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well. this is where we still could have some rain in the north. otherwise, a brief window before more rain in the south—west. a very u nsettled more rain in the south—west. a very unsettled week ahead. you will wonder what happened to the summer. the rain will be heavy at times. windy as well often. drier interludes and warm later on in the week. the first weather warnings for monday. —— met - you week. the first weather warnings for monday. —— met- you can keep monday. —— met office. you can keep up—to—date on line. hello, this is bbc news, with martine croxall. we'll be taking a look at tomorrow mornings papers in a moment, first the headlines at 11:31: a van drove int; gggggggg; 151222; and began stabbing people in nearby streets. in an unverified statement, islamic state has claimed responsibility for the attack. a french citizen and a canadian
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citizen are among the dead. and called for a new approach. there is, to be frank, far too much tolerance of extremism. we need to become more robust in identifying it gci’oss become more robust in identifying it across the public sector and society. our priority must be public safety and i will take whatever action is necessary to protect the security of our people and our country. during the day, several homes were raided in barking, in east london. it's thought that four of the 12 people arrested are women. the us singer ariana grande, the british band coldplay
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and oasis's liam gallagher, stars from around the world took part in the event. performers dedicated many songs to the people who were affected by the attack which took place at a concert held by ariana grande last month. hello and welcome to our look ahead to what the the papers will be with me are the political ' ” ' " " and jo phillips, who's also a political commentator. of course, there is only one story
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we will be looking at. starting with the guardian — a counter—terrorism chief refuses to confirm whether the attackers were were already known to the police or intelligence services. the ft focuses on theresa may's plans to review existing police and security powers, increase pressure on tech companies and introduce tougher anti—terror laws. the telegraph claims counter—terrorism officers have been monitoring an alleged extremist cell in barking since march and secretly recorded individuals plotting a van and knife attack in london. quoting mrs may's phrase that "enough is enough", the express vows to support the prime minister's plans for what it calls "tougher action on terrorists". the mail also leads with that quote from mrs may, adding that all of britain was echoing her sentiments. the mirror leads with the heroes of last night. it said policeman and members of the public fought off the attackers with batons, chairs, glasses and their bare hands. police fired an "unprecedented" 50 bullets at the attackers to bring them down within eight minutes, the metro says. it has been an incredibly fraught
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and a difficult 2a hours for a lot of people but the response from the public and police has been hailed by so public and police has been hailed by so many people. the guardian leads with the numbers— seven dead. and mrs may saying, "enough is enough" "enough is enough". despite what has been happening in the last few months, it is a very unusual sight for us to see armed officers on our streets. coming here tonight, there we re streets. coming here tonight, there were police officers all over the place. i came over westminster bridge. police vans. london bridge still cordoned off. and to see police officers dressed like this is
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an alarming as well as reassuring but the question is, you cannot have that all the time. you can do it for a little while. after manchester, it ramped up, and after westminster and obviously people can put measures in place for security around buildings but we do not have enough people to do this at this level and we would not want to at all. the guardian talks about how the investigation is focusing on whether these three men shot dead, what kind of support they may have had 7 shot dead, what kind of support they may have had? that is the thing that is becoming unfortunately familiar, investigators rushing to find out if they were part of a network, mounting multiple raids and arresting lots of people. that is
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the initial reaction and over the next few days we will find out whether there is network. there has not been in the last few incident and we do not know what has happened with the arrests from the last incident. women taken from a block of flats, a man tasered. three women led away from the same flat, noting there are women involved because invariably people involved in these things are men. "enough is enough" declares it made. what can that mean? there have been moves in the past to strengthen laws and surveyed its opportunities but there is a lwa ys its opportunities but there is always some bush back against that. the ft says that this is a rhetoric. beyond that, what will it mean, we
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will have to find out that as well. mrs may says she was a deciding eta-f. 2:35: 5.52 25:5: ,: 92.495? ~—~ w... 7 ,, —— the good i good - i do not know what sounds good but i do not know what that means also longerjail sentences for terrorist attacks but there is no worse place to put these people. it is very difficult for any politician to tread the line. if you say "enough is enough" and we have to be less tolerant because we have been too tolerant, where does that ta ke been too tolerant, where does that take you ? it been too tolerant, where does that take you? it is difficult for theresa may, jeremy corbyn, for anybody as to how to make people feel safe and the question raised about people who claim to have reported incidents and suspicions.
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by reported incidents and suspicions. by the nature of reporting, they will not get a knock on the door the next day saying thank you very much. this is about surveillance. it is control orders. where that they should come back to replace what we have now. what do you do and at what do the security point do the security services strike to prevent these? they have a ready prevented several planned attacks before this. you do wonder if in the light of manchester, :“—~-' .. ll“ ' , fl“; out a lot , fl“; out a lot of , éfiszshad f,” —' , ,, , thsfghadbeen, —' , ,, , thi had been checking giiifi ”i had been checking out % people they had been checking out before and whether they were on that and possibly push them into doing something we will have to wait and see. the daily mail, the picture is not easy to make out there are men on the ground, wearing their fake suicide vests which, of course, if
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you are confronting these people you do not know whether they are of real 01’ do not know whether they are of real or not. of course, and you are in a crowded area were people are already injured and dying and they did what they did and they did it very quickly. james and i were talking about the rightness, if you like, of this. i concerned . .,......_.: 1 "va ”iiit am concerned about this. what concerns it you? am concerned because you begin to the school shootin . s school shootin -s in with high school shootings in america. eventually the press realise, if you put these people in the front page someone at home will look and see that someone got the front page because they did something terrible and they think i
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will do something terrible. just reported straight and the incidence fell off a bit. i concerned that somebody else will see this, they will see someone achieving something. i would will see someone achieving something. iwould rather see it pictures- victims, something. iwould rather see it pictures - victims, the concert pictures of the victims, the concert in manchester. the metro has the same picture, even close—up, saying police fired 50 bullets which is unprecedented. as you said just now, if you see free people and you believe they are wearing suicide vests, and you have a split second, you have to make sure... i do think there are questions about how papers, in particular, coverthis. the rolling news channel is different but even then we have to pause and think. this picture gave me pause. i did not feel comfortable
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with this picture with it being used. the metro, a free paper, on trains and buses were schoolchildren are travelling. of course, he cannot keep children away from the horrors but you need to see that have the lawyer we stick... part of it is because of citizen journalism. we we re because of citizen journalism. we were trying to work out whether this is an agency professional photographer but, of course, there are agencies who will market members of the public photographs. we are not saying these are the baddies here and it is ok to have a discussion about why it has happened. we do similar things with
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suicide to try and avoid copycat behaviour. i think something like this is something the newspapers that need to think about. there will be copycat attacks after this. immense guidelines about the nature of pictures that we run, how much detail and how close you get. on the daily star they have gone with the kind of thing viewable comfortable with. he rose and journalists and taxidrivers featured. —— heroes, and the incredible emergency services who responded so quickly and how the public turned against these men despite a risk to themselves. just as you cannot understand the people who do this, but the people who run towards the. the british transport policeman who got stabbed in the face taking them with passion.
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dippel throwing chairs and pint glasses, anything. and you have the paramedics and ambulance crews who have nothing to protect themselves with and yet they parlayed and do their job with and yet they parlayed and do theirjob and it is utterly remarkable. —— they pile in. theirjob and it is utterly remarkable. -- they pile in. and the journal is becoming a celebrity... absolutely. this is the photograph of the reality. the speed with which everybody is so quick to complain about delays in traffic or whether you are waiting in a queue, my son isa you are waiting in a queue, my son is a paramedic in london so i slightly by s. is a paramedic in london so i slightly by 5. but you see this, it is really quick and fast and you have these people in the restau ra nts, have these people in the restaurants, waiters and waitresses, suddenly this horrific event on saturday night and people come
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together instinctively, which i think is quite encouraging. incredibly moving as well. in the daily telegraph, the picture of the armed officers out on the street. apparently, there has been a secret recording of some cell in barking, where the raids had taken place today, where an attack like this seemed to have been devised. but we do not know. exactly, it goes back to this question of surveillance and intelligence. we do not know what has been going on, how long it has been operational. i think they have said since march, earlier this year but, apparently, there is a group of people talking about this, using youtube. .. people talking about this, using youtube... i people talking about this, using youtube. .. i sure people talking about this, using youtube... i sure not youtube but
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youtube... i sure not youtube but youtube videos and it goes back to the question of what is available on the question of what is available on the net and how do you control it. internet companies like facebook and google, are they taking it seriously... how can youtube make a decision on every single video that gets uploaded? millions are uploaded every single day. i am not making excuses for them at all, it is the sheer scale of it. you cannot legislate it because they will be some other way to find it. exactly. the internet is such an incredible concept. you cannot stop it. it is there now. you cannot roll it back. the daily express quoting the reason may. enough is enough. —— theresa may. they say they have repeatedly
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called for tougher action on terrorism. what does that mean? until someone has committed a crime, what do you do? that is the biggest worry about this kind of stuff. it is fine saying enough is enough, but what can you do? there are people in a bunker in whitehall that know what to do. but i am not sure what you can do against a van and a knife. to do. but i am not sure what you can do against a van and a knifem is not like putting together the components for a bomb. exactly. it is not like the thing we're used to, tight security like airports, airlines and airports can bring in a ban on laptops, liquids, whatever. these are people on a street going around restaurants and things on a saturday night. drawing attention to this. three men walking casually through borough market before they
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we re through borough market before they were shot dead. it may have been even before they carried it out. it may have been after they got out of the van and move across off of the bridge. it talks about what needs to happen in this tougher action. the prevent strategy has been criticised for a long time. they need tothe radicalisation of people. one of the complaints was many people, many muslims, felt there entire communities were being stigmatised by it. this is the problem. again, it goes back to saying if you phone up it goes back to saying if you phone up and say i think this person is a bit dodgy, why, because he has a beard, he is wearing a grey suit. you think they are dodgy because little girls wear headscarves? it is delicate, this line we are treading. you cannot attack a whole community.
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now, we have heard, and i am sure, again, today and tomorrow, we will hear condemnation from the wider muslim community, as they have been since westminster. these people doing these things actually don't belong in communities because they are... communities, they are in communities of her own monstrous imagination. they are horrible, horrible people who watch monstrosities, whether it is islamic state videos, or whatever... there we re state videos, or whatever... there were some muslims on social media saying a true muslim would be busy eating late at night during ramadan because they have been fasting all day. that is what a true muslim would be doing. the final paper, the i. would be doing. the final paper, the i, defiant. armed officers coming down escalators. it talks about the number of people killed and injured. defiant is a good word. in america, they said london was reeling from
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it. i hate to refer to social media, but there have been many people getting uptight about the use of the word "reeling." it is not wrong to say we are reeling from manchester because it was horrible. it is fine when something is that horrible. isn't it about wanting to say that for ourselves? yeah. yeah. we can say that. it is about owning the word, isn't it? but you wouldn't ask any of those to keep to one side. they are being defiant. i like to think that is the british way. stand to the right. stand to be left. they also have a small photograph for manchester as well. may be later additions will have something. we will see you again for the unusually late repeat at half past midnight. i
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hope you willjoin us... well, i hope you willjoin us... well, i hope you will stay. i hope you will join us as well. the prime minister has said last night's attack isn't directly linked to the attack in westminster or the suicide bombing in manchester. but earlier today, theresa may said "terrorism breeds terrorism" and "enough is enough." she called for a tougher approach to deal with extremism. in terms of their planning and execution, the recent attacks are not connected. but we believe we are experiencing a new trend in the threat we face. as terrorism breeds terrorism and perpetrators are inspired to attack, not only on the basis of carefully construct the blots after years of planning and training, and not even as lone attackers radicalised on line, but
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by copying one another and often using the crudest of means of attack. —— plots. we cannot and must not pretend that things can continue as they are. while the recent attacks are not connected by, networks, they are connected in one important sense, they are bound together by the single evil ideology of is mystic extremism that preaches hatred, so is division, and promotes hatred. —— islamistic. democracy and human rights are incompatible with the religion of islam. it is an ideology that is a perversion of islam. it is a perversion of the truth. defeating this ideology is one of the great challenges of our time. since the emergence of the threat of islamist inspired
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terrorism, we have made progress in disrupting plots and protecting the public. but it is time to say enough is enough. everybody needs to go about their lives as they normally would. our society should continue to function in accordance with our values. but when it comes to taking on extremism and terrorism, things need to change. as a mark of respect, two political parties have suspended our national campaigns for today, but violence can never be allowed to disrupt the democratic process. so those campaigns will resume in full tomorrow in the general election will go ahead as planned on thursday. ——. as a country, our response must be as it has always been when we have been confronted by violence. we must come together, we must pull together, and, united, we will take on and defeat are —— our enemies.
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jeremy corbyn has also condemned last night's attack in london. returning to his campaign in carlisle, he said he would, if elected on thursday, take whatever action was necessary to defeat extremism. we all express our love and solidarity to the family and friends of those who have died, and of those who have been so grievously injured. and though we find it so difficult to imagine their pain completely, we feel for them, we are with them, and we grieve for those who have died. we pay tribute to the ambulance service and the fire and rescue service for their bravery and professionalism. and especially to the police and british transport police. they acted quickly and decisively to save lives. their professionalism is again exemplary. and also, a magnificent national health service staff who are still
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working out to save lives and heal the injured. we express admiration as well for those numbers of the public who put themselves in danger to assist and protect others, even to assist and protect others, even to the extent of confronting the murderous attackers. as in manchester last month, there actions are present, not just manchester last month, there actions are present, notjust the best of britain, but the normal and decent britain, but the normal and decent britain, the quiet courage and compassion that will always, always, defeat fear and hatred. applause . those who wish to harm our people, divide our communities and attacked out divide our communities and attacked our democracy, they will not succeed. our values of solidarity, humanity, and justice, will prevail. the violence and brutality of last night's attack, the targeting of
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innocent people going about their ordinary business, is a depravity like many similar attacks. ordinary business, is a depravity like many similarattacks. in manchester, across europe, the middle east and beyond. that is why we are ready to consider whatever proposals may be brought forward by the police and security services more effectively to deal with the terrorist threat. if labour is elected, i will get support from the security services on friday on the changing nature of the terrorist threat. our priority must be public safety. and i will take whatever action is necessary and effective to protect the security of our people and our country. that includes full authority for the police to use whatever force is necessary to protect and save life, as they did la st protect and save life, as they did last night, as they did in westminster in march. jeremy corbyn, the leader of the labour party. time to look at the weather forecast now. thank you. oldham was dry, spring
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was dry, and warm. —— autumn. the first week ofjune not be. pressure moving in. it is coming from this area of cloud. it will give us our first dose of wet and windy weather over the next day or two. the wind in northern ireland will push into scotland. it will graze the far north—west of england. to the east, more dry. a few showers today. they have pretty much cleared away the bigger bridges, 11 degrees. a southerly breeze. —— temperatures. brightening up with sunshine and showers. heavy rain developing in northern england, especially in wales and the south—west. showery rain arriving through the day in eastern areas of england as well. scotland, though, sunshine developing. that will trigger
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showers which could be heavy and possibly thundery. after a dull start, misty in northern ireland. a little sunshine here as well, but also showers. wet weather developing widely across northern england and heavy rain in wales for a time in the south—west. bits and pieces of rain in the midlands and eastern england. we could get some sunshine but it will be cold. the heaviest of rain will be in wales and north—west england. a weather warning. 18 millimetres of rain is possible that are slow—moving urbanite. —— overnight. this is the pressure pattern for tuesday. the main area of rain will be heading up towards scotland. are lot of isobars around. a windy day on tuesday. pushing away the rain early in the morning across eastern england. lingering for a while in northern england. especially in scotland, wet weather. elsewhere, strong to gale force
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winds. sunshine but also heavy and potentially thundery showers. dry for us on sunday. a window of opportunity where it should be dry and bright before we get more rain coming into the south—west. the week ahead, unfettered weather. rain at times. heavy. accompanied by a strong and gusty winds. dry and bright interludes. temperatures will begin to rise a little bit. but we all are going to see some rain. this is bbc news. 12 arrests are made by police investigating the terror attack in london yesterday. a van drove into pedestrians before three men jumped out van drove into pedestrians before three menjumped out and started stabbing police. in an unverified
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statement so—called islamic state has taken responsibility. i was telling people to run, run, run. a french citizen and a canadian citizen are among the dead. relatives of those heard have been telling us their story. he stepped outside the barfor a telling us their story. he stepped outside the bar for a second and a man came out to him and said this is for my family, this is
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