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tv   Sportsday  BBC News  June 2, 2017 10:30pm-10:46pm BST

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but on taking a fight to the tories. but on this issue, he has no backbone. you asked about his policies on anti—semitism, but what did you think about his performance as a whole and theresa may?” think about his performance as a whole and theresa may? i think they both had strengths and weaknesses and they both tried to avoid the question are directed to them, but jeremy corbyn says one thing and does another. it is all very well him saying that he opposes anti—semitism and he's against terrorism and racism, but having an anti—semitic member of his party and anti—somatic affiliations while calling terrorists as friends. one word answer, that this evening's debate change the way you think in any way at all? i am more informed. more informed, not wiser as such.
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you are still not sure who to vote for? not sure. it has reinforced my views. i was feeling is a pathetic tojeremy views. i was feeling is a pathetic to jeremy corbyn but that is changed. it will maybe you are probably going to spoil your vote. is that what you will tonight? i will still boil might —— i will still spoil my ballot, i do not trust them. i would never vote for either of those parties. thank you for being with us tonight. back to you in the spin room. let's talk to achieve political correspondent. we knew it was going to be difficult for both of them, but that first question for theresa may, you did not come talk to the debate or confrontjeremy corbyn directly and you did not want a general election now you do, it was tough. she came and a hard time about
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trust, the u—turn and social care, still a lot of anxiety about that, people bringing their personal experiences, that disabled man, saying can you give me a guarantee we will not be made bankrupt by your policy? that is quite hard to answer. on the plus side, she seemed more steady, more able to talk about brexit, you could tell she had really really is that many times, the arguments about brexit. for jeremy corbyn, on the other hand, getting a really hard time about trident, know how he feels about it, he has been part of the disarmament campaign all his life, and pushed on when he would use a nuclear weapon, he did not say that he wouldn't, but it was clear that he felt about it. for him, making his case about the labour manifesto, openly saying, we need to put up taxes for better funding of public services, so both we re funding of public services, so both were able to get their policies
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across, but the audience went for it, the questions were very difficult for them to answer, and it is difficult to fob off members of the public. they do to us journalists all the time, but they can't do it to them. there was almost a punch—up here a moment ago! that is as close as i will get to the boxing ring! sportsday is next on the bbc news channel, but from the university of your, from all of us the university of your, from all of us here, a very good night. —— the university of york. they might hello and welc might ome to sportsday, i'm holly hamilton. coming up on the programme, all eyes are on cardiff ahead of its first champions league final tomorrow, where real madrid will be hoping to claim an historic 12th european title. and in paris, defending french open
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champion novak djokovic was under pressure in his third—round match, but he did struggle to keep his cool. and australia's cricketers are rescued by the rain. bad weather means their champions trophy match against new zealand at edgbaston is abandoned. real madrid will facejuventus in tomorrow's champions league final in cardiff, with the spanish giants looking to secure their 12th european crown. thousand of fans have been descending on the welsh capital, hoping to see their team triumph in the biggest game in european club football. our sports news correspondent richard conway is there and sent this report. cardiff is the home of champions this week. last night, lyon were crowned winners for the fourth time
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in the women's showcase final, but only after a nervy penalty shootout. another trophy will be lifted on saturday with juventus and real madrid going head to head to lift the top prize in european football. for gareth bale of real madrid, a homecoming to savour. he was born and raised in cardiff, but he is facing up to the prospect of not starting this match, given his recent return from injury. i have been working hard on my fitness, i am not match fit. whether the manager thinks that might be a problem, it may be so, and if i have to be on the bench and come off the bench to make an impact, that is what i will have to do. the final will be played amidst tight security after the recent manchester attack which killed 22 concertgoers. the stadium roof will be closed
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as a precaution, and organisers remind fans to arrive early and not to bring bags. uefa's president is confident everything is being done to ensure a safe environment. the problem is that the stadiums are secured and safe. but there are many people in the street. so we have to be cautious about it. we have to be connected to the police, local police, intelligence agencies, and we are doing that. these are teams with fan bases that stretch beyond national borders. it seems the world is looking to wales this weekend. it is going to be hard for real madrid, but i hope they win, and to have a good experience. i think both will score but juventus will nick it by a goal in the end. opportunities to host the champions league final do not come around often, and cardiff is determined to make every moment count on its own big day. it was a positive night for the green and white army in belfast
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as northern ireland beat new zealand i—o. the friendly had been organised as michael o'neill‘s side warm up for next week's world cup qualifier in azerbaijan. the only goal of the game came from the scottish premiership‘s leading scorer, ross county's liam boyce, his first goal for northern ireland. ryan giggs has played down rumours connecting him with the managerial vacancy at sunderland. his lastjob, as assistant manager at manchester united, ended around a year ago whenjose mourinho took over at old trafford. but as giggs told the bbc‘s olly foster, he's considering his options carefully. you get linked all the time, i mean, as far as you get linked all the time, i mean, as faras i'm you get linked all the time, i mean, as far as i'm concerned, it's what i've always said, just waiting for that right club, waiting for that moment. could sunderland be the right club? again, as a footballer, you get used to rumours, you get used to your name being linked. over the last year, i have been linked to
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a lot of clubs. but again it is just waiting for the right club, what you feel would be right for you, especially for me being my first job. it's been a dramatic day at the french open, where the defending men's champion, novak djokovic, survived a scare to book his place in the fourth round. he started well against argentine diego schwartzman but an error—strewn performance saw him gift the world number 41 the set 7—5. djokovic bounced back to take the second 6—3, but the third went the way of schwartzman. djokovic wasn't having the best of days, warned throughout the match about slow play and unsportsmanlike conduct, leading to this exchange with the umpire. it didn't upset his rhythm too much, as he levelled the match at 2—2, taking the fourth 6—1 and forcing a deciding set. and with schwartzman struggling with a rib injury, the fifth set was comfortable enough for djokovic as he saw out the victory to move into the fourth round. a much easier day's work for nine—time champion rafael nadal.
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the number four seed showed why he is dubbed the king of clay with an impressive performance against nikoloz basilashvili. he dropped only one game in the entire match, winning 6—0, 6—1, 6—0 insidejust 90 minutes. it was his 100th best—of—five—sets match on clay, his 98th win. bad news for belgium's tenth seed, david goffin, though. he's out of the tournament after retiring hurt in his third round match against argentina's horacio zeballos. goffin was leading 5—4 in the first set when he slipped chasing a ball, and looked like he jammed his foot in the rolled—up covers. he could now be a doubt for wimbledon, which starts in four weeks. in the women's draw, the defending champion, garbine muguruza, is safely through to the fourth round. in a match that featured ii breaks of serve in the 20 games played, the spaniard eventually won 7-5, 6-2. australia's cricketers have been spared defeat
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against new zealand by the weather in the opening match of their champions trophy campaign. on a rain affected day at edgbaston, the black caps put themselves in to bat but posted a disappointing target after a promising start. they lost seven wickets for just 37 runs and were restricted to just 29! all out. josh hazlewood took six wickets. australia lost three quick wickets in their reply and were in trouble on 53—3 when rain stopped play again. the match was abandoned with no result. both sides will receive a point, which means england only need one more win to reach the semifinals. england all—rounder chris woa kes has been ruled out of the rest of the champions trophy, due to a side strain he picked up yesterday in the first two overs of the win over bangladesh. england are unlikely to name his replacement until tomorrow afternoon, after the england lions match, which involves two of the possible candidates, steve firm and tom curran.
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just one game in rugby league's super league this evening. it came at headingley, where two tries from adam cuthbertson helped leeds rhinos defeat strugglers leigh centurions 22—14. the british and irish lions kick off their tour of new zealand tomorrow when they play the provincial barbarians. our rugby union reporter chrisjones is with the lions camp. so the lions have headed to the venue so the lions have headed to the venue for the first game of this gruelling ten match tour of new zealand, and the sunny skies of auckland have given way to torrential rain and falling temperatures, a port and perhaps of the challenges that await the lions over the next five weeks or so. but they should and must beat the provincial barbarians tomorrow. those selected for the lions have a wonderful opportunity to make an early impression. it really felt like i was chasing it
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four years ago, because i missed the first two games, the last guy in the whole tour to play a fixture, so nice to get the things in my kit bag. i will need a good few games before i start hitting my straps. we all know every game now is a massive audition for the test matches, really pleased to be involved in the first one. the provincial barbarians are relatively unknown, but a lot of focus will be on their fly—half, 22—year—old bryn gatland has played for the auckland blues and is also the son of the lions boss. i spoke to him last night, and he is enjoying it, so i think we will catch up tomorrow. he will expect to make a few tackles in the week, but we haven't spoken too much about the game. obviously, he's pretty excited about the opportunity to play, if he does get a chance to play against us. looking forward to seeing how he goes. after months, years of hype and expectation, we are finally
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about to get up and running. it has been called the most difficult lions tour of all time, and it all gets under way tomorrow. chris jones reporting chrisjones reporting there. there was a surprise at epsom, where enable, ridden by frankie dettori, won the oaks. john gosden's filly was a 6—1 shot for the mile—and—a—half classic, run in driving rain, after a thunderstorm hit the track just minutes before the start. odds—on favourite rhododendron finished second. plenty more build—up ahead of tomorrow night's champions league final across bbc sport tomorrow, but in the meantime, that's all from sportsday. coming up in a moment, the papers. hello and welcome to our look ahead
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to what the the papers will be bringing us tomorrow. with me are kevin schofield, editor of politicshome, and camilla tominey, deputy political editor of the sunday express. welcome to you both, lots to talk about, as usual! we will start with the front pages. the mirror leads with the conservative candidate for south thanet, craig mackinlay, being charged with breaking electoral law. the tories have said the allegations are unfounded. the election is also the main story on the express, with snp leader nicola sturgeon saying she'd be willing to enter coalition talks with labour if the result is inconclusive. the mail cites research which suggests statins can dramatically cut the risk of dying from breast cancer. theresa may has vowed to consult businesses at every step of the brexit negotiations, in an interview with the financial times. the i leads with the conservative candidate for south thanet, craig mackinlay, being charged with allegedly overspending in the 2015 general election campaign. the telegraph shows a picture of the prime minister
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facing the question time audience. and the guardian says labour has accused the tories of using fake—news ads to attackjeremy corbyn. all the stories, in some form or another, are connected to the election of people standing in it. a lot of interesting stuff for you both this week, as political correspondence, the daily telegraph is where we will start, theresa may on question time this evening, and of course jeremy corbyn on question time this evening, and of coursejeremy corbyn appeared later, a45 minutes, of coursejeremy corbyn appeared later, 445 minutes, not facing each other but tough questions at times from the audience. brilliant for the daily telegraph to get this in their first addition, and i thought it was a really interesting format, much more valuable than the debate on wednesday, because it was them facing questions, and the public have played a blinder in this


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