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tv   Sport Today  BBC News  June 1, 2017 1:45am-2:01am BST

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into the third round of the french open. it's official now as arsene wenger agrees to two more years as arsenal manager. and uruwa red diamonds score an extra time winner to qualify for the asian champions league quarterfinals. hello and welcome to the programme where we start with the tennis news that defending french open champion novak djokovic and nine time winner rafael nadal eased into the last 32 at rolland garros on wednesday, while women's defending champion garbine muguruza survived a second—round scare. austin halewood rounds up the best of the action from day four in paris... world number two novak djokovic was looking to become the first man in the open error to win each grandson twice. if his second round match was anything to go by... you would be brave to bet against him. he barely broke his work in the demolition of
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his opponent from portugal. organic noel was the last french man to win at roland—garros in 1983. jo—wilfried tsonga has long carried the hopes of the brazilian crowd. despite his best efforts he could not come from behind to beat renzo olivo. so, jo—wilfried tsonga leaving paris in the first round and possibly french hopes for another year. possibly french hopes for another yea r. safe to possibly french hopes for another year. safe to say that nine times champion rafa nadal looks back to his best on clay. he needed less than 30 minutes to take the first set against robin haase, and he went on to win in straight sets in under two hours, as his quest for a title continues. one set and a breakdown, the tournament could have been over for the defending champion garbine muguruza, but you can never county champion out. relief for the fourth
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seed as she lives to fight another day. meanwhile, the return of petra kvitova came to an end in the second round. the two—time wimbledon champion was injured for five months after a career threatening knife attack, lost in straight sets against bethanie mattek—sands. austin howard, bbc news. arsene wenger has officially put pen to paper on a new two year contract as arsenal manager. it brings to an end months of speculation about his future at the club. fans have been calling for him to go — after a disappointing season — but last weekend's fa cup victory over chelsea, may have saved his job. our sports editor dan roan reports.... iam happy, because i am happy, because i can work where i love to be. because this club cherishes the values that i love. i am excited, because i believe that the end of the season is a good springboard for more. we have
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created a dynamic that is very positive. we want to build on that. and have a positive end of season. what is your message to the fans after signing up for two more years? be together to support the club and give our all, and do our best. to be at the level of where we want to be. we can get up to the next level, i am convinced of that, by having games in the way that we want to play football and by supporting these players we already have. of course, we try and strengthen our squad is, to be stronger next season. urawa red diamonds overturned a 2—0 deficit from the opening match against south korean side jeju united to qualify for the quarterfinals of the asian champions league. the japanese team scored twice inside the 90 minutes
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but it was this goal from ryota moriwaki with six minutes of the extra time period that sealed the win although it was a bad tempered ending as both sides got involved in a fracas that continued up the tunnel as police and the officials tried to separate the players. shanghai sipg led 2—1 from the first leg of their tie against chinese super league rivals jiangsu suning — and that goal from elkeson helped them into a 2—0 lead in the second leg and that made it 4—1 on aggregate. jiangsu got two back — but this solo effort from hulk in stoppage time sealed shanghai's place in the quarterfinals. they won 3—2 on the night — and 5—3 on aggregate. the uefa women's champions league final will be played in cardiff on thursday as holders lyon take on fellow french side paris st germain. lyon are aiming to become the first team to make it back to back trebles consisting of the domestic league and cup along with the champions league having done it last year. sarah mulkerrins looks ahead to what should be a thrilling finale...
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the biggest week in european club football has come to cardiff. real madrid, juventus, lyon and paris venture man, the best men's and women's teams this season are getting set to fire up their inner dragons in the quest of champions league glory —— psg. it begins here on thursday, with leon defending their title. translation we all want to lift trophies, when you have experienced this together, it is an experienced this together, it is an experience that you will never forget. we shared with the staff and those responsible at the club. it is a huge achievement. you don't get this game every day. when you get a chance like this, you need to give it your all, and be proud of what you have done on the pitch. we are ready. lyon are well seasoned at this level. this is their six final appearance, they have won the trophy three times already and have a
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star—studded line—up from around the world. they have are the heck are both from norway, the bbc women's footballer of the year for 2017. they have champion alex morgan. —— ada hegerberg. but they have strength of their own, psg. patrice lair collided lyon to the first of their two champions league trophies. translation: they are a huge team, probably the best in the world with a quality squad but we have our own strength. maybe our squad is smaller but if we play like we know we can, we can do it. we may play differently tomorrow, we are not afraid. we are very motivated and happy to be back in the champions league final. i did not expect it would happen so soon but we deserve it. we were able to fight back, especially at the start of the tournament. maybe this is a sign that this year is our year? i hope
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my girls will do it. history awaits for one. psg are looking for their first—ever champions league title and lyon can equal the record if they win their fourth. now to cricket england are the favourites to win the icc champions trophy as they prepare for their opening match against bangladesh on thursday. the competition involves the top eight teams in the world and the hosts are hoping they can end a long wait for a first 50 over trophy. patrick gearey reports from the oval in london. this is england's window, which ever way you look at it, as hosts and favourites, this is their opening to do what they have tried to do over 18 attempts in 42 years. win a one—day trophy. we have been here before — well, not here, but up the road at lord's. 1975, the first cricket world cup, won on english soil by west indian skill. since then, kits, bats and hairstyles have changed. the outcome hasn't. until now, perhaps?
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if you are near an england net session today, you are best off keeping an eye out. these guys are specialists in big hits, and big scores. what's bad news for visiting bowlers and local pigeons is good news for expectant england fans! coming into the tournament as one of the favourites is pretty flattering. this trophy, and the world cup, they are huge opportunities for this squad of players. they are hard—working and talented, and recognise that we do have something special. making the most of that is hopefully gathering some silverware along the way. bangladesh remember when england got it wrong. these were the scenes when tomorrow's opponents knocked england out of the last cricket world cup. australia and new zealand are also in england's group. if they get out of it, india may await. this competition is short and sharp, the least forgiving in the sport. it cranks up the excitement. it is one thing we haven't had in the last two years, must win games against the top eight
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teams in the world. it's very exciting in that respect. and like i said, it is part of our development as a team, to turn performances on and off. you cannot turn injured knees on and off, so england are being careful with ben stokes. they will decide how much he bowls tomorrow morning. decisions about risk and reward are key to this tournament. england know the line between the two is ever thinner. patrick gearey, bbc news. something else i have been looking forward to... the ice hockey. game 2 of the nhl‘s stanley cup final is underway in pennslvania. the defending champions pittsburgh are once again at home to first—time finalists nashville predators hoping to go 2 up in the best—of—7 series. you can get all the latest sports news at our website — that's
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but from me and the rest of the team, goodbye. good morning. london may not have been the sunniest place across the country yesterday, but it was the warmest with highs ofjust over 23 degrees. i expect over the next couple of days, the south—east will get warm, if not hot, as we drag warm air in from the near continent. this slow—moving weather front will bring a contrast to the far north and west. it will be a mild start for all, some mist around, especially close to the coast. that weather front is a slow—moving affair and will bring rain into northern ireland and scotland, lingering for much of the day. cloud, largely dry, and more in the way of sunshine
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across the extreme south. despite some afternoon cloud into the south—west part of wales, temperatures 18—22d, reasonable. highs of 25 widely in the south—east corner, and stretching into the north of england. a different day for the north west, in the lake district, isle of man, northern ireland and western scotland. here it stays cloudy and wet for much of the day with a scattering of showers into the far north—east as well. this conveyor belt of rain sitting across the irish sea, affecting the western fringes of wales. to the south and east, it days sticky overnight. a milder feel with widely mid teens across the country. it means that on friday, we gradually start to see change. a level of uncertainty as to how quickly that weather front moves eastwards. hopefully improving through scotland through the day. the front sitting on the spine of the country by mid—afternoon. it stays very warm, if not
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hot, in the south—east. 27 degrees, much fresher condition is beginning to follow behind. that is the general theme as we move into the weekend. significant thunderstorms are likely across the near continent but the wind direction moves to a fresher westerly feel. a good deal of dry weather with a scattering of showers for the weekend, but look at the difference. 16—17 in the north—west, highs of 22 in the south—east corner. on sunday, a similar story. fresh with a scatter of showers and a touch of breeze. in case you don't have the message, this is the story for the weekend. a scattering of showers and a fresh feel for all. take care. welcome to bbc news, broadcasting to viewers in north america and around the globe. my name is mike embley. our top stories: one of the biggest debates of the uk election campaign,
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with fractious exchanges on immigration, security, and the future of public services. world leaders condemn the massive bomb attack in kabul. at least 90 are dead and 400 wounded. the afghan president calls it a crime against humanity. after being called called a broken state and a breeding ground for terrorism. we report from libya's forgotten war. china and the eu prepare a joint statement in support of the paris climate change agreement, president trump prepares to announce whether the united states will withdraw from the accord.
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