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tv   Sport Today  BBC News  May 31, 2017 1:45am-2:01am BST

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huntingdonshire district council, who are responsible for licensing the zoo — and they may then determine whether there should be any issues or prosecution around health and safety matters. time now for all the sports news in sport today. hello, this is sport today, live from the bbc sport centre. coming up on this programme. the bbc understands arsene wenger has agreed a new two year contract to remain as arsenal manager. after a scare in paris, world number one andy murray is through to the second round of the french open. and britain have a better day at the americas cup. hello and welcome to the programme where we start with the footballing news that arsenal are set to announce manager arsene wenger will extend his 21 year reign at the north london club. the bbc has learnt that the 67—year—old frenchman has signed a new two—year contract with the gunners which will be officially announced on wednesday. our sports editor dan roan has more... he is already the longest serving manager in british football and now we know that arsene wenger‘s tenure at arsenal will extend to a 22nd year. the season's longest—running saga concluded after a meeting of the club's board and debate from
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fans. there will be an element who will be so angry, you know? they are already showing their feelings. then, there will be as many, if not more, who will say, you know what? you won't get a better manager than him. there's no one better available. the pressure on arsene wenger intensified recently. while he mulled over the offer of a new contract, fans lost faith as arsenal we re contract, fans lost faith as arsenal were humiliated in europe and failed to qualify for the champions league for the first time in 20 years. last week, he made it clear that he was hurt at the criticism he faced. the lack of respect at some stages has been, for me, a disgrace. i would never accept that. i believe there isa never accept that. i believe there is a difference between being criticised, and being treated in the way that human beings do not deserve
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to be treated. i will never forget that. having arrived in 1996 to headlines of "arsene who? " he shook up headlines of "arsene who? " he shook up the game. three league titles followed with seven fa cups, the most recently came against the odds on saturday against the champions, chelsea. arsenal once more! a triumph that proved crucial and the frenchman agreed a new two year contract along with support of the clu b contract along with support of the club owner, american stan kroenke. he needs to spend money, and be given funds. he needs to use them. we keep yet that there are those funds there and he seems to not go for the big players. for the players earning a lot of money. it has become hard to imagine arsenal without their most successful ever manager. the 67—year—old will be reassured he remains the man in
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charge. despite the frustrations of recent yea rs, charge. despite the frustrations of recent years, his years are set to continue... guangzhou evergrande are through to the quarter finals of the asian champions league thanks to a crucial away goal from brazilian midfielder paulinho. his simple tap—in proved enough away to j—league champions kashima antlers who won the second leg 2—1 making it 2—2 on aggregate, meaning the chinese team who've won this competition twice go through on the away goal rule. it was a much more straightforward route to the last eight for kawasaki frontale. the japanese side beat thailand's muangthong united 4—1 completing a 7—2 aggregate win. an own goal by chico flores, who got his feet tangled when attempting to stop a cross was the difference as iran's persepolis beat al—lekhwiya of qatar 1—0 in doha and on aggregate to move into the last eight. while also in doha — saudi arabian side al hilal repeated their 2—1 win last week against iranian side esteghlal khouzestan.
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11—2 the aggregate score thanks to this goal from salem al—dawsari. the norway and 0lympique lyonnais striker ada hegerberg has been voted as the bbc women's footballer of the year for 2017. the 21—year old won the global public vote ahead of brazil's marta and canada's christine sinclair. the main reason hegerberg gained so many votes, simply put comes down to goals. the 21—year old scored 5a last season as lyon won the uefa champions league, and this thursday she'll once again be gracing the final, as her club play fellow french side paris saint germain in cardiff. tell us, what do you think the reaction will be like in norway?” hope people feel inspired, of course. in that i might get onto the same level. that will never happen but i hope that younger children will be inspired. i rememberwhen i
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was growing up, having big idols and it has been a hugely important thing. to dream big, it is important to have idols. i want to try and be myself. with a smile. and bring this back to norway! world number one andy murray is safely through to the second round at the french open despite dropping a set in his opening match. he overcame russian andrey kusnetsov in four sets as austin halewood reports 2016 was probably the best year yet for britain's andy murray, with the first world ranking, a second wimbledon title and olympic golf course about 2017 has followed suit, with only one title so far... he took the first set 6—4, falling second to kusnetsov, fighting at the bitter end of the match. but andy
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murray eventually proved too powerful, taking the fourth and final set 6—0. powerful, taking the fourth and final set 6-0. i got better as they went on. they got better towards the end. hitting the ball better when i was defending, in the last few weeks they haven't done so well, they did not start the match doing so well. there were not many openings for him and the points, but yes. it was a decent start. with the world number one through with the defending champion novak djokovic, the number three seed stan wawrinka could be the first big name to fall in paris... the swiss responded in trademark fashion. he beat his opponent in straight sets in just under two hours. i am happy, playing well. i got some matches, and found
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the confidence to play better. germany's alexander's zverev was seen germany's alexander's zverev was seen as a germany's alexander's zverev was seen as a dark cause for this year in paris. frustration was clear. the match was suspended overnight for rain, the 33—year—old outmuscled alexander zverev, making him the first top ten casualties of the men's draw. kei nishikori avoided a similar fate. men's draw. kei nishikori avoided a similarfate. beating his australian opponent. kei nishikori faces jeremy chardy of france in the second round. a frenchman hasn't won the title at roland—garros for 311 years. a large portion of this year's hopes
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will be on the shoulders of gael monfils. so far, so good. through after beating dustin brown of germany in straight sets. johanna konta from great britain is well—established in the world's top ten but that success has not yet transferred to play. she raced ahead against her taiwan opponent, taking the first set 6—1. after losing the second on the tie—break, errors cost her delay. johanna konta is without a winner in this open. in cricket, india humiliated bangladesh in their final warm in cricket, india humiliated bangladesh in theirfinal warm up match in the champions trophy which begins on thursday with a 240 run win at the oval. bangladesh won the task and india compiled a mammoth 324, with a top score of 94 before they retired for the day. in response, the tigers could only muster 84. the match between new zealand and sri lanka in birmingham was closer... the black caps got a
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six wicket win. just under four overs remaining. ben ainslie's land rover bar team secured a crucial win over swedish team artemis in the america's cup qualifiers in bermuda. the most successful 0lympic sailor ever had struggled for speed and stability in previous races losing their last four in a row but the british crew found both on tuesday winning by 30 seconds to leave them third behind emirates team new zealand and holders 0racle team usa. winner of the indy 500 takuma sato was basking in sunday's victory and even got to ring the bell nasdaq marketsite in new york's times square on tuesday. the first japanese driver to win the famous race, he came close to victory at indianapolis in 2012 before crashing on the final lap with this victory coming in his eighth season of indy car racing. after the financial markets were sorted it was time to move to a more picturesque setting atop
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the empire state building holding the traditional milk bottle and wearing the race winner's wreath. that's all we've got time for on this edition of sport today. for now, goodbye. good morning. we start with a quick look back at what happened yesterday. this weather front made its way southwards and eastwards across the uk. it brought in some heavy rain to the north and west of the uk. as it went southwards, the rain fizzled out and allowed fresh airto rain fizzled out and allowed fresh air to follow in its wake. fresh egg continues to creep southwards overnight. not quite getting to the southernmost counties, but we see cloud which is low round the coast. along with clear skies, major towns and cities clear, rural spots calder, chilly and not as warm as it
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has been further south. it begins with cloud breaking up into the afternoon, some showers and the further north you are, it should be a nice day with light winds and plenty of sunshine. it will feel pleasa nt plenty of sunshine. it will feel pleasant and into the afternoon, in south—west england along the coast, 15 or 16 degrees. further inland, it is in the low 20s. 15 or 16 degrees, up is in the low 20s. 15 or 16 degrees, up to 23 in london. the chance of the odd shower, but most places will avoid them and have a decent day. good spells of sunshine across much of northern england. northern ireland may see more cloud, but in scotla nd ireland may see more cloud, but in scotland we have a pleasant day with sunshine, 18 degrees in glasgow and inverness. through the evening, any showers we see will fade away. low cloud may become extensive in southern and western coastal counties. this weather front is creeping into the north west and by dawn on thursday, nowhere near as chilly as the northern half of the
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uk, 14 degrees to start the day on thursday in glasgow. this weather front heads our way. a fair number of isa buyers associated. tied in with this area of low pressure for iceland. —— isobars. southerly winds bringing in warmerair. iceland. —— isobars. southerly winds bringing in warmer air. in eastern areas in particular. thursday sees temperatures on the rise again. temperatures in the south—east at 25 degrees, 20 degrees widely, decent for most that their wrist rain in western scotland and northern ireland. into friday, this rain gets into northern england. it affects parts of wales but ahead of that, it will be another warm day, warm enough to spark thunderstorms but again, fresh air behind this weather front, and into the weekend. a weekend of sunny spells and scattered showers. westerly winds bringing a fresh feel to all parts. welcome to bbc news,
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broadcasting to viewers in north america and around the globe. my name is gavin grey. our top stories: a show of force. america completes its first successful test of a system to shoot down intercontinental missiles. it comes just days after north korea'a latest missile test. ariane grande will return to manchester this weekend for a benefit concert in aid of victims of last week's bombing. this is no safe place, get out of america if you don't like it. in court and defiant. the man accused of murdering two men on a train in the us state of oregon last week appears in court. the victims were reportedly trying to protect two young women
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