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tv   Newsday  BBC News  June 5, 2017 1:00am-1:31am BST

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i'm kasia madera in london. the headlines: new details of the terror attack that killed seven and injured many more here in the heart of london. eight minutes after the terror began police shoot dead the attackers. so who were they and why did they strike? i'm mariko oi in singapore. world leaders express support for london. the australian prime minister calls it the cruel, new reality. pau, sally can wait, she knows it's too late... —— oh. and in manchester, the scene of the previous uk attack, a tribute concert with some of the world's biggest stars. this is bbc world news. it's
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newsday. welcome to london bridge in the heart of the british capital where we now have a fuller picture of the attack that killed seven people and injured many others. three men arriving by van, went on the rampage. first hitting people with their vehicle, then lashing out with knives in bars and restaurants. this is still very much and i are active crime scene and you can see the area targeted by those three men is in lockdown. police say these cordons will remain up for quite some time as the investigation continues, and we're getting a fuller picture of what happened that night. police say they know the identities of the three people and there have been raids in east london as well, 12 people have been arrested. throughout this special edition of newsday carrico i indi will bring you full details of what happened in london and also the international reaction to that event —— mariko oi. first let's get more
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from our home affairs editor mark easton. clear the area now! and a country cried — please not again. we are hearing tonight that british armed police have attended an incident at london bridge, we don't know anything more at this stage... atjust after 10pm last night, three men in a white van drove at speed across london bridge, determined to kill the spirit of the capital. oh, my god. a white van came speeding, 50 mph, it turned into the pavement, hit about three people in front of me. oh, my god! there was people just lying everywhere on the bridge, just people trying to help each other out, people bleeding, there wasjust blood everywhere. having deliberately mown down pedestrians, the three men got out of the van, knives in their hands, murder on their minds. they ran up and started stabbing this girl, i couldn't
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do nothing, mate. they attacked her, and they stabbed another guy, they went up the road, i started going, "everybody go, terrorists," they were stabbing everyone. hejust stabbed this person — if they got up, stabbed them again, move onto the next person. i was staring at them from the balcony, just thinking, how could someone do such a thing? they were running in all the pubs and bars, stabbing people, i . i was throwing things at them, pint glasses... these four friends were settling down for a meal in a mexican restaurant when the three knifemen arrived. three men came in, one pulled out a knife and stabbed one of the girls sitting closest to the door, i think she was only 17. i got a glimpse of a guy with a knife, and before i knew it the doors were shut, we were at the back of the restaurant. so you saw him? briefly, a glimpse. people were very scared,
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they began to run, knocking tables over to try to get out the way, and then very quickly, as we said, the men in the restaurant put the shutters down. in the early hours of this morning, claudia and liam, given refuge in a stranger's flat, told me what they saw from their apartmentjust above a pub the attackers are targeted on their killing spree. one young guy seemed to come out of the pub, and he was knocking on the window of the ambulance, saying, "you have to help my friend, he's been stabbed, "he is in the pub..." whether that was inside or outside, i don't know, but he said "my friend's been stabbed." there was another guy, probably in his 40s, on the other side of the ambulance, knocking on the other window, saying "i've been stabbed", and he was covered in blood, he said, "i've been stabbed five times, help me." at this time, police cars were still heading to london bridge, apparently unaware of where the attackers were. this one police 4x4 screeched down stoney street, and then easily within five seconds there were six gunshots, or what sounded like six clear gunshots.
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gunfire six rounds, two attackers dead. then, witnesses suggest, another volley of bullets as the third attacker was shot and killed, all within eight minutes of the first call to police. it was an attack notjust on individuals but on our way of life — the killers targeted people having fun, enjoying the freedoms of a diverse and liberal city. with daybreak, tales of bravery and heroism emerged from the horrors of the previous night. the prime minister addressed the nation from downing street, also paying tribute to the work of the emergency services. on behalf of the people of london and the whole country, i want to thank and pay tribute to the professionalism and bravery of the police and the emergency services, and to the courage of members of the public who defended themselves and others from the attackers. and our thoughts and prayers are with the victims, and with their friends, families and loved ones. but mrs may was notjust reflecting a nation's shock — she promised the outrage would be met by a response. it is time to say, enough is enough.
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everybody needs to go about their lives as they normally would. our society should continue to function in accordance with our values. london is still trying to come to terms with the awful events, to understand what happened. london bridge is falling down, the song goes — but london appears determined to stand up to those who would divide it. mark easton, bbc news, london bridge. as the investigation continues in central london, there were raids carried out in east london. these raids lead to the arrest of around 12 people and one of the raids was ona 12 people and one of the raids was on a property believed to be the home of one of the attackers. with a full round—up of the investigation,
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here's our special correspondent ed thomas. tonight, the focus of the police investigation — a block of flats in barking. so far 12 people have been arrested. women is courted from the building. these pictures were taken by those inside. the bbc also understands one of the london attackers who died lived here. we're not naming him at the request of the police, they say it could jeopardise their investigation. but we've spoken to this man, who knew him. he says over the past two years the attacker became more and more extreme.
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we spoke about a particular attack that happened. like most radicals, he had a justification for everything. for everything and anything. and that day i realised that i need to contact the authorities. this man would only speak to the bbc‘s asian network if we protected his identity and changed his voice. he used to listen to a lot of musa jibril. i've heard this stuff, and it's very radical. i'm surprised some of this stuff is still on youtube and easily accessible. i phoned the anti—terrorist hotline. i spoke to the gentleman, i told him about our conversation and why i think he's been radicalised. the friend also claims the alleged attacker was not arrested after he was reported, and was allowed to keep his passport. i did my bit. i know a lot of people did, but the authorities didn't do their bit. we have asked the metropolitan police to respond to these allegations. this evening they described the force used to bring the attack under control. eight police firearms officers discharged their weapons. while this will be subject to an investigation by the independent police complaints commission, our initial assessment is in the region of 50 bullets were fired by eight officers. the three attackers were shot dead. and tonight, this was east ham.
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officers are still searching homes, still looking for answers. ed thomas, bbc news, barking in east london. in another development, facebook says it wants to make itself a hostile environment for people who carry out acts of terror. i'll have more on that in about 20 minutes. and we'll have more of our coverage from london in a moment. but first, let's take a look at some of the day's other news. the us secretary of defence says that america will not accept beijing's militarisation of artificial islands it occupies in the south china sea. but james mattis, speaking at an international policy forum in singapore, added he is encouraged by china's attempts to help contain pyongyang. speaking to the bbc, the former us defence secretary william cohen said mr mattis‘ comments went down well. generally speaking it went down
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well, we reassured all those in the asia—pacific region the united states is committed to our security relationships with each and every country. i think in terms of how it was received, they respect him a great deal. william cohen. a look at some of the other day's news. police in the philippines say they have identified an attacker who killed 3a people when he set fire to a casino in manila on friday. they said he was a filipino, jessiejavier carlos, with heavy gambling debts and was not a terrorist. the masked man entered the resorts world casino and began shooting, before setting fire to a gaming room. days after president trump pulled the us out of the paris climate agreement, the first un ocean conference opens on monday. the summit, which begins on world environment day, will deal with issues facing the earth's most important resource
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such as coral bleaching, plastic pollution, and rising seas due to climate change. global beer sales are drying up according to a new industry report. the international wine and spirits record says people are drinking fewer alcoholic drinks. it says beer sales continued to fall last year and the trend towards cider sipping stalled. tens of thousands of people have attended a candle—lit vigil in hong kong to mark the twenty—eighth anniversary in hong kong to mark the 28th anniversary of the tiananmen square massacre in beijing. hong kong is the only place in china where people are allowed to mark the incident. the gathering came after taiwan's president used the anniversary to offer china the island's experience of transforming itself from a one—party state into a democracy. now, india's cricket captain virat
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kohli produced a match—winning innings to insure they won their first match of the champions trophy in england. to make things even better for them it was against their rivals pakistan. a full report in sport today in around half an hour. as you can appreciate, lots of new details coming through on this investigation, this is london bridge, the active crime scene, where seven people lost their lives in the attack. so—called islamic state has made a claim for this attack. of course we need to be very cautious about that. on here with oui’ cautious about that. on here with our terrorist expert. doctor ashraf,
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of course islamic state, they have a tendency to make these claims, what should we make of this? we should keep our mind open, unless they can prove they were planning this or they are just accepting credit for something these guys dream dark, we should just wait. anyway, it's not something we should give them credit for. we are seeing this as an attack ona for. we are seeing this as an attack on a very soft target and we are seeing again a van being used, a vehicle, it's very easy to get your hands on this kind of stuff? vehicle, it's very easy to get your hands on this kind of stuffim vehicle, it's very easy to get your hands on this kind of stuff? it is, it's one of the reasons why they are doing this, police in the uk especially have made it difficult to get hold of weapons, bombs and bullets are very difficult to get hold of, so they've moved into this era of using kitchen knives to do their —— dudley deeds. era of using kitchen knives to do their -- dudley deeds. one worrying aspect, with the flexible side bombs, they could have been so difficult to ascertain whether they we re difficult to ascertain whether they were real or not —— —— dudley deeds.
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i've been looking at this is 1998 and this is the first time a suicide vest has been used as a deterrent. it was to prevent the men around them from fighting. three or four men could overpower a man with a knife very easily. so they use these vests to deter people. we now know the vests were fake, they weren't real at all, so this is an interesting development. once they have used this fake technique, it loses its effectiveness next time they try it. good point, but incredible courage from the emergency services because they didn't know they were fake. m15 have their work cut out, 500 active plots, 3000 people they were monitoring, is this sustainable? it's been going on for some time and it's been very effective, one thing we should remind ourselves of, even though these three incidents have got through, there are dozens of successfully interrupted and
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disrupted incidents and we don't make as much of those in the news media as we do of these tragic events. the intelligence services and police are extremely effective, but there are always opportunists sadly like these were people will get through. thanks premat for your expertise and we will bring you more from london bridge throughout the whole of newsday —— thanks very much. you're watching newsday on the bbc. still to come on the programme: we'll have a look at how the newspapers around the world are reporting the london attacks. the queen and her husband began their royal progress to westminster. the moment of crowning, in accordance with the order of service, by a signal given by the great guns of the tower. tanks and troops are patrolling the streets of central peking after the bloody operation to crush student—led protests, and the violence has continued, the army firing on civilians throughout the following day and night. over there you can
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see its mighty tail — the only sign left, almost, that an aircraft had been here. uefa imposes an indefinite ban on english clubs playing in europe. today is the 20th anniversary of the release of the beatles' album sgt pepper's lonely hearts club band, a record described as the album of the century. this is newsday on the bbc. i'm mariko oi in singapore with kasia madera in london. our top story: police in britain have identified the three men who went on the rampage at london bridge on saturday night, killing seven people
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and injuring dozens more. let's take a look at some front pages from around the world: china daily reports on saturday's terror attack in london, saying that campaigning for the general election later this week was halted. the photo shows crowds leaving the area after the attacks, during which seven people were killed and 48 injured. the straits times here in singapore has a plea by the home affairs minister on the front page, urging singaporeans to come forward and talk to the authorities if friends or family members are being radicalised. on the london attacks the paper reports that the uk government is going to review anti—terror laws and will consider giving the police more powers. the south china morning post has a picture of the candlelit vigil commemorating the victims of the tiananmen massacre
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on its front page. and on the london attacks it reports that police raided several addresses in east london, making twelve arrests. world leaders have expressed their support and sympathy for the people of the uk. two australian citizens were caught up in the attacks and paying tribute, prime minister malcolm turnbull said it was a "cruel example of the new reality in which we live." our diplomatic correspondent james landale reports now on the global reaction. the thread of terrorism is global and leaders expressed solidarity. they took to social media to express their horror and sympathy. vladimir putin spoke of cruelty. chancellor merkel said in the fight against
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terrorism germany is resolutely on britain's aside. in rome the pope called for peace. may the spirit hill the plagues of war. let's praise for the terms and their families. it is right that when there is great evil, we feel anger but that anger must be turned on its head into a commitment to justice and not against any group of people, especially members of the islamic community. they have not done this. we must stand forjustice and peace and in unity. it is the vision that the terrorists want. in new york, authorities increased security across the city, particularly in
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areas full of pedestrians. donald trump offered his condolences but on twitter he used the incident to renew his demand on a travel ban. he also criticised the mayor of london, crewe one, for saying there was no need to be alarmed. in fact, sadiq khan was urging people not to be worried about the increased in police. —— sadiq khan. from paris, which has seen its share of terror attacks, emmanuel macron called theresa may saint front is at britain's side and on the importance of cooperation in the fight against terrorism. the crisis centre in paris was visited by the french prime minister. translation: we will
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be united in ourjoint response. france is holding its parliamentary elections at the moment and as a result of last night attack, security has been tightened at polling stations were people in the uk are casting their vote. few elections it seems can escape the shadow of terrorism. james landale, bbc news, central london. well that's the international reaction to the london attacks — but there's also been a big event in the city of manchester after the terror attack there. yes, an incredible concert with many international stars of the pop music world. as we are monitoring the investigation, they were paying tribute to the 22 people who lost their lives in the manchester attack just two weeks ago. our correspondentjudith
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moritz was also there. they came to dance, to sing and to remember. she was the artist they most wanted to see and the voice they'd waited to hear. # midnight shadows when finding love is a battle...#. she was joined by children from a manchester school. crowd sing: # you are my everything...#. there were tears and hugs and then ariana grande revealed that she had met the mother of one of the teenagers who died at the arena. i had the pleasure of meeting olivia's mommy, a few days ago, and as soon as i met her i started crying and i gave her a big hug, and she said that...
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"stop crying because olivia would not have wanted me to cry," and then she told me that olivia would have wanted to hear the hits. many of the injured were determined to be here, defiant despite memories which are still fresh. 1a year—old natalie harrison was filmed, caught up in the panic after the explosion. today natalie and her mum came to the concert but it was not an easy decision. it's been a traumatic time and the only thing that i would say is that, for me, it is a bit too soon. because i feel that i'm onlyjust coming to terms with what has happened. so coming back today, how does it feel? it's exciting because i want to see ariana without coming home and being upset. do you think it will help you coming back and having a good experience? yeah, it will probably help me, like, heal and stuff. security was tight and
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visible and everywhere. there were stories of strength and resilience. we heard the, like, bang. and i got hit, like, in my upper left thigh and i had to go to hospital and have an operation on it. i'm really excited, like, yeah, because i really enjoy concerts so it's not going to stop me. artists flew in from all over the globe to take part, many with words of support for the uk. manchester, london! we are here, we are together and we are one. ijust want to take this moment to honour the people that were lost, or that were taken. we love you so much. to the families, we love you so much. the atmosphere here is a real mix of celebration and commemoration. plenty of tears mixed in with the cheers from this audience.
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it's hoped that millions of pounds have been raised to support the bereaved and injured and thatjust being at the concert has helped many of the survivors. that concert in manchester summing up the feeling of many here in london, now itself the target of terrorism, just days before the uk goes to the polls in a general election. as flowers are laid at the scene of the attacks, this international city shows few signs of being intimidated. you have been watching a special edition of newsday.
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a wet and windy start. as it brightens we will get some heavy showers. rain setting and across northern england, especially wales and the south—west. showery rain pushing an here. some semblance of warmth but otherwise a chilly day especially underneath the rain. north—west england as much as 80 millimetres. the wet weather moving slowly north and east and the wind is continuing to strength in southward gales. the remains windy for many of us. strong to gale force winds. more likely to be wet across scotland. elsewhere last we showers and sunshine. so is to be heavy and possibly thundery.
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this is bbc news. and now, jo coburn presents a studio audience debate on the issues of the 2017 general election with jonathan ba rtley, co—leader of the green party. welcome to bristol. this is a special programme, election questions. the studio audience here tonight will be putting their questions to the current leader of the green party. please welcome jonathan bartley, the green party. please welcome jonathan ba rtley, ladies the green party. please welcome jonathan bartley, ladies and gentlemen. clapping. welcome to the programme. in the light of the tragic events last night, the reason may held a special meeting with downing street. ——
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theresa may. she said the country needs to change its position on terrorism. i just needs to change its position on terrorism. ijust want needs to change its position on terrorism. i just want to say needs to change its position on terrorism. ijust want to say my thoughts are very much with those that were hurt, those that were killed, and their families, that were hurt, those that were killed, and theirfamilies, last night. i want to pay tribute to the emergency services that did amazing work last night. i think... i watched what theresa may said and i think she is right to call for a review. and i think that needs to have two very important aspects to it. the first is the prevent strategy we have seen a certain degree of success in the prevent strategy, the counterterrorism strategy, the counterterrorism strategy the government has in the suing fora strategy the government has in the suing for a couple of years, but it is clearly toxic to some communities and is alienating some communities.
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not building bridges and getting intelligence we need to be the second area i want to look at is police. 20,000 police officers have been lost since 2010. that has to be addressed. it is notjust about police numbers, but police themselves. we set priorities for local policing. i know police officers cannot be in every place at every moment. they required the wonderful tradition we have in this country, policing by consent. we need intelligence from the community. i want to see that front and centre in the theresa may review. you actually called the prevent strategy xenophobic. why is it xenophobic? it is xenophobic because it is alienating communities. we need to be clear that those tarnishing the muslim committee with these atrocities, this was not the muslim community, this was not the muslim community, this is a perversion of islam is. —— community. i am sorry you said
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rubbish, i disagree with you. we will get to you in a


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