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this is bbc world news today, broadcasting in the uk and around the world. i'm kasia madera. the headlines: the us secretary of state warns the world must adopt a new approach to north korea or face catastrophic consequences. the threat of a north korean nuclear attack on sole autocue is real and it is likely only a matter of time before north korea develop the capability to strike the us mainland. capability to strike the us mainland. on the eve of donald trump's 100th day in office we ask his supporters and his critics to look back on the president's performance. pope francis is in cairo hoping to improve relations between the christian and muslim faiths. hello and welcome to world news today. i'm kasia madera. the us secretary of state, rex tillerson, has said the world
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must adopt a new approach to force north korea to abandon its nuclear and ballistic missile programmes or face what he called "catastrophic consequences". mr tillerson was chairing a special meeting of the un security council. he told the council there was "no reason" to think north korea would change course under the current sanctions regime. with each successful detonation and missile tests north korea pushes the world closer to instability and broader conflict. the threat of the north korean nuclear attack console or tokyo is real and it is likely only a matter of time before north korea develops the capability to strike the us mainland. indeed, they have repeatedly claimed it plans to conduct such a strike. given that rhetoric, the united states cannot
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idly stand by north and other members of this council who are within striking distance of north korean missiles. washington has repeatedly called for tougher un sanctions, but is looking to china to take a diplomatic lead. but the chinese foreign minister, wang yi, responded by saying it wasn't realistic for one country to be responsible for solving the issue. translation: mr president, china is not a focal point of this spending chiller and the key to solving this problem does not lie on the chinese side. china has over the years made many side. china has over the years made ma ny efforts side. china has over the years made many efforts and played a unique role in negotiating a solution to this issue. i want to reiterate china's displeasure at the ds
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putting a missile system into south korea. it is detrimental to achieving denuclearisation and achieving denuclearisation and achieving long—term stability. a short time ago i spoke with my colleague barbara plett usher, who is in new york, and she told me what rex tillerson had to say. he basically laid out to the council what the american assessment is, that the threat has grown and the american homeland is now threatened by the possibility of a nuclear strike from north korea so the americans were looking at quite differently, that the sanctions had not worked so a new approach was needed. he said what that should be. he said the existing sanction should be thoroughly implemented, be vigilant about that. new sanction should be on individuals and entities that support the nuclear programme and there should be greater emphasis on isolating north
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korea diplomatically. he mentioned the items including that the americans would be willing to press press third—party sanctions on those countries who violated the embargoes. that could be effective if the americans were vigilant about it. it was effective in the case of a rant. he called on the un members to cut or suspend diplomatic ties with the north koreans, which would think those of some of the few channels they have left even for some of their commercial or currency exchanges. it was quite clear that this was the way forward and he said didn't work in the end the americans we re didn't work in the end the americans were willing to use military action, that became necessary. he is the finger at china. 9096 of north korea's trade is with china, but china were not as defence but you might expect given what brexiter it was saying. china are in a unique
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position because it is the major ally of north korea. it is its neighbour. 90% of the north korean economy is connected to china. it does have a lot of leverage. the trump administration has made this a key pa rt trump administration has made this a key part of its policy, that china does have the ability to pressure north korea into changing its ways. the chinese have given implication is that they are prepared to push a bit harder. anderson said that china had warned the north koreans that there would be sanction to the was another nuclear test. they are working together. at the same time, the chinese said it can all be nervous and is not all north korea either, because the united states is raising the pensions. if the south koreans and the americans have joint military actions, that means that the north koreans feel threatened, so they want that to stop. the
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american said they will not stop. the chinese believe that there should be an immediate move to negotiations, that things should be dampened down with the negotiations. the americans want action on denuclearisation first. the chinese ambitions are not the same as the americans. but, they have been working together closer than they have the i think. on saturday, donald trump marks 100 days in office. he'll spend the actual anniversary at a big rally in pennsylvania. coincidentally, the rally is being held at the same time as the white house correspondents' dinner, which is traditionally attended by the incumbent president. today, the president met possibly some of the staunchest of his followers, at a meeting of the pro—gun lobby group the national rifle association.
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we have news that you've been waiting forfor we have news that you've been waiting for for a long time. we have news that you've been waiting forfor a long time. the eight—year assault on your second amendment freedoms has come to a crashing end. applause. you have a true friend and champion in the white house. no longer will federal agencies becoming after law—abiding gun owners. applause. no longer will the government be trying to undermine your rights and freedoms as americans. instead, we will work with you by your side, we will work with you by your side, we will work with the nra to promote responsible gun ownership, to protect our wonderful hunters and their access to the very beautiful outdoors. you met my son, i can tell
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you both sons is they love the outdoors. frankly, ithink you both sons is they love the outdoors. frankly, i think they love the outdoors more than they love by a long shot fifth ave, but that's 0k. a long shot fifth ave, but that's ok. we want to assure you of the sacred right of self—defence for all of our citizens. the so—called rust belt has suffered population loss and decay. when we visited the ohio river valley last summer, this stretch of water was suffering a slow and agonising death, but, since donald trump became president, locals have seen a dramatic and instant turnaround — a rust belt revival. coal barges are full again, partly because of the relaxation
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of environmental regulations. 150 boats now work this part of the river, compared to just 25 last year. back then, bob harrison told us america needed a businessman as president, and in 25 years, he's never seen such a turnaround. it's like the switch was turned on. we're busy, and we've got more stuff going on, and our business has dramatically picked up. and you think that's the trump effect? yes, you know, i've talked to different people... we've talked about calling it the trump bump, so it's been good for us. last summer, in the town of clinton, pennsylvania, we came across this huge trump sign erected by a one—time democrat, mike lieber. now it's been put away in the barn, but not through embarrassment. if anything, his admiration for donald trump has grown. just speaking with people, they‘ re more upbeat. they feel like the government isn't on their back. they feel like the jackboot of the government is off their neck, so it gives them a chance to thrive.
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he promised to revive regions like this — do you think he's doing that? yes, i do. it was trump's hothead temperament that put off american football coach bill when we spoke to him last year. he is bombastic. he is obscene and ijust can't... i don't like the guy. and not only a change of sport but a change of opinion — in these first 100 days, trump has won him over. well, i've changed my mind because he made campaign promises and he came through. and, you know, that's what you want. you want to see that the guy is going to do what he said he's going to do. what about twitter? he needs to stay off of that. i mean, that gets him a lot of trouble. good! a republican who voted for hillary clinton, amber thompson was a staunch trump critic and remains so, but nonetheless applauds his decision to strike syria. even a blind squirrel finds a nut sometimes. i believe that trump's response
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to the chemical attack in syria was 100% correct, and i hope that putting pressure on the russians and the assad regime will help to bring an end to this war. i hope that syria will be donald trump's nut. donald trump has been suffering from historically low approval ratings, but, in this rundown region, we didn't find much evidence of buyer's remorse. president trump has been much like candidate trump, and while that's horrified liberals in america's major cities, who regard him as a national embarrassment, here in the rust belt, he is still widely viewed as a potential national saviour. two trumps, two americas, but the region that won him the presidency remains a stronghold. nick bryant, bbc news, ohio. staying with president trump who's signed an executive order aimed
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at reducing restrictions on oil drilling in the arctic. the directive could enable offshore oil and gas drilling in areas that are currently off limits. it's the latest in a series of executive orders that reduce environmental protections introduced by the obama administration. looking at france and the french far—right party, the national front has replaced its interim leader afterjust four days in the job. jean—francois jalkh was accused of praising the work of a holocaust denier. he'd taken on the leadership role after marine le pen stepped aside to concentrate on the elections. an annual index of press freedom around the world says it fell to a 13—year low last year. the freedom house report says that's largely due to unprecedented threats to journalists in some major democracies. on the index, north korea, turkmenistan and uzbekistan had the worst press freedom in 2016; norway, the netherlands and sweden came out top. let's turn to pope francis. the pontiff wants the funding of groups that promote violence to stop.
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he says such acts cannot be committed in the name of god. the pope's appeal comes just weeks after egypt's coptic christian community was targeted with two deadly church bombings. during a speech in cairo he said religious leaders were "duty—bound" to unmask such violence. translation: we have an obligation to the knights violations of human dignity and human rights, to expose events to justify every form of hatred in the name of religion and to condemn these attempts as idolatrous caricatures of god. he is the god of peace, therefore no act of violence can be perpetrated in the name of god. for this would pertain his name. our correspondent orla guerin in cairo explained more about the pope's trip. the visit has come at a time when
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this beleaguered christian minority feels a threat like never before. this is the worst violence in living memory and not only the twin bomb attacks that you mentioned earlier this month which killed on those 50 people, but it is just a few months into previous attack in december at a church here in cairo in which almost 30 worshippers were killed. the so—called islamic state has made its intentions very plain. it said ina its intentions very plain. it said in a propaganda video that christians here are its favourite prey and it has promised to keep carrying out attacks. the pope has come here very much as a gesture of solidarity with coptic christians in egypt. the visit was planned before the latest attacks but he decided afterwards to carry on with that in spite of the obvious risks. he said before travelling here that he wa nted before travelling here that he wanted to bring a message of support and encouragement to the christian community here and across the middle east. interestingly, he has chosen
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not to have an armoured car. he has followed that policy on previous trips to other places, but here's the security risk is considerable. the entire country is under a three—month state of emergency which was imposed after the bombings earlier this month. stay with us on bbc world news, still to come: we'll have more on donald trump's 100th day in office as we travel to america's border with mexico to find out what happened to that wall. us secretary of state, rex tillerson, has chaired a special meeting of the un security council to consider further steps against north korea over its nuclear programme. pope francis is in egypt hoping to improve relations between the christians and muslims. as we've been reporting, a short while ago, donald trump gave a speech to america's gun lobby group — the national rifle association. one of the issues he touched upon was border security and in that context, he repeated again his campaign
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promise to build a wall on the us border with mexico. "don't worry, we will build that wall" he said, despite serious question marks over how the project will be funded. my colleaguejames cooke, has spent the day on the us—mexico border speaking to those people who will be affected by it. james. there is a fence along the border between the united states and mexico, at least for part of the 3,000 kilometres. we arejust beside the pacific ocean, which isjust over the rise and texas and the gulf of mexico die in that direction. will there be a wall built along the entire length of that border? there simply isn't agreement yet in congress to fund that wall, although mrtrump congress to fund that wall, although mr trump continues to insist it will
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be built. reaction here? many people are split. even those that support tougher border security are not convinced that the wall itself is the best way to spend what would be a huge amount of money. others think that border security does need to be tightened and it is a measure that would help. i have been speaking to esther valdes, a human rights lawyer, and i've been asking her if she thought the donald trump approach in his first hundred days, particularly on immigrants and the wall, is the right way forward. particularly on immigrants and the wall, is the right way forwardlj wa nt wall, is the right way forward.” want the law in force, not just for the people who live here, but for the people who live here, but for the people that three other countries that are very violent. we live with the long—standing border between a third world country and the first world country, so a lot of people are naturally economic refugees. we need to know who they are. america has enemies we know, both foreign and domestic. by
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enforcing the laws, there should be a border that is hard if not impossible to get across and if they wa nt to impossible to get across and if they want to come in the united states they should present themselves and fight their case. and legal border, as well. one that ensures due process and human rights and that every emigrant that comes here it is properly vetted. if somebody knocks oi'i properly vetted. if somebody knocks on your door at home you want to know who they are, why they are coming in and what is their purpose. there is an estimated 11 million undocumented or illegal migrants here in the united states. there seems to be ourfear among a lot seems to be our fear among a lot of these people that they will be deported. unofficially, the numbers are the 5,000 people have been deported since president trump came
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to power. i had the privilege of travelling around california and the three stage in which i represent my clients, and as a daughter of mexican immigrants there is the fear that you will be separated from your family. provided that the gs government ensures that every person receives judicial due process and does not infringe on the rights to the pursuit of happiness, i tried to give my clients that hope. it ever happens to them they have a refuge in the law that we can represent them and defend them should those kind of protection is not work. it is fairto kind of protection is not work. it is fair to say there are other lawyers and people who work in the field of human rights who are far more concerned about the application of the law and the rhetoric of donald trump leading, they say, to more fierce actions on the border and toa more fierce actions on the border and to a change in approach by some of the border agents. as for this
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border wall itself, congress has not agreed to fund it, but there is enough money for what they are calling a beauty contest. what the government says will happen in the summer is that will take between four and 20 builders to build prototypes and it will pick the final bidders to build the wall. add beauty wall border contest. my goodness. you, james. you, james. lizzie greenwood—hughes has all the sport. good evening. the countdown continues to the world heavyweight title fight between britain's anthonyjoshua and former champion wladimir klitschko at wembley stadium tomorrow night. the fighters weighed—in this afternoon withjoshua ten pounds heavier than his ukrainian opponent. klitschko weighed—in at 17 stone 2 pounds. it's his first fight since losing his belts to britain's tyson fury in 2015, but this is klitschko's 69th professional fight, joshua has had just 18. joshua scaled 17 stone, 12 pounds — the heaviest he's ever been
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for a fight and is the bookies favourite to win, but an interested spectator will be american deontay wilder. he holds the wbc belt and would be keen to take on the winner in a unification bout. most definitely. i think this has been marinating through a lot of people's heads, the promoters, managers, networks. ithink people's heads, the promoters, managers, networks. i think they are putting stuff together now. there will not be a delay. people are demanding this, especially ifjoshua wins, there will be a big demand. nobody else will be able to have a unification bout. i want to get joseph walker, get that belt, bring another belt to the table. winner ta kes another belt to the table. winner takes all. for bragging rights to be
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considered the baddest man on the planet. and staying with wembley because tottenham have confirmed they'll play their home games there next season. spurs are having a new stadium built next to their current home at white hart lane but they'll need to move out for the 2017/18 season to finish off the new 60,000 plus seater venue. meanwhile, maria sharapova is through to the semi—final of stuttgart‘s wta tournament as she continues her comeback from a drugs ban. sharapova saw off estonian qualifier annette kontaveit for her third—straight win on her return after 15 months out of the game. she'll play france's kristina mladenovic in the last four. romania's former world number one tennis player ilie nastase has apologised for comments he made about serena williams‘ unborn child. williams accused nastase of racism after he was overheard asking if the baby would be "chocolate with milk?". the two—time grand slam champion has been provisionally suspended by the international tennis federation.
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tennis federation who have launched an investigation... but nastase told the bbc his reaction was ‘spontaneous'. do you think if i said copy with milk it is a racial word? do you think if i said copy with milk it is a racialword? many people interpreted that. but he is the one thing who decided that? for me it is not racial. serena wiliams wrote that the comments... she released a statement. if she thinks like that it is racial for her but is not racial for other people. i don't way everybody has got upset. what did you mean, then?” don't way everybody has got upset. what did you mean, then? i didn't mean anything. i thought the combination would be something like that. on to snooker and the semi—finals of the world championship at sheffield's crucible theatre.
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john higgins is seven frames away from a place in the final as he leads barry hawkins 10—6 but tonight defending champion mark selby resumed against the man he beat in last year's final, dingjunhui. the pair have each won a frame so it's11—10 to selby. we have lots more on our website, as always. you can reach us on twitter. thanks for watching. goodbye. hello, they are. you may be hoping for some pleasant springlike weather but the bank holiday weekend and for most but the bank holiday weekend and for m ost pla ces but the bank holiday weekend and for most places we will see some of that here at home. one feature of spring across north america is big temperature contrasts. the air is cold an up across canada and the
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lord and usa for some late snow, warm enough in mexico to have brought temperatures into the mid—40s. where that warm air is bumping into the cold air, that has been driving some fierce downpours and thunderstorms in part of the usa. in arkansas, there have been some big travel problems and the rain has been falling relentlessly from these thunderstorms and there could be worse to come over the weekend. if you know anyone with travel plans in this part of the world they can expect torrential downpours, up 250 millimetres in just a few hours. thunder and lightening and bb tornadoes, all driven by those temperature contrasts. freezing to be the top temperature in denver, 32 degrees houston. that extremely unsettled weather is on the move towards the north and east, so you —— so if you are planning to fly into an airport
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in the north—east on sunday or monday, there could be severe thunderstorms, possibly causing some problems. the caribbean at this time of year should not see too much rain, but we have some really heavy rain, but we have some really heavy rain falling across eastern areas of the caribbean. that will continue. look at that in north—eastern mexico, 42 degrees in monterey on saturday afternoon. it will cool off significantly here on sunday and monday a map of the eastern side of the caribbean will continue to see heavy downpours. formula 1 goes to russia this weekend. for the grand prix efflux mostly fine, sunshine with temperature into the 20s. many eastern areas of europe and joint warmth and sunshine. then we have this line of cloud and outbreaks of rain. this is a weatherfront, anywhere to the east of it should be warm, further west, just 11 degrees in warsaw, ten in oslo, and cool
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across iberia with thunderstorms. as you go into the evening for wembley for the outdoor boxing, it should stay largely dry. what happens later in the weekend? there is an element of uncertainty has gone through something we might see a weather front trying to push in from the south—west, there is uncertainty about just how south—west, there is uncertainty aboutjust how quickly that south—west, there is uncertainty about just how quickly that will happen. there will be some rain at times over the weekend but there will be some warm and dry weather, as well. more details and 30 minutes. this is bbc world news. that's pretty up—to—date with the headlines. the us secretary of state, rex tillerson, has chaired a meeting of the un security council about taking further steps against north korea over its nuclear and missile programme. he has urged the council to act before north korea does. earlier, president trump warned that a major conflict could break out with north korea over its nuclear programme. skrela student media have a broadcaster these pictures of the word games held
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there on tuesday. on the eve of the donald trump's 100 there on tuesday. on the eve of the donald trump's100 day in office, he has delivered a speech to the rifle association, the first us president to do that since ronald reagan. francis is in egypt and a visit to encourage tolerance between christian and muslim faiths. earlier this month, 45 people were killed in the bombing of
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