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the day started at about being used. the day started at about 40 with being used. the day started at about a0 with frantic phone calls to suggest something really grave had happened and if emergency meetings are being called by the lord chamberlain, everyone assumes the worst when the monarch is 91 and husband almost 96. as the hours passedit husband almost 96. as the hours passed it became more apparent that it wasn't as serious as everyone was suggesting, but significant and newsworthy. one could say a 95 euros in retirement shock isn't necessarily a headline but when it is prince philip and they have worked as they have worked well beyond retirement age for so long, it is unprecedented and we into uncharted territory. given the length of service and the number of organisations he has been involved with, how much will he be missed by all the people he has supported? hugely. this is a stepping away from the 95, the unveiling of plaques, the 95, the unveiling of plaques, the planting of trees, the opening of envelopes. we will still see him at major royal events. a statement confirmed he will attend things as he sees fit and as the need arises.
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trooping the colour is, the order of the guard ceremonies, future royal weddings, should we speculate. he will be front and centre. what they are simply the need back down from being involved with 780 organisations. he stepped back from some passengers last year but what we are seeing is a transition. a passing on of some of these responsibilities to the younger royals. that is what we will see of? more of kit and william and harry kim visits thing? the timing is interesting. there was a huge public awareness campaign about mental health which the younger royals orchestrated. equally we have the cambridge is moving down from norfolk and sandringham where they live at the moment to london because prince george ‘s starting school in the capital in september. that brings more full—time royal duties. william has resisted that, wanting to prioritise immediate family over the family firm. what we are going
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to see in coming months isn't stepping up to the plate and prince charles and camilla are preparing for the next role in their lives in the monarchy. although buckingham palace the monarchy. although buckingham pa la ce wa nt the monarchy. although buckingham palace want to resist any suggestion the queen is changing her schedule, there is a sense that at their age they are having to make concessions and there is a stepping back, symbolically and a retirement for thejeep. symbolically and a retirement for the jeep. it is difficult to sum up his contribution over such a long time, but there have been some lows as well as a lot of highs. lots of people remember his gaffes. having observed for a decade, a lot of these off—the—cuff —— off the cuff remarks are to put people at ease. he told agejoke remarks are to put people at ease. he told age joke at lord's remarks are to put people at ease. he told age joke at lords and said he was the most famous plaque on the other. he has said things to people with beards like shouldn't you have had a shave before eating the queen? his remarks have veered into dodgy territory and he has got the headlines with the wrong reasons but if you look at him being a stalwart
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servant of his wife and this country, over all these years, the duke of edinburgh award has helped thousands of kids gain confidence, get the words they might not otherwise have succeeded in at school and outside, all of this charitable contributions. we'll have these charities of saying he has made a big difference. there was an e—mail earlierfrom made a big difference. there was an e—mail earlier from people involved with muscular dystrophy saying he had been involved since 1966. with muscular dystrophy saying he had been involved since1966. the look of his military commitments and how he, as a former naval man, he was in fourth in flying the flag for the regiments he was colonel in chief of. he is not someone who likes to stand on ceremony and take the chutzpah to be at the side of the chutzpah to be at the side of the queen throughout the entire reign, he has been monumental and instrumental in her success as a queen. he is very matter-of-fact when people pay him a condiment a0 has done, but how much will she admits defeat is not that aside for
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as many engagements as he has done, but how much will cheapness and if he is not better side for as many engagements as a has—been? he is not better side for as many engagements as a has-been? she will miss him terribly, but he seems to have her for miss him terribly, but he seems to have herfor approval miss him terribly, but he seems to have her for approval and she understands fully sub being only a feud years behind him, she knows how ha rd feud years behind him, she knows how hard it is to carry on with these duties. we will see him at major events but if you want to know how she will be without them, you have to think back to the diamond jubilee weekend when he was taken ill and she walked down the aisle at st paul's cathedral for the engagement and she said to one side because she is so used to having him by her. she will miss him and so will the public is not seen him. there has been a sharp rise in the number of men being treated for anorexia and ballymena according to anorexia and ballymena according to a bbc investigation. figures obtained through a freedom of information request show the number of men receiving outpatient treatment in england is rising double the rate of the mill, the
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woman still account for the majority of women treated. food just frightens me now. i go for days without eating at all. simon bakes everyday, but gives everything he makes to friends, family and homeless charities. i get some kind of strange satisfaction out of seeing people enjoy the things that i don't feel able to enjoy myself. simon's been anorexic for almost two years. logically i know that i need to eat to live, otherwise at the end of the day this will kill me. and it doesn't make a blind bit of difference. i'll do everything that i can to reverse the effect of whatever i've eaten. i tend to walk as far as my body will allow me to walk. the number of male patients being treated for eating disorders across england has risen by more than a quarter over the past three years. it's more than double the rise
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seen in female patients. the number of boys being treated has gone up by a third in the last year alone. these figures don't necessarily mean that more men have eating disorders. it could be that the stigma is lifting and that more are seeking help. dr kiran chitale is based at thejulian hospital in norwich and treats under—185 with eating disorders. she's seeing more boys than ever walk through her door. as a society we are being fed a daily diet of controversy around what constitutes good food and bad food, what a perfect body means. nhs england says more support like the type offered here is being made available. treatments include psychotherapy, counselling, sometimes medication. simon's urging others to speak up and seek help. he fears he waited for too long. tim muffett, bbc news.
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the us house of representatives is due to vote shortly in another attempt to repeal president obama's healthcare reforms. the vote, which is expected to be close, fulfils a campaign pledge by president trump and the republicans to overturn what's widely known as obamacare. we can speak to our correspondent in washington, gary o'donoghue. they tried this a few weeks ago on a friday night. they did not make it. they had to goes out of in march. they had to goes out of in march. they had to goes out of in march. they had too much the trips up and down the hill twice within a few days of one another. this could be third time lucky for president trump and the republican party. they are pretty confident they have the numbers. it will be tight. some republicans will still vote against it. all democrats will vote against it. all democrats will vote against it. it is only the beginning of the
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fight really. it is a big moment, no question, but the senate has to take a look at it. it can change this bill. it could get stalled in the senate and republicans have a smaller majority. 52—a8. this will be seen as something of a victory for the president. we are keeping an eye on what is happening on capitol hilland we can eye on what is happening on capitol hill and we can see they have studied voting on one of the issues connected to this. it could be a while until they get the result. what has changed in recent times to make this repeal more appealing to more republicans? some of the big changes have been those that have swayed people on the right of the party to come on—board. will remember we talked about this before and we were looking at 20 or 30 republicans opposed to this from the right hand side of the party, the freedom carcass as they are known. they were unhappy about some of the
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impositions on states, on health ca re impositions on states, on health care companies. what has changed is the states are getting more say on what kinds of health care companies have to offer in their areas. they are getting some more money for stock that has placated some of those on the more moderate wing to try to soften the blow. one of the big problems this bill is sad is it has not been scored. it hasn't been measured in terms of how much it will cost or who it will effect. people are voting on numbers and suppositions that are not borne out in any way officially by the numbers at this stage. that is a big problem for a lot of people. it does look like he has managed to persuade, president trump that is, enough of his colleagues to go along with that. people told this as a very big win. obamacare has been controversial for many years. a lot of people more recently seem to have decided it is quite a good idea,
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just as they might be about to lose it. some parts of obamacare stay. there is a proficient in american health insurance policies that obamacare brought in that allow children to stay on their parents cover until they are 26 years old. until they are through college and so on. that proved very popular and it remains. this will business of what they call pre—existing conditions, which sounds very clinical, but if you have coronary heart disease or you are in remission from cancer what you have a lifelong chronic disease, prior to obamacare it a lifelong chronic disease, prior to obamaca re it was a lifelong chronic disease, prior to obamacare it was very hard to get coverage with the coverage was very expensive. parts of that pre—existing protection have been kept. that is partly what the argument has been over. the states will get more say in how much of that has to be applied in their area and democrats and some moderate republicans worried that people with those conditions, especially if the orange seem there are injuries
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lapse, they might not be able to get affordable care after that. that has been the battle ground in the last few days. this will business of what did you do about those who are quite expensive to insure because they are already, not necessarily sick, but they have a condition that the extent expensive to insure. thank you very much. when we get to that felt we were brilliant to you a little later 100 days. that is taken at the weather now. it was a lovely day with plenty of sunshine out there. this was the view from one of our weather watchers in scotland. a lovely view here. it wasn't like that for all. there was more cloud in the sky for the southern counties. this is the view in south—west london. this sequence shows the cloud staying all
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the way down to the south—west. coming in on the breeze. it has thickened up recently across east anglia. the odd spot of rain moving to the south—east finland. most of us are to the south—east finland. most of us are fine and dry. the wind is lighter as you head for the north. this guy is clearer. that's a good recipe for a low temperatures overnight. no major problems in towns and cities. in rural spot of northern england and scotland it will be down to freezing water slightly below. a great start for some parts of northern scotland. apart from that, a lovely start to the day and it will be a lovely day again. western scotland seeing some of the highest temperatures. northern ireland doing well with the of sunshine. most of northern england will be sunny but breezy. breezy further south with cloud. it isa dry breezy further south with cloud. it is a dry start the day, even if you have that cloud. temperatures about ten or degrees. as you go the d—day, you have the area of cloud in the south. that will come and go. a good
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deal of sunshine once again for the midlands, wales, the northern half of the uk generally. later went as you ignore it. when still coming in for north sea coastal areas. 12 or 13 degrees if you are lucky. if you places will be as high as 17 further west. this property of rain in the evening to the midlands. the red getting down to cornwall as well. most getting down to cornwall as well. m ost pla ces getting down to cornwall as well. most places will be dry. into the weekend, that are of rain doesn't promise too much. it will not be widespread by any means. most of us will be dry once again. still quite breezy. if you're a bit of cloud it has to be said. still some sunshine in western scotland and 17 or 18 degrees. only 11 in newcastle. any rain drifts along the south coast and pulls away toward the near continent for the second part of the weekend. sunday looks decent with light went out west. it will be very pleasant. more of a breeze coming down from the north. on the good side on sunday. some sunshine away
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from the north coast. 16, 17 medieval 18 degrees once again. hello and welcome to this special edition of 100 days+. conservatives in america are trinder this day for seven yea rs. in america are trinder this day for seven years. yes, republicans will shortly vote to repeal obamacare. we still don't know what will be in the new package. donald trump could be a step closer to fulfilling a big campaign promise but it is only step. the duke of edinburgh will retire from public duties this autumn. at 95, it is a well earned break. here in france, voters are three days away from picking their new president. marine le pen and emmanuel macron make their final pitch to voters the day after a heated debate.
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