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tv   BBC News  BBC News  May 25, 2017 5:45am-6:01am BST

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and britain over leaked photos from the crime scene. in the financial times, climate change and how leaders in europe will lobby donald trump to try and get the us to stick with the landmark paris agreement. mr trump has previously said he'd "cancel" the deal. the philippine daily inquirer shows families fleeing the city of marawi, after terrorists and government forces clashed. president rodrigo duterte says martial law could be imposed across the whole country, while the army fights islamist militants. thousands risk their lives in unsafe vessels to cross the mediterranean sea, seeking a better life in europe. well, the new york times features a story about how money matters — with some migrants paying a high price to travel in style onboard luxury boats. and finally — a win
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for manchester united that means more than most. the city's golden boys beat ajax to win the europa league final 2—nil. the game was an emotional victory in a week where manchester's been rocked by terrorism. that's in the independent. with us is iain anderson — founder of the international communications agency cicero group. lovely to see you. let's start with the telegraph and that photograph seenin the telegraph and that photograph seen in lots of players. westminster, changing of the guard. it is always a rather chilling picture in the uk to see troops on the streets. from what i can see, talking to people who were at westminster yesterday, there was a true by every policeman. one for one, if you like. a large part of
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this is about reassurance in the midst of all this. keeping people safe for fairly obvious reasons. people are still feeling very emotional. troops on the streets is a symbol. calls made to helplines by people several times. people talking about thinking suicide bombing is 0k. about thinking suicide bombing is ok. you can feel the reaction to the story is starting to move. emotion, grief, the next stages of this which is asking the hard questions. people in the muslim community were asking questions, talking to police about this man in the real question is, what was done. now the diplomatic i’ow. what was done. now the diplomatic row. theresa may she will —— theresa may saying she will be talking to president trumper that the leaking from the us coming into the new york
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times newspaper. several leaks in as many days regarding this investigation which is live. now home secretary, the british home secretary, roundly condemning the americans and american authorities. theresa may will be absolutely right to give donald trump lambasting for this today. we are supposed to be, britain and america, i suppose to be two allies together. spreading these pictures across the front pages of an international newspaper while i live investigation is taking place is deeply responsible. what is the rationale of doing this? some are suggesting that intelligence services are saying to donald trump, you release our information, see how damaging it is. but there is no logic. you can also say that the new york times doesn't like donald trump survey york times doesn't like donald trump survey are york times doesn't like donald trump survey are trying to give him some further discomfort but i think it's just good old—fashioned journalism, they've got a pictured and they
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wanted to be first. let us look at the financial times. staying with president trumper, he is on his first foreign trip, he has been everywhere, but that is not the case. many significant countries today. the pope had a realtwinkle in his eye yesterday when he handed across his thoughts to donald trump oi'i across his thoughts to donald trump on what to do about climate change. 186 pages. i'm not sure donald trump will get past the executive summary. we will read that. what are you going to say to him?|j we will read that. what are you going to say to him? i am dying to see the pictures of donald trump regional 186 pages. the key influences on trumper, ivanka, his
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daughter and her partner jared kushner. they are saying, do not pull out of the paris accord. this will be further trump triangulate oi'i. will be further trump triangulate on. i think is moving on this as well. the cost will be interesting oi'i well. the cost will be interesting on that. onto roderigo due are today. —— duterte. just back from a visit with vladimir putin. but a real problems at home. what is threatening to impose, which don't think you legally can do. he's talking about the state of emergency just in one territory of the philippines. this demonstrates, just as we were talking about manchester, the threat from islamic state is all pervasive and everywhere. the reaction to duterte in the west
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doing this, even a few weeks ago, is recalibrated as a result of what has happened in manchester. the global terrorist threat is there for all to see. a policeman has been beheaded apparently in this southern ireland. he is taking the view that he has to act. and just looking at the praise and the words of support from donald trump and vladimir putin, this is a man who has his own human rights record. it is pretty disastrous. being actually flattered by these world leaders. human rights watches of wa nt world leaders. human rights watches of want of a better expression will keep the eyes on this. an appalling event. extending martial law across the philippines, trying to subvert wider democracy. the new york times is in the news because of the leaked pictures of the various bits used by
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the manchester bomb but this article is quite interesting. it's a feature. some migrants flee in style. talking about the cost for those who perhaps wants —— want a guaranteed safe trip if that is possible. there are no guarantees in any of this. the number the new york times has as a family of six paying about $96,000. that is for the whole journey from afghanistan across to turkey. yet as we were having a chat before we came now, there are people paying not much less than that to go oi'i paying not much less than that to go ona dinghy, paying not much less than that to go on a dinghy, on a raft. again, this isjust another on a dinghy, on a raft. again, this is just another example of how desperate people at the end of any economic spectrum being exploited and there are no guarantees. there
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are no guarantees to when they arrive in turkey or the european union. we are still in early summer. these numbers could increase. i'm afraid we are inevitably going to see more afraid we are inevitably going to see more and afraid we are inevitably going to see more and more afraid we are inevitably going to see more and more of these pictures as the summer goes on and given this week's horrendous event, i fear the pictures might even be more awful than before. manchester united winning he wrote the league. you watched it. a very emotional victory. i watched it all the way through. there was a huge amount of love and support for manchester united. i love the phrase city united. i love the phrase city united that was sounded around the ground in this awful week for the people of manchester, yet this was a wonderful, wonderful moment and i
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think the players prayed —— played pretty well, it wasn't a sensational game, but in the context of what happened, what an amazing thing to do. every diehard supporter was behind manchester united. and also if you could put it things back to how they were a week ago, it you would want to. a very happy way to make the weak go on. thank you for your company. see you again soon. good morning. wednesday was a dry, settled, sunny day for most of us and we have some weather watchers pictures which help to illustrate that point, as you can see in worcester, with blue skies and sunshine, and also in the london area.
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these two places were the hotspots through the day, with 26 celsius. it's worth just pointing out though, in wednesday's satellite picture we had some cloud up into the far north—west and by the end of the day we also had some sea fog through the irish sea. now that is going to be a bit of a nuisance over the next few hours and linger during the early morning. it is going to be a pretty muggy start to the day as well, temperatures widely into the mid—high teens. so there's only one place for those temparatures to go, when we get that sunshine coming through. the fog will take its time to clear but it will do so and as we go through the morning, it will be a beautiful picture. a little bit of fairweather cloud developing into the afternoon, which may well be welcome news as those temperatures continue to climb. it is going to be a hot day in the south—east. one or two spots generally into the mid 20s, maybe as high as 28 degrees and not much of a breeze either. a noticeable breeze down towards the south—west and into south wales,
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but head further north ans west, again, we could see temperatures into the high 20s not out of the question. in comparison to yesterday and there'll be more sunshine and more warmth as well. 25 for glasgow. we do it all again on friday. that south—easterly breeze driving that heat further north. by the end of the day though, signs of a few showers gathering into the western part of northern ireland but it looks as though in sheltered areas of scotland, in the north—west, we could see temperatures into the high 20s. somewhere like inverness could see 29, maybe 30 degrees. widely a very warm if not hot day across england and wales as well. that's worth bearing in mind as well if you have any time outside, the uv level are going to be pretty high across the country, very high in the south—east, and certainly worth bearing in mind. as we move out of friday, into saturday, we still keep the heat but there is a potential for these showers that i pointed out in northern ireland to become fairly widespread into the far north—west. some of these heavy and thundery as well. so the potential for some sharpish showers, a fresher feel here, but we still keep the heat.
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28—30 degrees not out off the question into the south—east corner. it is bank holiday weekend this weekend so it is going to be a hot and humid start but it looks as though that thundery breakdown will arrive and then behind it somewhat fresher conditions look likely to follow on. take care. hello, this is breakfast, with charlie stayt and naga munchetty. more searches and arrests connected to the manchester bombing as two more victims are named. 17—year—old chloe rutherford and her boyfriend liam curry are described by their families as "beautiful inside and out." a us newspaper publishes photos apparently showing the scene of the attack — a move condemned by the british government and police. good morning, it's
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thursday the 25th of may. also this morning: after a two day pause to respect the victims of the attack — general election campaigning will resume today. with more of us in work than ever before, i'm going to be looking
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