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tv   Newsday  BBC News  June 2, 2017 1:00am-1:31am BST

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welcome to newsday. in singapore the headlines. president trump confirms the united states will withdraw in combating climate change from the paris agreement calling it an unfair deal that would cost millions of american jobs. we want fair treatment for our taxpayers, we we are getting out, we will start negotiating and who will see if we can geta negotiating and who will see if we can get a deal that is fair. the decision draws wide condemnation in the us and around the world as climate experts warn of consequences for the environment. welcome to london, also in the programme. police say an attack on a casino in manila could have been a robbery and not a terrorist attack, the gunmen has reportedly been killed. flushing out the system. taiwanese government calls for a major change in the culture. good morning 8am here in singapore,
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1am in london and 8pm washington where president trump has announced in the past few hours that he is pulling the us out of the paris climate change deal which united the world in efforts to stop global warming. he said the deal punished the us and its economy. donald trump stressed he wanted to put american jobs and industry first. united nations has described this as a major disappointments. this report from nick bryant in washington. the white house rose garden, the most fragrant of settings for what environmentalists will see as toxic presidential decision. one that affects ecosystems all over the planet from donald trump's back lawn
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to the mightiest of oceans and ice sheets. in order to fulfil my duty to protect america and its citizens, the united states will withdraw... from the paris climate accord. he slammed this global agreement, a legacy of barack obama, claiming it gave china and other countries an unfair competitive advantage and penalised american workers. from the first word to its last, this was an america first address. this agreement is less about the climate and more about other countries gaining a financial advantage over the united states. the rest of the world applauded when we signed
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the paris agreement, they went wild, they were so happy. for the simple reason that it put our country, the united states of america, which we all love, at a very, very big economic disadvantage. at what point does america get demeaned? at what point do they start laughing at us as a country? we want fair treatment for its citizens and we want fair treatment for our taxpayers. we don't want other leaders and other countries laughing at us anymore and they won't be. they won't be. i was elected to represent the citizens of pittsburgh, not paris. for donald trump it is all about the art of the deal. he said he wants to negotiate a better one for america. but he didn't seem that worried if the rest of the world
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doesn't agree to one. in negotiations to re—enter, either the paris accord, or in really entirely new transactions, on terms that are fair to the united states, its businesses, its workers, its people, its taxpayers, so we're getting out but we will start to negotiate and we will see if we can make a deal that's fair and if we can, that's great, and if we can't, that's fine. climate change is an american problem too. visit florida, a floodline, rising sea levels risk turning miami beach into a modern day atlantis. a city submerged by water. even on sunny days it can get water—logged as the tides bring the water up to the doorsteps. further up the coast, the estate here of the president, it is estimated that a quarter of it could be under water in a decade. miami beach is going to disappear.
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no wonder the local residents are alarmed. our so—called president think it is is a chinese hoax. i mean, i can't believe it. i live right in the middle of climate change every day. we are so affected here. how dare the leader of this great country say it doesn't exist! travel to the mist west coal and rust belt, there is a different view. here, the paris agreement is seen as a killer of american jobs but head further west to california, a state that long set the pace on green issues on america, there is a democratic governor who promised to conduct his own climate change negotiations with the president of china. donald trump has gone awol.
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now it is up to the president of china and for california to work with him and other countries to do whatever we can to off set the negative pathway chosen by president trump. this is a decision of enormous planetary and geopolitical significance. critics claiming america has abdicated leadership on the world's biggest problem, that america first, means america alone. nick bryant, bbc news, washington. john kerry has been giving his reaction to the bbc. i think it was an extraordinary moment of self—destruction by a president of the united states on behalf of the country, it was fake news in the president was not direct and was not truthful about the treaty itself,
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rather than putting america first i think he has put america last along with syria and nicaragua, nicaragua wanted to do more than the agreement did. i think the president really avoids the reality that this is an agreement in which no other country has required the united states to do anything. this is a voluntary agreements, every country designs its own programme and the president could have simply changed the programme, he had that's right, he didn't have two pull out but he pulled out because he is appealing to a very narrow ideological base at the expense of the real interests of america, american leadership that together with china stood up and tried to lead people to paris, leading to come to an agreement which the world needs to do a lot more on than even paris is required so i think it is a moment of grotesque abdication and fundamental responsibility and leadership, it'll bejudged historically
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is one of the most self—destructive moves made by president of the united states and i think the truth over the next days will come out. that was john kerry, let's look at other news. there has been more reaction from world leaders. the french president said america had turned its back on the world. the agreement could not be renegotiated. translation: under no circumstances will we renegotiate a less ambitious agreement. france's call upon all signatories to remain within the paris agreement, to be worthy of our responsibility and not give up. you can get all the reaction plus full details and the
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full details of the paris accord on the website. let's look at the other news. authorities in manila say that the police are in control of a hotel which was on lockdown after shots and explosions were heard inside, police and swat teams were heard, police now say that the attack appears to be a robbery. it happened shortly after midnight local time and now the attack appears to be a robbery. reports say that the police have killed the gunman. as gunshots ring out chaotic scenes of panic. hundreds of guests and employees were the safety. what they heard was the sound of the gunmen bursting into a nearby casino firing an assault rifle and then setting fire to gaming tables police said. one person in a nearby building filled the incident from her balcony
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early on friday morning. i can hear gunshots right behind resorts world. you can see the smoke and there are gunshots and people are shooting at each other. the gunmen filled a bag with casino chips in the monetary was robbery rather than terrorism. shots were not aimed at people. swat teams were seen entering the complex which includes hotels, a bar and a casino. at the moment we know of one suspect. affiliation and the identity is not known. the result was put on lockdown and after a search lasting more than four hours. police later confirmed the gunmen was dead. it is unclear weather he killed himself or were shot by officers. this incident
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comes amidst a crisis in the south of the country where troops have been battling islamist rebels. the president declared martial law on the ireland of mindanao are sweet. backin the ireland of mindanao are sweet. back in manila police said only injuries were from smoke inhalation oi’ injuries were from smoke inhalation or those hurt in the stampede to escape. the complex is one of the country's biggest hotel resorts and it'll be reviewing the incident. also making news the white house says president trump has decided to delay moving from tel aviv tojerusalem in the chances of negotiating a peace deal with israel and palestinians. israel said it is disappointed that spoke of mr trump's commitment to moving the embassy. the former fbi director is to testify next thursday before a congressional panel, investigating russian interference in presidential elections. fired last month he is expected
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to say he came under pressure to drop the fbi's investigation into this then national security adviser michael flynn. a car has exploded in saudi arabia, media sources say that two people in the cold killed and that the vehicle contained ammunition and explosives. arabia, there have been sporadic violence there for years as activists and protesters clash. take a look at this. it is the biggest plane that has ever been built. it measures about 75 metres from nose to tail. that's huge. it has just left its does afford
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testing. the idea is that this huge aircraft will be powerful enough to carry a rocket and even possibly launch satellite and people into space using just passenger engines. pakistan has rejected allegations on the government that is was involved in a mass attack in kabul on wednesday in which 90 people were killed. this man has just this man hasjust identified his brothers remained at the morgue, the victim worked as a security guard in front of the german embassy. translation: there were dozens of bodies, we only found after searching for days. the blast left a
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plume of smoke over the city, authorities believe a suicide bomber detonated explosives hidden in the sewage. attacks are common in kabul but this is one of the largest. abdul rashid worked in an office directly opposite the site. our office was three floors, all three floors went down. today construction workers were filling in the huge crater left behind by the blast. this area really is the heart of kabul, this marks the boundary of what is known as the fortified green zone in which most of the foreign embassies are located. there are questions of how an attacker could get into this part of the city. security in afghanistan has increased seeing highest civilian casualties last year, no one has claimed responsibility for this attack, the afghan authorities have
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blamed pakistan militants, pakistan denies this. for those waiting, the focus of their anger was there in government. the government were sleeping, nothing else. their own sons and daughters are in foreign countries and only the poor people they are killing and destroying. no one else. the united states is due to decide on whether to send an extra 3500 troops to afghanistan. you are watching newsday. still to come. bathroom etiquette is
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undergoing change, we will have the major details. i'm in london. our top stories. president trump has confirmed that the united states will withdraw from the paris agreement on combating climate change. police in the philippines say a gunman who attacked a casino in manila has been killed. the authorities initially feared a terror attack but later said the gunman‘s motive was likely to have been robbery. let's take a look at some front pages from around the world. we start with the japan times which says a parliamentary committee has approved a bill to permit the abdication of emperor akihito due to advanced age. it says the bill has cross—party support and is expected to become law next week. the south china morning post says china has vowed to work with the eu to uphold
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the paris climate agreement. the pledge was made shortly before president trump confirmed he was pulling out of the deal. and the straits times says the terror threat to singapore is at its highest level in recent years. the ministry of home affairs says singapore was specifically targeted in the past year, and the regional threat is also heightened. now... what stories are sparking discussions online? yes let's looks at what is trending right now. and the story of two gay male vultures in a dutch zoo is proving popular. they've effectively become parents after successfully hatching an egg. staff gave the griffon vultures an abandoned egg, which they cared for in their nest for two months. the zoo said the two fathers are a devoted couple and are doing the job perfectly. the asia pacific region is going
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through a period of rising tensions, with north korean missile tests — and a number of countries pursuing rival territorial claims in the south china sea. so there will be plenty to talk about as the region's top defence officials gather here in singapore for the annual asia security summit. karishma vaswani is near the venue — the shangri—la hotel — here in singapore. we know there has then a belligerent north korea, concerns over the south china seas, presumably use of the dominating the agenda as they have donein dominating the agenda as they have done in previous years but will any progress the phelps? it is getting under way at the shangri—la in singapore, you can see the security
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behind me is getting all of the guests behind me is getting all of the gu ests to behind me is getting all of the guests to come through for the next 2.5 days. main topics will be as you said north korea and the south china sea is thatjoining me to talk more isjim atelier, sea is thatjoining me to talk more is jim atelier, the sea is thatjoining me to talk more isjim atelier, the special adviser for international engagement with the real canadian navy. can you tell me what the main focus points will be at this event and what will be achieved? as he suggested the intractable situation with respect to north korea's nuclear ambitions will be certainly towards the top of the agenda, concern about perceptions of declining american influence and leadership in this pa rt of influence and leadership in this part of the world. correspondingly there will be interest is played in china's role with respect to one belt one road and as a side bar is the question of what is happening in the question of what is happening in the south china seas. you talk about the south china seas. you talk about the declining role of leadership in
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terms of us influence in asia, what do you think how do you think asian countries and leaders and officials will view this decision to withdraw from the paris accord? many will see it as from the paris accord? many will see itasa from the paris accord? many will see it as a colossal mistake frankly not only in the sense that it will affect the global organism and is a large responsibility the oft the united states as national and natural leader but it also has profound security implications as well. and what do you think this means for the role of china the region, are countries in this region looking to china for partnership after a belligerent north korea in this part of a wild? that's true, beijing censors quite rightly a significant leadership vacuum emerging in the pacific region. in the run—up to this congress president she and we have seen this
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in support of the western—style liberal capitalist models that will in fact to try to emerge as the natural leader of the region. thank you so much. lots to discuss as you are listening over the next couple of days at the shangri—la dialogue. bathroom etiquette in taiwan is undergoing a major change. the islands environmental protection administration has decided to change its long—time policy on what people should do with used toilet paper. our taipei correspondent cindy sui reports. taiwan, high—tech and modern in many ways, except in its bathrooms. flushing toilet paper is something that is common in the modern world but in taiwan it is a big no. there are signs in public bathrooms all over the island urging people not
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to flush toilet paper, many offices and households are following this rule. people are supposed to put use toilet paper in trash bins placed inside bathrooms. it creates an unpleasant smell and sight. the argument is... toilet paper would clog up the pipes. starting july the government wants every body to flush toilet paper, they said thats because the toilets have become better these days so the paper can dissolve in water and it won't clog pipes. not flushing is unsanitary and can raise the risks of infection so they say it is time time that taiwan caught up with the modern world. but will people be to change this age—old habit? translation i think we shouldn't throw it in the trash bins because i often go overseas and people put them in the to i lets. translation: i'm used to throwing it in the trash bin because i've been doing
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that since i was young. i'm worried if i throw to the toilet it'll clog the drainage system and it'll cost our apartment building a lot to fix it. throwing toilet paper into the trash bin is so dirty and smelly. so i'm basically for throwing it in the toilet but in our family there is an agreement, my wife charla and i throw the toilet paper in the toilet but my parents are traditional and continue to throw it in the trash bin. it has created arguments between us. to make everybody complied, trash bins will be removed from many bathrooms. so happy flushing. you learn something new everyday.
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speaking of newsday, it is your last day in london, you are back here next week? i have breaking news for you, i'm not going back to singapore, i'm staying here. no? just kidding i will be back there and she stay alive from singapore. i have enjoyed it here and i'm sure we enjoy being together in singapore and london, thank you so much for watching. see you soon live from singapore next week. good morning it feels as though it has been a week of extremes, extreme heat, thunderstorms and even rain, as we move towards the weekend, things are not as extreme, nevertheless sunny spells
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and scattered showers. it'll feel noticeably fresher. good news if it is been too hot. the reason being this swell of cloud that arrived during thursday, weather front unwanted moves through it will introduce slightly fresh air from the west. it brought a change of thursday, in the south east highs of 26. it stays pretty humid into the south but that will push further inland. it will weaken as it moves out of scotland down the peaks and pennines towards the south coast. the band of cloud here at large. somewhat brighter conditions behind and in actual fact it'll be a better day for scotland and northern ireland, particularly in comparison to yesterday, we will see temperature is a little higher. 18 or 19. some sunny spells across northern england and not a bad day through the peaks down into the midlands, over in the wales.
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largely dry. ahead of that fun we could see 26 — 27 the time, that could spark of dramatic hungary downpours and then once the frankly as we will start to feel the benefits, the fresher air moving in. if it has been too hot and humid you'll be happy with the story. it means overnight, friday to saturday we will see this temperatures around 9-15, more comfortable for sleeping and better starts this saturday. not a bad start to saturday and generally speaking, we have this weather front from the atlantic given the chance of more showers to the north and west. starting largely dry, one or two coastal fringes may be that in the sunshine it was still feel pleasant enough, 20—21, tempered as further north at around mid to high teens. on sunday a similar story that
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potential for more organised showers into the south—west. we will need to keep an eye on that, sunny spells and scattered showers making it feel a bit fresher. gardeners and growers take note, in the weekend there is a potential to see more heavily organised rain. i'm rico hizon with bbc news. our top story. america is pulling out of the paris agreement on combating climate change. president trump called it an unfair agreement that would cost millions of american jobs. his predecessor barack obama, who agreed to the deal, immediately criticised the move. police in the philippines say the motive for an attack on a casino in manila is likely to have been a robbery rather than terrorism. the gunman has been killed by troops. and this video is trending on two gay male vultures in a dutch zoo
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have effectively become parents after successfully hatching an egg. staff say the birds cared for the abandoned egg for two months and are now doing a greatjob of looking after their chick. that's all from me, stay with bbc news... and the top story here in the uk... the conservatives and labour have both claimed they're best placed to manage the brexit process. the european union says it wants to start brexit negotiations just 11
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