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tv   Sportsday  BBC News  June 10, 2017 6:30pm-7:00pm BST

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wales it is 1.3 it :1" england and wales it is looking fine and dry with light winds. hello. this is bbc news. the headlines at 6.30pm: the prime minister's two chief advisers, nick timothy and fiona hill, have resigned. the bbc understands that theresa may had been warned this that unless they went she would face a leadership challenge. the leader of the scottish conservatives, has demanded assurances from the prime minister that the democratic unionist party's opposition to gay marriage won't be allowed to shape government policy. the government's chief whip is in belfast for talks with the dup. the metropolitan police has revealed the london bridge attackers tried to hire a seven and a half tonne lorry to carry out last saturday's attack — but the payment was declined. time to cross to the bbc sport centre now for sportsday. hello and welcome to sportsday
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with me karthi gnanasegaram and james pearce. the headlines this evening: the lions finally roar. england have just scored. england havejust scored. we england have just scored. we will show you a little bit later on. a good win for the lions in new zealand against crusaders. and the 20—year—old whose first tournament win is the french open. hello. we've got ten different sports covered in sportsday this evening, but we'll start with football and scotla nd
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scotland are facing england right now in their world cup qualifier for 2018. harry kane is playing and scotla nd 2018. harry kane is playing and scotland are down in fourth place and ben croucher is watching the match. with the world cup under way ina match. with the world cup under way in a little over 12 months, something the fans are already planning, the scottish fans are hoping their forward—thinking is involved wasted. victory over england will put them right back in qualification contention. time to get stuck in. scott brown was making afamiliar get stuck in. scott brown was making a familiar impact. his english counterpart almost made one too. harry kane wearing the armband for the first time and without a goal in international football for a year twice went close. still england couldn't prize a way through. in this british battle between blue and red, the majority of chances fell to the red team but neither was able to claim the lead by half—time. england through jake livermore claim the lead by half—time. england
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throuthake livermore continued to come throuthake livermore continued to co m e closest throuthake livermore continued to come closest to claiming it. that world cup is creeping ever closer and the evidence so far, scotland are not much nearer to getting there. just as we were coming on air, england scored. there is the goal. alex oxley chamberlain the scored so england lead 1—0. around 20 minutes left in that game. we'll keep you updated on both of those games a little later. northern ireland are also in action. across a continent, they travelled toa across a continent, they travelled to a balmy azerbaijan. the welcome, raucous and hot. michael o'neill prepared by training his squad in nearby turkey. suited to the climate, leon boyce had to show he was suited to international football. his first competitive start an early goal. for the hosts,
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a win is vital if they have any chance of reaching brush up. they made their presence felt, as did the heat. but the visitors coped with both. this ball—mac lacking any sort of touch. just the one that would do tonight for northern ireland. we will keep you updated on the scorers in both of those games. still to come on sportsday: england versus australia is always an entertaining affair, this catch was one of the highlights of their champions trophy encounter at edgbaston this afternoon. find out if it helped to send the aussies home. and would you drive at 90 miles an hour with your back wheel on fire? these guys did today in the world rally championship in italy. see if they made it to the finish line! there will have been a change in the mood of the british and irish lions team, after warren gatland's side won the most challenging match on their tour of new zealand so far. the lions beat the crusaders 12—3, in christchuch,
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and it was all about the boot of owen farrell. tim hague reports. this is the time for the british and irish lions to call in the cavalry in canterbury. regarded as the best club team in world rugby, the crusaders, and the tourists would play like they were on home turf stopping a side with eight all blacks in it from the start. always influential, owen farrell put them 6—0 up and despite the odd bump in the road, as well as a solitary penalty, it was his first start on tour and it was going rather well. while it wasn't free—flowing, riveting rugby it was solid. the lions sniffed out danger. the pressure was telling here and a penalty awarded. it was a fourth and final owen farrell success. make no mistake, this was effectively a test match.
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the first defeat this season for the crusaders and a cavalry charge for the english and irish lions. with a comfortable 34—13 win over italy. playing in singapore, they ran in four tries in eleven minutes — two either side of half time. tim visser finished off finn russell's clever kick. ross ford — who had scored just one try in 107 previous internationals, then added two tries in quick succession. damien hoyland completed the scoring. scotland will play australia next saturday. south africa beat france 37—111. two tries in the space of four minutes. the french were down to 1a men. the teams will meet next weekend in durban. it's a busy day of rugby union internationals. england are in sanjuan to face argentina in their first test, that match kicks off at quarter past eight. and ireland are in newjersey to take on the united states later. that match begins at ten tonight. to the french open now and what a final it was for the women's
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championship this afternoon. a thrilling three set encounter was won by an unseeded 20 year old from latvia. jelena ostapenko had never won a match at the french open before but she is the new roland garros champion after beating the third seed, simon halep. adam wild reports. in paris, this would always be a day of firsts. jelena ostapenko had never played simon halep before and neither had ever won a grand slam. ostapenko of them had never won any title before. unseeded, but also unfazed. a style of tennis that is all or nothing. astonishing power, but for every magnificent, unplayable winner, there was an error as well and it was those well and it was those that helped halep to the first set. how would the young latvian cover? well, three down in the second set, it did not look good. questions over her temperament were answered in the most thrilling way.
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bludgeoning winner after winner, roaring back to take the match to a deciding third set. the french crowd now with a new—found favourite, this was her moment. fittingly, it was another brilliant winner that won it. and on a day of firsts in paris, there is a feeling this may just be the first of many. jelena ostapenko — it's a name you'll hear a lot more from now on. the 20—year old has become the youngest winner at roland garros since ana ivanovic in 2007. she's the first latvian to win a grand slam tennis title. and she is the first unseeded woman to win the suzanne lenglen cup since 1933. let's be to our tennis correspondent who was watching that match. we talked about who she is, but how did she win that match? because it really was a thrilling encounter.
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she played fearlessly. she has done throughout the tournament. the very first game of the match, having simon halep waiting on the baseline for the best part of a minute while she prepared herself and rearranged her towels on her chair and her racket bag, she then broke and then started to miss a little bit and simon halep with horror experience was ina simon halep with horror experience was in a very strong position, leading by a set to love and three games to love and that was what was so games to love and that was what was so remarkable about the turnaround. jelena ostapenko continued going for her shots and even though she still makes a lot of unforced errors, the ratio of winnings to errors started to change. she came from time to win the second set and then when in a position to win her first grandson title at the age of 20 years and two days, just didn't blink at all and one that deciding set by a lot. she could go on to win a lot more. this is the first time she has won a title and it is a grand slam.
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absolutely. there are two elements to it. she has the game to be a serial grand slam champion. whether she will be able to back it up i do not know. she does have that mental strength and the presence of mind. if you look at all of the young players, you would think yes. she has proved she can do it and she had never been in the second week of a grand slam before, never mind a final and also a trophy. but now she has done that, there is no reason why she can't go on and become somebody who winds these grand slams and features in the latter stages of grand slams consistently. she has done it on clay. grass is probably her favourite surface. she won junior wimbledon three years ago. it may be a lot to expect to play as well at wimbledon. it is a really big thing in someone's life when they win a grand slam at the age of 20. but she has the game to play well and win more titles. you're talking about someone who has won at the age of 20, a british player has won at the age of 19. tell us about him. alfie hewitt, winning the
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french open wheelchair singles title, he told me earlier that he has not played on clay for two years and yet he came here on his debut and yet he came here on his debut and he has beaten the defending champion in the final in some style. he lost the first eight games of the match. he had two match points in the second set tie—break and won the deciding set by six games to two. a grand slam singles champion for the first time. he was not able to add a doubles title. he was playing alongside gordon reid but they lost to the top seeds, the french pair in straight sets in the final. but still, a remarkable date for alfie hewitt. a bit likejelena ostapenko, one he would rememberfor the rest of his life. absolutely. really appreciate your time. and russell on the team will be back tomorrow with the team will be back tomorrow with the men's french open final. that should be a cracker. now let's get all the latest from the cricket. a century from ben stokes put
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england in charge of this game. they we re england in charge of this game. they were a0 runs in front when play was suspended. it means that australia are out, having not managed to play are out, having not managed to play a full match in the whole tournament. another excuse for the australians to criticise the british weather. it seems like years since it has been here. australia have not seen it has been here. australia have not seen it at all. two games, two wash—outs. another would set the tone down the drain. still stay optimistic. if the sun shines today, patrons are advised to apply sunscreen. aaron finch backs on the sunniside. young captain steve smith make nearly 100 together. nearly because finch flinched. going up, up and away, thanks to owen morgan. glyn maxwell likes a big finish. he
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aims high. the problem wasjuggling aims high. the problem wasjuggling a cat which had to bejudged and appreciated on replay. touch the ball and boundary of the same time or this would have been six. adil rashid and mark would do the rest. both finished with four wickets each. australia got to 277. england are already in the semifinals. thank goodness, some muttered. jason roy out of form and out for four. two others followed. 35—3. you guessed it. it is a quarter past three and yet it is raining again. australia must be sick of it. they know that evenif must be sick of it. they know that even if england can't knock them out, the weather still might. but school did australia's moment. england moved from crisis to command. when morgan and ben stokes sta ble command. when morgan and ben stokes stable and strong indeed. stalks make his hundred just before the weather set in. england are well ahead of the equation. mathematically, victory should be theirs. australia may lead this
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tournament as they have spent much of it, watching on. let's switch sports again. two games in rugby league's super league this evening. catalans dragons are hosting huddersfield giants right now. and at seven o'clock, wakefield take on leeds. he's jamaica's most famous sportsman, and this afternoon usain bolt will compete for the final time in his home country. bolt will retire after this summer's world championships in london, and jamaicans are preparing a memoarble send—off for him when he runs in the 100 metres at today's racers grand prix. just a warning there's some flash photography coming up in ade adedoyin's report from jamaica. 15 years ago, 15—year—old usain bolt made history here at the national stadium in kingston when he became the youngest athlete to win a world title. he would go on to be an icon
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of the sport and a face of the sport. winning records and olympic titles. he has always maintained that winning gold back here as a junior is still one of the highlights of his career because of the pressure of competing front of a home crowd, so it is perhaps fitting that the final race onjamaican soil should be here on the track where he shot to prominence. one thing i know is it is going to be a great reception. i am home and the amount of people that have called me to get tickets. i know the stadium is going to be full. i know there is going to be energy and it will be one big party and a bit emotional but i am definitely looking forward to it. usain bolt has also spoken about the warm bond he shares with his coach, glen mills, the man who guided his career. mills tends to stay out of the limelight and rarely does interviews, but i managed to catch up with him and he said that he believes usain bolt could have a few more years but he respects is
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desire to retire. physically, yes. he is not that old, only 30. for 12 years, he has achieved at the highest level. it takes a lot out of you and a lot of stress and if mentally he feels it is time for him to retire, i support that wholeheartedly. i mean, if that is what he wants to do. there will also be a number of olympic gold medallists in action. the likes of mo farah. and on a night where the country celebrates career and achievements of usain bolt. england's women hockey players have been well beaten by argentina. england lost 5—1 at the olympic park to the team ranked third in the world. james burford reports. the overnight leader of the rally
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italia has had to quit due to a crash. look at this. they some how managed to finish that stage despite the fact that claims were pouring out the back of the car and it cost them 80 seconds overall. not surprisingly, at the end of the stage, they decided they would have to retire from the race. an historian is the new leader. —— estonian. we did say we would keep you up today on england versus scotland. scotland have discovered and there are only a few more minutes left. lee griffiths has equalised for scotland. it is 1—1
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with about two minutes left. great news if you are in northern ireland fan because they have discord as well in the closing moments of that match. two very late goals in those matches. we will have a a lot more on that in sports day. some breaking news regarding who will be working with theresa may following the departure of her two advisers earlier on in the day. we have been told that the former conservative mp gavin barwell has now been appointed as the new downing street chief of staff. gavin ba rwell downing street chief of staff. gavin barwell is a former housing minister. he lost his seat in the election on thursday. he has now been appointed as the new chief of staff. he was the mp for croydon central. but that seat was lost to labour. i think we can speak to our
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correspondent who is in westminster. things are moving quickly. tell us more. yes, very swift movement here by theresa may appointing gavin ba rwell. by theresa may appointing gavin barwell. the two previous advisers only resides at about lunchtime today. —— resigned. they were the price theresa may had to pay, if you like, for not getting the result from the election she wanted. a lot of conservatives are very angry with the way they behaved and the way they kept theresa may closeted away from the party. it was a very secretive operation, many felt. the appointment of gavin barwell i think isa appointment of gavin barwell i think is a pretty smart one. he lost his seatin is a pretty smart one. he lost his seat in croydon and had a wafer thin majority there. so not surprising. but key things here. he is well liked inside the parliamentary conservative party. very collegiate person. he has experience. he was a
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minister up until the election, housing minister. but also, incredibly importantly, you spelt several spells in the office of the whip, so he understands conservative parliamentary party and i think they will see him as a reassuring presence inside downing street. so that they can get things back on track a bit. so a clever move by theresa may to bring him in in particular and clever to do it as quickly as this, given there were all sorts of dangers of a vacuum developing in downing street, of her being isolated and a bit of a hiatus, particularly widely whole discussion with the dup is going on. several conservative mps questioning whether theresa may should even have the right to stay in office and some talk of a successor being planned down the line. but also importantly, gavin barwell standing down the line. but also importantly, gavin ba rwell standing very loyal to theresa may today. absolutely. he was doing the rounds this morning. which i think would suggest that this deal was in the offing a little
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bit earlier, perhaps pugh for the resignations. so certainly very loyal. and she needs be help she can get, let's face it. she is in a very difficult position and there will be questions going forward about her continuing ability to lead the conservative having presided over this gigantic miscalculation over the election. but there are some very pressing matters at hand. we have the queen's speech on monday. she needs to have a deal in place with the dup to make sure that she doesn't lose a vote on the queen's speech in few days after that and of course on the day of the queen's speech, the brexit negotiations begin in earnest. so there is an awful lot to begin in earnest. so there is an awful lotto do. so she needs to get literally her house in order at number ten. no doubt gavin barwell in this new role as chief of staff will be mindful of how far he feels that he can advise, given that there
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has been criticism of the two outgoing advisers, that they overreach themselves. yes. clearly, from the accounts we hear, there was a certain amount of dysfunctionality going on. you heard the former director of communications describing the two chiefs of staff as childish, as rude, as abusive. it clearly wasn't a terribly happy place at times and i think that sense that there was a closed circle, not just a sense that there was a closed circle, notjust a tight circle, but a closed circle, which could not be penetrated by other people, at least some members of the parliamentary party, that is something that i am sure theresa may will want to address. whether she is the character and the disposition to open up in that sense is an interesting question. it is not the way she has operated over all these yea rs. way she has operated over all these years. she has kept herself to herself pretty much and survived in the home office as a result. so it will be interesting to see what changes he brings in. there has been some talk about a possible deputy
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prime minister role, which would spread the powder a bit, if you like and create another liaison with parliament, someone to go out there and argue the case at times when a different skill set is needed, perhaps. no confirmation of that at this stage, but clearly gavin ba rwell this stage, but clearly gavin barwell will be central to all of these discussions and this advice now and they need to get their skates on because at the moment there is a sort of sense that this government is in limbo. i wasjust reading that he was responsible for one of the u—turns that the conservatives performed during the election campaign to do with housing. just briefly. i don't think that will worry too many tory mps. i mean, after all the really big u—turns were the ones on social care. that is the one that everyone blames is as one of the causes of the outcome of the election. you also saw a statement blaming the campaigning methods that the conservative party were using, not listening to labour voters, except.
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soi listening to labour voters, except. so i think they will forgive him for that, particularly because he is so well liked. for the moment, thank you. more on that appointment later. but let's take a look at the weather now with matt. thank you very much. very good evening to you. we saw 25 celsius across parts of suffolk and just 15 celsius in cornwall. the rain will be a driving force across this weekend. you can pick it out by this weekend. you can pick it out by this rule of cloud. low—pressure centre stays away. the strip of cloud broke the rain and is now on the move, pushing eastwards. it is now starting to rain in the midlands. patchy rain and drizzle in some parts. by the end of the night, that will be into east anglia. clearer skies in its wake. quite a blustery night. showers in scotland and northern ireland. temperatures holding up. quite humid and monkey in fact. a bit fresher for scotland and northern ireland. already here
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it will push on to a day of sunshine and showers. showers only first thing. not too many of them by nine a.m.. the odd shower in cumbria. much of england will be dry and bright. a big change to what you saw today. the wind will be picking up and showers will push on later. east anglia and the saudis will have a great start. murky across parts of kent and sussex in particular. slowly brightening up here. sunny spells breaking through and should be dry. showers across scotland and northern ireland become heavier and boundary as the wind strengthens. windy around the irish sea coast. there will be some afternoon showers in northern england and wales and maybe even the midlands. quite a few people will avoid them. in the sunshine, temperatures should be where they should be for the time of day. cooler day tomorrow. it is night, the showers keep going and the breeze keeps going, particularly across the northern half of the country. it will be a fresh start to monday compared with what we see is
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tomorrow morning and if you're waking up across parts of central scotland, there will be some particular the gusty winds through the morning rush hour which could cause problems to transport. keep an eye on the forecast as go through tomorrow. by and large, less of a breezy day into the afternoon compared to tomorrow. some showers in scotland. a predominantly dry day. temperatures down to a degree or $0 on day. temperatures down to a degree or so on today. picking up again next week. this ridge of high pressure starts to build on. still some showers across parts of scotla nd some showers across parts of scotland and northern ireland. elsewhere, increased amounts of sunshine. temperatures on the up into wednesday and will continue into wednesday and will continue into the latter stages of the week. this is bbc news.
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the headlines at 7pm: in the last few minutes, the former tory mp gavin barwell has been appointed theresa may's new downing street chief of staff. it comes as the prime minister's top aides, nick timothy and fiona hill, resigned after the conservatives failed to win an overall majority in the general election. they went following what the bbc understands were demands from some senior tories that mrs may would face a leadership challenge if the two had remained by her side. the prime minister is preparing for talks with the democratic unionist party to shore up her government. the chief whip is in belfast for talks. labour urges to read to me to week —— to make
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