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what we saw on the night was real determination, resilience, teamwork, staff really coming up with what was required to deliver the best care for these patients. i was inundated with messages from the team — can i come in, do you want me in? that came from health care assistants, nurses, allied health professionals, doctors, consultants, offering to come in and support us. it happened locally. we all knew there were chances that we would know people involved in it. this explosion happened in somewhere familiar to all of us. we all have a sense of identity with manchester. and, of course, it feels personal. at no point did i see any member of staff crack. theyjust rose to the challenge and theyjust kept going. i'm very proud of the way they responded. i went home and cried a lot. and you want to hug your nearest and dearest. it was the day after really when feelings settled in.
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i just want to focus on the good things that i saw, the good care that i saw, and that for me speaks about the night. remarkable people who did a remarkablejob at remarkable people who did a remarkable job at stepping hill in stockport. let's have a look at the weather. it is warm and sunny out there. many pictures coming in the sunshine. this one from swanage in dorset, unbroken sunshine. not so much in the central midlands and central wales, with some fair weather clouds bubbling up. but the temperatures continue to rise. for the more than half of scotland, in fact, most of scotla nd half of scotland, in fact, most of scotland seem unbroken sunshine, but it wasn't like that earlier, with a bit of low cloud and sea mist around the north—west corner. that has mainly burnt off and you can see
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some fair weather cloud developing in the midlands. for this afternoon, it is looking hot and sunny across the board. a warmer day across scotla nd the board. a warmer day across scotland and northern ireland than yesterday and we could see highs in scotla nd yesterday and we could see highs in scotland reaching 28, maybe 29, which is also the case for england and wales. we could see highs around the high 20s celsius for north—west england, the midlands and the north—west corner of london. always cooler in eastern coastal areas, because of an onshore breeze. if it is too hot for you in land, just go to the coast. a lovely end to the day with lots of sunshine. this evening and will be clear, dry, warm and muggy, with the buildings exhorting all of the heat. larger towns and cities will be uncomfortable. into friday, a very warm start and temperatures shooting up warm start and temperatures shooting up through the day. once again, plenty of sunshine. a bit of a breeze in the far south and south—west and maybe one or two showers or
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south—west and maybe one or two showers oi’ storms south—west and maybe one or two showers or storms in the far west of northern ireland, and the temperatures up to mid to high 20s celsius. northern scotland, maybe the midlands, could see 30. heading through friday evening and overnight, we begin to see a change. this area of low pressure and this weather front will bring a line of showers and thunderstorms on friday night and into saturday morning into the south and west. that continues to morph —— to move north and east on saturday morning, with torrential downpours and frequent lightning. into the afternoon, confined to northern and eastern parts but, to the south, a fine afternoon, sunshine and quite hot in the south—east. for sunday, we could see some thunder in the south—east again, so some showers or storms. further north and west, a slightly cooler and fresh appeal. we think that's what could happen into bank holiday monday, with the south—east remaining warm and humid, longer spells of rain or some storms. a reminder of our main story this lunchtime.
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police stop sharing information about the manchester bombing with the us after leaked pictures appear in american media showing bomb fragments and a backpack. that's all from the bbc news at one, so it's goodbye from me. square hello, i am here with all your sport. wayne rooney has been left out of the england squad for the world cup —— world cup qualifier against scotland. he has dropped down the pecking order with marcus rashford favoured instead. he will not go to the world championship with the under 20 ones. there is a first call—up for kieren
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from tottenham hotspur ‘s. 16—year—old ethan has been included in the wales training squad ahead of their qualifier against serbia. he is one of seven uncapped player and made his professional debut in august last year and was named wales player of the year. gareth bale land neil taylor are suspended for the game. manchester united have dedicated their win to the victims of monday night's attack. they made a joint pledge with manchester city of £1 million to the we love manchester emergency fund. there was a minute's silent as —— silence as a mark of respect before the game. these were the goals. manchester
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united qualify for next season's champions league. there will be no trophy parade following that victory. jose mourinho pay tribute to the players. we came to do our job and we got the happiness that we should bring with us. when you come for these big matches, you go happy, you go proud. we came to do ourjob and the boys were fantastic coup —— we re and the boys were fantastic coup —— were fantastic because they put a wall in front of their eyes and they stayed isolated from everything and we focused on the football match. i think we played it really well. asha phillips says people should not live infearas she phillips says people should not live in fear as she prepares to race in manchester tomorrow. she will run the 100 metres at the great city
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games here. there is this big dark cloud at the moment and to have an event like this, they do not want to be in their houses. you want to go and enjoy your time. it is after work, after—school. it is in the middle of the street and it is something you can do when you are passing. to perform in front of eve ryo ne passing. to perform in front of everyone is to feel like you can stand up to this and we can still enjoy our lives. ben stokes is in injury doubt against south africa in southampton on saturday. he injured his knee during his victory at headingley last night and will be assessed later today when he arrives. england 1—0 up in the three match series. a second practice session for this weekend's monaco grand prix has been getting underway. lewis hamilton was
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quickest in first practice. jenson button has written for one race standing infora button has written for one race standing in for a fernando alonso who is competing at the indianapolis 500 this weekend. he is 11th fastest. justin rose is playing in his first tournament after winning olympic gold in rio last year. it is his second appearance since losing the masters to sergio garcia in the play—off. so far, it has been nearly but not quite. he finished level par after his round. scotland's scott jamieson has a share of the lead. he is five under par. garry monk has resigned from leeds. we will have more on those stories on the bbc sport website. i will have more in the next hour. goodbye. more now on our top story of the day. the queen has been visiting
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a hospital where staff battled to save the lives of children caught up in the manchester arena suicide bomb. she also met some of the young victims of the attack. 12 of the 64 casualties were under the age of 16. one of the survivors that the queen met was millie robson who suffered injuries to her leg. she and her pa rents injuries to her leg. she and her parents spoke to reporters about monday's atrocity. i had ihada i had a few holes in my legs and a cut on my eye and a cut there. compared to other people, i am quite lucky really. where were you when it happened? i was in the foyer of -- and walking out to meet my dad. he was picking me and my friend up. it went off behind us. what do you remember hearing? the explosion and
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my ears were ringing for ages. people were screaming and things like that is. must have been really scary. it was quite scary but you have to just get through. what did you do straight after that? my dad ran over to me and picked me up and we tied jumpers around the main wounds in my leg and he picked me up and we ran outside. a lot of the paramedics were outside and strangers were helping us. must have been scope —— so scary. you saw it front on. what do you remember seeing? we were at the top of the stairs and my partner saw them come out. people were running towards us. the next thing, there was this boom
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and it was surreal. it was quiet. i saw her and we picked her up and round up the topic is something else was going to go. we ran into a dead end just to get out of the way. there was a man standing two feet from me with his face bleeding. a young girl with whatever happened to herleg. isaw young girl with whatever happened to her leg. i saw millie's legs and we tied ajump around her leg. i saw millie's legs and we tied a jump around to stop the blood. i picked her up and told her to look at me and not to look at anywhere else because you can imagine the carnage. bodies and stuff. we got outside and carried her all the way away from it. making sure she was all right. her friend
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was with us. she is all right? she had an operation at another hospital but is home now. you said before you met ariana grande before the concert. i won vip tickets for me and laura tomita. i only found out last week. she was really nice. she was lovely. going from one thing to the complete opposite. it was mad. a nightmare. millie's dad said when she was being seen to that all she was bothered was if ariana grande was bothered was if ariana grande was all right and getting people to see to other people more injured than her. it shows what she is like. you are amazing. that is really brave of you especially with everything going on around you. what is it meet —— mean to you to meet the queen? mind blowing rarely. you
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don't really expect it. millie robson talking about monday's atrocity and meeting the queen today. earlier, the chief constable of greater manchester police ian hopkins gave an update on the investigation, he said the arrests made so far were significant. this continues to be a very fast—moving investigation and there has been a significant amount of activity taking place throughout the night and this morning. i wanted to give you an update in relation to that the progress of the investigation. you will be aware that officers are responding to an incident in manchester will stop a suspicious package has now been deemed safe and the cordon has been removed. can i stress that this stage that the incident is not necessarily linked to the wide investigation but i hope that people will understand that we will always
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ta ke will understand that we will always take reports such as this seriously. in relation to the full investigation, we have eight people in custody in relation to monday's attack. a female that was arrested yesterday has been released without any charges. the rest have taken place in manchester, wigan and done eaton and we are carrying out searches in relation to those arrests at a number of addresses. these have been an intense three days for the officers and staff of greater manchester police as well as the counterterrorism police network and intelligence services. i want to reassure people that the arrests that we have made significant and initial searches of premises have revealed items that we believe are very important to the investigation. the searchers will take several days to complete. there will be some
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localised disruption in and around both premises. it is vitally important that we continue those searches and do it very thoroughly. alongside the investigation, we have a team of specially trained family liaison officers working with the families of those who tragically lost their lives in monday's tack. last night the family liaison officers shared with those families the fact that intelligence had been lea ked the fact that intelligence had been leaked and published in new —— in the new york times. it is absolutely understandable distress and upset this the families. they are already suffering as everyone can imagine. the statement was issued last night by an national counterterrorism police network and i do not wish to add anything further to bat at this stage. nor will i be commenting on information sharing arrangements with our international partners will stop it will take several days
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before formal i of the victims can ta ke before formal i of the victims can take place. we are assisting those families who wish to make tributes to their loved ones but only to be clear that is not a formal identification, it is something the coroner has agreed we can do with families. i know how important it is to those families that you are publicising their tributes to their loved ones and i thank you for doing that. we have been overwhelmed with support from members of the public andi support from members of the public and i would ask the patients to continue from our local communities here in greater manchester as will carry out those searches and this investigation. as this morning's incident as shown, it remains important that people continue to be vigilant and report any concerns that they have to be anti—terror hotline on zero 807 89321 or of course you hotline on zero 807 89321 or of course you “— hotline on zero 807 89321 or of course you —— use 999. we have received a tribute to one of
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the young victims of monday's might attack. 14—year—old sorrell leczkowski. she was a pupil at allerton high. her headteacher has just said this. at the health -- their school community is saddened and shocked like losing her in manchester atrocity. our thoughts and prayers are with her family and friends at this very difficult time and with the families of others who have lost their lives or have been injured. sorrell was a delightful student. as a grandfather said yesterday, she was happy, creative and confident. she had a great group of friends and enjoyed her studies and was a real asset to the school. we can't understand why this has happened but we are very grateful to leeds city council, west yorkshire
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police and other external agencies who have been in to support our young people and staff, many of whom have been devastated. it is one day ata time have been devastated. it is one day at a time but i am proud of the way eve ryo ne at a time but i am proud of the way everyone in school has pulled together and i am inspired by the way al young people have tried to cope with their loss. our focus now is on continuing to support our young people. the headteacher of allerton high school and the headteacher paying tribute to sorrell leczkowski from leeds who was killed on monday night. theresa may was speaking at downing street earlier after chairing an emergency meeting.|j street earlier after chairing an emergency meeting. i had chaired a meeting where i was updated on the extraordinary response of the police and emergency services to monday's horrific attack. the police have
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confirmed that a suspects remain in custody and that progress is being made in the case. the threat level, as assessed by the independentjoint terrorism analysis centre, will remaina terrorism analysis centre, will remain a critical and the public shouldn't —— or remain vigilant. i was also briefed on operation temperer. around 1000 members of the armed forces are assisting the police, providing important reassurance ahead of a bank holiday weekend of busy events. shortly i will be travelling to a nato summit where i will be working with international colleagues on defeating terrorism. i will make clear to president trump that intelligence that is shared between our law enforcement agencies must remain secure. tomorrow i will be attending the g—7 summit in italy where i will lead a discussion on counterterrorism and on how we will work together to prevent the plotting of terrorist attacks online
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and to stop the spread of hateful extremist ideology on social media. i'm very gratefulfor the expressions of support and condolences that the uk has received from international colleagues in recent days. g7 and nato will enable us recent days. g7 and nato will enable us to work closely together as we work to do beat the evil of terrorism. away from our coverage of monmouth —— manchester, some other breaking news. jonathan king has been charged with sex offences. the 72—year—old faces charges of eight in sexual offences, allegedly carried out between 1970 and 1986. ina carried out between 1970 and 1986. in a moment we will have a summary of the business news but first, the headlines. police say the recent
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arrests made as part of their investigation into the manchester bombing are significant and claim some bombing are significant and claim some of the items seized in raids are very some of the items seized in raids are very important. the queen has been visiting the royal manchester children's hospital and spoke to some children's hospital and spoke to some of those wounded in the attack. a minute's cellars has been held across the uk in memory of the 22 people who are killed. —— silence. hello there. an update of the business news. the uk economy grew at a slower rate than previously forecast, according to official figures. the office for national statistics revised down economic growth for the first three months of the year to 0.2%, that's down from 0.3%. the ons says household spending also slowed. the uk housing market appears to be moving sideways as latest figures show a drop in borrowing. the council of mortgage lenders has reported a sizeable fall in demand for loans during april an 11% drop of the figure for march.
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the number of cars made in the uk fell by almost a fifth in april, with the later easter break blamed for the drop. the society of motor manufacturers and traders said just over 122,000 cars were built in april, that's down 18% compared with the same month last year. we start with the price of oil and whether that goes up or down will be decided later at a meeting of the world's top producers. opec — the organisation of the petroleum exporting countries is led by saudi arabia, with other major producers including iraq, iran and nigeria. they're being joined by non—opec members including russia
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and are expected to announce a deal later to try and push prices higher. in december they agreed to cut production by one point eight million barrels per day, about 2% of the global total. those cuts started injanuary and were agreed for six months, so it expires injune. they're now expected to extend the cuts for another nine months — or possibly longer and this shows you why. the price of brent rose sharply in december when those production cuts were agreed. but it's been volatile since then and struggling to hold onto those gains. it now stands around $54 a barrel russia can cope with this level — moscow has based its budget on $40 per barrel. but the biggest opec producer
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saudi arabia wants $60 per barrel. but here's the big problem. shale oil production in the us fell sharply when prices hit rock bottom — it just wasn't worth their while to extract it at that price. but now prices are higher they're back — and their technology is improving making it cheaper and more efficient. and it means us oil production has surged by a million barrels a day over the past year and all that is adding to a global oversupply of oil. we can call —— talk to a strategist. what do you think to this outcome? it has come off as a disappointment. the market was expecting more and stop that is the problem with the market's condition. we expect a lot more given the smoke and mirrors of their meetings. many people expect
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what is being preannounced will be the tip of the iceberg and for there to be more announcements during the meeting. that was a disappointment today. all they came out with was a nine—month extension of the current deal. that was widely expected and priced in. in addition to that, they didn't really announce any option to extend the programme. it was widely expected a three—month extension is an option. that hasn't been announced yet. there is the formal recognition of the meeting and it will come out later today. why should consumers here in the uk care about the outcome of this meeting in vienna? crude oil prices, it is important and producing energy. the
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petrol you put in your car, the energy sources that go into the electricity grid, they come off oil. higher oil prices could lead to higher bills for consumers. the environment is quite beneficial for consumers. today's events of coming off as consumers. today's events of coming offasa consumers. today's events of coming off as a disappointment the traders who look for higher prices and it may be better for the consumer will stop also thinking about medium—term, higher oil prices are needed to allow for the investment in oil resources. with that, without that investment taking place today, we that investment taking place today, we may that investment taking place today, we may see more that investment taking place today, we may see more oil price volatility ina we may see more oil price volatility in a future as we are into shortages in oil supply in a future as we are into shortages in oilsupply in in a future as we are into shortages in oil supply in the future. consumers may be happier today while oil prices are lower but going
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forward , oil prices are lower but going forward, there could be more disappointment with volatility in prices. many thanks. that is all the business for this hour. s catch up with the weather forecast now. s catch up with the weather forecast now. “— s catch up with the weather forecast now. —— let us catch up. the weather is soaring at the moment. it will be hot up and down through the uk. you can see those speckles of cloud which has built up through the midlands and towards central wales. for scotland, barely a cloud in the sky. temperatures around 20 —— 28 celsius for the middle part of the afternoon. north—west england and through the
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midlands, also very high temperatures. cooler and fresher across the south east coast as we have an onshore breeze. the evening and overnight period, it will be dry with skies. it will be a warm night. when you have that sunshine through the day, the buildings get quite hot so it will be a very warm night in the large towns and cities. in the morning, temperatures rise to the morning, temperatures rise to the morning into the afternoon. mid to upper 20s. signs of one or two showers pushing in towards northern ireland through the end of the day. this is where we store to see this change friday night into saturday morning. this feature pushes in from south and west. we had showers and thunderstorms. there could be some torrential downpours. the spread
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quickly. we have sharp thunderstorms through the afternoon. a nice afternoon for southern areas. 28 celsius in the south—east. for sunday, there is there a chance of a shower in the south—east. the north and west, a touch cooler but still humid. that is how it is going to look into bank holiday. there is uncertainty about it. the south—east quadrant will remain warm and humid with the chance of some heavy showers and storms. for the north and west, much of sunshine and showers and feeling fresher also. that is your latest weather. the queen visits manchester's
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children's hospital. to target that sort of thing... children's hospital. to target that sort of thing. .. it is awful. after photos showing debris from the manchester suicide bomb appear in the american media, prime minister theresa may promises to act. i will make clear to president trump that intelligence that is shared between our law enforcement agencies must remain secure. in the past hour, police have described recent arrests as"significant" and said some of the items seized in raids are "very importa nt".


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