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tv   Asia Business Report  BBC News  June 7, 2017 1:30am-1:46am BST

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this is bbc news. our top story: the uk's security services are under mounting pressure after it emerged they were warned about the third london bridge attacker. he's been named as 22—year—old youssef zaghba, a moroccan—italian man who lived in east london. french police have shot and wounded a man who attacked an officer with a hammer near notre dame cathedral in paris, in what's being treated as a terrorist incident. french police have shot and wounded a man who attacked an officer with a hammer near notre dame cathedral in paris, in what's being treated as a terrorist incident. scientists have discovered the hottest known planet in the universe. it's called kelt nine—b and its surface is believed to reach temperatures of four—thousand three—hundred celsius. —— 4,300 celsius. the research team say it's twice the size ofjupiter and 650 light years from earth. that's all from me for now. stay with us on bbc news. and the top story here in the uk. theresa may has said she's ready to change any human rights law that prevents the police and security services from dealing effectively with the threat from terrorism.
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now on bbc news all the latest business news live from singapore. here's rico. a mining company makes the biggest investment in australia ever by an indian company but where is the funding going to come from? and find out how an executive behind japan's most popular search engine feels up for a busy day. —— fuels up. vaticanjoined us vatican joined us for this vaticanjoined us for this midweek edition. shares of adani jumping 9% in more by trading on tuesday after news that the adani group is going
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to go ahead with its controversial coalmine project in australia. —— mumbai. there are still many u na nswered mumbai. there are still many unanswered questions about this project. after a lot of hurdles and delays, adani is moving ahead with the project but there are still a lot of questions that remain unanswered. the biggest one of them, how was adani going to finance this project? the total cost of building this coalmine is $12 billion. adani is in no position to finance this project internally because it has a huge debt on its books. it's already highly leveraged and is in no position to bring down that debt in the few years. the other option is banks. but the big australian banks have already said they will not finance this project because of the huge controversy it is basing on the ground. the indian banks are already struggling due to high levels of
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non—performing assets except —— except for the state bank of india. its already announced it will extend the loan of $1 billion for this project but that will not be enough. adani is saying it is looking to secure $650 —— 600 $50 million from the australian government to get started but there are no clear a nswe i’s started but there are no clear answers as to how it will fund the project in the long—term. adani still faces huge ground opposition. even though they say they will go ahead, environmentalists say they will oppose this project right to the end. the biggest concern is that the end. the biggest concern is that the coal exported from australia to india on the ships will further damage the already ailing great barrier reef. adani at this stage is saying it plans to start the construction of the project later this year, september or october. the philippines has put a temporary
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ban on its workers heading to qatar after several arab countries broke diplomatic ties with the country, accusing it of supporting islamist militants and iran. there are about 250,000 filipino workers in qatar. the middle east is a major source of remittance income for the philippines. gruber has confirmed that 20 people have been sacked from the company as part of an investigation into sexual harassment. —— uber. the company set up harassment. —— uber. the company set upa harassment. —— uber. the company set up a hotline in february for staff to report issues. there were 215 claims. i earlier spoke with dave lee, if all the firings were over sexual harassment. they were not in the company was very keen to stress that. they related to a variety of things. the breakdown was that many of the complaints were dealing with things like unprofessional behaviour, leading, physical security and discrimination and they
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didn't specify it was gender but it was of any kind and sexual harassment made up 47 of the 215 claims they got in total and 20 staff were terminated as a result of some of those claims. a big move for uberand some of those claims. a big move for uber and they are under a lot of pressure to clear house on some of this bad workplace culture they seem to have caught. clearinghouse indeed. what more do you know about these dismissed uber employees? they have not released the names of the employees but we have been told that have leased a one fired employees was a very senior have leased a one fired employees was a very senior worker at the company but they will not say who exactly that is. we do know there may be more to come. there are still 57 cases still being reviewed so that could be more disciplinary action on the way. next week, we are expecting to hear even more about
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how uber is attempting to change its culture. there are meant to be reports released to staff outlining some of the things they are going to change. this problem is not going away from uber but they are keen to show they are getting on top of it for the time being. that was dave lee in silicon valley. the global financial industry is keeping a close eye on a vote in washington which could undo reforms put in place after the 2008 financial crisis. the financial choice act will repeal key laws, regulating banks, that were established during the 0bama administration. it would eliminate some regular trip powers. it would also exempt banks from many existing financial rules if they need to boost their capital reserves. earlier, ispoke need to boost their capital reserves. earlier, i spoke to eric yuen. i asked reserves. earlier, i spoke to eric yuen. iasked if reserves. earlier, i spoke to eric yuen. i asked if this could lead to a repeat of 2008? if that were to be
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the case, i would be concerned but i do not think so. first of all, it's a debatable question whether the original bill stated —— achieved its purpose, which was to do away with the undue accesses of the banks in 2008. as a practical matter, as a matter of political reality, it is highly unlikely that much of the provisions that the wall street banks have been against would be repealed. if indeed this becomes a reality, how would this impact the backing of financial institutions in asia? you might it frees up well capitalised banks with a 10% leveraged ratio much of the risk—based capital and stress tests and other regulations. it would free
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up and other regulations. it would free up more capital to allow banks to engage in a greater amount of lending. also, if the despised rule against proprietary trading is restricted, that would also be welcome relief for the banks. naoto miyamoto overseas yahoo japan, the on line portal being one of the most influential —— influential news sites in the country. his days are long and he often eats breakfast on the run. we caught with him —— we caught up with him for a sitdown meal. iam i am ready for myjapanese brea kfast. i am ready for myjapanese breakfast. that was naoto miyamoto from yahoo japan in tokyo. before we
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90, from yahoo japan in tokyo. before we go, use our quick look at the markets. japan, south korea and australia are all open for business and investors there are jittery after us equities mostly retreated two days before the british general election and congressional testimony from fired former fbi chiefjames comey. as the wall street —— wall street, the key indices fell in negative territory, closing down by 48 points. they give are joining us. goodbye for now. the headlines this sour. uk security services are facing more questions following revelations that they were warned about the third london bridge attack. he's been named as 22—year—old youssef zaghba, a moroccan—italian
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man who lived in east london. a man has been shot down outside notre dame cathedral after he officers with a hammer. an investigation is under way as to why hundreds of postal ballots have gone missing into marginal south—west constituencies. they are saying they are taking what is happening very seriously. by monday, if nothing comes, we will check. and chase it up comes, we will check. and chase it up she did, only to be told by plymouth city council that her family's ballot papers had gone missing in the post and they are not the only ones. in fact, 370 that we know what had not been delivered. even her daughter, is at university in manchester, never received hers. a lot of students from plymouth who
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are away, who have applied for postal votes in good time, have not received affairs. these are young voters, it's the first general election and they are feeling really upset, can see it. she has gone to the council to get a replacement postal vote. but patsy willis‘s husband ran out of time. he's had to leave the london and now he will not get a chance to vote in the general election. it is a very tight contest here. we have always voted, we believe in voting, we care who our mp is and to the government are so here's very, very angry that he will not be able to vote. obviously time is running out what can you do if you are affected? the city council says to call them, they will issue you a replacement ballot and if you come down here to the city council, you can that an vote on the spot. but however product of the city council is being, the issue is causing a stir on social media.
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we've received emails citing similar cases further afield. the electoral commission is happy with the way it is being dealt with but what happens after the election result is announced if the party challenges the outcome? especially postal votes have gone missing in one of the most marginal seats in the country, plymouth, sutton and devonport? the election result could only be revisited with a court order and a court order would only come after an election petition had been lodged. court ordering a fresh election is the very worst case scenario. for now, a very the very worst case scenario. for now, a very simple system has turned into an unusually messy one. 0n tulsen tollett and welcome to
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sport today. coming up on this programme: —— i'm tulsen. rain accounts for four hours of play on a disrupted day at the french 0pen. england are into the semi finals of the icc champions trophy after an 87—run win over new zealand. and a day of high adventure and near misses at sea during the america's cup qualifying in bermuda. hello and welcome to the programme, where we start with the weather in paris, strangely enough. just the two women's french open quarter—finals took place at roland garros on tuesday as both men's last eight matches scheduled had to be moved to wednesday with four hours lost due to the inclement conditions. the crowd had little to cheer about with a lack of play on a day that was coupled with the exit of their favourite kristina mladenovic, as richard mcelvanney reports. not a lot
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