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tv   Driving Mexicos Economy  BBC News  June 4, 2017 5:30am-5:59am BST

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j they may have to to shoot somebody out of a car. it doesn't seem to have happened in this case but it gives you an indication of the level of training that officers are now having to go through to deal with things like this. of course london now, you know, another terror attack and we have seen so many in europe. people are having to get used this way of life, aren't they? we saw paris, berlin, nice, brussels, the list goes on on. the metropolitan police, when parliament was attacked, they had said they need people to remain calm and vigilant and alert them they also put out advice about be aware of what is going on, run from the scene if something is happening, hide and tell the police, report what is going on. that is important as well. they put that advice out so it shows they are trying to get m essa 9 es it shows they are trying to get messages out. rather dramatic advice. it is. it is carefully
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thought about, not just something they threw together tonight. the advice is sometimes a little bit different, it involves fighting back. at the official advice here is to get out of the area and tell the police. if you cannot get out, then hide. it shows they want to get that message across directly to the public because the way police communications work these days is to talk directly via twitter and social media to the public, and not worry about what people like me will say in reporting what the police say. speak directly to the public and hope that people can get on with a life of a cell. happens around them. that was our home affairs correspondent talking to me earlier on. since then we have learned from the assistant commissioner that six people have died in these terror attacks. we are at the cordon here and it is much calmer than it was a few hours ago but you can still see a lot of police down towards the end of the road. we are quite near the shard here as dawn breaks across central london. hickstead is the
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latest death toll that the police are giving us and three suspected attackers. —— six dead is the latest death toll. ariana grande, the american pop star who was giving a concert when it was attacked in the last terror attack at manchester arena she is back in the uk are a concert to raise funds for the victims of that attack and she has tweeted overnight praying for london. that is ariana grande saying that she is praying for london. you may remember at the time of the manchester attack after her concert then she said she was broken in a tweet. i'd like to show you some pictures of police going into a bar just after the attacks were launched at london bridge and borough market. this is a german bach, the
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katzenjammer, please going in to tell people to go out. down! down! they're dramatic tell people to go out. down! down! they‘ re dramatic pictures tell people to go out. down! down! they're dramatic pictures there from the bar and that scene, i'm sure was replicated in other bars and venues around the area. police tried to evacuate people as quickly as they could. we know that some people were seen with their hands over their heads, up in the air, to show that they were no danger to the police. in terms of the injured, we spoke about the death toll was the winner from land and ambulance that 30 people were taken to six —— we know from london ambulance that 30 people
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we re from london ambulance that 30 people were taken to a half—dozen hospitals. a huge response from the emergency services as well is the police, the armed police were quickly on the scene. an awful lot of medics and paramedics involved and now, of course, doctors, surgeons and nurses in the various hospitals where the casualties are being treated. let's show you a picture that we received overnight of one of the three suspected attackers having been shot dead, lying in the street and with these canisters strapped to his body. the assistant commissioner from the metropolitan police were saying that there were what looked like the explosive vests strapped to the bodies of the three attackers but these were actually hoaxes devices or hoax explosives vest we have been talking to a couple of eyewitnesses, robbie and joshua. we spoke to them during the night and asked them what
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they had seen as the atrocity unfolded. we were in the pub. my friend josh ordered a taxi. i left, crossed the road, got into the taxi and looked out of the window, josh has gone in to get our friend. five or ten seconds later i is the 20 or 30 people trying to run inside the pub, which i thought was rather odd, then i saw a white van speeding down the pavement and crashed into either a lamppost or a wall, not sure what. then i saw two or three males jumping out of the van and running down the road and at that point the taxi driver sped off. we didn't know what was going on, we thought a bomb might have gone off or some sort of terrorist attack, at first we thought there might have been a car accident but the restlessness of the people
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—— but the aggressiveness of the people jumping out of the van didn't seem quite right so the taxi driver sped off down the road. from what you could tell, what did these men look like? two to three males jumped out of the van, they looked aggressive, i think they might have been shouting. it was quite hard to make out what was going on. at first it seemed like it could have been a car accident, someone losing control of a van, but the aggressiveness and speed at which the people jumped out... theyjumped out of the van and started running down the road. it was quite a horrible sight actually. did you see any of the casualties that had been caused by the vehicle?
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i didn't actually see anyone immediately get hit over. the taxi driver went to the other side of the road and we saw someone who looked like he had been badly injured. i didn't actually see the van hit anyone. perhaps i can talk to your friend, joshua land, who you are with that you mentioned, what did you witness? rob has just chatted to you, he was in the taxi crossing the road, he got in, i went back into the pub, called the barrow and banker, barrowboy and banker, i went in for ten to 15 seconds to get my friend, we had just ordered the taxi, i walked outside and i can't
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remember whether people were running in orwhat, i rememberthere being a bit of a commotion and to the right of me, and we're talking two metres away from the front of the pub entrance was this white van which had crashed into the railings just to the side. i could see that the wheels were all smashed up. it didn't look too bad. i actually thought when i saw it, ok, this sort of looks like an accident, i didn't think it was a terrorist incident at this point. like i said i came out with my friend christian. we looked across where the uber had been and that was gone, there was no uber, the van was there, no one in the van, then i heard running up from the steps, right next
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to the barrowboy, and i heard them shout, "he's got a knife, he's stabbing people. " that's all we heard and then we've and and my friend said to me, "josh, run, call your family. " we ran towards london bridge station. i tried to get hold of a couple of people. i'll be honest, i didn't see anyone about. there was a bit of commotion but there wasn't a huge amount of information being disseminated between people. some were walking around as if it was normal, some people were panicking, particularly in the station it was as though half of the people didn't have a clue what was going on. even though i saw part of it, i still didn't know what was going on. but i definitely saw the van crash into the gated fence area. it looked a bit mangled and then i saw the guy running up, the stairs, i think,
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lead down to borough market, i heard a guy running up from those stairs and that's when he shouted, he's got a knife, he's stabbing people. what was going through your mind, joshua, when you heard those words, "he's got a knife?" i'll be honest, it took me a long time to realise what was going on. i didn't fully believe what was happening. i'd been out there ten seconds earlier with my friend with the taxi, literally went into get someone, came out and i thought it didn't look too mangled so i thought it was an innocent swerve off the road at the time and it was only when i heard this guy shout "he's got a knife, he's stabbing people," and to be honest i still didn't believe it. my friend shouted at me to run
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and to call my family. i kind ofjust followed him, i didn't really react too much if i'm honest. but, yes, it was certainly strange when i walked out. there was a strange atmosphere when the van was there, you can see it and i don't think anyone knew what was going on but as soon as this guy shouted that, that's when people started running and i think a fair few people ended up staying in the pub and i think they were there for a bit. i don't know what happened to them, i think they were all fine. well, as you rejoin us live here at the police cordon close to london bridge and so the borough market let mejust show you bridge and so the borough market let me just show you the scene. it is much calmer now. a few hours ago there was real tension here with police cars racing around and people
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still not entirely sure what was going on. much calmer now with dawn and light descending on this part of london. you can see down there where the road has been sealed off like so many roads around here, police cordon is a right around this area. it is difficult to move around because so many streets have been sealed off at the counter terrorism command and metropolitan police are in charge of the investigation and are public to upload any pictures or video they may have taken as the attack was unfolding. they needed as possible evidence. we also hear that the united states, the us state department has condemned the attacks here as a cowardly atrocity and offering any assistance that the americans can give to the british authorities in their investigations. the french president, emmanuel macron has said that france stands by the united kingdom. today, more
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than ever my thoughts are with the victims and their families says the president. this is the third terror attack on uk soil since march. the westminster attack and then the manchester bombing we had just last week. police were telling us how they shot dead the three expected to make suspected attackers, within eight minutes of receiving the first emergency call from the london bridge area. we saw a picture that was taken by photographer of one of the dead suspected attackers with what looked like canisters strapped to his body. the photographer who took the picture spoke to us. i came in after the man stabbed some other men, i'm not sure about this or whatever happened. a man tried to pull me off the scene
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and i ran towards the scene because i noticed this man with an exposed explosive—looking belt on his chest. they were running. the police officer was trying to put himself between them and the crowd. at that point i ran towards them. more police came over. i guess they were on the radio or something because in a few seconds they had shot all three men down and, yeah, that is what i honestly saw. any questions? the man that you took
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the picture of, these canisters on his body, what did you think they were? the first time i thought it wasn't anything real. it didn't look real. i'm not the person who could honestly say if it was real or not because i have no experience in regard. but it looked like a toy to me. that's why i wasn't too scared. so you weren't scared? you had been in this part of london, you were watching the football? yes, i'm a fan ofjuventus and since i am a photographer i was there, i saw this situation coming up. iran i ran towards it. iwasjust, you know, looking for this situation to happen. you must have been pretty alarmed by what you saw and what was going on around you? i have been in situations
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like this before. i don't think you realise how scary it can possibly be until you put yourself into it because even a policeman could have shot me because it was me, the police and these three men. i was lucky definitely. gabriele sciotto, thank you very much indeed for being with us. we also heard from john stokes. this is what he told me. we were approaching london bridge with the bus and i was preparing the tourists on the bus to get their cameras out to get a photo of tower bridge from london bridge. as we were coming on to the bridge, the driver and i noticed two taxis on the left—hand side and someone
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lying on the pavement. and we just assumed that perhaps that person may have been accidentally knocked over or something. as we continued along the bridge at a slow pace, like we always do, we spotted another person lying on the pavement and we became a bit alarmed with that, and then a third person and we started to think, well, maybe it may have been a gang fight, because i know that area does have a few gangs. then when we saw a few more people lying down and people running up towards them and we were quite concerned and eventually, we had to stop the bus halfway across the bridge because the traffic
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had come to a stop. there were no police at the time we arrived. we are assuming it must have happened within two or three minutes prior to us arriving on the bridge. i attempted to call 999 and the police did arrive within about five minutes after we stopped the bus. and then sometime later there were lots and lots of police cars racing down to the bridge as well as ambulances and then someone in uniform came up to our bus and knocked on the door and told everyone on the bus to run. so all of the tourists on our bus ran for their lives and we lost track of them because i was trying to muster them together. about two minutes ago. we were unable to move our bus because it is part of the area of the crime scene for a so, yeah, our bus is there and we don't know how long it will be staying there for, possibly a few days.
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we are glad you are safe, even if your bus is there. you say you saw people being treated in the road. have you any idea of the number, how many people were affected? well, i counted eight. eight people? lynne and i saw eight people lying down on the pavement. some looked like they were lying on the actual road, rather than on the pavement itself, on the road itself. the problem is she was concentrating on her driving and i had a microphone in my hand so i took my attention off my guiding and i was trying to do two things at once, find out what was happening around us and then the people upstairs on the bus were all peering over the side of the bus and they saw
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all the people lying there. we came to a stage where a lot of the ladies on the bus and some of the children were actually crying and then we were told to run so everybody ran, and that's it. i've just got home now and i don't know when we're going to get our bus back. what was the sense of urgency from the police officer? you say they were banging on the bus door, did you get the sense that you needed to run for your life, or theyjust wanted you out of the area to deal with the situation? could you tell? i thought there may have been a car bomb or there may have been explosives around and they were just trying to get us out of the area for our own safety. i do know that when we got to the other end of the bridge
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where we were told to go, a policeman walked past me with a sniffer dog so i am assuming that the dog was probably sniffing for explosives. so that is about all i know, having been on the bus, so i probably don't know quite as much as what the people on the pavement... no, your account is very vivid. you touched on it earlier, john, presumably you had tourists on this bus. to suddenly encounter injured people on the road and on the pavement and then have officers banging on the door in telling you to run, what was the reaction, not only your reaction but the reaction of your guests? honestly, i was more concerned about our guests because i don't flap so easily, but this guy was banging so hard, he probably made the situation worse because, you know, he was banging on the door
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and saying "run, run, run!" because the door was closed, obviously. "move, move!" so i said to the people that in the bus that they needed to get off and they heard shouting and, you know, some of the women and children were crying and, i mean, they were from all over the world and they were standing on my bus looking at all of these bodies lying all over the place. it was a shocking sight for people on holiday and on top of one of london's most iconic bridges... i mean, london bridge is known all over the world, so it... i don't know what to say because it is so weird. because i remember 9/ii. we were on london bridge as well when 9/ii happened and many of the americans were getting phone calls on their cellphones and they were saying things like oh,
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my god, oh, my god. and all these years later, another situation on the same bridge. it is unbelievable. clearly very upsetting and we appreciate you speaking to us
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75mm at10:08 *' f’ i j and at 10:08 london themselves. and at 10:08 london time, the emergency services and the police received their first call, saying that there had been what appeared to be an attack and this was a white van being driven at speed across london bridge at around 50 miles an hour according to some eyewitnesses. it's worked and it hit the austrians. a number of pedestrians there and casualties. 10:08. the occupants of the then jumped out after it crashed at the end of the bridge and started carrying out knife attacks. at the end of it all, the police have told us, six people have been killed. the three assailants, three suspected attackers, were shot dead by armed police who are at the scene quickly, within eight minutes of the first
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emergency call. we came here now from the police, the assistant commissioner of the metropolitan police mark rowley. the metropolitan police has been responding to incidents in london bridge and borough market areas of london. we're treating this as a terrorist incident and a full investigation is underway, led by london's counterterrorism command. you will understand our knowledge of the incident is still growing but at the moment, what we understand is as follows. at 10:08pm last night, we began to receive reports a vehicle had struck pedestrians on london bridge. the vehicle continued to drive then from london bridge to borough market. the suspects left the vehicle, attempting to stab number of people, —— the suspects left the vehicle, attempting to stab a number of people, including an on—duty british transport police officer who was responding to the incident, and he received serious injuries, fortunately not life—threatening. his family has been informed. armed response officers then responded very quickly and bravely and confronted the three male suspects who were shot and killed in borough market.
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the suspects had been confronted and shot by police within eight minutes of the first call. the suspects were wearing what looked like an explosive vests, but these were later established to be hoaxes. the ongoing operation is led by the met, working closely with british transport police, city of london police, and london's ambulance and fire services. at this stage we believe, sadly, six people have died, in addition to the three attackers shot by police, and there are at least 20 casualties taken to six hospitals across london, but numbers are still rising. i'd like to repeat our request for londoners to avoid the areas of london bridge and borough market to enable the emergency services to continue this operation. this investigation, as i said, is led by the counter—terrorism command and we'd ask for help from the public
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in the following way — anyone who's got any images or film from the incident tonight, perhaps people in the area, can help by uploading it to and you can get that on various newsfeeds. of course, our thoughts are with those who are involved and those concerned about loved ones in the area — they should contact our casualty bureau which is open on 0800 0961233. if you're worried about someone in the area, 0800 0961233. looking forward, we are reviewing our plans for policing stance across london and overforthcoming days people can expect to see more police resources across the capital. finally, i would ask the public to be vigilant and contact the police if they've got any concerns. assistant commissioner, can you tell us is this incident completely over now? our current belief is that there
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were three attackers, but this is early on, so we've still got some enquiries to work through to be completely confident about that. there were three attackers in the vehicle, so the attackers in the vehicle have all been killed? this is a protracted incident that starts on the bridge and finishes in borough market and we believe three people were involved, but we've got more enquiries to do to be but that's now been ruled out. last questioncan you tell us a bit more about the people involved in the operation to bring down these terrorists? the public will be aware we have strengthened our armed policing presence across london in recent years.
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we got more armed response vehicles to hand and it's those armed response vehicles out driving around london, day in day out to protect the public, and they responded quickly and bravely confronted these three individuals, shot them and they are dead. good morning. you are watching bbc brea kfast. good morning. you are watching bbc breakfast. i'm at london bridge in central london were six people were killed last night. counter—terrorism police are still on the scene. in the first incident, a van swerved onto the pavement and ploughed into pedestrians, eyewitnesses say the driver seemed to be deliberately targeting people. get down! he and two other men left the van in nearby borough market, where several people were attacked with knives. they were running in. they were
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going into all the pubs. i cannot remember all of them. i was saying run, run, run. police responded within eight minutes. armed officers shot dead three attackers. the suspects were wearing


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