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tv   Sport Today  BBC News  June 2, 2017 1:45am-2:01am BST

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juan martin del potro is next for murray after he took time to console nicolas almagro following his withdrawal from their match with a knee issue. lyon win the uefa women's champions league final in a penalty shoot out over paris saint germain. joe root hits an unbeaten century and the winning runs as england win their opening icc champions trophy match against bangladesh. i'm tim hague in newmarket, i met the frankel fault that nobody wanted, but could win the derby... —— foul. hang around and watch that, trust me, it is good! welcome to the programme. hello and welcome to the programme where we start with the tennis news that men's top seed andy murray was again required to play four sets at the french open as he fought his way into the last 32. last year's beaten finalist at rolland garros defeated slovakia's martin kleezhan to set up a third—round clash against former us open champion juan martin del potro. maz farookhi wraps up the action from paris on day five. ranked number one in the world, but
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hardly playing like it... britain's andy murray has battled with poor health and poor form andy murray has battled with poor health and poorform in recent months. so patchy play against martin klizan worse unsurprising. after losing the opener he rallied, getting a 3—1 win. his performance was far from convincing...” getting a 3—1 win. his performance was far from convincing... i made significant changes during the match to my tactics and where i was positioning myself on the court. i had not been doing that in the last six or seven weeks when i had been in tough situations. that was good but definitely, the consistency needs to be better. in contrast, third seed stan wawrinka's progress was in trouble. champion here two yea rs was in trouble. champion here two years ago, he is yet to beat a set and made it look straightforward against alexandr dolgopolov. to the wide open women's draw and a wobble for agnieszka radwa nska. consistently a top ten player for some years now, she is yet to win a
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grand slam, one step closer year though with a 3—set win. also through simona halep, a former finalist here, easing through with a clinical win against tatjana maria. on court two, a share of sympathy and sporting compassion for a rival, juan martin del potro, no stranger to injuries himself, consoling nicolas almagro after the spaniard collapsed with a knee problem. a devastated nicolas almagro was forced to concede butjuan martin del potro was offering comfort. a reminder that opponents on the court remain friends off it. great scenes from juan martin del potro. on to football and lyon have won the uefa women's champions league for the fourth time. they beat paris saint—germain on penalties in an all—french final in cardiff to retain their title. psg striker marie—laure delie squandered the best chance that either side had to win it in normal time — but it was goalless after 90 minutes and extra—time. the penalty shoot—out went to sudden death — when it was decided by the two goalkeepers. with the scores level at 6—6,
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psg's katarzheena kiedzreenek put her spot—kick wide and that gave sarah bouhaddi the chance to win it for lyon. they're now european champions for a record—equalling fourth time — and they're also the first team to win back—to—back trebles. it has been a fantastic week. it has been a dream from the beginning. it isa been a dream from the beginning. it is a lot of hard work, but when you reassure ambitions, it is the best feeling in the world. so no, it has been a crazy time. how was it feeling that win on penalties? you we re feeling that win on penalties? you were taken off partway through the game, watching the penalties from the bench? you are always nervous watching from the bench. i am really proud of the girls, they finish off perfectly. showing high—quality mentality. i could not be more
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proud. this site have proved once again why they are such a formidable force in europe. this was their second final appearance and this is now their record equalling fourth champions league trophy. a record they share with frankfurt from germany. they did so by overcoming their closest rivals psg 7—6 on penalties after it ended goalless after extra time. interestingly, when the two teams met in the french cup weeks ago, it was the same scoreline with lyon coming out on top. they have back—to—back troubles now in their trophy cabinet. psg searching for their first european title, but with this old french final -- title, but with this old french final —— all french final here in cardiff it goes well for the next big women's football tournament, the euros in the netherlands. certainly, france may well be thinking that they will be a dominant force there. now to cricket where england cruised to a first up win over bangladesh
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in their opening game of the icc champions trophy on thursday. joe root played a starring role for the hosts who were eight wicket winners at the oval in london, and patrick gearey was there. getting into big sporting events is by necessity a slower process these days. hanging around is part of the game. bangladesh bans do it artfully, england fans patiently. after all, they are used to waiting. england hosted the first international one—day tournament in 1975. this is their 90th attempt at winning one. there is enough fuss about this site that may be, finally, this is the one... nobody said it would be easy. this was a day for batting and england asked bangladesh to do it first. wickets would stretch. bangladesh knocked england out of the last cricket world cup. if anyone needed reminding, here it was. with chris woa kes reminding, here it was. with chris woakes injured, tammy iqbal picked off those left, going into a superb
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century. bangladesh gave it to my share and pop, two wickets in two balls, they had a good score but they may have had more. england had hoped and bangladesh had something to cling to. jason roy scored one. alex hales would not miss out. no risk, runs everywhere. passing 50, within a shot of 100. this is it... that was it. bling behind, job route batting on a sore ankle. limping over the line. —— joe root. batting on a sore ankle. limping over the line. ——joe root. a fitting scorer of the winning runs. for england, the perfect end to the beginning. patrick gearey, bbc news at the oval. this horse will be hoping to win the epsom derby on saturday — flat racing's premier event. this is eminent, and his father is the great, undefeated frankel. but unlike other frankel foals, which have sold for millions of dollars, eminent failed to sell at auction. but trainer martin meede saw something in him, and persuaded owner sir peter vella to invest. so far theirfaith has been rewarded and tim hague's been to the home of british horse racing — newmarket — to find out more.
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iam here i am here at sefton lodge, one of newmarket‘s most historic stables, named after the 1878 derby winner, sefton. they hope here that they had the 2017 derby winner in their midst, eminent, the sun of the great frankel. i rode in the derby last year. i finished frankel. i rode in the derby last year. ifinished insects. this horse would be a lot better. —— ifinished in sixth. it is a wide—open race but hopefully he can come out in front. he seems playful, how is he to manage? he has a lovely temperament, frankel can be a little hot, but he seems to have a really good temperament. you mention frankel, does he remind you of him? he has a huge stride, that frankel had. he covers the ground and he is a big cause, frankel was quite big as well. he is quite athletic.
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physically, he is a great specimen andl physically, he is a great specimen and i think that you've just got to look at his race and see his stride. it is something to marvel at. with that in itself, that's no good if he isa that in itself, that's no good if he is a nutcase! luckily, he is a horse who conducts himself well and he learns. his ears prick and he knows what to do, he wants to please you. he's essential. the 2017 derby is the richest race to ever take place on british soil, £1.625 million. this one will be there. he has taken a piece out my arm today so he is well—prepared! his a piece out my arm today so he is well—prepa red! his brother cracks a piece out my arm today so he is well—prepared! his brother cracks in will be there as the favourite. both horses will be hoping to do something their father never did which was to win the derby —— crackman. tim hague with a big bruise on his arm right there! to golf and on the pga tour american jason dufner and sweden's david lingmerth, the 2015 champion, are the joint one stroke leaders on seven under after the opening
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round of the memorial tournament in ohio. former world number six jordan spieth sits on six under helped by shots like this approach to a picturesque looking ninth green which he'd eventually birdie. a triple bird on the second hole getting him to two under. the players prepare for the us open in a fortnight. team oracle usa and emirates team new zealand lead the way in the america's cup qualifying series. the american crew are top and automatically qualify for the america's cup match as holders but can gain a valuable bonus point to take into the decider if they finish top, while it was a mixed day for ben ainslie's british team of land rover bar who won one and lost one as they remain third in the race for semi final positions. a quick update, tipping off in five minutes time is the oakland... the clevela nd cavaliers. from me and the sport
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today team, goodbye. see you later. that morning. it feels as though it has been a week of extremes. extreme heat, thunderstorms, and even some rain. as we move towards the weekend, things are not quite as extreme but nevertheless, it's sunny spells and scattered showers, it will feel noticeably fresher but good news if it has been too hard and too humid. this swirl of cloud arrived during thursday, a weather front that moves through and introduces slightly fresher air from the west. it brought a change on thursday, 15 degrees, and in the south—east we saw highs of 26. it stays humid, and will push further
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inland through the day today. it wea ke ns inland through the day today. it weakens as it moves down through the peaks weakens as it moves down through the pea ks and the weakens as it moves down through the peaks and the pennines on the south coast, a band of cloud here and behind it, brighter conditions and in actualfact it behind it, brighter conditions and in actual fact it will be a better day for scotland and northern ireland, especially in comparison to yesterday. we see temperatures a little higher, 18—19d. sunny spells across northern england. not a bad day through the peaks and into the midlands, over into wales. it will be largely dry and we see highs of 19 or 20 degrees. ahead of that, we see 26 or 27 for some time. it sparks dramatic downpours. and once that front clears through, we start to feel the benefits. the fresh air moving in. if it has been too hot or humid, you will be happy with this story! it means overnight and into saturday morning we see temperatures around 9—15d. more comfortable for sleeping and a better start to our
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saturday. it won't be a bad start to saturday, generally speaking it's relatively quiet but we have weather fronts pushing in from the atlantic, enhancing potential for more showers out of the north and west. we start off largely fine and dry, showers into northern ireland, a couple across western coastal fringes on saturday. in the sunshine, it feels pleasa nt saturday. in the sunshine, it feels pleasant enough. fresh at 21 degrees in the south—east as a maximum, temperatures further north at around mid to high teens. sunday, a similar story but potential for perhaps more organised showers into the south—west. we need to keep an eye but scattered showers and feeling fresher. on monday, gardeners and growers ta ke fresher. on monday, gardeners and growers take note! the potentialfor england and wales to see a band at heavy rain coming which may come as welcome news... a very warm welcome to bbc news, broadcasting to viewers in north america and around the. my name is mike embley. our top story:
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storm clouds gather, as president trump withdraws the united states from the paris accord on climate change. so we are getting out. we will start to negotiate and we will see if we can makea to negotiate and we will see if we can make a deal that is fair. from within the us and around the world, widespread condemnation. climate experts warn of deadly consequences for the environment. ican hear i can hear gunshots... oh my god! police in the philippines say a gunman who attacked a crowded casino in manila has killed himself. and celebrating one of the great masters of the renaissance —
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