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tv   BBC News  BBC News  June 4, 2017 4:00pm-5:01pm BST

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you're watching bbc news. i'm jane hill. police make 12 arrests following last night's terrorist attack here on london bridge that left seven people dead and 48 injured. a van drove into pedestrians on the bridge before three men jumped out and stabbed people in nearby streets. they were running in all the pubs, all the bars. they run in and they were stabbing everyone and i was going to people, "run, run, run!". several homes have been raided in barking in east london. it is thought that four of the 12 arrested are women. the prime minister condemned what she called the "evil ideology of islamist extremism" and said it was time to say "enough is enough". there is, to be frank, far too much tolerance of extremism in our country. so we need to become far more robust in identifying it and stamping it
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out across the public sector and across society. the main political parties or is there campaigning for the general election. it's important to give a message that democracy must prevail. if we allow these attacks to disrupt our democratic process then we all lose. this is the scene on london bridge. we will bring you the latest on a fast paced investigation as some londoners tell me they are remaining defiant. small-minded cowardly evil people should not change our way of life will stop they won't make me scared on the streets of london. hello from london bridge in central
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london, the scene on saturday night of another terrorist attack, the third in the uk in as many months. seven people lost their lives last night, 48 people were injured. the prime minister theresa may has been speaking in the wake of this attack and blamed what she called the evil ideology of islamists extremism. as we have been reporting, 12 people have so far been arrested here today, sunday. they were arrested in barking in east london. a number of
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addresses are being searched. searches of the properties are ongoing, and we believe that four of the 12 arrested are women. let's bring you right up to date with what we know about the attack itself as well. if you have not heard the details, we will try to talk you through what happened. police were called when reports emerged of a van driving along london bridge and ramming into pedestrians. that is where a lot of people were hurt. those calls went to the police at 10:08pm local time. that vehicle crashed on the bridge and was abandoned. the attackers got out, they moved a short way down the road to nearby borough market, and it is there that they began stabbing people. that area in particular, i should say, would have been extremely busy on a warm saturday night. however, within eight minutes, all three attackers were shot and killed by armed police. in
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downing street, the prime minister this afternoon condemned this attack, saying it is time to say that enough is enough. ourfirst report this hour on alby latest details comes from danjohnson, and some of the details you may find distressing. sirens. the warmth of a summer's evening shattered by sirens. clear the area now! a huge police response answering urgent calls for help. whoa. just after 10pm, this white van was driven at people who were walking across london bridge. it crashed near southwark cathedral. witnesses say three men got out and ran towards borough market, stabbing anyone in their way. that is terrorists. there was a bar full of people there just having a good time, and they went running straight into them, and then i'm not too sure what they were saying, i think they were saying, "this is for allah," and people, you could hear them screaming,
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they were getting stabbed. when i first see them, they were, "this is for allah," and they run up, they stabbed this girl, i don't know how many times, ten times, maybe 15 times. and she was going, "help me, help me," and i could not do nothing. down, down! terror rippled through the area's bars and restaurants. police ordered people to get down as they tried to identify the attackers. others were told to run, as armed officers moved in and cleared the area. then this. gunfire. less than ten minutes after the first calls, it was over — three attackers shot dead in the street. they had canisters taped to their bodies, made to look like suicide vests — but not real, the police say. the ambulance service and hospitals put emergency plans into action.
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paramedics were there quickly, trying to save lives. 0n the bridge, people were treating those who'd been hit. there was a lot of praise for the emergency services, and for passers—by, instinctive reaction or practised major instant response. i visited one of the hospitals where the injured are being treated. there, i heard truly remarkable stories of extraordinarily brave actions by officers on and off duty who were first on the scene. i also heard of colleagues from other emergency services and members of the public who ran towards the danger as this incident unfolded. many, many people risked their own safety to help others and to treat those seriously injured, and indeed to confront the suspects involved. behind a growing police cordon, teams were still checking the area,
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for a while unsure if other attackers were still a threat. this was a team of armed officers being dropped onto the bridge, thought to be an elite sas unit nicknamed blue thunder, being used for the first time. behind a growing police cordon, teams were still checking the area, for a while unsure if other attackers were still a threat. there were controlled explosions as they searched buildings. once again, terror has torn through the election campaign, and the prime minister has been forced to confront some of the toughest issues. since the emergence of the threat from islamist inspired terrorism, our country has made significant progress in disrupting plots and protecting the public. but it is time to say enough is enough. everybody needs to go about their lives as they normally would. 0ur society should continue to function in accordance with our values. but when it comes to taking
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on extremism and terrorism, things need to change. democracy has been interrupted for the second time in a fortnight, as politicians attended an emergency cabinet committee meeting with security officials. it is important to give a message that democracy must prevail. if we allow these attacks to disrupt our democratic recess, then we all lose. london's mayor described a city wounded but resolute. my message to londoners and visitors to our great city is to be calm and vigilant today. you will see an increased police presence today, including armed officers and uniformed officers. there is no reason to be alarmed by this. we are the safest global city in the world. you saw last night, as a consequence of our planning, preparation and the rehearsals that take place, the swift response from the emergency services, tackling the terrorists,
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but also helping the injured. the police investigation is spreading already. this morning, officers raided a flat in east london, but they have not confirmed its connection. there are reports of 12 arrests. i saw from my window up on the second floor a man on the floor and there were loads of police cars all there were loads of police cars all the way around. when i came out on my balcony, i saw three more men right next to him lying on the floor just there. there is a large area around london bridge that is still taped off, and lots of extra officers are on duty. we understand investigators know who the men in the van work, but their priority is working out who may have helped them. this city is left to consider another attack that took life from its streets. we have talked about those arrayed
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in barking in the east of the capital. let'sjoin in barking in the east of the capital. let's join our correspondence there. bring us up to date with what has been happening where you are. around 7am, police raided a flat in this building behind me, the elizabeth fry welding on kings road in barking. it is believed they used stun grenades in that raid. we know there is quite intense forensic activity around the back of the building, a ground floor flat where a tarpaulin and scaffolding has been put up now to protect that investigation, which could take quite some time. we know from scotland yard that 12 arrests have been made in barking today, and multiple addresses are still being searched. we are not sure how many of those arrests may be from this building, but eyewitnesses and neighbours say that they saw four men and a woman being brought out of the flat. they were laid on the floor at one point before being taken away. shortly afterwards,
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another woman was brought out on a stretcher and was ta ken another woman was brought out on a stretcher and was taken away in an ambulance. a little later on there was more activity, more people brought out of that flat, and then taken away by police. still a very large police presence here, and what we are saying to us is that they believe that one of those at attackers that carried out those atrocities last night was actually living here. they believe he lived here with his wife and at least one child. they say that because they recognised pictures that are being widely circulated in the media today. i must stress that it is so far unconfirmed. did you have any sense of the lease, do they expect to be there for some time, how much information is coming out from the police? we are not getting any details from police on the ground here. of course, we know because scotla nd here. of course, we know because
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scotland yard have told us today, that this is very fast moving, that they are pursuing lots of different lines of enquiry. the fact that the tarpaulin has gone up at the back looks like they will be here for some time. i can't regulate how long that might be, but it seems there will be some kind of deep forensic work going on at this property over the hours and days to come. the priority for police is to try and find out whether anyone else knew what these three attackers were planning to do. catherine, thank you. some usejust coming catherine, thank you. some use just coming through from canada's prime minister in the last little while, we are hearing that justin trudeau has confirmed that a nadine citizen was among who died here in the attack last night. 0ne canadian citizen. that news emerging
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from canada in the last little while. another reminder, if we need one, as to what a multicultural city this is, and how people of all nationalities are caught up in these attacks. we saw that after the westminster bridge attack. it was not just londoners westminster bridge attack. it was notjust londoners who died and were injured, there were visitors from many countries and regrettably it is a similar situation with this london bridge attack. lots of people saw what happened here last night because it is a densely populated area. our market in particular, and especially at a weekend, would have been extraordinarily busy. there are so been extraordinarily busy. there are so many popular bars and restaurants in that area. our home editor has been talking to one couple who actually live in borough market, and they watched everything unfold from their flat. around about 10:10, we were just watching a film, windows wide open, and wejust heard commotion,
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you know, glass smashing, you know, tables and chairs being tipped over. high—pitched screaming. lots of screaming, yeah, so ijumped up, and i looked out the window onto what would be southwark street, and i saw lots of people screaming and running and just trying to get out of the way of something. most people trying to run down into the underground station, run down borough high street. yeah, people were running everywhere, you heard a man on the phone saying, there'd been a stabbing, "there's been a stabbing which..." and it was when i saw lots of people running down into the underground that i thought it seemed a lot more serious, because it was mass panic — it wasn't just a fight, it was something serious. and there was one ambulance that had obviously gone to this stabbing. 0ne young guy seemed to come out of the pub, and he was knocking on the window of the ambulance, he was in a panic, saying, "you have to help me, my friend, he's been stabbed, and he's in the pub." whether or not he got stabbed in the pub or outside the pub, i don't know, and he said, "my friend's been stabbed, he's in the pub." and there was another guy who was probably in his 40s,
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standing on the other side of the ambulance, knocking on the other window, saying, "i've been stabbed," and he was covered in blood. i'm not sure if i've got this wrong now, because i haven't seen it on the news, but i am convinced that i heard some sort of bang in the slug and lettuce. people came out screaming. lots of people came running out of the slug and lettuce, then armed police ran in there, and it was in that kind of area, all the borough high street area we heard another series of gunshots. so i looked out the window, and there was loads of armed police. it was when everything seemed to calm down. everything seemed to calm down... yeah, there wasn't a lot of people around, and there were a lot of police still, not many people, but then we were looking out the window, and the bomb robot turned up. yeah, and then claudia said, "it looks like there's a bomb squad here," so i shouted down... at this point, they had cleared everyone out of the whole area, so i shouted down and said, "we are still up here, what should we do?" and then one of the police officers said, "get out, you have to get out of the building now." he was like, "look, just run." 0ne couple who witnessed everything
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last night talking to our home editor there. we were reflecting on the fact that canada has announced that one of its citizens was killed and we have had a statement through on behalf of the prime minister of canada in relation to everything that has been happening here in london, and worth just that has been happening here in london, and worthjust bringing that has been happening here in london, and worth just bringing you some of these sentiments because it says "canada some of these sentiments because it says "ca nada strongly some of these sentiments because it says "canada strongly condemns the sensors attack that took in last night in london which killed and injured many innocent people. i am heartbroken that a canadian is among those killed. londoners and people across the united kingdom have a lwa ys across the united kingdom have always displayed strength and resilience in the face of adversity. we recently saw that after the attacks in westminster, and the one in manchester. this will be no different. these hateful acts do not deter us, they only strengthen our resolve". he adds, " canadians stand
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united with the british people". that statement from canada's prime minister, justin trudeau. we will try to keep you up to date with the investigation. 12 people have been arrested. as we know, seven people were killed, and 48 people have been injured. we'll have more on the investigation in a moment. let's stay with the human impact of all of this and we can here for the initial comments from the archbishop of canterbury. first of all, grief and horror, and just that appalling sense that it's happening again, that people are suffering so greatly. secondly, immense admiration for those who have responded, the emergency services, the quick responses of the police. and, thirdly, something that
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struck me this morning in this enormous pentecost service and ram—packed church we had this morning. there was a profound sense of resilience, of faith, and of hope. and that is what i pray for this country. 0ur resilience, our faith, and our hope. determination to overcome the terrorists, to maintainjustice and peace, and preservation for all. the archbishop of canterbury there. we have been talking about the fact that the general election campaign is suspended for today. all the main parties except for ukip have suspended on to go campaigning, but
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we are not far of the british general election, of course. it is this thursday, so all of those coming just eight few days before britain goes to the polls on thursday the 8th ofjune. 0n britain goes to the polls on thursday the 8th ofjune. on top of that political situation, we have been hearing about the emergency cobra meeting that took place this morning, so more details on all of that from our political correspondence le price. an all too familiar sight. flags flying at half—mast over downing street, as senior cabinet figures and police officials arrive at a cobra meeting to discuss last night's attack. just four days before a general election, the main parties announced they would postpone national campaigning. but it would get underway again tomorrow. so there's a balance of things here. 0n the one hand, clearly we want to respect the people who have been injured and killed. we want to pay proper respect, and therefore, we don't want to carry on across it. but on the other hand, the people doing this are doing this because they despise the freedoms that we have.
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and those freedoms can be the freedom to go out on a saturday night or the freedom to cast their vote. the labour leader, jeremy corbyn, said despite today's campaign suspension, the democratic process must not be disrupted. i can't recall any other election when there's been anything like this. this has got to be the worst. i hope that it will not disrupt our process, because we have to have a democratic process. but i also hope we will reflect on the need to have sufficient police officers on our streets, and also sufficient intelligence to look at the terrorist threat. but in response, as in manchester, all communities must come together. it is right that we suspend our national campaigning. but it's also right that we get the balance right. and we are proud of our democracy, and that in the midst of an election, all parties, no matter who you support, ought to continue with that local campaigning, and we should get on with the national campaigning soon. it must not be that the terrorists put us in a position where we weaken our democracy in response to that outrage. in scotland, the snp leader and first minister nicola sturgeon,
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also not campaigning, will chair a meeting of the scottish government's resilience committee in the wake of the attack. we must all of us be absolutely determined to tackle and to challenge extremism, but i think it is so important that as we do that we bear in mind the principles i have been speaking about, that terrorists wind if we allow ourselves to become divided, and they do so if we allow our freedoms and civil liberties to be undermined. but unlike the other main political parties, ukip say they won't suspend national campaigning today. the prime minister says we must not have the democratic process stopped by terrorism, therefore we're going to suspend campaigning. we think the opposite of that. we think we should be having an honest conversation about the real mistakes we've made in the past, and what we need to do to put this right. this election campaign has seen two terror attacks in as many weeks. when the campaign does get back under way tomorrow, it's likely to be more muted
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and the issue of security firmly on the minds of voters. let's get more now on all of that from our political correspondent who is following a for us at westminster. your thoughts first of all on the political campaign. we are only four days away from the election, but there was almost unanimous political agreement on the suspension of campaigning. a brief suspension of campaigning. a brief suspension of campaigning. a brief suspension of campaigning, let's be clear about that. jeremy corbyn will be making a speech this evening, after all. eight few hours, be making a speech this evening, afterall. eight few hours, if be making a speech this evening, after all. eight few hours, if you like, during the day where the parties, apart from ukip, decided not to do any national campaigning. there will still be door—to—door knocking in individual constituencies, but yes, agreement
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on that. also agreement on not postponing the election. it would have been legally tricky, but clearly the parties believe that doing so would play into the hands of... i'm sorry, doing so would play into the hands of... i'm sorry, we go straight to scotla nd of... i'm sorry, we go straight to scotland yard for an update on the investigation. officers from the counter—terrorism unit... piece together exactly what happened last night. we have already made good progress, but there remains much more to do. we are making significant progress now in identifying the three attackers, and confirming the fact that there were no other suspects at the scene when the attack was carried out. work is ongoing to understand more about them, about their connections, and about whether they were assisted or supported by anyone else. as you are aware, there are searches is ongoing
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in east london and 12 arrests have already been made. there is clearly more to do, and we will work relentlessly to get to the facts. we have established that the van used during the attack was a white renault van that was recently hired by one of the attackers. as our understanding grows, we now understanding grows, we now understand that the van at london bridge started the attack at 9:58pm with members of the public calling police a fume and its later. the van mounted the pavement and collided with pedestrians before being abandoned, where attackers armed with knives, continued into the borough market area, stabbing numerous people. the attackers were confronted by the firearms officers, andl confronted by the firearms officers, and i can confirm that eight police firearms officers discharged their weapons. whilst this will be subject to an investigation by the ipcc, our initial assessment is in the region of 50 rounds, 50 bullets were fired
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by those eight officers. the three attackers were shot dead. the situation these officers were confronted with was critical. a matter of life and death. three armed men, wearing what appeared to be suicide belts. they had already attacked and killed members of the public and had to be stopped immediately. indeed, i public and had to be stopped immediately. indeed, lam not surprised that, when faced with what they feared were three suicide bombers, the firearms officers fired an unprecedented number of rounds to be completely confident that they had neutralised the threat that those men posed. i am had neutralised the threat that those men posed. lam humbled by the bravery of an officer who will rush towards a potential suicide bomber, thinking only of protecting others. as the officers in front of the terrorists, a member of the public also suffered a gunshot wound. although the injuries are not critical in nature, they are in
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hospital, receiving medical attention, and we will keep you updated on that. seven people have been killed, in addition to the three attackers. work to inform the next of kin of victims is ongoing, and this may take some time as we believe some victims are from abroad. on top of that, we have 36 people remaining in hospital suffering from a range of injuries, and some of these are extremely serious, and 21 remain in critical condition. you will have heard today about the british transport police officer who sustained injuries in the attack, responding to the incident. i can confirm that an off—duty metropolitan police officer, based on southwark borough, was caught up in the attack. he has not suffered life—threatening injuries but remains in hospital. the investigation team are taking statements from hundreds of witnesses and i again appeal to anybody with information or footage of the incident to make contact with police. the cordon is in place
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around london bridge and borough market and will remain in place for a while yet, and we encourage the public to avoid the area whilst our investigation continues. this is likely to have some impact on travel arrangements in the first part of tomorrow morning, and we ask everyone to check with their travel operators and seek alternative routes where necessary. the public can expect is the additional police, both arms and armand, across the capital in forthcoming days, and our security and policing plans for forthcoming events are being reviewed. you will also see increased measures to keep the public safe on london's bridges. finally, i asked the public to remain calm and vigilant, and if you see anything suspicious, no matter how insignificant you think it might be, don't hesitate to contact the police, either on 999, orthe anti—terrorism hotline. our 807 89321. i will take a couple of questions. do you think all the main
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perpetrators were shot dead by your officers? we are increasingly confident that this attack was conducted by three individuals, lily we need to establish whether our any associates all anyone else involved in the planning. is there anything to suggest these men were known to police or the security agencies as a mark i want to finish the work on confirming the identity of those involved before i give details in respect to that. what a military involvement was that last night? we have routine plans for a terrorist incident to immediately summon specialist support from the military where necessary. this incident was resolved by police officers as the first responders. so the military arrived after it had been dealt with? the military were not involved in the resolution of this incident. thank you all very much.
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so, assistant commissioner mark rowley with some interesting update there on the investigation. a view pieces of information, that eight different police officers, eight armed police officers fired during that period, which resulted in the death of the three attackers, they fired a total of 50 bullets. he said this was to be expected, given that all three appeared to be wearing suicide belts. all three were wearing them. we know they were fake, they were canisters, things do look like suicide belts, but of course the police and public did not know that at the time, which seeks to the bravery, particularly of those members of the public who tried to help as well. they all appeared to be wearing suicide belts. in terms of those who were injured, we have talked about 48 people injured in total, as we know, but again mark rowley saying that
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some of those people are suffering extremely serious injuries and that, sadly, reminds us of everything we talked about in the wake of the manchester attack which was a similar situation. our home affairs correspondent was listening to that update. your thoughts on some of the key point there? very striking that eight armed police officers opened fire and they fired an unprecedented number of rounds, around 50 rounds fired by the officers. that is a large number of rounds for the incident they were dealing with. these officers are trained to fire a single shots, very accurate shots, but eight officers fired between them 50 rounds and it shows the concerned they had at the time that they were dealing with these men, men who were wearing
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things that could have been interpreted as possible suicide belts. i think that will be an interesting line of this story once the main investigation is out of the way. of course tragically one member of the public also was hit by those armed officers, shot by one of those armed officers, shot by one of those armed officers, shot by one of those armed officers, although they have not suffered fatal injuries. but thatis not suffered fatal injuries. but that is a significant part of this story as well. it gives you an idea of the intensity of those few minutes last night when those armed officers arrived at the scene and we re officers arrived at the scene and were trying to stop men armed with knives who were cutting their way through the night—time crowds near london bridge. 50 rounds of bullets. i think i said 50 rounds of bullets. i think i said 50 bullets, but it was 50 rounds of bullets. they believed the three men we re bullets. they believed the three men were all wearing a suicide belt. just a thought as well about
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security in the days and weeks ahead. we saw a step up after the bombing at the manchester concert. no surprise, but the same is going to happen again. there is a reassurance element to it and everyone's mines are very focused on that here at new scotland yard at the moment. there is concern the public might start to panic. they know they have to provide reassurance. the highly visible policing seen in the days ahead will be about reassurance, and there will be about reassurance, and there will bea be about reassurance, and there will be a lot of officers on the ground doing forensic searches around london bridge. whether there is a need for actually higher security, you heard in answer to my question from mark rowley, he does believe the main perpetrators were shot by his officers last night and there are not as it were any of the attackers from last night on the run. that is their belief at this
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early stage. there is not a concern at this moment that this particular group out killing people last night has somebody on the run. but there is this nervousness now that we have got into a series of copycat attacks, that one attack has triggered another attack. there is a twitchiness in the police and security services that we have got to the stage where one thing is leading to another and another. theresa may made reference to that in her statement outside downing street this morning. although i do not see at this stage as living up to that critical threat level which in means an attack was imminent, but i think there will be a lot of people making sure we do not need to go to that critical level over the next day or so. daniel, thank you very much. one of the things mark
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rowley said was also he believes that some of the victims are from abroad. we know for sure one person who died was a canadian citizen, but again it reminds us ofjust the range of nationalities that sadly are likely to be affected by this atrocity here in central london last night. let's get an update on those who are being cared for. let's go to kings college hospital and my colleague tim wilcox is there with on that. thank you very much. this is the hospital that theresa may visited a few hours ago. she came with out riders. she came to meet some of the victims here and staff to discuss what had happened, and to hear some of their stories. i have an update on the figures. mark rowley touched on the figures. mark rowley touched on it as well. 48 people were taken to london hospitals, five london
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hospitals in the immediate aftermath of the terror attack. we understand some have been discharged. 35 or 36, one might have been discharged, still remain in these london hospitals. three london hospitals have major trauma units. this hospital has one, here at king's college. of the 13 victims left here, eight are in critical care. the royal london hospital had 12 people admitted, six of those, half of those, 50%, are still in critical care. guy ‘s and saint thomas', four taken there and also four are in critical care. saint mary's, one victim taken there and he or she is still in critical care. we know that four police officers are in hospital as well at the moment, we are not
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sure where they are. one was a british transport police officer who has been visited by his commissioner. he is seriously injured having been stabbed several times, he fought off one of the attackers with his baton. the other three are metropolitan police officers. one was off duty, we understand he was a rugby player in his spare time, and he made contact with one of the knife men and were seriously stabbed as a result of that. we are not quite sure if he is still in a critical position. the nationalities you mention, justin trudeau, the canadian prime minister, talking of one canadian victim. he or she has not been named. it is worth reminding people that borough market near london bridge is such a cosmopolitan area. this area is popular not only with londoners, that people from all over the world go there to eat and drink,
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it isa the world go there to eat and drink, it is a big, cosmetic —— cosmopolitan area. a helicopter is just flying over me. —— cosmopolitan area. a helicopter isjust flying over me. of —— cosmopolitan area. a helicopter is just flying over me. of the people we know, the business editor for express newspapers, jeff ho, is in hospital, and is being treated at the moment. two australians were involved in last night's attacks as well. one man from new zealand has been confirmed as oliver dowling. he had a four hour operation, multiple sta b had a four hour operation, multiple stab wounds, which mercifully missed his vital organs. his parents are believed to be at his bedside. his girlfriend is french. we understand she is being treated at another hospital, but she has not been identified yet. there were four french victims, three women and one
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man. one woman was stabbed multiple times in the face, neck and back and was operated on all night. she is in critical condition. another woman has been admitted for blunt trauma injuries, having been hit by white renault van. the canadian person who was killed also one spanish victim as well. one other piece of news is that a rest centre has been set up by south bank university a mile or so where i am from now. that is being operated by the red cross. that is for people who are still in trauma or shop and who perhaps have not been allowed back in their houses. people are looking after them and cancelling them and making them and cancelling them and making them feel reassured. let's get more from our health editor hugh pym. when we were discussing these figures from nhs england and we were talking about how speedy the
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response was, immediately you are thinking will there be enough blood or staff on call. tell us what you have heard happens. national blood and transplant, the agency for blood supplies, has made it clear they have enough supplies and they are not specifically seeking donors. seven people dead, but not on the scale of other incidents. exactly, and in manchester there were queues of donors which exemplifies the public response. then the centres said they had enough. nhs england have made clear that of these 36 or 35, a slight ambiguity about the numbers in hospital, 21 are in critical care. that is quite a high percentage, illustrating how severe some of the injuries are. it does not mean they are all in a critical condition. it could mean they are in a high dependency unit. that is the
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latest on the nhs. the first responders were so quick to the scene. it pays tribute to how they stabilise in terms of triage and getting people to hospital. once they are in a trauma unit, they have a greater chance of surviving. london ambulance service said its teams were on the scene within eight minutes which is incredibly quick, obviously a very central london site. even so, they were there very quickly. 80 staff in total were involved, paramedics and modern emergency medicine, as long as they get there quickly, involves pretty effective treatment of patients on the scene, dealing with heavy loss of blood. once you get to a major trauma centre your chances of pulling through are pretty high. nobody wants to say that definitely this time, but a centre like this is very geared up to taking these critical cases. how often do medical
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staff rehearse for something like this. at a time of heightened danger we have seen so this. at a time of heightened danger we have seen so many this. at a time of heightened danger we have seen so many attacks in the past three months. is this something they are doing on a routine basis? fairly regularly. i am told there was a major incident plan in place where this scenario had been envisaged and mapped out. that enables the major trauma centre to know what their responsibilities will be on the paramedics and staff know where to go if it is possible. they will have a systems involving what app or a messaging service to bring in extra staff overnight. they will know who is required and they get them in very quickly and that happened on this occasion. one of the pitfalls of a big city is there are frequently knife attacks here. the men were armed with knives and
4:42 pm
staff will be used to dealing with this type of wound. a very serious car accident involving trauma with children is something they deal with if not regularly, quite often. they had to deal with injuries to children in manchester. they said the sad thing was children coming in without families and parents. it is probably the same here, the type of wounds scene will be familiar to them, although 21 out of 36 is a pretty high number. so the staff are ready for this sort of thing. but as was being explained by the metropolitan police commissioner, cressida dick, they had to go into danger. the emergency services had to go into a very dangerous situation to bring these patients out. you mentioned the manchester attack, barely a fortnight since
4:43 pm
that attack. it was at the ariana grande concept. she, along with other key big acts, is performing a benefit concert tonight in manchester and that is still going ahead. it starts in a few hours' time. anita mcveigh joins ahead. it starts in a few hours' time. anita mcveighjoins us now from manchester. yes, this huge concert, the one love manchester concert tonight to raise money for the victims of the manchester arena attack. the gays are now open around the old trafford cricket ground. i would not say people are streaming in because it isa people are streaming in because it is a very orderly queue with lots of security checks. people are being checked, they have been asked not to bring bags, but banks are being checked. it is a very meticulous process in line with the ultra—tight security around this event. despite that, the atmosphere is incredibly
4:44 pm
calm. were it not for all this extra security, it could be like the crowd at any other concept, but everywhere you look you will see those police officers, some of them armed, some not, police officers on horseback, sniffer dogs and so on, around old trafford. let's get a sense of what todayis trafford. let's get a sense of what today is like from a former greater manchester police officer, chris horrocks, whojoins me now. i would like to ask you about your personal impressions as you walked down to old trafford today? it is a strange feeling, it is a carnival atmosphere, which is fantastic. the police officers have got a very relaxed demeanour. walking down from the old police headquarters, there was nobody around and then when i arrived here there was a wonderful buzz of anticipation about this
4:45 pm
great concept. since we have been standing here we have seen police officers go past, some armed, not armed, and there is general cohesion coming togetherfor this armed, and there is general cohesion coming together for this concert tonight. people are standing next to the police officers to have their photos taken the police officers to have their photos ta ken and the police officers to have their photos taken and it is a real understanding about the work that the emergency services have been doing over the recent days and weeks. tell us exactly what sort of security there is for this event. there are two major policing events going on within half a mile of each other. you have got the football ground and there are 70,000 people just about to come out into the streets. that is not unusual here. in the past we have had a test match and manchester united match at the same time. the numbers are not difficult for the police to distribute officers around. the
4:46 pm
difference with this is that there isa difference with this is that there is a bigger threat of a terrorist attack and there will be cordons that will filter right out to the motorway and the borders of salford quays and that is a way of filtering vehicles and it goes right out to the other direction. what about when people are leaving the venue? that is when the suicide bomber detonated his device after the ariana grande concept. there will be a very tight ring pulled around the whole area. as the concert is going on there will be a lot of activity, a lot more than we are used to. sniffer dogs will be everywhere. you can hear one dogs will be everywhere. you can hearone in dogs will be everywhere. you can hear one in the background. a lot of officers you will not be able to see because they will be in plain
4:47 pm
clothes and there will be intelligence officers milling about. it is important that the public are reassured. whilst they are inside i hope they have a great time, but when they come out tonight there will be a bit of a drawer of breath, a little bit of an anxious moment when people are coming out, but hopefully that will not last long and people will leave in good spirit and people will leave in good spirit and people will get home safe and we can say that this is a fitting tribute to those who died in manchester a few weeks ago, two weeks ago, and those who died in london last night. chris horrocks. the organisers of this concert, ariana grande's manager, saying this event has an even greater purpose in light of the attacks in london last night. we asked the city of manchester and the world in making the statement that hatred and fear will never win and today we stand together. for the moment it is back together. for the moment it is back to tim wilcox in london at king's
4:48 pm
college. let's ta ke college. let's take you live to the scene of the knife attacks in borough market. sophie long is in borough high street. as you were pointed out earlier on, such a cosmopolitan area of london, not only in terms of the visitors and the other foreign nationals living in this city, but also in terms of restaurants and bars as well. what is happening there, a day after the attacks last night? iamat night? i am at the police cordon on borough high street about 100 metres down that road beyond me are all the policemen and that is where borough market is. that is where the stabbings took place just after ten o'clock last night. it is a hugely vibrant area as you say and tributes have poured in from around the world. understandably when you think
4:49 pm
many people who come to london to visit will have come to borough market, but it is also loved by locals. somebody said to me they feel this attack is notjust an attack on london, but on londoners and their way of life. there is still a lot of police activity here. a few moments ago a private ambulance was led out from the cordon by a police car. i have been talking to a lot of people who live locally. rhianna, a student nurse, was visibly shaken by what happened last night. she was at a cash point a bit further down the street and noticed everybody started to run. she was on the phone to her boyfriend. she said she did not know why everyone was running. a taxi driver rolled down his window and shouted at her to run. this is what she said earlier. he was a few metres away from me and he shouted
4:50 pm
at me. did he run after you? you run in the direction of the runners, we we re in the direction of the runners, we were all running away. he actually came and stood outside the pub we we re came and stood outside the pub we were all in and a member of staff moved us all upstairs. was he saying anything? not that i know of. did you see him go into the other parts? no, i went upstairs. you see him go into the other parts? no, iwent upstairs. how you see him go into the other parts? no, i went upstairs. how do you feel today? i am still in complete shock. iam today? i am still in complete shock. i am heartbroken. today? i am still in complete shock. iam heartbroken. i today? i am still in complete shock. i am heartbroken. i will not be back home for a while. as you heard, rhianna is still in a state of shock and she says she will go home to be with herfamily and she says she will go home to be with her family in and she says she will go home to be with herfamily in cheshire. she is also keen to find that taxi driver
4:51 pm
because she says she owes him her life. a number of other people have been coming here over the past few hours to lay flowers. a lot of people who live in the area say they feel so saddened by what has happened here that they do not know how to express their sadness and this is the only thing they can think of doing at the moment. some of the tributes are very moving. one says london was built on diversity, friendship and compassion, we will continue to build, flourish and succeed for all those who lost their lives here. some people like rhianna feel they need to go away and take some time out. others i have spoken to have shown some resolve and said that they will not be terrorised by these acts. they will not live in fear. one man i was speaking to, richard, had been in one of the rest is last night and he said he cannot wait to go back there. he was smiling and said he had not yet paid
4:52 pm
his bill. he wanted to do that and give the staff are very big tip. this really is a very vibrant heart of london and people are feeling the impact of this attack you. about 100 metres down the road there is a small church and the service is currently taking place. their thoughts are with the victims and those that were injured here last night. thank you very much indeed. clarification on those numbers. when i was talking to hugh pym we were not sure whether it was 35 or 36 in hospital. it has been confirm 36 are still in hospital and 21 are in critical care, some of those extremely badly injured. 0n critical care, some of those extremely badly injured. on a warm summer's evening so
4:53 pm
extremely badly injured. on a warm summer's evening so many extremely badly injured. on a warm summer's evening so many different nationalities were out enjoying the bars and nationalities were out enjoying the bars a nd restau ra nts nationalities were out enjoying the bars and restaurants and there has been worldwide condemnation of this latest terror attack in london and it has been immense. let's catch up with some of the international political response to this latest terror attack on the streets of london. this attack may have been targeted on the people of london, but the threat of terrorism is global, and world leaders were quick to show their solidarity. australia's prime minister said that two australians had been directly affected by the incident. we send our heartfelt sympathy and love to the victims and their families, and to the people of britain. this attack is yet another cruel example of the new reality in which we live, the ever—present threat of murderous islamist terrorists. from across the world, leaders took to social media to express their horror and sympathy. chancellor merkel saying that germany stood firmly and decisively at the side of great britain in the fight against terrorism. in new york, the authorities
4:54 pm
increased security across the city, particularly in areas full of pedestrians and tourists, like here in times square. donald trump called theresa may to offer his condolences. in a series of tweets, the president offered his help, but he also used the incident to renew his demands for a ban on travellers from six mostly muslim countries. and he also appeared to criticise the mayor of london, sadiq khan, for saying there was no need to be alarmed. at a security conference in singapore, new zealand's defence minister echoed theresa may's call for tighter controls over the internet. we know that terror organisations look to galvanise support and exploit porous borders, disenfranchised individuals, and the access provided by the internet and social media. this is a clear and present security threat to us all. four french nationals were caught up in the attack, and france's new prime minister
4:55 pm
visited a crisis centre monitoring events. security has already been tightened at polling stations in london for next week's elections to the french parliament. la france et le royaume—uni... translation: france and the united kingdom are allies that have been subjected to a common threat, and we will be united in ourjoint response to it. president macron spoke to theresa may this morning and reminded the prime minister of the importance of european cooperation in the fight against terrorism. james landale, bbc news. you join mejust outside king's couege you join mejust outside king's college london hospital. we have a family member here. let's see if we can get in. my other son was late and he must have gone outside to
4:56 pm
call him or something. a little bit later on when it happened to daniel his girlfriend called patrick, my other son, to say that there had been an accident and not to come near it was too dangerous. patrick could hear all the shots and the commotion and screaming in the background and he turned around police officers at the station and he said there has been a terrorist attack. the police did not believe him because it all happened so quickly and then patrick passed the phone over to the police who then heard. you are live on bbc news. could you tell me who you are and who you have been visiting today? my son daniel o'neill coming he was stabbed. how old is he? he was 23. how is he now? we are not sure yet,
4:57 pm
the ultrasound scans were good, that they cannot rule out any kidney damage as yet. where was he? he had just stepped outside the bar for a second and a man ran up to him and said, this is for my family, this is for islam and stuck a knife straight in. he has got a seven inch scar going round his belly. after he was attacked, did the man ran away? he ran away and daniel headed back into the pub and there were shots fired and everybody was told to lie down and everybody was told to lie down and they were told to go downstairs. at this stage daniel's friend put to enrique on him and was holding the pressure there, he was brought down stairs and after that he does not remember. then the police were there and they brought him in their card to the hospital. the piece have been
4:58 pm
absolutely fantastic. they have been absolutely amazing. is he able to talk to you at the moment? yes, he is able to talk. he does not quite believe what has happened, he is in shock. how do you feel as a mother? how would you feel? i am still in shock, i cannot quite believe it has happened. and absolutely senseless attack. these people say they are doing it in the name of god, which is an absolute joke. thou shalt not kill, all faiths share that belief. it is an excuse, they are callous, they are barbaric. were you concerned about your son going out in the current climate? no, i was not because i believe we have a fantastic security system, but things like this when they come with ca rs things like this when they come with cars and knives it is not so easy. and also as well i believe you carry on. if you avoid places, they have one. your son's life was saved by his friend. yes, and the police. they brought him here with lights flashing. the police officers remained in the back with him and they placed pressure on the wound
4:59 pm
andi they placed pressure on the wound and i am trying to find those police officers now to say thank you. thank you very much for talking to us. this is the very real family reaction to what happened 19 hours ago on the streets of london when terror once again came to the capital city of britain. you are watching bbc news. you're watching bbc news. i'm ben brown. 12 arrests are made by police investigating last night's terrorist attack here on london bridge that left seven people dead and left 48 injured. avan a van drove into pedestrians before three men jumped out a van drove into pedestrians before three menjumped out and began stabbing people in nearby streets. they were running in all the pubs, all the bars, can't remember all of them, they were stabbing everyone. i was going to people, run, run.
5:00 pm
several homes have been raided in barking, it's thought four of the 12 people arrested are women. we are making significant progress now in identifying three attackers and confirming that there were no other attackers on the scene


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