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tv   World News Today  BBC News  May 20, 2017 9:00pm-9:31pm BST

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this is bbc world news today, i'm alpa patel. our top stories: president trump gets an extravagant welcome during his visit to saudi arabia and signs deals worth hundreds of billion of dollars. but as he meets and mingles with saudi royals, he faces fresh criticism back home over alleged links with russia. iran's president hassan rouhani says his re—election shows people want reform and to continue to engage with the world. translation: yesterday you said no to all those inviting us to return to all those inviting us to return to the past, you have put iran back on the road to progress. and she was a famous bridesmaid, now she the bride, the duchess of cambridge's sister gets married. hello and welcome
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to world news today. well, it's been an interesting few days for president trump. just a day ago, he was fighting off terrible headlines and fierce criticism at home. on saturday, he was given this welcome on his first foreign trip to saudi arabia. the president seemed to enjoy the full pomp and ceremony in traditional saudi style. and he can claim something concrete too — major deals worth more than $350 billion, including the largest—ever us arms sales to the kingdom. our north america editor, jon sopel, is in riyadh and looks back at what a difference a day makes. with the mercury touching 100 fahrenheit, donald trump probably found the blast of desert air refreshing compared to the political hothouse that he's left behind in washington. he's hoping this first foreign trip will provide some respite from mounting problems at home, and what a welcome his
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hosts laid on for him. the 81—year—old king came to greet him, red carpet for as far as the eye could see. he was even given saudi arabia's highest civilian honour, a weighty thing. a marked contrast to the almost hostile reception afforded barack obama when he was last here. wherever you go in riyadh, this is what you see — pictures of president trump and king salman with the slogan "together we prevail". a year ago, donald trump said in an interview, "i think islam hates us." from the reception he's receiving, and the warmth of it, you wouldn't guess it. the new president's tough stance on iran has endeared him to the saudis and other sunni nations in the region. as part of that, a massive £75 billion arms deal was signed to supply the kingdom with weapons and know—how to meet the iranian threat. and this allowed the president to talk about what he likes most, jobs. that was a tremendous day, i just want to thank everybody. tremendous investments in the united states, and our military community
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is very happy, and we want to thank you and saudi arabia. but hundreds of billions of dollars of investments into the united states and jobs, jobs, jobs. at a news conference, the deal was welcomed by the secretary of state. this huge arms—sales package reduces the burden on the united states to provide this same equipment to our own military forces and will strengthen saudi security forces for the future so that saudi arabia is more capable of carrying a greater share of the burden. less welcome news came overnight from james comey. the sacked fbi director has accepted an invitation to give evidence to congress in a public session, although that won't happen before this trip has concluded. according to the new york times, the president described him to the russian foreign minister as a nutjob whose sacking had relieved a lot of the pressure on the president — claims the white house has not denied. donald trump complained earlier this week that no politician
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had been treated worse or more unfairly than him. that is not something that could be said today. out-of-tune rendition of us anthem. though the composer of the national anthem probably could. well, as you saw there, the saudi king pulled out all the stops to make his guest feel welcome. the huge arms deal comes as saudi arabia is fighting houthi rebels in neighbouring yemen. the united nations says about 10,000 people have been killed since the fighting began in march 2015. yemen is on the verge of famine. two weeks ago, a un rapporteur accused saudi arabia of failing to investigate accusations that its forces carried out war crimes. the bbc‘s chief international correspondent, lyse doucet, is in riyadh. she's been speaking to salman al—ansari, a political analyst who says this visit is of unprecedented strategic
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importance to saudi arabia. a lot of talk about shared interests, economic co—operation, is that what young saudis want to see? definitely, we are here in saudi arabia despite this sandstorm we are witnessing, there is a huge positive vibe in the kingdom. the people and government, you can tell that everyone is content with the fact that the us administration chosen saudi arabia to be the first foreign visit for them. that in itself has an unprecedented strategic importance, not only to the region but the overall global security. we really need the united states to be back to the game, we need them to be basically helping its partners to combat terrorism and confront the challenges we are facing. we're facing a lot of challenges. the iranian backed militias are all over the place, they are targeting not only the middle east nations but also american interests, pure american interests. so it's very important
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for the kingdom of saudi arabia and the gcc countries and the arab and muslim world to open a new page with the new us administration so they can go forward and confront the challenges. there was a shared language between rex tillerson and the saudi foreign minister, talking about calling on iran to end what they describe as a network of terrorists, telling the newly re—elected president hassan rohani if he wanted to change his relationship of the world. but some observers believe that saudi arabia exaggerates the involvement of iran across the region. the idea that we are exaggerating the fact about iran is actually, i don't see it to be accurate at all. it's not only us saying that, it's actually the whole world saying it. the treasury department has sanctioned hezbollah in syria, the iranian militias are killing people in syria and displacing people.
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we are seeing iranian backed militias, we are seeing them operate in yemen and kill civilians on a daily basis. we're not exaggerating, not at all, we're putting our hands on the facts and nothing but the facts. and we need the whole world, the us and the global community to basically confront iran because iran is the root problem in the region. not only the region but the whole world. we'll have to leave it there, thank you very much forjoining us. of course, this is a region where weather is always a metaphor for what's happening politically. this is what's happening on the evening of president trump's visit, he is now dining, a luxurious reception with both arabian and western food, for president trump and his wife melania trump, and ivanka,
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who's a getting a lot of interest on social media, and of course the entire trump team. our other big story today — iran's newly re—elected president hassan rouhani says his overwhelming victory was a rejection of efforts to stop the reform process. us secretary of state rex tillerson reacted to rouhani's re—election while he was in saudi arabia. he listed the things that us wishes rouhani to do. what we hope, what i would hope is that rouhani now has a new term, and that he uses that term to begin a process of dismantling iran's network of terrorism, dismantling its financing of the terrorist network, dismantling the manning and the logistics and everything that they provide to these destabilising forces that exist in this region. that is what we hope he does.
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we also hope that he puts an end to their ballistic missile testing. we also hope that he restored the rights of iranians to freedom of speech, to freedom of organisation so that iranians can live the life that they deserve. that is what we hope this election will bring. well, meanwhile, hundreds of thousands of people have come out onto the streets across iran to celebrate president rouhani's victory over the hardliners. kasra naji of bbc persian service reports. president hassan rouhani, the winner of the election by a wide margin. he had promised not to let the hardliners take the country backwards. he had promised to steer the country towards moderation. this is him in his first televised message after his victory.
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translation: yesterday, you said no to all those inviting us to return to the past or remain stuck in the present. we have put iran back on the road to progress. almost all the votes have now been counted, more than 41 million of them. the iranian people have said a resounding no to the islamic hardliners by voting in droves for president rouhani, running for a second term in office, in a landslide. at the interior ministry in tehran, a sigh of relief that the election went peacefully. translation: mr rouhani won 23,549,616 votes, representing 57% of all votes. therefore, he is elected the next iranian president. today, for many, a day of celebration,
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a big victory against the islamic hardliners who had intimidated them, jailed them, executed them, exiled them, and drove them out of theirjobs. this evening, tens of thousands of them came out on the streets in many cities across iran, this in tehran, celebrating the day they defeated the hardliners. but islamic ha rdliners are not done yet. they will fight tooth and nail at every turn to frustrate president rouhani's efforts. kasra nasri, bbc news. brazil's embattled president says an investigation into his alleged obstruction ofjustice needs to be suspended. in a televised address, mr temer said the court had first to rule whether a secret recording made by a top brazilian businessman appearing to implicate him was valid as evidence. translation: today, we're making a request at the supreme court
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to suspend the proposed probe until the authenticity of the clandestine tape can be definitely proven. the scandal has engulfed brazilian politics, with a third of mr temer‘s cabinet under investigation for alleged corruption. mr temer is already deeply unpopular in brazil but his centre—right party has been able to govern as part of a coalition. 0pposition parties have demanded his resignation and snap elections. translation: the government is bleeding and paralysed, and we have the brazilian socialist party, having already taken a stand against the reforms, are demanding the president's immediate resignation. 0ur correspondent in rio is
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following the story, michel temer asking the supreme court to suspend the case against him, will he get his way? it is hard to say, alpa, i think it will be difficult. there is a lot in play here, and there are very serious allegations that have emerged as part of, well, they emerged as part of, well, they emerged from a series of testimonies that were made as part of a plea by and by executives ofjbs, the big meat producer in brazil. so the supreme court has authorised investigations against him, and we will have to wait to see the result of that. but today the president tried to divert attention from that. he defended himself, denying again the allegations, but casting doubt about the testimony, saying that they are incoherent, that they were false, and also casting doubt over that audio. now, this tape recording is really at the heart of this
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scandal, because it shows president michel temer talking to the powerful ceo of michel temer talking to the powerful cco ofjbs, michel temer talking to the powerful ceo ofjbs, and mr temer appears to be endorsing the payment of bribes to o bstru ct be endorsing the payment of bribes to obstruct corruption investigations, so that really triggered this big scandal. he said the audio has been manipulative, that it has to be verified, which is being done at the moment. lots of media outlets here have called in specialists to have a listen. there is doubt about weather its integrity can be proved or not. but mr temer is trying to hold onto that to prove his innocence, and it isjust a tale in the middle of all the allegations that have come out from this testimony. briefly, if you could, there have been strong calls for mr temer to step down, but he is defiant, isn't he? knee has been
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defined, and today he has used this opportunity to defend himself. however, his image is very fragile, and the situation is very difficult for him. there are several impeachment requests placed against him in congress, and parties of the ruling coalition are threatened to abandon ship, and we havejust had the news that the first party has made the decision to abandon his government, so that as pressure for him to step down. julie kahn from rio de janeiro, thank him to step down. julie kahn from rio dejaneiro, thank you very much. still to come, she was in the spotlight as a bridesmaid, she is 110w spotlight as a bridesmaid, she is now the bride, the duchess of cambridge sister marries. two members of the shadow cabinet have publicly disagreed over labour's general election policy on trident. the shadow foreign secretary, emily thornberry, said the party could abandon its support for the nuclear deterrent after it conducts a review. but the shadow defence secretary, nia griffith, described labour's position as "settled".
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ms thornberry was being interviewed on lbc radio. no, of course not. if you're going to have a review, you have a review. so it is possible thatjeremy corbyn as prime minister could drive through a policy of ditching trident? the policy is... labour party policy is that we... i know what it is. i'm asking could it in the future change? but overwhelmingly, we need to make sure that our policy is up to date and meets 21st century threats. no—one can disagree with that, surely. there was a time when we gave up on sabres or horses. this is bbc world news today. the latest headlines:
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president trump gets an extravagent welcome during his visit to saudi arabia and signs deals worth hundreds of billion of dollars. iran's president, hassan rouhani, says his re—election shows people want reform and to continue to engage with the world. in new orleans, marske city workers wearing bullet—proof vest have removed the last of four monuments to the proslavery rebellion defeated in the us civil more. the 133—year—old statue defected general robert bailey, the top military leader in the confederacy, crossing his arms as he faced towards his old enemy. protests erupted in new orleans when the city decided to remove the money months. critics say they are racially offensive, but supporters say they are important symbols of the city's southern heritage. i really don't
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think that anybody should have the privilege of changing history, because history is truth.|j privilege of changing history, because history is truth. i would point up there and say, you double, you coming down! i thought of the oppression and what my grandmother sweated blood. let's get the sport with jessica. bayern munich sweated blood. let's get the sport withjessica. bayern munich finished the season in style as they bid farewell to club legend philipp lahm at the allianz arena, beating freiburg 4—1. arjen robben got them off toa freiburg 4—1. arjen robben got them off to a fast start, scoring after just four minutes, but they left the rest of the goals until late. it is their fifth consecutive bundesliga title, and who else but captain philipp lahm to lift the trophy after his 517th bayern appearance? there was drama at the bottom of the table as hamburg guaranteed survival with an 88th minute goal to seal a
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2-1 with an 88th minute goal to seal a 2—1win over wolfsburg. these are the scenes on the pitch after the game. real madrid are poised to win a first la liga title in five years on sunday, they have a 3—point lead over barcelona heading into the final day of the season. saturday is more of a starter before the main course on sunday. roma putjuventus's title celebrations on hold on saturday. andre villas—boas's shanghai sipg beat local rivals shanghai shenhua
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3—1 on saturday to stay in touch with chinese super league leaders guangzhou evergrande. the points were sealed in stoppage time. hulk‘s backheel allowed 0scar to fire off a shot which came back off the crossbar, strike a shenhua defender and roll back into the net. have a look at the replay. the 3—1 win took shanghai sipg to 23 points from ten games and kept villas—boas's side within two points of luiz felipe scolari's guangzhou evergrande. germany's alexander zverev became the youngest player in a decade to reach a masters final when he clinched a gutsy three—set win over big—serving american john isner in rome on saturday. zverev, who is 20, will meet either four—time winner novak djokovic or austria's dominic thiem in sunday's final. djokovic was the previous youngest masters finalist, going all the way to the title in miami as a 19—year—old in 2007.
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i have had a lot of tough matches, a lot of tough opponents, it will be truly amazing for me. john played very well this tournament, he has also beaten a lot of good players, a fantastic match today. dutchman tom dumoulin further underlined his giro d'italia victory ambitions by stunning colombian rival nairo quintana to claim victory on saturday's14th stage. dumoulin attacked his movistar rival inside the final two kilometres of an 11.8 kilometre climb to the summit finish to take his overall lead over the colombian to two minutes 47 seconds. and when you're not playing in the french open tennis at roland—garros, you don't have to prepare as hard, and you can let your hair downa bit, and what roger federer has been doing. he's been stepping out at
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the wedding of the year in england. he's there with his wife mirka, at the wedding of pippa middeton, the sister of the duchess of cornwall, kate, and james matthews. smashing three piece! that is all the sport for you, back to you, alpa. there has been an emotional reunion in nigeria for the 82 chibok girls freed from boko haram. it's the first time they and their parents have seen each other since the girls were released last month. afghanistan's vice—president, general abdul rashid dostum, has left the country for turkey. it's alleged he ordered the assault of a former provincial governor and political rival. he denies wrongdoing, and his spokesman says he's left for medical treatment. the italian and libyan coastguard services say about 5000 migrants attempting to reach europe have been rescued over the past three days. most of those attempting the mediterranean crossing
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were taken to italy. some were returned to libya. norway is taking measures to protect its global seed vault, a storage facility situated on the arctic archipelago of svalbard, following unexpected flooding last year. water entered the entrance tunnel last october, after unseasonably high temperatures caused the permafrost to melt. the seeds weren't damaged, but the vaults defences are now being reinforced. media from around the world have been in a small english country town to catch a glimpse of the society wedding of the year. pippa middleton, the sister of catherine, the duchess of cambridge, got married today. kate's children, prince george and princess charlotte, were page boy and flower girl. 0ur royal correspondent nicholas witchell reports. a society wedding — a chance to, well, to gawp at the guests, for one thing. interesting for some.
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others may feel perhaps a little indifferent to it all. but of course this was rather more than a society wedding, with celebrity guests like tennis champion roger federer, because this was a middleton family wedding. so a wedding with royal connections. big sister catherine arrived with two carloads of bridesmaids and page boys. among them were prince george, his hands firmly being held by his mother, and princess charlotte. all were ushered into church ready for the arrival of the bride. pippa middleton was driven to church in an open—top car with her father, michael. it rekindled memories of how it was six years ago when pippa played such a memorable supporting role at catherine's wedding at westminster abbey. today, she was the one pausing at the entrance for the photographers in a dress which fashion editors will spend pages describing. at the church door, the roles were reversed. it was kate lending the sisterly support, making sure the dress was as it should be. then with a final pat
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on the shoulder, it was time for the service to begin. less than an hour later, the church bells sounded, and page boy george led the way out of church scattering flower petals, as the new mr and mrs james matthews emerged together as man and wife. somewhere in the family group were princes william and harry. despite speculation in the press, harry had not brought his girlfriend, meghan markle, to the wedding. had he done so, it would have overshadowed everything. this was a day when the focus was on this couple and their wedding. nicholas witchell, bbc news. 0ne happy couple there lucky not to get aand! don't forget, you can get in touch with me and some of the team on twitter — i'm @alpapatel. weather conditions
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weather conditions for weather conditions for tomorrow weather conditions for tomorrow argon to be like those captured in cornwall, dry with sunny spells, also feeling a little bit warmer. some pretty nasty downpours today, still one or two around in fact, a wetter end to the day across eastern parts of england, a bit more sunshine in the west. rain will ease away through tonight, showers becoming fewer in number elsewhere, most dry into sunday morning, cooler than this morning, down to three four degrees in parts of scotland. as we go into sunday morning, this is the view across the south, a dry start for the vast majority, good sunny breaks, isolated showers in the west on the hills of north wales and maybe north—west england, but a lot of sunshine around. winds
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lighter than they have been today, so lighter than they have been today, so quickly temperatures on the rise, lovely start across scotland compared with this morning, northern ireland, thicker cloud spreading in after a bright, early start. patchy rain or drizzle here, and whilst we start with sunshine across other parts of western scotland, cloud will increase through the day, bringing patchy rain or drizzle. showers developing across eastern scotland, northern england and wales, but they will be light, few in number, mainly over the hills, the vast majority of the country will have a dry sunday, and wherever you are, temperatures have a welcome boost compare to saturday, up to 21 in the south—east corner. a fine under the day, still patchy rain and resorts across the north and west of scotland, have breaks of rain across northern ireland and western scotland. heavier burst will push eastwards, also affecting northern england during the second half of the day. more of a breeze, temperatures limited to the mid—teens across scotland, but further south widely into the 20s across england and wales, some into
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the mid 20s. and whilst we will see some week weather fronts pushing him from the atlantic through the coming days, producing a bit more thicker cloud, patchy rain and drizzle over western coast and hills, high pressure from mid week onwards will mean that week ahead, compared with the week just mean that week ahead, compared with the weekjust gone, will be drier and also said to be warmer as well with temperatures quite widely into the 20s. bye for now. hello, this is bbc news. the headlines: president trump celebrates the signing of $350 billion worth of contracts between the us and saudi arabia on day one of his visit to the region. back in washington, there are fresh claims about his reasons for sacking james comey, the director of the fbi. jeremy corbyn insists his party is committed to trident, after members of the shadow cabinet publicly disagree over the issue. the tories defend their aim to cut net migration to "tens of thousands", after it comes under fire from former chancellor george 0sborne. iran's newly re—elected president, hassan rouhani, says
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he will use his second term to reach out to the world and work
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