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tv   Asia Business Report  BBC News  June 2, 2017 1:30am-1:46am BST

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on combating climate change. president trump called it an unfair agreement that would cost millions of american jobs. his predecessor barack obama, who agreed to the deal, immediately criticised the move. police in the philippines say the motive for an attack on a casino in manila is likely to have been a robbery rather than terrorism. the gunman has been killed by troops. and this video is trending on two gay male vultures in a dutch zoo have effectively become parents after successfully hatching an egg. staff say the birds cared for the abandoned egg for two months and are now doing a greatjob of looking after their chick. that's all from me, stay with bbc news... and the top story here in the uk... the conservatives and labour have both claimed they're best placed to manage the brexit process. the european union says it wants to start brexit negotiations just 11 days after the election.
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now on bbc news — all the latest business news live from singapore. president trump pulls out of the parrot climate agreement, his supporters may be happy but how will it impact asia? —— harris climate agreement. skype gets a makeover, we will show you the new features and why it is competing with snapchat. welcome to this friday edition of asia business report. president donald trump has withdrawn from the paris climate treaty. the decision means the us is only one of three countries beside syria and nicaragua to oppose the global effort to
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tackle climate change. but he says he is open to re—negotiating the deal. in order to for furl my solemn duty to protect america and its citizens, the united states will withdraw from the paris climate accord. but, begin negotiations to re—enter either the paris accord, oi’, re—enter either the paris accord, or, in entirely new transaction. in terms that are fed to the us, its businesses, workers, people, taxpayers. so, we are getting out, but we will start to negotiate and see if we can make a deal that is fair. if we can, that is great. if
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we can't, that is fine. past us presidents, including bill clinton and barack obama, as well as many american allies expressed disappointment. some bosses took exception to the decision, including the head of tesla and on musk and the head of tesla and on musk and the disney chief executive bob eiger, they have both quit president trump's councils. it is there to say that corporate america certainly does not share the president's view which was a dark and pessimistic vision of the economy, had america stuck with the deal. he even had major oil companies standing out in favour of the paris accord, names like exxon mobil, chevron, bp, shell, all saying they favour the deal. we have had a lot of reaction on twitter, the boss of gm, seen as
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a bellwether as he is a huge conglomerate. he said he was disappointed with the decision today on the paris agreement, climate change is real and industry needs to agree. damning words from him. we heard from amazon, putting a statement on twitter saying that they believe for a bust clean energy and climate policies can support american competitiveness, innovation and job growth. it is worth pointing out there are some companies who have come out in favour of what the president announced today. unsurprisingly, many in the energy sector, especially the coal industry, murray energy spoke of how good this would be, and peabody energy, the leading coal company, saying it would be a good dealfor electricity security. thank you. wall street closed higher following his plan to withdraw from the paris
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climate agreement. several business executives disagreed. president trump said it would be good for the us economy and it seems that investors agree. the dow and the nasdaq are at record highs, a lot of this had to do with the fact that we had good economic numbers from the us asian markets, just opening and taking the keys from the us. australia is making a lot of gains. world leaders that we heard from earlier, as well as american allies, they all expressed disappointment as isaid they all expressed disappointment as i said earlier. i spoke to peter godfrey from the energy institute in singapore and asked who would pick up singapore and asked who would pick up the slack now that the usa has turned its back on climate change? the eu and china will continue to push the policy of change. it isn't
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only related to climate change, the focus of today. very much also on the business of moving and transitioning to a lower carbon economy and to a certain extent to move from a centralised energy system to a more distributed energy system, which renewables begin to start acting. it isn't only about climate change but energy—efficient seat and how we move to a green and clea n seat and how we move to a green and clean environment. obviously, asia will have to start making its own mind as to where its alliances are. energy efficiency involves investment, so how will it affect renewable firms around the world who had invested ahead of time, as they have braced for this? in asia, we can split into three fundamental markets. china, it india, and the asiata and region well we are now. each of the regions have different issues when it comes to energy. in
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china, rapid urbanisation caused pollution and they will make decisions based on reducing their pollution as much as they can. india has different problems, energy intensity is much lower right now and it is an underdeveloped infrastructure so they will need to make decisions about what new technologies are applicable to their area. asiata is a mixed bag as we have into an easier down the road with a lot of coal. they will be encouraged perhaps to be less accelerated in terms of moving towards those new technologies. that is the big worry, the decision that the us could cause a ripple of that? correct, that is exactly where the us played a responsible role in that the whole idea of the climate change court was basically for the rich countries in some way to support developing countries in moving towards a cleaner and greener future. peter godfrey there. we heard from the former presidential
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contender hillary clinton who said that turning back on that climate treaty is a historic mistake. china and the eu are seeking to save the climate agreement. the chinese premier league chang is due to meet with eu officials in brussels later. developing more green technology and helping to raise $100 billion per year by 2020, helping poorer countries cut their emissions. in other business news, aianb appointed a dedicated boss for china as it tries to push into the mainland. the appointment of the local head has been a top priority for the home sharing giant as they face stiff competition from others who dominate the market. facebook has rejected a call by shareholders to reduce the circulation of fake news. they asked to produce a report. the facebook boss mark
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zuckerberg says it was not necessary as the giant was making it more difficult forfake as the giant was making it more difficult for fake news spine is to make money from ads. microsoft is the latest company to take a bite out of snapchat, adding billions of dollars this year, despite losses, microsoft has copied some features and built them into the new version of skype. the company is rolling out features globally in the coming months. chris fox has more. skype has been given a snapchat style makeover. microsoft said that the new version of the app has been rebuilt and there are familiar features so that i can now record a video of myself... then add some stickers. and, posted onto a daily highlights reel. we have seen similar features highlights reel. we have seen similarfeatures on highlights reel. we have seen similar features on other messaging apps. similar features on other messaging apps, including whatsapp, facebook messenger and instagram. classic
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video calling has been given a makeover, share photos within a call without having to leave your conversation, and you can have colourful reactions. i skype to the vice president of skype to ask why people would want snapchat style features in this app... we look at giving our users the tools that they need. people tell us that they use skype to stay in touch with families. they video call once or twice a week. then, they felt that they had to go to other applications to share photos or a message. what use is asked was to give us the tools inside of skype. that is what we have done. you used to be the place to go to use videos, are you not worried that they could turn away from skype when there is this going on? we have struck a balance. if you don't want stickers and images, you can use it as a
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medication ‘s application but on the other hand, if you like to express yourself, that is a swipe away for you. in other news, fox's reportedly . several movies have begun shooting and it comes as the chinese media giant adds hollywood movies to their digital publishing platforms. that's all for this edition, of asia business report. thank you for watching. now, the top stories at this hour... president trump has confirmed that the united states will withdraw from the paris agreement on combating climate change. police say the motive for an attack on a casino in manila is likely to have been a robbery rather than a terror attack , the gunman has been killed. theresa may has signalled
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that her aim is to bring net migration under 100,000 a year during the course of the next parliament. recently, conservatives have fought shy of putting a time—scale on the pledge which was first introduced in 2010. but no sooner had mrs may indicated her intentions, than her brexit secretary was sounding a much more cautious note. our political editor laura kuenssberg has more detail. many of our viewers will remember that reason they decided to stick with her ambition of reducing net migration, the difference between the number of people who move away and the number who settle here permanently, to under 100,000, when she published a manifesto. it was controversial to do that because the target was missed my miles by the tories since 2010. but they resolutely refused to give a timetable, to give a deadline. when
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asked this afternoon by reporters whether it means the end of this parliament by 2022, she said "that is what we are working for, although it will not be easy". it is significant as it is the first time she has gone anywhere near assessing a timetable. but it is awkward. david davies told bbc question time that it cannot be promised within five years. tory sources are playing this down and said it is always clear, there is no strict deadline, thatis clear, there is no strict deadline, that is not what theresa may was saying. that there is no disagreement. in their view they are the only party in this election committed to getting immigration down significantly. but, it matters as this is a huge issue for millions of voters around the country and right now, it feels like the tories are having a choppy campaign. on any issue, let alone their central promises, they cannot afford to have confusion. the ulster unionist party has
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published its election manifesto , which includes a promise to reform the nhs in northern ireland , merging the five health care trusts to create a single body. the party leader robin swann also rejected the idea of northern ireland being given special status during the brexit negotiations. he described it as ‘an attempt to create a united ireland by the back door‘. there can be no border at the middle of the irish sea. no passport checks for northern ireland, around heathrow. all of our energy needs to be focused on brexit negotiations and getting the best deal for be focused on brexit negotiations and getting the best dealfor our people. time now for all the sports news in sport today. hello, this is sport today, live from the bbc sport centre. coming up on this programme: top seed andy murray is through to the third round of the french open. juan martin del potro is next for murray after he took time
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to console nicolas almagro following his withdrawal from their match with a knee issue. lyon win the uefa women's champions league final in a penalty shoot out over paris saint germain. joe root hits an unbeaten century and the winning runs as england win their opening icc champions trophy match against bangladesh. i'm tim hague in newmarket, i met the frankel fault that nobody wanted, but could win the derby... —— foul. hang around and watch that, trust me, it is good! welcome to the programme. hello and welcome to the programme where we start with the tennis news that men's top seed andy murray was again required to play four sets at the french open as he fought his way into the last 32. last year's beaten finalist at rolland garros defeated slovakia's martin kleezhan to set up a third—round clash against former us open champion juan martin del potro. maz farookhi wraps up the action from paris on day five.


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