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yes. good. i'm really pleased you have got a smile on your face. the first time in two weeks. that's great, isn't it? brilliant, absolutely brilliant. it's a smal first step, but an important one — a moment of normality in what has been a deeply traumatic time. graham satchell, bbc news, manchester. let's go back to our top story, the terror attack on saturday night on london bridge and borough market in which seven people were killed and 48 people were injured. sophie raworth is on london bridge. as you can see behind me, there is a huge cordon here, the whole area is closed off. london bridge state —— station is open, and the cathedral has been closed, sealed off to the public for now. i'm joined by the bishop of southwark, good afternoon and thank you forjoining us. can you remember a time when the cathedral was closed like this?
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there is no precedent because we are dealing with exceptional events. we had a great service full of young people who were all home by the time the incident happened, many others we re the incident happened, many others were enjoying the vicinity, out and about in it. yesterday we closed the cathedral because it is within the sealed area. in the evening, the large pentecost service where people we re large pentecost service where people were coming from all over south london, we managed to relocate to a church in kennington. this morning you have been to a meeting with the metropolitan police and other faith leaders, what was the message?” metropolitan police and other faith leaders, what was the message? i was at new scotland yard for a meeting of the consultative group of faith leaders, being briefed by the police. this area is likely to be sealed off, possibly for another 24-36 sealed off, possibly for another 24—36 hours while the police go about their work and they have been working both very effectively the
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forensic teams, and also very well in dealing with the public and giving reassurance, taking time to talk to people. we were also concerned that when we speak, we speak with one united voice across the great faiths which are represented in this global city in which we live. we want to celebrate oui’ which we live. we want to celebrate our diversity, regarded as a blessing, and to speak out against those who are to undermine unity, goodwill and common purpose. the bishop of southwark, thank you for joining us. time for a look at the weather. here's louise lear. sunshine for some today but vain for most and that's the story with this rain we can see from the weather watcher picture in cumbria, but it's moving from the west and if you've had some sunshine it will be a thing of the past as we go through the afternoon. the wet and windy weather, the worst of which across wales and north—west england. it
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will be this intense rainfall that is the real issue and worth bearing in mind if you are going to be out on the roads this afternoon. some of that rain persistent, accompanied by gale force winds. so, as we go through this afternoon the strongest of the winds gusting to gale force on exposed coasts in the south—west, the rain gradually drifting steadily eastwards but there will be some heavy bursts across the south—west. dribs and drabs into london during the afternoon but we will seek heavy persistent rain as we go through this evening. the rain lingering across the north—west of england and north wales, but for northern ireland and scotland scattered showers into the afternoon. cannot rule out the odd rumble of thunder, but temperatures peaking at around 16 degrees. through this evening and overnight it will be the wet and windy weather that will be the theme as it continues to push steadily north and east, so it will be a real
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wet and windy night for many, with gales on exposed coasts and overnight lows generally of around 9-13d. we overnight lows generally of around 9—13d. we start off tomorrow morning with the area of low pressure centred through the spine of the country and drifting steadily north and east. the isobars squeezing together, the strongest of the winds together, the strongest of the winds to the south—west of that bloke and that's where we are likely to continue to see gale force gusts for a time. the rain slowly clears away through central and eastern england but perhaps lingers for much of the far north—east of scotland for most of the day. following behind, sunny spells and scattered showers, a breezy day and it will feel cooler thanit breezy day and it will feel cooler than it has of late. the low pressure finally eases away during wednesday night, the wind swings round to a westerly direction, and it looks to be largely fine and dry. but on exposed north west coasts, it will feel quite fresh, 11—14d. highest values in the south—east
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with 20. back to you, sophie. police say they know the identities of the three men who killed seven people and left many more critically injured. that's all from the bbc news at one so it's goodbye from me, good afternoon, i'm will perry with the latest from the bbc sport's centre. we'll start with tennis because andy murray is on the verge of booking his place in the quarter finals of the french open. the world number one is dominating the unseeded 21—year old russian karen khachanov. murray comfortably took the first set 6—3. he had a brief wobble when he was broken in the second set, but still went on to take it 6—4. murray should wrap things up as he's
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currently leading the third set 5—4. he'll face either kei nishikori or fernando verdasco next. let's go over now to new scotland yard where a statement is being made by commander mak chishty with religious and community leaders. a different direction, and a different movement to counter the scourge different movement to counter the scourge of terrorism and hatred that we have in our neighbourhoods and communities at present. i would like to do is read on behalf of the muslim community, a statement that they have prepared understanding which shows and signifies that step change which is honest, it is reflective, it is bold but it is required. i will also read out a
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short statement, prepared on behalf of the wider community, and in particular, faith leader, which also gives a perspective of how we are standing together as one community, supporting each other and trying to keep hate crime and especially slam phobic crime down, by showing the strength of unity and bond. —— islamophobic, between all communities so i will start with the community message, from our muslim communities. apologise but i — will have to read this. so this is a message by the muslim community following the london bridge attack. this terrorist attack is an attack on all community, including muslim communities. every time a terrorist attack takes place muslim communities either face or fear a backlash against them. the muslim
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community appeals to all sections within their own communities. to root out the scourge of terrorism, which hides among their own people and masquerades as islam. the muslim community is alarmed and this attack by three concerned that this attack by three people which would have required planning, and yet, was not reported. reported. it is the islamic duty of every muslim to be loyal to the country in which they live, and we are asking questions to understand how extremism and hatred has taken hold within some elements of our own communities. terrorism and extremism is hurting islam. muslims must do more to stop such attacks from happening again and we want to know how we can play a greater role in the future. that was the statement
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on behalf of the muslim communities. a wider statement now follows. by the wider commune until and in particular, leaders of all faiths. terrorism affects all community, and the recent attacks in the uk show the recent attacks in the uk show the indiscriminate nature of hurt, injury and death to all communities. including muslim people who feel that the religion has been violated and abused by terrorists. we stand together with our muslim communities and condemn any type of backlash, or islamophobic attack, we stand together to support muslim communities in needing to do much more with local community, to address extremism and terrorism. we would like to convey our thoughts and prayers of to the victims and families and our appreciation to all the emergency service and the public for their brave and professional response. we will show that strong
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bonds exist between all communities in every ward and neighbourhood across the uk, to demonstrate love, respect, and care for one another. thank you very much. you said in that statement it was not reported but do we know that for a fact do the police know it was reported. we wore told in manchester that in fact they had flagged up that people in they had flagged up that people in the muslim community worried about the muslim community worried about the man who carried out the attack there, so is that a fact now? that nobody had reported the attackers? what we are saying here is we are making a broader point where the actual attack itself, at this moment in time, unless we get further information does not appear to have been reported and the point we are making is, unlike excuse me ramadan fasting, unlike, unlike a single
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person, a lone wolf type of attacker, when you have three people in concert, necessarily there must have been some discussion around that, and some people, even the closest point to them, must have known something and we are saying they had a duty the muslim community say they had that duty to report it. what about the people in manchester who told cnn they did indeed, members of the muslim community said we flagged this up and today we have reported that the police in manchester say they have no record o that. maybe the muslim community is doing that but the government, the police, the ut aties aren't taking note of that. 0k, police, the ut aties aren't taking note of that. ok, the manchester point is an issue i think it has been looked into. i can't go into that. but, we can come back to you on that one. (inaudible) it is very early to
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understand how the figures are going, but putting the figures to one side, i would like to comment upon the concern and anxiety, the undercurrent that exists within muslim community, one of fear, and one of anxiety but also, if we have are hook at the sentiment of comment and particularly social media platforms that is also negative towards muslim communities and that adds to a feeling of insecurity. excuse me. right. we are not in a position to be able to show thatjust right. we are not in a position to be able to show that just yet, because the figures do take a few days to come in, we will be in a better position by the end o week to comment on that. there is some speculation about the identity...”
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am not able to confirm or go into that detail at the moment. but there will be statements later by many his colleagues, in the ct command who will talk about that. (inaudible) my thoughts round where ever (inaudible) my thoughts round where ever there is extremism we will use the full effect of the law to deal with that and sometimes getting the evidence takes longer. we have dealt with some of the elements in our community as you well know. so where the law allows we will not resist in dealing with extremism, and hatred.
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what reassurances can you give to members of the muslim community, if they call the anti—terror hotline or go to their local police station and report concerns, that those concerns is won't be buried in a pile of paperwork or forgotten?” is won't be buried in a pile of paperwork or forgotten? i would like to give a couple of reassurances round that. the information is so important, so, we will treat that information with respect, we will guarantee anonymity, there will be a confidential process so you can talk to us with safety. be want to generate confidence. to make sure they feel supported an encouraged and feel safe when they are talking to us, we will deal with it in a proportionate way and keep them updated as we do that as well. sometimes in operational situations we won't be able to share everything but we be able to deal with them in a way that makes them feel valued. that is the process we abide by. every piece of information will be
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looked at? it does get evaluated. we have a system of assessing intelligence and information, to see what it means to overall picture, so it will be, yes. when do you expect to release the name of the attackers?” when do you expect to release the name of the attackers? i assume it won't be too long because our collea g u es won't be too long because our colleagues are working on it. (inaudible) how many...? we (inaudible) how many. . . ? we will have to get the proper information to you on that. well, when we have any type of police shooting, the independent police complaints commission, the ipcc hold a com pletely commission, the ipcc hold a completely im shall investigation, and that he will be doing an investigation round that. and they
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will be reported separately. we will be co—operating as you expect. so they will make their report at some stage. one more question. you said muslims must do more but i can't help but go back to what happened in manchester. if you are saying you a nswered manchester. if you are saying you answered that gentleman's questions the authority will review all the information. we we were told on camera, by members of the muslim community they had flaked up members of their community and today the police are saying they don't have any record of that. do, are people calling the wrong number or is the uk not sharing information with other uk? if you are saying muslims must do more but they are doing something that is not recked where does that leave the community? we need to understand what information was provided and to who and we are happy to itself is down an speak to those peep, to understand exactly what the process was, including the
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dates so we can at least look at where it may have been, and what happened with it, if that information was provided. burr i no there has been a very thorough review to find out exactly what information has come in, and when it came in, because that is important to us. thank you very much. thank you. studio: that was commander matt chisty. let us talk more about the discussion about policing, because the former shadow home secretary yvette cooper is here with me now. first of alljeremy corbyn calling on theresa may to resign, three days before an election, it seems strange, do you think he is right to do so? that is what a general election is, we are saying that her record is a serious problem, that to cut 20,000 police officers was the wrong thing to do, and still to refuse to say there won't be further police cuttings and to refuse to
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increase the number of police officers is. they are taking on more armed officer, they are already reciting they have cut the number of armed police officer, in the first six years of the conservatives being in charge, they cut the number of armed officers by round 1,000, they have said they will recruit more to put the numbers back up but they are love lower than 2010 o ijust think thatis love lower than 2010 o ijust think that is the wrong approach. that is why labour said instead of having cuts to capital gains tax which infits ince haves fors put that into 10,000 more police officers is across the country. i think that is right thing to do you mentioned 2010. they say that is when they took over and there was no monetary policy. difficult decisions had to be made. they are right. the trouble is their whole deficit reduction plan didn't work, instead what they did was simply hit public services ina way did was simply hit public services in a way that has damaged the services that have been provided.” am talking about the policing. not
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only that, not only did theresa may cut police officer she is refusing to increase them. she would rather put the money into capital gains tax cuts. is the wrong choice to make. are you suggesting that if police numbers had remained at a solid level, an attack like than o saturday wouldn't have happened?” think you have to be careful not to link issued round police numb ebers toa link issued round police numb ebers to a individual attack. that is why we are talking about it. has become centre stage because of the attack on saturday it is because we have add had three terror attacks in the space of three month, it is recognising the fact that the police need to be able to do more, notjust in terms of the armed response but in terms of the armed response but in terms of the intelligence, within community, the prevention work the police do at local level. the neighbourhood police officers, that are so important in terms of preventing add schraition, if terms
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of gathering intelligence, so as pa rt of gathering intelligence, so as part of our response, what ever the causes of any one mark viduka, we know that overall, we will be stronger, in our response to this extremism and terrorism if we have more police officers is available to do thejob. more police officers is available to do the job. that said eight minutes from the first call, to the three terrorists being shot dead, i mean, the facts would suggest that the police can respond. you have to pay tribute to their proeggs iffism and the speed with which they responded. no doubt that that saved lives, and to have taken control within eight minutes was remarkable. of course if you are within central london where a lot the armed officers have been based. that easier than in other pa rt based. that easier than in other part of the country, overall, bear in mind that after the manchester attack, the police had to draw on armed forces' support. and it was right to make sure they had that support. nevertheless it shows there
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is real pressure, both in terms of armed police officers but also in terms of the community policing as well. ok, very quickly i know one issue you are concerned is about is the technology companies and the role they play in this. theresa may says she wants them to be more responsible. what should happen? there has to be much more action, i think for too long we have heard theresa may say that lot of times before, they have had forums and summits but on youtube you can find propaganda video. what would you do. they should be fined. if they are not prepared to find the staff to use their own precious search engines to find this material and ta ke engines to find this material and take it down themselves, then they should be charged orfineded or penalised. i think the time for talking on this is over. we need action and responsibility from those social media jieps, they are the
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richest companies on the planet. they should get their act together and they should be made to if they are going to refuse. thank you. funding for the police and intelligence services has taken centre stage as an issue in the general election following the attacks in manchester and london bridge. this morning union representatives from the emergency services held a news conference with labour. ben priestley from unison union representing police and justice officers said front line staff had been hit the hardest with budget cuts. think in the public debate which has beenjoined in this think in the public debate which has been joined in this election think in the public debate which has beenjoined in this election round the impact of cuts to public service, those that are affecting emergency services are among the most shocking, there has been a debate as i am sure you are aware of the loss of 20,000 police officer jobs in england and wales and that is true, and that is about a 14% cut in the police officer workforce but there is a bigger picture here, because the police service is not just made up of police officer,
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there is staff which includes police community support officers, that is a big number, they have been cut substantially than the police officer workforce in percentage terms, you will probably be surprised to know under this government, the numbers of police community support officer, front line policing, have been cut the most severely. there has been a nearly 38% cut to pcso numbers across england and wales as mark said in london, that is much worse which is a really shocking figure, for the capital. with me is drjohn gearson, a terrorism expert at kings college in london. the issue of arming the police is at the forefront. as i said to yvette cooper, the fact suggests eight minutes from first report to three shot dead by armed police, that the reaction time is there and it works. yes, i mean this came out originally of the mumbai attacks but most
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importantly the paris attacks, there have been two years of work towards having this very swift capable response by the best armed police officers we have ever had, who are already trained to be more aggressive in dealing with this sort of threat. and it did seem to work obviously fortunately they attacked the best policed and best armed police force in the country. and there is a point there, because the criticism is that outside london, perhaps, under resourcing, under policing is an issue, how important are police numbers? well police numbers are important for crime in general and for community reassurance, the issue is we are talking about terrorism because there have been three attacks. the debates have been should we be spending so much on counter—terrorism any way. community police officers have an important role to play but radicalisation and counter radicalisation are about other government departments. local government is important. police are
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partners but some say it should be taken out of the security picture and should be pushed much more into education and local authorities. i don't think anyone has come up with the answer but i think it is more complicated than more police officers would mean a better posture. not just officers would mean a better posture. notjust complicated. that sounds generational, this is is a huge issue. the reason it hasn't worked and it didn't work in the previous decade under success receive labour administration and we don't seem to have a lot of progress under the conservatives because the threat has changed. we were dealing with 2-3,000 threat has changed. we were dealing with 2—3,000 individuals in the previous decade. now we are told up to 23,000. these figures are amazing foran to 23,000. these figures are amazing for an analyst like me to hear put out there routinely now, but also that many of the people are not the people, not from the same groups, necessarily or same communities, broadly defined that they were a decade ago. they are from whatever you want to describe as the community from which terrorists are recruited but they are different
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people to the ones the intelligence agencies they were looking at a decade ago. education, health, and local government are not areas that are local government are not areas that a re really local government are not areas that are really comfortable with being arms of intelligence and surveillance but that is what we are talking about. we are talking about how do we watch a large large number of people to identify that tiny number who might prove to be terrorist, think the prime minister's right at least in saying there indonesia to be a difficult discussion about this, and open there needs to be a difficult discussion. it is about an open discussion. it is about an open discussion about what extremism mean, and whether people can essentially dissent from the majority, and i mean that is a very difficult subject. we will talk about it again for sure. thank you for coming in. headlines in a couple of my opinion, first the weather. well, some wet and windy weather,
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right across the country throughout this week. we have had some sunshine this week. we have had some sunshine this morning for some but for most it has been a different story. the rain has arrived and some of that heavy and persistent as you can see from cumbria few hours ago. that is where the wettest weather is s invading through that sunshine in the east as well. so a change to come as we go into the afternoon. so, do take care if you are going to be out on the roads, we haven't seen wet and windy weather to some time, it may lead to the potential for some travel december eruption in north—west england and north wales. we will see as much as two to three inches of rainfall. the wet and windy weather pushes eastwards, a roofe in the london area by the latter stages, so i suspect if you are going to be out and about, this is where the heaviest of the rain will be and the strongest of the wind down into much of wale, ahead of it we could see temperatures at
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17 or 18 degrees in the south. staying unsettled and windy in north—west england but for northern ireland and for much of scotland, it isa ireland and for much of scotland, it is a case of suppy spells and scattered shower, maybe the showers perhaps with the odd rumble of thunder but if you keep sunshine you could see highs of 16 degree, through the rest of the evening and overnight, the wet and windy weather will sweep steadily eastwards and ta ke will sweep steadily eastwards and take its time to clear, with gusts of gale force on exposed coasts so it will be an unsettled night. main northern ireland, the far north—west of scotla nd northern ireland, the far north—west of scotland staying largely dry. we start off tomorrow morning, with still that area of low pressure still that area of low pressure still to clear away, it will be sitting through the spine of the country an into the south—west we have tightly packed isobars which demote the strength of the wind, still the potential for gales on the exposed west faces coasts, the rain easing away from eastern england but it mate well linger for some time. we could see as much as three to
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four inches of rainfall in eastern areas of scotland before that system clears through. lit do so by the time we move out of the tuesday into wednesday, then we see a slightly quieter spell of weather taking over through the middle of the week, predominantly dry, with some sunshine coming through, but with the wind direction coming from a north—westerly, just going to feel fresher on exposed coast, 11 to 1a degrees, at the best, highs of 20 in the south—east. try and make the most of wednesday's weather, more wet and windy weather to come from the south—west from thursday onnen wards. more in half an hour. —— on wards. this is bbc news.
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i'mjane hill live in borough market, near london bridge in central london. police say they know the identities of the three men involved in saturday's attack, as more properties in east london were raided in the early hours this morning. 30—year—old christine archibald, a canadian, is the first victim to be named. 36 people are still being treated in hospitals across the capital — 18 of them remain in a critical condition. more tales of heroism: the romanian chef who hit one terrorist over the head with a crate and sheltered 20 people in his bakery.


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