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tv   BBC News  BBC News  May 31, 2017 5:45am-6:01am BST

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mr trump slammed germany saying the country's economic relationship was bad for the us while, mrs merkel hit back, restating her view that europe must look out for itself and can no longer rely on america. the gulf news says global stocks are feeling the pressure as antagonism grows between the us and the european union. markets have been driven lower over concerns over politics on both sides of the atlantic. the ft reports that internet giant amazon has joined an elite group of us companies with shares worth more than $1000 dollars. back in 1997 when the company first listed itself, one share was worth just $1.50. 0n the front of the telegraph, there's a picture of ariana grande. the us singer announced she'll return to manchester to hold a benefit concert for the victims of last week's bombing. she'll be joined by other pop acts such as coldplay, katy perry and pharrell williams. and finally, is 80 the new 50?
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social scientists are calling for people not to be declared old until they are seriously frail and approaching death. that's in the guardian. with us is jane foley who's a senior fx strategist at rabo bank. the times front page, predictions of tory losses. we know the history of modern polling, but it is an interesting turn of events. just eight days to go? yes, and they beanpole suggesting she could win in a landslide. this appears quite
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different. some polls have suggested that labour has been gaining momentum. many have suggested that this is because of the dementia tax, theresa may has done a u—turn on that. it has to be said that with this particular poll, there is a lot of variation. there are results that suggest she could even win 8015 seat majority ——a 15—seat. suggest she could even win 8015 seat majority --a15-seat. giving that there have been so many wrong predictions, with the brexit referendum in the us election, it is difficult to know? yes, and of course with the uk elections last year. we will have to wait and see.
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volatility, this ongoing difficulty between angela merkel and donald trump? an interesting headline, donald trump clashing with germany. this is a repeat of what he said a few days ago. donald trump was pointing fingers at germany for a while. germany has a big trade surplus. germany have previously said that donald trump needs german machinery to improve productivity, but of course, angela merkel is in the pre—election phase. a lot of her rhetoric will be coloured by her need to win votes. there is also the fact that she can't enter talks
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about a unilateral trade deal. germany does have big trade surpluses. they are dealing with the euro. the value of the euro is generally dragged down by other currencies. that is one of the reasons that germany runs a trade surplus. angela merkel recently said europe cannot rely on its traditional allies. they are very friendly with washington and london. 0n the point of nato, trump has made it clear from the start that he thinks other countries need to pay, why does germany not contribute more? i do think donald trump has a point, he believes countries should be paying around 2%. greece is
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another one... a lot of european countries are quiet low. it isa it is a target, and germany say they are on track to meet that target. countries like japan, they have been boosting their spending for the last few years. this is because of concerns about the russian water as well. interestingly this is having an impact on both the dollar and the stirling. we had a bit of a slide overnight and yesterday in the us and europe as well. there is a concern that president trump won't be able to push through his huge tax cuts? there was a big boost in confidence in the us last year, tax
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cuts and regulation would make it more business friendly. this year, markets would be thinking, the administration is so bogged down with finding scandal, there has been a lot of disappointment. the markets have been booming! global growth has been quite good. better than expected in europe and japan, and perhaps in china. this has all been boosting growth. the results that we had in the first quarter were pretty good. talking about is booming, amazon is certainly booming. $1000 pershare, it is amazon is certainly booming. $1000 per share, it is an elite group. amazon is certainly booming. $1000 per share, it is an elite groupm certainly is. this has changed a lot in the last few years. they have picked up speed because of various does. amazon's business model, related to the fact that all stocks have been doing quite well. that has
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been a pretty good environment. an elite group, how many companies are we talking about? it is really apple, a couple of others... it really is very small. moving on to the news that ariana grande is going to be performing in manchester, a tribute concert. slightly controversial, some families are not happy, they think it might be too soon. happy, they think it might be too soon. she has had some support from other pop stars. yes, some pop stars are lining up, some big names. this is such a big event within such a short space of time. as you have said, some families are not happy. this does say that many are happy. this does say that many are happy.
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this is a benefit concert, so this is about raising funds. is 50 the new 30? apparently life expectancy is going up a 2.5 years per decade. is great, but i don't know how you can dictate that people cannot use the word old if they choose to —— it is. she is saying, people should not be called old until the ads —— they are seriously frail and approaching death. when pensions were first invented, you won't —— won't expected to live very long. after 65, he won't expected to live much longer. that is the problem now for
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the government, people are living much longer. you are considered fit to work for much longer! language is certainly changing. that is what that report is advocating. it will be interesting to see whether the newspapers and magazines will follow suit. something to think about over the next few years. thanks very much for your company. looking at the first editions of the british and international papers. 0ne developing story, just after the paper view, thatis story, just after the paper view, that is the explosion in kabul. plenty more on that on the website. good morning. we start with a quick look back at what happened yesterday. this weather front made its way southwards and eastwards across the uk.
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it brought in some heavy rain to the north and west of the uk. as it went southwards, the rain fizzled out and allowed fresh air to follow in its wake. fresh air continues to creep southwards overnight. not quite getting to the southernmost counties, but we see cloud which is low round the coast. along with clear skies, major towns and cities clear, rural spots colder — chilly and not as warm as it has been further south. it begins with cloud breaking up into the afternoon, some showers and the further north you are, it should be a nice day with light winds and plenty of sunshine. it will feel pleasant and into the afternoon, in south—west england along the coast, 15 or 16 degrees. further inland,
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it is in the low 20s. 15 or 16 degrees, up to 23 in london. the chance of the odd shower, but most places will avoid them and have a decent day. good spells of sunshine across much of northern england. northern ireland may see more cloud, but in scotland we have a pleasant day with sunshine, 18 degrees in glasgow and inverness. through the evening, any showers we see will fade away. low cloud may become extensive in southern and western coastal counties. this weather front is creeping into the north—west and by dawn on thursday, nowhere near as chilly as the northern half of the uk, 1a degrees to start the day on thursday in glasgow. this weather front heads our way. a fair number of isobars associated. tied in with this area of low pressure for iceland. southerly winds bringing in warmerair. in eastern areas in particular. thursday sees temperatures on the rise again. temperatures in the south—east at 25 degrees, 20 degrees widely, decent for most that there's rain in western scotland and northern ireland.
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into friday, this rain gets into northern england. it affects parts of wales but ahead of that, it will be another warm day, warm enough to spark thunderstorms but again, fresh air behind this weather front, and into the weekend. a weekend of sunny spells and scattered showers. westerly winds bringing a fresh feel to all parts. hello this is breakfast, with dan walker and louise minchin. a man hunt is launched for a prisoner who's escaped his guards armed with a razor blade. michal kisier was being treated at a hospital in salisbury when he went missing. the police say he is dangerous and should not be approached. good morning, it's wednesday 31st may.
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also this morning: a warning of extra costs for the nhs if british pensioners living in other eu countries have to return home for health care after brexit. a warning of extra costs for the nhs if british pensioners living in other eu countries have to return home for health care after brexit.
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