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tv   BBC News  BBC News  May 16, 2017 5:45am-6:01am BST

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it's true. the front page of denying it's true. the front page of arab news have the satellite images that you have seen here in bbc world news released by the us state department, accusing syria is building at crematorium in a military prison near damascus to cover up mass military prison near damascus to cover up mass killings of detainees. also in the guardian, us bankjp morgan is buying a landmark building in dublin and it is seen as a significant boost to the irish capital as it competes with other european cities to lure brisbane —— businesses from the uk. this is what i was reading in the ft, saying brussels has launched a formal investigation into a south african pharmaceuticals company after cancer medicines were raised by several 100 —— several 100 %. medicines were raised by several 100 -- several 100 %. the mirror website is leading on the death of the moors murderers ian brady. brady along
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with his partner myra hindley tortured and murdered five children in the 1960s. and finally, have you ever tried to buy a supercar from a vending machine? in singapore, customers can now choose a car by touchscreen. used car seller auto barn motors says once your car is selected and paid for, it will arrive within two minutes things to their highly automated system. that's business section of golf news. we have senior lawyer and diversity leader in the uk. another incredible story regarding president trump. how true it is, we don't know. a lot of people this morning in america, or the seasoning in america, say there is no smoke around fire. it is their story.
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highly classified information, huge security risk, diebold in this sort of information. i love one of the comments, in one end out of the mouth with trump, it would seem. having yet another indiscretion being revealed, it really shows a lack of experience, dear i say it, asa lack of experience, dear i say it, as a world leader. i saw some interesting comments from our viewers on twitter adder this, in america, one gentleman, i can't and his name tweeted, even if it isn't —— even if he didn't reveal gratified information, this perhaps shows that trump is perhaps too cosy with russia and he is under investigation. he says he is not but certainly his camp is under investigation about ties with russia. something must have been said. as you said at the outset. it goes to the credibility. when these stories keep emerging, there must be
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something to do with a possible breach of trust. the white house has beenin breach of trust. the white house has been in overdrive. it was last week that the head of the fbi was fired. very dramatically. that was a big shock announcement at the time. lots of questions about why that happened. the white house was saying it was about the dealings with hillary clinton, the election process , hillary clinton, the election process, et cetera. there is a lot going on all in a very short space of time. it takes a brave president to five ahead of the fbi, to be frank. we will see how works out. as a lot of pieces suggested at the time. these are satellite images of a prison near damascus that is said to have these crematorium where mass killings are allegedly taking place. this is intelligence coming from the united states. it isjust
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horrendous, isn't it? it is horrendous, isn't it? it is horrendous, shocking. it is yet another example of the brutality thatis another example of the brutality that is going on in syria. we keep hearing this horrendous stories, what people are being subjected to, humans rights abuses, the attacks, chemical weapons. the list goes on and on. if you see this, you think, my goodness me. this is 2017, can this really be happening now? do you deal with human rights?” this really be happening now? do you dealwith human rights? i don't, no. but even as a lawyer. when it comes to laws like this, you find there will be abuses on both sides. there will be abuses on both sides. there will be, there will be. no war is pleasant. in light of the story about president trump and the russians being involved, et cetera. this information coming from the united states and in choosing russia and run by not being complicit but
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perhaps aware, conscious, of such abuse is going on so it is interesting how that relationship is of changing in time, isn't it? interesting how that relationship is of changing in time, isn't it7m you want to look for the world ‘s divisions, it is a rattle of many rattles. lots of contradictions. very, very sad story. guardian picking up on news fromjp morgan. there is a much bigger presence in dublin four there is a much bigger presence in dublinfourjp there is a much bigger presence in dublin fourjp morgan. not surprised here this at all given the fact that nearly all investment banks are figuring out... yes, they are. with brexit and what it means that the city of london. they need to hedge their bets. we know it is a two year time frame. as nurses need to be making decisions now that where their staff are going —— businesses. it comes as no surprise. dublin has always been one of the contenders,
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of course, being so close to us at double the stuff they currently have in dublin withjp morgan. a good boost for dublin, i feel, as well. great boost for dublin, giving the fa ct great boost for dublin, giving the fact that berlin, frankfurt, paris, they are all vying for any movement of people to their cities. they are working extremely hard to lure them across. i've talked to some of the city organisers in these cities who are campaigning, literally, for financial staff to move. but in terms of ireland, it's quite interesting. before the referendum in the uk last year, many were saying that the irish were going to be the big, big winners and that people would just flood to ireland but that actually hasn't happened. what is interesting though, in my legal background, lots of lawyers have now qualified in ireland and registered to practise there. that has been a massive, massive uplift.
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for some professionals, actually, ireland has become the place.|j for some professionals, actually, ireland has become the place. i was there quite recently and a lot of local people are very worried about brexit because of its implications on business and employment. it isn't because they can just crossed the border. if their biggest trading partner. aspen pharmacare. what's going on? prices that aren't justified. this is what people always look out for. we had an example recently in the uk. it creates a barrier, an unjustified barrier for those wanting to enter the market and it makes a real issue for the healthcare the market and it makes a real issue for the healthca re system. the market and it makes a real issue for the healthcare system. high prices will always surface as being something that will be a priority to try to get to the bottom of, and we have the example here in aspen. the
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european commission is involved because it has european implications because it has european implications because the drugs are being sold in europe. when prices are hyped up in this way, people always examine that and investigate. big story in britain is the death of ian brady. dyeing 51 years after being jailed for the sickening crimes. the mirror, one of many tabloids with sub headlines. it online headline is less offensive to some people. the. he never dynavolt where one of the bodies was buried. —— divulged. he never dynavolt where one of the bodies was buried. -- divulged. you can get your ferrari or lamborghini, put your card in it, your pin number and then you get one. you can't put notes in there. he would be there all day! just little toy ones,
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though. technology is moving so fast. a great space saving mechanism as well. they are looking at it now for parking in the wider implications. very exciting, if you have the money, of course. driverless cars. i will still be driving my curare myself. don't start with the driverless cars. —— curare. “— lamborghini. hi there. here in the uk, winter and spring have been drier than normal. but could may be the month that bucks the dry trend? well, maybe.
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most of us will have had cloudy skies yesterday. we did have some fairly heavy rain around, as well. the wettest place, dumfries and galloway, threave getting nearly two inches of rainfall during the day. now, we've got more rain in the forecast, as well, over the next few days, and that's because of this big, complicated area of low pressure. this weather front across wales, south—west england, will be particularly slow—moving, bringing outbreaks of rain through much of the day. but for many of us, it will be a very mild start to the day, temperatures into double figures everywhere. now, as well is it being mild, it's also going to be pretty cloudy to start the day across western scotland. some mist and hill fog patches, patches of rain over the coast and hills, too. northern ireland — similar conditions, really. but those temperatures pretty impressive, especially where we see the cloud break, for example around the moray firth. now, across north—west england, wales, and the south—west of england, this weather front here is going to be really slow—moving through the day, so outbreaks of rain, probably turning heavy for the afternoon. a few patches of rain for southern hills, as well, to start the day. otherwise, a fair bit of dry weather towards east anglia and south—east england.
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and it will probably stay dry towards these eastern areas pretty much all day, with that cloud thinning and breaking to allow some spells of sunshine in the relatively warm and humid air that has wafted its way in from france. otherwise, we've got this band of rain, then, as i say, slow—moving across wales and south—west england. underneath that persistent rain, not the warmest of days. further east, in the sunshine, well, if we do get some decent, sunny spells, we could see temperatures pushing on towards 25 degrees in the warmest spots. not far off the warmest weather we've seen so far this year. now, on into the nighttime, the weather front pushes a little bit further eastwards, so we'll get that wet weather pushing in across parts of east anglia, moving towards the home counties. central, southern england also turning soggy. a cooler night further north and west for scotland and northern ireland. and then, through wednesday, our front continues to very gradually push its way eastwards. but it will be prone to waving around a little bit on wednesday. so, again, we could have some drier spells towards eastern parts of england, where it could feel a little bit on the humid side, again, temperatures pushing well up into the 20s. we've got the fresher air
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to the north and west. but, as those temperature contrasts really increase through wednesday, that will start to trigger off some heavy, thundery downpours as we go through wednesday night. they'll push eastwards, and we could well have some localised surface—water flooding developing through wednesday night, so worth staying in touch with the weather forecast. once that weather front is through, the thunder and rain gone, we'll have a mixture of bright spells, quite a bit of cloud around, but also plenty of heavy showers to end the week. hello, this is breakfast, with sally nugent and dan walker. one of britain's most infamous serial killers, the moors murderer, ian brady, has died. the 79—year—old and his partner, myra hindley, murdered five children in the 1960s, before burying them on saddleworth moor, in the pennines. good morning, it is tuesday 16 may. also this morning: more free
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childcare, nationalising england's water companies and a levy on excessive pay. labour promises to be radical and responsible, as it launches its manifesto. allegations that president trump shared classified information with the russian foreign minister. the white house has denied the claims.
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