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tv   Newsday  BBC News  May 31, 2017 1:00am-1:31am BST

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welcome to newsday. a show of force, america successfully tests its anti—missile system in the pacific as concerns grow over north korea's ambitions. the tropical cyclone leaves a trail of destruction in bangladesh, thousands are homeless. iam in bangladesh, thousands are homeless. i am in london, also in the programme. . . i am in london, also in the programme... ariana grande will return to manchester for a benefit concert to aid the victims of the bombing last week. this is kaza khsta n bombing last week. this is kazakhstan desert. they revive the ancient trade routes east to west. live from our studios in singapore and london... this is bbc world news. it is newsday. good morning,
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it is sam here in singapore, 1am in london and in california, at test missile interceptor has been fired to ta ke missile interceptor has been fired to take out an intercontinental ballistic missile. it was launched from an air force base in california and the test comes amid heightened tensions with north korea which has been developing long—range weapons in defiance of international sanctions. i spoke to our correspondent earlier from los angeles. this interceptor was launched from vandenberg air force base along the central california coast and this is not the first time that a test of this nature, at least as it was applied previously to short—range missiles was carried out. this is designed to intercept a long—range missile and it successfully d id long—range missile and it successfully did that with a mock missile, a mock long—range missile launched from an island in the pacific, more than 4000 miles away.
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it is significant. according to officials responding to this, they say that it shows an incredible accomplishment, a critical milestone that shows that america is capable —— capable and has a deterrent against a very real threat. those words are significant at the moment because of the test, the short—range missile test that north korea has been carrying out in recent months. indeed, but they did not suggest it was north korea they are sending the message to but it is interesting that the us militarily, the largest in the world and the biggest spender, presumably, they have all of this anti—deterrent missiles at hand and what is significant, it is the first time they are publicising this to such a level. this is technology research in progress and
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officials are making the point that further tests are required and no doubt we'll hear about those in coming months. it is very sophisticated technology. 0ne pentagon spokesperson made the analogy that this was like a fast moving bullet hitting another fast moving bullet hitting another fast moving bullet. some of the previous tests have not been successful, especially as they applied to short—range missiles. the fact that it is happening now, with north korea uppermost in peoples minds, at least it is significant in terms of making a point, that america is this technology and the goal, certainly by the end of the year is to have a number of these ground interceptors functional, both here in california and in alaska as well. peter bowes speaking earlier. let us look at the other news. the united states
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alliance with germany has endured since the second world war but now it has become strained. angela merkel has stressed view that europe now has to look out for itself and a leading german politician has called donald trump the destroyer of all western values. the us president has taken to germany on twitter but according to spokesperson, everything fine. i think the relationship that the president has had with angela merkel he would describe as purely unbelievable. they get along very well. he has a lot of respect for her and they continue to grow the bomb that they have during their talks in the g seven. any views —— their views. that was the white house spokesperson. ariana grande has said that she will hold a benefit concert in manchester were 22 people were killed in a bomb attack at comes just over one week ago. the singer will perform at the old trafford
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cricket ground on sunday. the bbc‘s: paterson has more. to think when ariana grande comes at old trafford cricket ground, that will be 13 days since the terrorist attack at her concert. we have been told that she would start her european tour again in paris on the 17th ofjune, this is within two weights and the line—up that has been put together has been put together by live nation and also ariana grande herself has been involved in recruiting the axe and what a line—up. coldplay, the biggest band on the planet, justin bieber, katy perry who has just played the big weekend, miley cyrus, corel williams, who had an international smash with happy, nile horan from one direction... all of these acts have played their own headlining concerts at manchester
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arena, with a terrorist attack took place. these acts could picture where exactly the atrocity happened. iam sure where exactly the atrocity happened. i am sure that is one of the reasons why they wanted to come and show solidarity to the people of manchester. the singer and actress 0livia manchester. the singer and actress olivia newton—john has breast cancer for a second time 25 years after recovering from her original diagnosis. she was born in britain and raised in australia shot to fame in the 1978 movie adaptation of grace. she has postponed tour dates when she undergoes treatment. in football, arsene wenger has ended months of speculation by agreeing to a two year deal to stay at arsenal. while his position had come under scrutiny after they failed to all five for the champions league but the season ended on a high note after bay won bay fa cup on
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saturday. —— after they won the fa cup. people who live along the coast in bangladesh are beginning to return home after the authorities in the country downgraded a tropical cyclone but the storm has left widespread destruction. six people are dead and more than 50,000 homes have been destroyed. let us get more from our correspondent. more than 40,000 homes have been destroyed and hundreds of trees are uprooted due to the powerful cyclone. many homeless people are still saying in the cyclone shelters. the cyclone has hit the south—east area. it was early in the morning. the maximum wind speed was recorded. 117 kilometres per hour. the cyclone
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lasted for more than five hours. power supplies still remain cut off my grow in the worst hit areas. several hundred make shift houses from linda muslims were destroyed by the cyclone. earlier the government evacuated more than 400,000 people from their homes. massive evacuation effo rts from their homes. massive evacuation efforts were underway in the coastal areas. the government says they are trying to assess the whole damage caused by the cyclone. bangladesh has a long history of natural disasters. 0ver has a long history of natural disasters. over the last 20 years, the government and humanitarian organisations have developed an early warning system which helps to save many lives during cyclones. heavy fighting has continued in the philippines despite claims that the
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army was in the final stages of a battle to save kim jung un. there are calling on the remaining rebels to surrender orface are calling on the remaining rebels to surrender or face being are calling on the remaining rebels to surrender orface being killed —— marawi. the government offensive is said to be not straightforward. these rebels or terrorists, are ensconced in houses in neighbourhoods. they have the advantage of having sniping positions. street to street fighting could also mean a long and drawn—out conflict with these rebels. is the president losing control of the situation here? i do not think so. i think they are doing it slowly because the alternative is just to raise the city to the ground and you
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cannot do that. this is the biggest islamic city in the country. the humanitarian disaster is unfolding and it would get worse if you burn it down. the heritage destroyed with the tremendous. in fact, many people there are already saying please stop even the surgical air strikes because it would lead to the burning of the city. it was said that hopefully by friday, things will be back to normal in marawi city. do you think it could be ended sooner rather than later? i would actually think later rather than sooner. even if they are able to take control of most of marawi, it will take time for people to go back. we will have to see the damage and we do not know the extent of that damage, how much of the city has been destroyed. the
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terrorists might still be there, lurking around the streets. briefly before we let you go, this conflict started before ramadan, is it putting a wedge between the muslim and christian communities? noel, as far as we have seen, it is such a small group of people, it is like a gang of bandits touted as one and naturally, they identify with islam. a lot of heart—warming stories about muslims and christians coming together. you're watching newsday on the bbc. still to come on the programme... the revival of the so—called trade route to europe. imagine rather than looking at a painting, climbing route to europe. imagine rather than looking ata painting, climbing in hit it. we will take you in the world of virtual reality art. ——
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climbing inside it. in the biggest international sporting spectacle ever seen, up international sporting spectacle ever seen, up to 30 million people have taken part in sponsored athletic events to aid famine relief in africa. the first of what the makers of star wars will be thousands of dues to performing at seven a.m.. taunting which led to scuffles, scuffles stiff fighting, fighting to full—scale riots of the liverpool fans broke out of their area and into the juventus enclosure. the belgian police had lost control. the whole world will mourn the tragic death of mr nehru today. he was the father of the indian people on the day of independence. the oprah winfrey show comes to an end after 25 years and more than four and a half thousand episodes. the chat show has made her one of the richest people on the planet. geri halliwell otherwise known as ginger spice has announced that she has left the spice girls.|j do not believe it, she has the
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bounce and go and the girl power. why? thank you first aim of us. our top stories. the show of force, america has successfully test its anti—missile system over the civic as concerns grow over north korea's ambitions. and thousands of people have been left homeless in bangladesh after a tropical cyclone hit coastal communities, destroying and damaging homes as it made landfall. let us look at some of the front pages from around the world, we start with the front page of the philippine daily inquirer. a pre—6 the help of the president after he was captured from a church by
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terrorists linked to the so—called islamic state. he is being held with more than 200 other captive civilians. the japan times takes a look at reports that politicians are urging discussion on allowing female imperialfamily urging discussion on allowing female imperial family branches. the emperor is expected to abdicate soon but most of his errors are all female. 0n the front page of the south china morning post, facial recognition for shoppers and the report suggests that al contract the faces of shoppers and come up with suggestions to try to help boost sales. that brings you up—to—date with the papers. what are some of the stories part in discussions online? the french open and a tennis player are trending online. you have a french player who has been banned from the french open after he tried to kiss a female reporter repeatedly during a live television interview. the 21—year—old frenchman guest the
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journalist despite her efforts to duck away. the french tennis federation condemned his behaviour. it is called a dry port and in the room of central asia, a colossal you drive port is emerging. it has sprung up in the desert between china and kazakhstan in seven years. both countries hope the gateway will revise an agent silk road connecting china to europe. —— and ancient silk road. people sometimes ask what this is. it isa
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people sometimes ask what this is. it is a port without any water. instead of ships coming, we have trains coming. tracks of china trains coming. tracks of china trains are different to the tracks and kazakhstan so the train is coming from china, we transferred the containers to the next train and it goes all the way to germany or the uk or wherever. it goes all the way to germany or the uk orwherever. i it goes all the way to germany or the uk or wherever. i think it is buried to save that this is where the east meets west along the silk road —— ithink the east meets west along the silk road —— i think it is fair to say. with this project, we are making the rail trade sexy again. it is not going to be to buy with all the glamour and letter, with skyscrapers and things like that. but we are building a society in a place where there was nothing —— glamour and blisters. ——
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there was nothing —— glamour and blisters. — — glitter. a special court in india has charged senior leaders from the governing bjp with criminal conspiracy in relation to the destruction of babri mosque in ayodhya 25 years ago. former bjp chief lal krishna advani, is among them. the destruction of the mosque in 1992 was followed by some of the worst communual violence india has ever seen. nearly 2,000 people died in nationwide riots. the site had been a flash point between hindus and muslims for many years. many faced charges over the violence, but there's also been a lengthy attempt to hold some hindu leaders like mr advani to account for inciting it. lets look at that process. in 1992, after the demolition of the mosque, bjp leaders including lk advani were charged with having made inflammatory speeches. in 2010, after 18 years of court cases, a court in allahabad absolved advani and others of conspiracy charges. but in 2017 the supreme court set up a special court to hear the case again.
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a former correspondent for the bbc and cnn covered the story back then. a little earlier he explained the significance of the development. the matter was forgotten. it was into cold storage for many years and it required a supreme court order for the matter to be revised and now, a special court, a court which is the central bureau of investigation will ta ke central bureau of investigation will take up the matter in a continuous trial of the various leaders, which includes the main leader, the former deputy prime minister. what do you think will happen if this particular case does not go either way? could
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it start some conflict between hindus and muslims? it has already become, ever since it occurred, and very divisive issue. it has divided hindus and muslims on both sides, because it is about whether this was a temple, which is of course rubbish, and whether it was a mosque, which it was and the mosque was destroyed by hindu zealots and the pain and bloodshed continues. thousands of lives were lost in this communal violence, is it having an impact on indian politics? the communal violence that you occurred to the shrug referred to occurred after the demolition of the mosque and it spread to various parts of india and the tensions that have remained since our very much there and today what has occurred is that the hindu right in india, which is
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backed by the father figure of the organisation, they have gained considerably by consolidating hindu votes. the hindu hardline vote was a minority in india, but this has grown more and more to a level where today there is a government in india which enjoys a majority as far as the bjp is concerned. from your observation over the past 25 years, where would you want this to head? what would you like to see happen? i thinkjustice what would you like to see happen? i think justice needs to what would you like to see happen? i thinkjustice needs to be done. but my point is, will this court take this matter seriously? because it has taken 25 years for the trial to occur in the first place and now you have what is called the central bureau of investigation court, the central bureau of investigation in india is covered by the central government which is the bjp government which is the bjp government and for them to try bjp
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leaders, i wonder if they will really ta ke leaders, i wonder if they will really take it seriously because as far as really take it seriously because as farasi really take it seriously because as faras i am really take it seriously because as far as i am concerned, there is enough evidence but will it be produced? have you ever wondered what it would be like to step inside a painting? now you canfind what it would be like to step inside a painting? now you can find out because google has come up with their digital painting app that allows artist to create new works in virtual reality. that is right. jane 0'brien went to experience the fourth dimension. pushing the boundaries of drawing is something this person does daily. perhaps entering another dimension altogether was not that much of a stretch. i am just altogether was not that much of a stretch. i amjust sort altogether was not that much of a stretch. i am just sort of following the line within the space. this is one of google ‘s artist in residency working with the company ‘s virtual reality painting app. it is really about inviting someone into a room
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that used to only exist in your head. the spectator really is a part of the piste in a way that visual art has been trying to do, but not as entirely as she can in this inhabited reality. for bradley theodora, virtual reality as a bridge between him and the public. he usually produces his colourful skeleton portraits in more traditional acrylic paint but he says virtual reality helps share the creative process itself. when you are painting, you're in a different dimension and a lot of people wonder what that feels like. what you are thinking. this gives a person the ability to kind of step inside what you are creating and how you felt at
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that particular moment. what is it like to step inside one of bradley's s keleto ns ? like to step inside one of bradley's skeletons? now i am in the skull. and i am keeping through his eyes, what can i see? pretty non—and mask is isolating and slightly claustrophobic, but it also creates an intimacy with the artwork you do not get in a gallery. this is extraordinary, i am glad he painted a pretty skeleton, i do not know what i would feel like if it was menacing. some experts say entering virtual reality is like forming a memory, which raises the question, is this art at all or is itjust a clever bit of trickery? yes! now we are talking! you have a set of tools like a painter or sculptor or dancer and you can manipulate those tools. the creative idea is fully realised in vr as it is in the real world. and for those who crave the shared experience like a gallery for instance, google has just launched experience like a gallery for instance, google hasjust launched a social platform where users can upload their creations and others can even alter them. it really is another world. jane 0'brien, bbc news, new york. what an experience.
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you have been watching new state. —— news day. thank you for watching, stay with bbc world news. good morning. we will look at what happened yesterday because we saw a weather front make its way south and east across the uk bringing initially very heavy rain to the north and west of the uk. the rain fizzled out as it headed south but it allowed this fresh air to follow. it continues to creep over south tonight, maybe not getting into the southern those counties but we will see cloud, quite low around the coast but further north in the clear skies, single figures, rural spots even lower. at a chilly night, not as warm further south. it starts off cloudy in the southernmost counties,
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the cloud will break up in the afternoon, one or two showers but further north it should be lovely, light winds and plenty of sunshine. it will feel pleasant out there. into the afternoon, in the south west of england, along the coast, 15 or16 west of england, along the coast, 15 or 16 degrees, moving further inland, into the low 20s, 15 or 16 in brighton, 22 or 23 in the london area, the chance of a shower but most area, the chance of a shower but m ost pla ces area, the chance of a shower but most places will avoid them and have a decent day. good spells of some type in the north of england, northern ireland might see more cloud but in scotland, a very pleasa nt cloud but in scotland, a very pleasant day. through the evening, any showers that we do see will tend to fade away, some of this low cloud might become more extensive in the south and west counties, a weather front is creeping into the north—west. by dawn on friday, nowhere near as chilly across the north of the uk. we have this weather front heading our way,
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north of the uk. we have this weatherfront heading our way, a fair number of isobars, all tied in with this low pressure to the south of iceland but ahead of a weather system, we have got this southerly wind bringing in warm air across the south and east. thursday will see temperatures on the rise again, the highest temperatures in the south—east corner, 25 or 26 degrees, but 20 degrees quite widely. there is the rain in the west of scotland and into northern ireland. this will bea and into northern ireland. this will be a slow moving weather front, thursday evening into friday, it gets into the north of england and stars to affect parts of that, warm day, warm enough for thunderstorms, but behind that fresh air will wind out heading into the weekend. it will be a weekend of sunny spells and scattered showers, westerly winds bringing a fresh appeal to all parts. i'm rico hizon with bbc world news. our top story. the us has for the first time successfully tested its defence system against an intercontinental ballistic missile.
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officials say it launched the ground based interceptor at a california air base. the test comes amid increased tensions with north korea. the test comes after pyongyang fired its ninth missile this year. bangladesh coastal communities are assessing the damage in the wake of tropical cyclone mora. thousands have been left homeless. us singer ariana grande has announced she'll return to manchester to hold a benefit concert for the victims of the bombing there. she'll be joined by other pop acts such as coldplay, katy perry and pharrell williams. proceeds will go to the "we love manchester" emergency fund. that's all from me, stay with bbc news. and the top story here in the uk... jeremy corbyn has apologised for not knowing the figures for labour's childcare policy, during a bbc interview.
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