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this is bbc news. i'm martine croxall. the headlines at 11pm: emmanuel macron triumphs over his far—right adversary in the french presidential election. he's set to be the country's youngest head of state since napoleon. to make a will translation: i will respect this and be faithful to the commitment taken. i will protect the public. but more than a third of french voters chose marine le pen‘s hard—right vision for france — she insists her agenda is now in the mainstream of political debate. translation: i will be at the head ofa translation: i will be at the head of a battle for all those who choose to protect french independence, security, and way of life. also in this hour — the latest from the campaign trail for the general election in this country.
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labour promises it won't raise income tax for anyone earning less than £80,000 a year if they win the elction. the conservatives focus on mental health — promising another 10,000 staff in england if they're re—elected on june the 8th. —— election. hello and a very warm welcome. it is midnight in paris, where emmanuel macron is set to be elected the youngest french president. the results are still being counted, but he looks to have won more than 60% of the vote. in a televised address, he said he understood the anxiety many he said he understood the anxiety ma ny voters he said he understood the anxiety many voters had expressed. marine le pen claimed her performance was
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historic, and brans remains divided. 0ur historic, and brans remains divided. our first historic, and brans remains divided. 0urfirst report comes historic, and brans remains divided. our first report comes from katya adler. emmanuel macron is set to be the youngest had of france's napoleon. translation: i know that there are disagreements and i will respect us. i will be faithful to the commitment taken. i will protect the republic. this is an incredible moment. economic heavyweight and key eu nation will now be presided over by a 39—year—old who has made a lot of big promises. to bring revolution and to change hungry friends and the
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european union. business friendly, yet socially just. european union. business friendly, yet sociallyjust. neither left nor right wing. —— france. summach a tall order? his supporters survey. he isa tall order? his supporters survey. he is a good solutionjoyce. —— sounds like a tall order?” he is a good solutionjoyce. —— sounds like a tall order? i am very happy about this result. it means competence. it means future. france is not dead. france is not an old country dying. that easy it will not be. this is a divided country. marine le pen might have lost a night, but millions voted for a and herfar—right night, but millions voted for a and her far—right programme. translation: i propose to transform oui’ translation: i propose to transform our movement into a new political force. a force more french people are calling for and is more necessary than ever before to
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rebuild a country. i call on all patrons tojoin us rebuild a country. i call on all patrons to join us for decisive political battle, which begins this evening and will continue in the months ahead. far from being defeatist, her supporters were defiant. you are never happy unless you win, of course, but we have to look at the very good sides of this result. we have gathered around us people from outside our party fought the protectionist views we have and for the programmer in the pen has put forward. supporters of the far left also took to the streets of night, some in a violent mood. —— the programme marine le pen. they see emmanuel macron as part of the problem. but the night, a new french revolution as promised, with a new president, from a brand—new party, with a new dawn for france. to his
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supporters, at the colours of the red flag are notjust about liberty, equality, and fraternity, but about hope. we will explore how much hope there is in we will explore how much hope there isina we will explore how much hope there is in a while. by any measure, the rise of emmanuel macron has been remarkable. he is a former investment banker. he said that as an adviser and then a minister in the government of the outgoing president. but he resigned last year to form his own centrist movement. not a party, but a movement. lucy williamson reports. he's the choice of a country desperate for change, neither left nor right, part of the french establishment yet never before elected. a fresh face who served in the outgoing government. so, who is emmanuel macron? to his supporters he is their emmanuel, their political messiah, a provincial boy from outside the establishment who worked his way to power.
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he's a new man to politics. he's trying to find new solutions. —— he's trying to find new solutions. he is a new face, he is our hope. but he went to france's most prestigious schools, met its most powerful people and made millions in an investment bank. a former colleague says that macron‘s rise is partly down to charm but that at heart, he is a secretive man. he is able to tell people what they really want to hear. so a very seducive man and he manages to agree with nearly anyone. that is a talent. macron‘s wife, brigitte, told one journalist that her husband never let people close.
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the couple met when she taught him drama at school. their unusual love affair is a sign, says one of macron‘s old friends, of his determination, self—belief and drive. i think the only person who really knows him inside deeply is brigitte. you have to imagine, he seduced her, he convinced her to marry him, convinced his family. just imagine, it's not a small thing. france has not opted for the political extremes, the far right rejected in favour of a liberal newcomer with his own promise of change. emmanuel macron has vowed to unite a divided and disillusioned france but his critics say he is the old wine in a shiny new bottle and the price of failure could be high. some say that emmanuel macron has won the presidency
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by being all things to all people but he won't be able to govern that way. he has five years to solve france's problems or risk it choosing more radical change next time. lucy williamson, bbc news, paris. and what will prove crucial are those important parliamentary elections, which are just around the corner in the first few weeks of june. he needs to get some politicians who are going to support his political platform. let's talk a little bit about it. i am joined by a political scientist and a councillor of one of the sub is in paris. he is also from the left front. you voted blanc, did new?” said a few weeks ago that i would. he said that only his mother knew
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what he voted today. let's pickup was an breaking news. we have heard in the last few minutes that emmanuel macron is standing aside from en marche. what is the thinking behind that? he's going back to the roots of the fifth republic, and general de gaulle. you need to represent both parties. this is why you don't stay a member of your party as you are meant to represent all of france. when your president, you hope to be backed by your party and to win the majority. he needs politicians to support him. yes, and for the first time we have a politician who has been elected without the backing of one of the
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two parties that have had shared power of france since 1958. so now he finds itself in a difficult situation. generally, the president—elect gets a majority in parliament. perhaps he has been true to his word, because he says that he wa nts a to his word, because he says that he wants a coalition of the willing thought the change that france wa nts. thought the change that france wants. i don't think his movement has any chance of getting a majority in parliament. but he was to become the pivot, and that around him, some people from the right, some people from the left, who backed his policies, and you see that in the parliamentary elections, i think you will probably have the label which people are socialist and so on. he was to be the pivot between a progressive right and the ce ntre—left. progressive right and the
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centre-left. that is a good estimation. it could be the pivot. but some people say he will pivot this way or that because france is so this way or that because france is so divided, and they want such different things. neither left, neither left. i think he has a vision which is a right vision on economics and the sorts of things. i don't think you will have the majority of the legislative elections. he would try to construct something, but he won't be to apply his programme. apple today said that 5196 his programme. apple today said that 51% of the population don't want a man u micron to have a huge majority. so i think things will be difficult for him. —— 61%. ——
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emmanuel macron. i make out that he is 20 million votes of 47 million people who voted. marine le pen got 11 million. so he got twice as many as marine le pen. that is a good thing from her perspective. but there were 60 million people who did not vote or cast a blank. —— 16 million. that is almost as many as voted for emmanuel macron. 1296 million. that is almost as many as voted for emmanuel macron. 12% went voted for emmanuel macron. 1296 went out and voted blank or a spoilt ballot. he won 6596 of the vote, that is not realistic, is that? what we have witnessed today is an
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earthquake. a political earthquake france. the system would change, but we don't know what the tremors will be. it is could have an impact on all the parties. 0n the socialists, and the republicans. they might split two. the big test will be in parliament election. we are just halfway through the electoral process. this is where we find out what can the committee can count on, can he have a majority? we know he has the backing of the centre—left. he would like more backing from the centre—right. the centre—right is afraid of losing the party, so disdained united. how would the left front look at a president who potentially will choose a right—wing prime minister? because he might need the right to come with him. i'm
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sure that what we can call the far left will be in the position. i don't think there will have a huge group at the parliament. but what i think is that today we have only one good news: the national front has lost the elections. but the problem is 11 million voters, today, and we cannot be satisfied. we need to insist on the fact that every election, right and left use the... just quickly to finish, amongst french people with their background in algeria, like you, they will surely be relieved. yes. of course we are relieved. but the problem is not to fight the national front every five years. when it invited on the ground. you need to fight these
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ideas. what we have noticed is that either the socialist party or the right—wing use the same ideas, apply the same programme, on such object. the problem is that one. i think we don't do anything, in 2022, we will have a great risk to have the national front winning the elections. and i don't trust emmanuel macron on this fact.” elections. and i don't trust emmanuel macron on this fact. i then a guru that. because i think it is the ideas of the national front that are spreading. at emmanuel macron might be the man to fight these ideas. —— i don't agree with that. he was elected by default. he is not immigrant pleming, he is not islamophobic. no sign of that. —— ——
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immigrant—blaming. islamophobic. no sign of that. —— —— immigrant-blaming. thisjust so is the division. he is so french, they mistrust everything. i'm not, i'm not. thank you, gentlemen. that does show some of the division in the courts that are going to be explored over the next few days. you're watching you stay on the bbc. still to come on the programme, we will look at the policy promises of the clear front runner in the south korean presidential election. voting sta rts korean presidential election. voting starts on monday. labour has said it won't raise income taxes to the shadow chancellor said those any more than
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that would be asked to pay a bit more. the conservatives say they have no plan to raise income tax but have so far refused to completely rule it out. 0ur political correspondent ben wright reports. it was a slogan used by tony blair, now revived by labour's new leadership. setting out what he called a big deal to upgrade the economy, john mcdonnell promised not to raise vat or national insurance for anyone, but said the top 5% of earners would pay more. if labour is elected next month, we will guarantee for the next five years, there will be no income tax rises, for all those earning less than £80,000 a year. labour is now the party of low taxes for middle and lower earners. mr mcdonnell said people earning more than £80,000 a year would pay a modest amount more but the rates and details would have to wait for the manifesto. the conservatives have promised not to raise vat but have so far made no matching pledge on national
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insurance or income tax. today, the tories said labour was going back to the past. this is a clear statement of intent. they want to raise taxes, they want to penalise business, they want to penalise wealth creation and i think they will end up wrecking the economy as they have done in the past. the total amount of income tax raised in 2016 is just over £169 billion. the top 5% of uk earners, labour's target group for tax rises, paid just over 47% of that, close to £80 billion. you cannot make a really big change to the amount of money that is available just by focusing on people over 80,000 a year, partly because they already pay an awful lot of tax and a lot more than they did a few years ago, but partly because if you really want significant amounts of money, you have to do something the politicians don't like doing, which is hit the majority of people, which is where vat and the national insurance and a lot of income tax is actually paid. you are pledging to increase tax
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on high earners have to pay for public services and borrow billions for infrastructure, but that has been labour's message sincejeremy corbyn became leader. why do you think it can turn things around for labour in the last four weeks of this general election campaign when it seems it has not worked so far? i think there is an opportunity now in the general election campaign which we have not had before sincejeremy corbyn was elected leader. i think we can turn the polls around and i genuinely think we can secure a majority onjune 8th. many of the bankers and financiers who work here would pay more income tax under labour's plan and this is the first general election for many years, when there is a stark choice developing between labour and the conservatives with how the economy should be run and how money should be raised and spent. health services under the conservatives —
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the liberal democrats dismissed today's pledge as "meaningless rhetoric". here's our health editor, hugh pym. theresa may has already talked of transforming the way mental health problems are dealt with across society. now there are more details of what she wants to do if she gets back to downing street. the conservatives say there are concerns that individuals, including young people, are detained unnecessarily in police cells and secure mental health wards, so the mental health act, which dates back more than 30 years, should be scrapped and replaced. if you have a child that has severe mental health problems and you find that child, instead of being treated by the nhs, actually ends up in a police cell, it's a terrible thing for the child, probably make their condition worse, but it's also very bad for the police as well.
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we want to stop that. but the liberal democrats criticised the conservative government's record on mental health. when i come across families who are waiting desperately for their children to receive the care they need, they feel badly let down by this government. so for me, it's empty rhetoric at the moment. the conservatives also say they want to increase staffing levels in all areas of mental health care in england, with 10,000 more planned by 2020. currently, there are 200,000 in a variety of roles, but according to government figures, the number of mental health nurses is down 6,600 since 2010. mental health charities welcome the aims, but are doubtful about what can be delivered. we've got to resource the front line so that there are enough beds and enough people and we wonder if the 10,000 people promised that will be trained by 2020, will be sufficient to meet such demand. the conservatives acknowledge
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funding will come from existing planned nhs budget increases. labour said the tories hadn't delivered on a promise to give mental health the same priority as physical health and warm words wouldn't help tackle the injustice of unequal treatment. hugh pym, bbc news. the bodies of two men have been recovered from the south—west coast of scotland. the men are yet to be formally identified, but are believed to have launched their speed boat from port logan on saturday. police scotland is conducting enquiries to determine the circumstances surrounding their death. more than eighty nigerian schoolgirls kidnapped by the militant group boko haram have met the country's president after being freed in a prisoner swap. the girls from chibok were among more than two—hundred who were taken three years ago.
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the government says they'll be given medical checks before being reunited with theirfamilies. around 100 others are still being held. hello, i'm james pearce and this is sport today, live from the bbc sport centre. coming up on this programme. arsenal end manchester united's 25—match unbeaten run in the premier league and keep up hopes of securing a place in the top four. 2—0 to keep alive their feint hopes of finishing in the top four. a moment of good fortune gave the home side the lead. granit xhaka's shot deflected in off ander herrera and beyond david de gea in the united goal. the second though was a moment of quality, a cross from the right, headed in by the former united forward danny welbeck. arsenal remain sixth, two points behind united also ending the visitors record 25 match unbeaten run in the league. we need to be patient and we are
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serious. 0urfirst goal was we need to be patient and we are serious. our first goal was lucky. the second was a great goal. we are happy. lim we want to try to win the europa league. more important to us than finishing fourth. we really want to try to win it. we need to give rest to players. 0ur squad is very short at the time. liverpool stay third after a goalless d raw at home to southampton. their best chance a penalty from james milner which was superbly saved by fraser forster in the saints goal. the point though is enough to see the reds move above manchester city into third. the former premier league champions
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w011 the former premier league champions won but it wasn't enough for them to retain their place in the league. ben lee is beaten! that is because birmingham city and —— they stay up on goal difference. aberdeen have all but guaranteed themselves second place in the scottish premiership after they won 2—1. they won a stoppage time winner. england wrapped up a comfortable win over ireland. they all made scores as england set a daunting 329 to win.
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the kids kept on falling and ireland slipped to an 85 run defeat. the kids kept on falling and ireland slipped to an 85 run defeatm the kids kept on falling and ireland slipped to an 85 run defeat. it is just nice to be having options and with a few players missing this series, it has been nice to get an opportunity and chip in as well. it's been nice on that front and hopefully in the future if need be i can contribute when required. there's going to be an intriguing match at the madrid 0pen, with maria sharapova and eugenie bouchard set to go head to head. sharapova beat mirjana lucic—baroni in the first round today. last week bouchard said that the russian, who's just coming back from a 15 month ban for testing positive for a banned substance, is a cheat and should have been banned for life. great britain's rowers have won four gold medals in the first world cup
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it's the start of a new 0lympic cycle building towards toyko 2020. there were three 0lympic champions competing in the british squad in belgrade. two of them — mo sbihi and will satch won gold in the first big race of the day, the men's four. gb also won gold in the men's and women's pairs and the lightweight men's double sculls. that's all the sport for now. it's time for the weather with darren. good evening. more warm sunshine on the way for the next few days. we have probably seen the peak of the temperatures during this weekend. it was a much better second half was a much. better secondhalfgfthg le; of baggage! i"; the iegzthfcgezi a!
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