prison for espionage. we were talking about this on an earlier edition of outside source about how the north koreans sometimes use this as diplomatic leveraged to get a visit, presumably thatis leveraged to get a visit, presumably that is difficult given the atmosphere between the two countries? probably not likely to happen in this case any time soon, but when these arrests are made, evenif but when these arrests are made, even if there is a diplomatic solution, it does drag on for months and months. in the past, sometimes senior officials have gone over and in one case a former us president has gone over to negotiate a release. that has been a coup for the north korean regime. it is something on the minds of the us
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administration because the ambassador said that this arrest was probably something the north koreans were doing to use as a bargaining chip. given that relationships between the two countries are more tense than they usually are, we will have to see, but it does complicate the issue. barbara, as ever, thank you. barbara is live from the state department. now let's go to the bbc sports centre. we will begin with some good news if you are a fan of newcastle united. it sounds like it is going well? they have won 4—1. they were relegated in 2009. they went straight back up at the first attempt. ayoze perez got the scoring underway after just seven minutes. jordan hugel equalised seven minutes later. but then a player on loan
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from chelsea put them 2—1 up. from there paul gallacher got sent off. a penalty put them 3—1 ahead. then it was peres again who picked up the fourth goal, his second. a bit of luck with it coming off his chest when the ball ricocheted off the post. then it was never any doubt. look at the newcastle support. they know they are going back up. it will be newcastle united who are in the premier league next season. the last time they went up the manager was chris hughton. who does he look after now, brighton and hove albion. newcastle united could possibly win the championship. brighton and hove albion more likely we'll win it but chris hughton and rafa benitez have done thejobs for their chris hughton and rafa benitez have done the jobs for their particular clu bs. done the jobs for their particular clubs. i don't suppose the newcastle united fans are too worried about whether they win the championship,
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they will be happy to go back to the premier league where they feel they belong. anthonyjoshua is 14 years younger than wladimir klitschko. he says, he's too he is faded. time has caught up with the former champ. that is as rude as it has been. i also want to mention ched evans. league one champions sheffield united are set to re—sign striker ched evans from chesterfield. evans last played for united in 2012 before he was found guilty of raping a woman in a hotel room. he was sentenced to five years in prison. that conviction was quashed and, following a re—trial last october, evans was found not guilty. we also want to offer our congratulations to kelly sotherton. she retired as a heptathlon five
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years ago — well she just won an olympic bronze medal, another one — from back in 2008. the person she's hugging is russian tatyana chernova, but she's been striped of her medal after testing positive for a steroid. it's the second time kelly sotherton has got a medal in this way, she had already been moved to third in the axiioom relay after belarus and russia's disqualification. this is a picture i was sent —— a clip i was sent earlier. the sport climbing world championship from the weekend. the object of this sport is simple — climb the 15 metre wall as quick as you can. russian iuliia kaplina broke her speed world record this weekend. she consistantly does the 15m in under eight seconds. ican heara i can hear a colleague asking if it was beaded up but it is not. they do
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go that fast. we will keep and ion speed climbing because it is a sport which is getting bigger and bigger. ina which is getting bigger and bigger. in a couple of minutes time we will have a new report from quentin somerville. he has made it to the last big city held by the islamic state group. we will see what he has found. a 21—year—old man is being questioned by police, after a former royal navy officer died tackling burglars outside his home in manchester. mike samwell who was 35, is thought to have been run over by his own car, while it was being stolen yesterday morning. danny savage reports. this street is still sealed off. one man is under arrest but police have said they are still seeking more
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suspects after what happened here. it is the circumstances which happened here which is truly extraordinary. a crime which police say crossed the line. mike samwell, a 35—year—old former royal navy officer. he and his wife were asleep in their home in chorlton in the early hours of yesterday when they were awoken by intruders. he went to investigate. what happened in the following few moments saw mr samwell run over by his own car and killed. the high—powered audi s3 was soon found abandoned a few miles away. where mike samwell was fatally injured is now the scene of a murder enquiry. leaving neighbours and friends at a loss. he was such a nice bloke, we all liked him. he was very friendly. always talkative. funny. and i really liked him. i'm shocked, really shocked. mike samwell was a weapons officer on a nuclear submarine. he left the navy a few years ago and then worked as an engineer. the local submariners association came along today to offer their support and understanding.
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it's a sort of thing i would have done. it's the sort of thing most people would have tried to stop. it's instinct. especially with forces people. you are trained to react quickly. police initially appealed to the criminal fraternity for information, saying this crime had crossed the line. then this morning they announced that a 21—year—old man had been arrested on suspicion of murder. neighbours say they heard mike samwell‘s wife jessica shouting his name and screaming for help after he was run over. she returned to the scene today, escorted by police into her own home which is now a crime scene. as investigations continue into what happened in this quiet suburban street. danny savage, bbc news, manchester.
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iam i am rather atkins with outside source. —— marine le pen says she is stepping aside as leader of the national front party to focus on her presidential campaign. for the past two years the threat from the so—called islamic state group has made it almost impossible forforeign media to get into their stronghold in north western syria. now a bbc team has made it to al bab — islamic state's last big city outside of raqqa. in syria's long war there are many fronts and scores of enemies. this is the city of al bab in northern aleppo. here, the victory belongs to the free syrian army,
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and defeat to the so—called islamic state. everyone has a foreign backer here. for some it's russia or america. for this division it's turkey. this is hallowed ground for the islamic state. this tiny village, dabiq, was a beacon, drawing in foreign fighters from across the globe. dabiq was a great symbol for the islamic state group. it was here that the prophet muhammad said that muslims would defeat the romans. this is also the spot where britain's "jihadi john" murdered the american aid worker peter kassig. is were right about one thing, though. this is a place of reckoning, but it's the place of their defeat and they've now been driven more than 100 kilometres from here. and these days they don't make much mention of dabiq. to the south of al bab,
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the free syrian army face a different enemy. the syrian regime. there's a truce on these lines. the regime are only 150 metres away. and now that it's free from is, displaced from aleppo and raqqa, heading to the security these men offer. air strikes are no longer a threat but islamic state's roadside bombs and booby—traps are everywhere. villages and towns here have been fought over by so many factions, it's hard to identify who bombed where. and for some it's even a struggle to find what remains of the family home. in the battle against is, this village changed hands more than half a dozen times. this war has been a shattering experience, but in many respects
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it's no longer syria's war. the decisions to attack the next town, the next village, they are not taken here any longer. they are taken in ankara, moscow, and in washington. the next big battle, the final battle with the islamic state, will take place in raqqa. that will only happen if the opposition forces stop fighting each other first. translation: our first enemy was is, we have defeated them. now we face some separatist terrorist groups that want to divide syria. so after the fall of aleppo we have two enemies, the separatists and the regime. and for us there is no difference between the two. his men are mostly syrian turks. they accuse their neighbours, and blood enemies, the kurds, of trying to split the country. the rebuilding of al babb is already underway. in syria it takes a lot of confidence to replace your windows. but the damage done here
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isn'tjust to buildings. it extends deeper, into syria's ethnic fabric. amid the ruins, this was an is headquarters, you find reminders of the victims. the disappeared, the lost, and the dead. new and rich wells of hatred are being formed. inside these four walls syria's hopelessness is revealed. when the jailer enters the cells they must stand and face the wall. all of these men are syrians. some joined the islamic state. others, no more than boys, fought for the kurds with american backing. and some fought for president assad, helped by russia. translation: because of the joblessness in syria,
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i had no salary to look after my children, so i had to join the fighting. foreign interference here has only caused more destruction. people are killing each other. these menjoined is. translation: the different people in groups here despise each other more and more. war only increases hatred. it never lessens it. these men will likely be exchanged in a prisoner swap. some came to fight for is, others to destroy it. that war may be approaching an end but there will be no rest in syria. and the people who make up this country will likely find themselves cast even further apart. quentin somerville, bbc news, northern aleppo. you can find that video online where
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you can see it and share it. you may have seen that donald trump is approaching his 100th day in office. while that milestone approaches so does another marker — the potential day the us — yet again — has a government shutdown. we can bring in our washington correspondent. we have been here before with a government shutdown and the americans do tend to go quite close before these things get resolved so how close is it that it could happen? at the moment, it all comes down to what president trump is putting in his proposed spending bill. one of the sticking points at the moment are his plans to build a wall with mexico. remember, during the campaign he said he would build a wall and mexico would pay for it
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but now it does not look like mexico will. he is trying to get funding for the wall into the bill. the price tag is something like $22 billion. but some republicans and democrats do oppose this. that is something that will be thrashed out as well as an increase in military spending. they could pass a temporary resolution which could keep the government funded for a few more months and then we would end up having to deal with all this in october. in terms of getting the releva nt october. in terms of getting the relevant people onside, will that be a job for the president himself or paul ryan or who will get involved? at all comes down to congress so there will be a busy week on congress on capitol hill for the republican party and indeed the democrats trying to strong arm people. it is notjust when it comes to this spending bill. there is also a new health care proposal that the republicans are trying to push through after president trump failed to push through his bid to try and
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repeal and replace obamacare. on wednesday he will be releasing his plans for tax reform. quite a lot to get through before we even get to his 100th day. and in the campaign he said he had a contract with the voters. he said he wanted to accomplish 38 different policy pledges in the first 100 days. he has not quite got there. things like health care and the wall are very much a work in progress but he will be working this week to try and get that but he say in an interview at the weekend that 100 days was an artificial construct so he did not buy into being measured by that anyway. one other thing to talk to you about. former us president barack obama has spoken in public for the first time since leaving office. he's held a discussion with youth leaders in chicago. on the back—end of my presidency, now that it is completed, i am
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spending a lot of time thinking about what is the most important thing that i can do for my nextjob. laughter and what i am convinced of is that although they're all kinds of issues that i care about, and all kinds of issues that i to work on, the single most important thing i can do is to help in any way i can prepare the next generation of leadership to ta ke next generation of leadership to take up the baton and to take their own crack at changing the world. he was picking his words carefully, wasn't he? and it is what he did not say which was most interesting. he did not comment at all on president trump or his policies. he went back
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to his days of community organiser to his days of community organiser to try and encourage young people to get into politics. thank you. we have a question from clement watching in cape town. he says when does the new president take place in france? so the next round is two weeks after the first round and it is normally a week and a half after the result, after election day that the result, after election day that the new president assumes power. so certainly it will happen in may. clement, thank you for your question and all of you for sending in your messages. we will be back at the same time tomorrow, hopefully you canjoin me. same time tomorrow, hopefully you can join me. bye—bye. a cold and frosty start to tuesday.
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notjust a cold and frosty start to tuesday. not just frosty but for some, there is likely to be wintry weather, in the north and north—east of the uk. that is what we saw on monday, some snow showers. not unusual at this time of year to see some snow but unwelcome. but as what we will see in the north and north—east in the morning. after a sunny start elsewhere, cloud will build and we will see some pretty lively showers going into the afternoon. showers in scotla nd going into the afternoon. showers in scotland will contain some snow. it is cold in the wind, in spite of some sunshine and similar in northern ireland. there will be some hailand northern ireland. there will be some hail and thunder. when you get the hail and thunder. when you get the hail showers you will also get some cold winds coming down, downdraughts which can drop the temperature by several degrees. tonight at ten, the final battle—lines are drawn as two candidates fight for the keys to the elysee palace.
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macron and le pen will contest the final round in just under a fortnight, pushing aside the traditional mainstream parties. as marine le pen promises a new start for france and a day of reckoning for the eu the nation's leaders line up to back her rival. translation: the far right will deeply divide france. it would stigmatise some of our fellow citizens because of some of their origins of religion that would undermine our liberty and the republic. we'll have the latest on the campaign as marine le pen steps down as leader of the front national to focus
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