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tv   The Film Review  BBC News  June 2, 2017 5:45pm-6:01pm BST

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able to produce more money for our schools, where we have seen the funding cut, if it is able to produce a better outcome for those pensioners who are seeing under the government, they want to take away the triple lock, if we can't guarantee that triple lock for pensioners, if it means there will be decent social care for people in old age, without them having their homes taken away from them, i think thatis homes taken away from them, i think that is a very small price for a very small number of people to pay to make our society fairer and more equal. barry gardiner, thank you so much for coming in to answer the viewers' questions, and one of mine as well. rapid-fire! yes, rapid—fire, but we got through them. that is barry gardiner, labour's shadow secretary for international trade. this is bbc news at 5 — the headlines: conservative candidate for south thanet, craig mackinlay, and two party workers, are charged over expenses claimed during the 2015 campaign. jeremy corbyn has accused theresa may of "subservience" to president trump, by failing to join fellow european leaders in condemnation of his withdrawal from the paris climate accord.
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police in manchester say they have found a car that may be "significant" to their investigation into last week's attack. well, now on bbc news we look ahead to sportsday at half past six this evening. we will be live in cardiff, as thousands of fans descend on the welsh capital, ahead of tomorrow night's champions league final. security at the principality stadium has been a concern following the manchester bombing of last week, but uefa's president insists it will be as safe as possible. we'll also be looking ahead to the british and irish lions‘ first game in new zealand tomorrow, as their tour officially gets underway, and we preview the derby, with a look at the frankel foal no one wanted. that's all in sportsday at 6:30pm, but now on bbc news it's time for the film review. hello and welcome to
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the film review on bbc news. to take us through this week's cinema releases is james king. so, james, what do we have this week? well, it's a bit of a globetrotting week this week actually. from america, via ancient greece, we have the new blockbuster, wonder woman. and from japan, the quiet and pensive drama, after the storm. and from france and switzerland, stop motion animation, my life as a cou rg ette. motion animation, my life as a courgette. if nothing else, one of the best titles of the year, isn't it? it certainly is! intriguing. let's start off with wonder woman, which has had some pretty good reviews, actually? it is getting a
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good buzz. last year we had batman versus superman, fairly painful experience but she was good in it. and she will be back next year with various other superheroes, but this is her on her own, stand—alone movie directed by patty jenkins, and it is an origin story. where did she come from? she is never referred to as wonder woman in the movie, by the way, she is diana. we learn about her upbringing on this island, from these amazon warrior women, her involvement in the first world war. this is a clip. gal gadot plays wonder woman, and this is her with chris pine, an american pilot and spy chris pine, an american pilot and spy who crash lands on this magical island on which she lives, and he was taken prisoner... my name is captain steve trevor, serial number
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8141921, and that is all i am at liberty to say... british intelligence. what the hell is this thing? the lassoo compels you to reveal the truth. what is your mission? you are in more danger than you think. what is your mission? i am asked by! i am a spy.” you think. what is your mission? i am asked by! i am a spy. i supposed to be used to seeing all of the male superheroes, but this is a female one. yes, it is refreshing because of that, and a female director with pattyjenkins as well. but part of the reason i enjoyed this is it feels quite old —fashioned the reason i enjoyed this is it feels quite old—fashioned and traditional, and what i mean by that, it has this refreshing lack of cynicism about it. i remember in the 80s and early 90s, blockbusters were
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not something to be embarrassed about, but full of fun, enjoyment and excitement. this is like that. some other comic book movies have been pretty cynical and pretty moody and fairly miserable. they have done very well but have not exactly been full of fun. wonder woman is fun and feels like a stand—alone movie that does not particularly connect to anything else, to the rest of the dc world that has, shock horror, a beginning, middle and end, and it makes sense! if you have never seen another comic book movie you could watch this and still enjoy it and i think that is why people love it so much. we also have a japanese film, after the storm? yes, written and directed by hirokazu koreeda. he is a great film—maker of family dramas. our little sister was one he did a couple of years ago, well worth seeing. it is about a writer who is
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a bit washed up, in middle age he is struggling to write again and is actually gambling more than writing. he is estranged from his son, his ex—wife, has a difficult relationship with his mother, but they are brought together in his mother's flat one night whilst sheltering from a storm, a tornado. it takes quite a while to get to that point and certainly perhaps for the first half an hour you wonder where it is going, but i actually think that meandering quality it has is ultimately its real power, because it is a film that take things slowly, allows characters to blossom slowly, allows us to get to know them slowly, and it is the antithesis is really of the hyperactive blockbuster. very much a slow character piece, reminding me a little bit, oddly perhaps, of some mike leigh films, that domestic kitchen sink setting, humour and drama. but again the characters... it isa drama. but again the characters... it is a character driven rather than plot driven film, modest definitely, but moving. you mentioned the great
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title my life as a courgette. my life as a zucchini, for the american viewers. about a boy said to an orphanage with other orphans his age? yes, and it did well at the words. to get to that was amazing, because it is small film. french and swiss, co—production, 66 minutes, really small—scale stuff, so to get oscar nominated was amazing. like you said, a boy goes into a foster home. i saw it with subtitles but this is the clip from the dubbed version... how old are you, son? i'm nine. can you tell me a little bit about your mother? she really liked to drink beer, and her mashed
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potatoes were always good, and sometimes we had fun. 0k. .. potatoes were always good, and sometimes we had fun. 0k... not always? so where is your father? here. mm. it has my dad's beerchic leader chick on it, too. my mum said he always liked chicks. leader chick on it, too. my mum said he always liked chickslj leader chick on it, too. my mum said he always liked chicks. i will put you ina he always liked chicks. i will put you in a home with people like you, kid to have no mum or dad. does it work? it does, actually. heartbreaking, but uplifting. it is not a film about how miserable it is to be in care. there is misery in the film, of course, but ultimately it is about the friendships this character makes. courgette is his nickname. and why it was a great place for him to go to, so actually it is uplifting. i always think children's movies should have a bit
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of darkness and pain in there, and it is there but ultimately it is a feel—good movie. it is there but ultimately it is a feel-good movie. and short, as you say, 66 minutes. it packs a lot in. people often complain films are too long, but i wonder if they might complain this is too short? possibility, because you're paying the same money, but if you are economical with the screenplay, write a great story, you can pack a lot into a short running time. i have seen three—hour films that have a lot less inept than this movie. 0k, a lot less inept than this movie. ok, let's talk about best out at the moment, which i think is the hippopotamus? yes, stephen fry wrote the book on which this was based and he did a q&a that was beamed to a lot of cinemas. the title character is played by roger allam, this rotund, boozy, writer and poet, investigating some rather strange goings—on at a stately home, and he is the reason to watch it. roger allam is a fantastic actor and has
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some outrageous lines in this. he is definitely un—pc, but definitely by the end of the movie rather heroic, but somejaw—dropping dialogue, and he is having a whale of a time, this doozy couldn't care less kind of quy: doozy couldn't care less kind of guy, although the film itself, the plot is hardly edge of your seat stuff. it is a movie to watch because of that performance. mixed reviews, for that, but you would recommend it? yes, because of that performance, and stephen fry, who wrote the book in 904! think, or a gimmick then, he said i like this character so much i want to revisit ten —— he wrote the book in 94 i think. your best dvd at the moment? yes, the founder. this is about the man who turned mcdonald's into the huge franchise, the multinational franchise, it is now. it stars michael keaton. there was a bit of an oscar buzz about this one when it
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was first announced but then a couple of things happened. the release date changed which didn't help things, then people watched the movie and said, michael keaton is brilliant, but actually this guy does not seem that likeable or that nice. it got great reviews and i would give it a great review but the problem with this film, do you want to watch two hours about someone who does not seem that likeable person? it is very interesting business—wise, how driven and determined he was to make this restau ra nt determined he was to make this restaurant into a huge success, but he is not someone who you will think isa he is not someone who you will think is a real hero. but people do love success is a real hero. but people do love success stories and how people create things, like stevejobs, that sort of thing? and in that film as well he was not lovable the whole way through, what he? i recommend it. a lot of people missed it in the cinema and i for the small screen. michael keegan is back form, of course, after spotlight and birdman,
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great successes, and he can do this, play people who are not clear—cut. thank you for being with us. that is it for this week. thank you for watching the film review. goodbye for now. the weekend is looking pretty good for most of us. certainly some sunshine on the way, but showers as well. speaking of showers we have had some vicious downpours across parts of the south—east in the last few hours or so. it has been very cloudy, and rain in other parts. the south—east in particular has seen some nasty localised thunderstorms. we have seen pictures of flooding across some of the major motorways around the sports and —— read this portion of the country. a lot of rainfall ina portion of the country. a lot of rainfall in a short space of time. they may be rumbling through in the latter parts of the evening, but then out of the way. still some
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spots of rain around here and there, western areas clear and chilly. temperatures could be as low as 5 degrees in the countryside. tomorrow, a decent day. a picture of sunshine and showers, mostly in the north—western areas, but one or two in the south as well. 22 in london but more like 17—18 a little further west. goodbye. today at six — we're in york, where theresa may and jeremy corbyn will face questions from an audience this evening, with less than a week to polling day. as final preparations are being made, the global events of the past 24 hours are set to feature in part of tonight's exchanges. donald trump's decision to take america out of the paris climate treaty has provoked a row about the nature of britain's response. i spoke to president trump again last night, i made it clear that the uk would have wanted the united states to have stayed within the paris agreement and that we continue to support the paris agreement.
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given the chance to present a united front from our international partners, she's instead opted for silence and — once again — subservience to donald trump. and in another campaign development — the conservative candidate in south thanet has been charged over expenses claimed during the election two years ago.
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