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tv   BBC News  BBC News  May 19, 2017 5:45am-6:01am BST

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‘ last daily review. i am going to my last daily review. i am going to mist it. i almost want to kiss you. please don't. the arab news says according to saudi foreign minister, adel al—jubeir, us president, donald trump, plans to push back on iran and ensure it compliance on the nuclear deal, citing statements from us officials. the ft leads with allegations that brazil's president has been caught on tape endorsing bribes has shook the markets sending shares and the real currency sharply lower over fears the government may collapse. the independent business section takes a look at the pound which has cracked the psychologically important one dollar thirty mark for the first time since the 30th september. sterling's strength has been helped by due to the us being weak us in recent days. the guardian financial section reports on workers at electric carmaker tesla's plant in california who are complaining of stress and physical problems as a result of aggressive production goals. and finally, also in the ft, the founder of the american news channel fox news has died at the age of 77.
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roger ailes resigned as the head of the network lastjuly after twenty years in charge,amid allegations of sexual harassment which he denied. so, let's begin. with me is henry bonsu who's a broadcaster and international conference host. it is good to have the with us. let's rock it. it is a moment of history, well, that gives you too much credit. donald trump. this time it is about his trip abroad. saudi arabia. the gulf news. they are not unexpectedly taking the angle that they are expecting him to push back against iran, which is what saudi arabia want with this rivalry in the middle east. a big moment for him. yeah. this man is not known for his
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expertise in foreign affairs. the saudi foreign minister has been quoted saying they see iran's aggression increase, not decrease. they are saying that saudi arabia and the us are in lockstep against the aggression and destabilisation in the area. i suspect the saudis will be disappointed because if you look at the kinds of things donald trump has been saying as a candidate he as trump has been saying as a candidate heasa trump has been saying as a candidate he as a candidate, sanctions against iranian companies and us firms has been renewed. the sanctions themselves have not been reintroduced, which, of course, you would expect of donald trump was going to do what the saudis claimed. how much clout does he take with him
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given what is going on in washington? some people might be sniggering. they might. but he is a force of nature. he is not from washington. he said he would disrupt what is going on in capitol hill and he is. he is still a businessman and thatis he is. he is still a businessman and that is how they see him, not as a stabilising force in the united states. they see him as a disruptor. ido states. they see him as a disruptor. i do think they need any more disruption. indeed. and if you. .. these are sensitive matters, aren't they? very. see if their guide. consider saudi arabia and iran. they say he is definitely in the corner of saudi arabia. they want him to push back really strongly against the iranians, especially with nuclear weaponry. and there has been a lot of talk that donald trump's
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words about the nuclear deal and disparaging it has played into the hands of the main challenger. there are unintended consequences, which is why international diplomacy is quite difficult. it is. donald trump said he knew these things are difficult! he said he did not understand how easy you had it when president obama was in power, not me. like so many things, he is pivoting back. he did not understand thejob. pivoting back. he did not understand the job. it was only a few weeks ago when he said this is a lot harder thani when he said this is a lot harder than i thought. he is saying all these things about north korea. he is an interesting guy. he said he had an interesting time sd card, maybe i could talk to him. the poor brazilians. —— as a kid. they voted
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for... actually, no, temer took over on the proviso on the campaign that he would get rid of the scandal and bea he would get rid of the scandal and be a clean cabinet. allegedly, here he is on tape... talking about bribes. apparently, yes. two of the biggest business people in brazil have presented authorities evidence of the president accepting bribes from the lower house. he is alleged to have said you have to keep this going, the bribes going. i was there very briefly back when it was riding high with a major summit on nutrition back when david cameron was in power. i met michel temer. he was in power. i met michel temer. he was not a great guy that you thought
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he would get them back on track. and there is the reality. literally after, white, five, seven, eight minutes of trading, it shot down. —— what. i am hosting international services. many people are saying africa is learning from brazil. brazilians will not be surprised. there is a huge anticorruption investigation. yeah. people were saying this guy is amazing, an economic miracle. it is systemic. it is almost unfortunately ingrained. shall we move on? we are running out of time. more business. you can do this. the pound. when it goes up, array, but it is not good for
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foreign visitors. —— hooray. 90 million visitors. a record influx of people taking advantage. this story, it is about the us economy. may be the donald trump issue is over with such turmoil. but it has gone to $1 30 for the first time since the brexit vote. i am a frequent visitor to the united states. i cannot tell you how i voted, but i have been hit ha rd you how i voted, but i have been hit hard in the pocket, i can tell you. retail sales in the uk yesterday we re retail sales in the uk yesterday were reported to have jumped by 2.3% in april. previously, in march, they we re in april. previously, in march, they were down by 1.8%. i have seen a few recessions in my time to be i am older than i look. i worry about it. absolutely. historically low
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interest rates. 8—9 years now. unsecured loans. credit cards. this is the thing. there will be a reckoning, especially if inflation continues to rise in this country. it is currently at 2.7%. it will go up. wages will not keep pace. we will get rising interest rates. not necessarily a good story. sorry about that. i have to move on. the current interest rates we have. many people have a mortgage. they do know any better. this is unrealistic. —— don't. 4.5%, that is a normal mortgage. welcome to the real world. so, tesla. the guardian. they have interviewed 15 people working there. even though elon musk is presented
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asa even though elon musk is presented as a 21st century futuristic man, tesla, this amazing, clean, revolutionary disruptor, the kinds of things you see when companies have really high production targets, thatis, have really high production targets, that is, a decline in health and safety is what we will see. that is what we are seeing in this piece. people are struggling. 10,000 workers. they have been called in for fainting, workers. they have been called in forfainting, dizziness, chest pains. and elon musk says we are not a giant behemoth, we are losing money. don't be unkind. but look at apple in china. people are struggling. we will have to leave it there. that was really quick and fun. it was! good to see you. hello there. well, the rain arrived earlier than forecast across the south—east of england during thursday
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afternoon and it's continued to move slowly northwards. but brought a very wet night for the south—east of england, east anglia, the east midlands, and getting in towards the north—east of england by the time we reach friday morning. further west, though, it's clearer skies. any showers died away. and a touch of frost in one or two places. but less cold in the south—east because of cloud cover. so, first thing on friday, then, it's a lovely bright start across many northern and western areas. showers never too far away, though, for the north—west of northern ireland and the outer hebrides has an area of low pressure there. but the bulk of scotland and northern ireland will be bright. a chilly start, but bright. lots of sunshine. same too as well for the far north—west of england in towards wales and the far south—west of england. maybe just one or two showers pushing in towards cornwall and the west of devon. but, further east, midlands eastwards, a cloudy start. damp, outbreaks of rain, especially for east anglia in towards lincolnshire, up in towards the north—east. and notice this area of low pressure slowly sliding north along the coast.
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but you can see the isobars are a little bit tighter packed here. so there'll be quite a breeze in norfolk and lincolnshire. that area of low pressure continues to move northwards. elsewhere, it's going to be a day of sunshine and showers and gradually drying up across the south—east towards the end of the day. top temperatures, around the mid—teens. so nothing too special. quite cool across the north—east, though, with low cloud, mist and harr. now, into saturday, it looks like conditions will improve. low pressure bringing rains the scotland and the northern isles. elsewhere, a sunshine—and—showers day. some of the showers could be heavy and maybe thundery in places. in the sunshine, pleasantly warm. cooler when showers arrive. temperatures in the mid—to—upper teens celsius. and the reason for the conditions settling down and improving even further into sunday, this area of high pressure really exerts its force across much of the country. so we'll start to import wind from the south. always a warmer direction,
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particularly for this time of year. it will allow temperatures to rise. in the sunshine it will feel warm. especially in the south. a bit of cloud, breeze, rain, getting into northern ireland because of this area of low pressure edging in. but it will affect north—western parts of the uk as head on in towards monday. so, here, breezy, outbreaks of rain in towards western scotland in particular. but the bulk of england and wales closer to the area of high pressure, a warm day, with temperatures potentially the low—to—mid 20s celsius. into tuesday, we start to see winds swinging from the west, feeding in plenty of showers on the wind from the west. a slightly cooler day. pleasant in the south—east with some sunshine. hello, this is breakfast, with charlie stayt and sally nugent. brexit dominates the first big tv debate of the election campaign. leaders of five parties — but not theresa may orjeremy corbyn — go head to head for the debate on itv.
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this morning we have the first of our leaders' interviews with nicola sturgeon and tim farron on the breakfast sofa. good morning. it's friday 19th may. also this morning — new figures suggest thousands of police officers across the uk have not had up—to—date background checks to ensure they are suitable to serve. the first uk airport to replace its control tower
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