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they got —— unforgivable. people we re they got —— unforgivable. people were describing it as going round on the doorstep like a cold bucket of sick. offering the choice to voters between syphilis and bubonic plague was how one voter put it to me. there was a question about even if she won slightly convincingly by a0 to the votes if they would actually survive. as soon to the votes if they would actually survive. as soon as to the votes if they would actually survive. as soon 3s we to the votes if they would actually survive. as soon as we knew this was heading towards the coalitions government, it was seen as catastrophic from the policy narrative, these two would always be... yourfabulous narrative, these two would always be... your fabulous report narrative, these two would always be... yourfabulous report this morning that we all leapt upon, there was a real ultimatum issued by theresa may to say that unless they 90, theresa may to say that unless they go, you go. they handed in their resignations and the letters and state m e nts resignations and the letters and statements were public today. more
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on this in the sunday express. make's toxic aid resigns. but ultimately they are only aids and all ministers have advisers, don't they? but the minister or the prime minister in this case, the buck stops there. absolutely. inside westminster and whitehall, people know how powerful these two people were. they were two of the most powerful people in this country, along with theresa may. unelected. unelected. to normal people looking at this, hank on, you have had a bad election result and you have sacked your advisers, that is not a good look, she has not... this is the moment where she has dispatched her chief whip to go fast to basically shore up a majority for her to try and basically save her of and, save
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her skin, her aides have fallen on their sword to save her, and she goes shopping. there is a sense that it hasn't really sunk in. she is probably exhausted because of the time they have had. i do think that caroline is right and there was a sense that she is in denial. anyone that saw that statement outside downing street yesterday, it was embarrassing, she had a crushing result, . .. embarrassing, she had a crushing result,... she embarrassing, she had a crushing result, . .. she couldn't embarrassing, she had a crushing result,... she couldn't believe what happened. she has to be able to process it. you have to realise and relate. it was the same speech she could have been given in she had a majority. people were watching open—mouthed. they were expecting conciliation. she got shoved back out the door to do an interview because she forgot to apologise. you
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cannot respond in that way to such a big situation. the mail on sunday, boris sets launch it to be pm as theresa may clings on. how far along as this bit? when are we are likely to see it? how long is a piece of string? this is the least surprising story. we have been braced her boris ever since the referendum. they tried to keep him tucked away and till the last couple of weeks when they let him out of his box a little bit. it was noticeable on friday morning when he wasn't giving his backing to the prime minister even when people were asking him. we know that boris has been desperate to be prime minister at least 15 years, bubbly his whole life. the question is when is it coming. it is more likely to be in maybe a few months' time. the idea that she is going to
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be pm for a long time, we know she won't fight another election, so, as we know, that is to lease sires —— fires the starting gun. as soon as the exit poll came out, we started talking about when she would resign. it is when the dust settles that you think about it logically, about what this actually means. in terms of taking over the party in the current state it is now, it would be a huge gamble and it would make the likelihood of a second general action, a rapid one, much more likely. this is the thing that the tory mps want to avoid, particularly the ones that supported brexit, because they are fearful that if there is a second pole and one quite rapidly, that labour will winds, and they want to avoid that at all costs. boris won't be the only one who wants to be prime minister. only
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in his own mind, probably. how appealing to the wider party will boris be as their candidate? he will be appealing for a certain reason. one of the things that she wasn't was at the dixie dynamic character and one of the things that has come up and one of the things that has come up in the recriminations after the election results is thatjeremy corbyn came across as being very personable, he was human, he was speaking from the heart, he had great empathy, he gave great campaign speeches, he and cigarette public, all of those things he can do well. —— he invigorated the public. the interesting thing about boris is he has always been seen as a uplift, he can reach out beyond the conservative ace, people love him, but we don't know how strongly backlash against him will be from
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people who supported remain. for a lot of people, boris is a hate figure. and they will associate him with a pledge he made on the bus about the nhs. there is the anyone but boris idea. that is after the referendum as well. the sunday times, sms tory, five cabinet ministers urging him to topple theresa may, but also the chance of delivering a sub. brexit for business. —— a softer brexit is this. philip hammond is a bit emboldened. politics is so interesting like that. philip hammond, his career looked on the rocks after the disastrous budget, he was supposed to be sacked. and
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suddenly she comes away from this election result... he said, hank on a second, you are basically asking me to support you as prime minister word you about to sack me? haven't you spent the last aids spending time briefing against me? that conversation must be wonderful. and now, she has —— he has the powerand he gets to but his demands to her. i will support you but this is what i want. he is telling the prime minister you change the way you do brexit, you put the economy centre stage. she hasn't got nick, she hasn't got the owner, she hasn't got the three people left in the world that she trust. she does have gavin ba rwell, that she trust. she does have gavin barwell, people say he is very attic and well liked. you can lose your
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job as an mp one day and double your salary the next. finally, away from this, it is a week ago since the london bridge attack happened. it feels like longer because of what has been happening, and ordinarily, we would have been talking about it a great deal more. hospitals warned that they are tourist targets. the shocking headline, and suddenly, it seems perfectly plausible. if you are looking to make headlines and shock people, of course, the idea that people working around the clock trying to help people, the thought that they could be targeted is horrific. you see it abroad. the number of times in syria, in much worse circumstances, they are targeted, and this little haven that is trying to patch people up, they are targeted. the truth of it is
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everything is a target. we have heard reports of hospitals and schools being put on alert. let's look at the sunday express again. this isjeff look at the sunday express again. this is jeff ho, look at the sunday express again. this isjeff ho, one of your generous. injured in this attack last week. i read something wonderful today, that all a8 people who went to hospital with injuries will survive them. they will survive because of the extraordinary care. and they might not have done some time ago. this isjeff ho, this is our business editor. he has written for us today, he sent his copy along with a little note, he is still quite poorly, he is in hospital, he is not long out of intensive care, he dashed his throat was slashed, he
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is not able to talk properly yet. he said it helps him to bright this. we read every word of it and many of us, after completing it was in floods of tears, it is incredibly moving and powerful because this guy walked into the first altercation, somebody was having a go at a answer and he stepped in to help this bouncer, turned around, walked five doors down into a restaurant and straight in to an assault. he says he got a straight in to an assault. he says he gotajab straight in to an assault. he says he got a jab to the guy in the arsenal shirt before they started coming at him and he tried to take these guys down as he knew there we re these guys down as he knew there were people behind him who couldn't defend themselves. we need to rip things like that after something so horrific. well worth the read. and
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he hasjoined tinder horrific. well worth the read. and he has joined tinder now. horrific. well worth the read. and he hasjoined tinder now. if horrific. well worth the read. and he has joined tinder now. if he cannot find a nice lady friend after this there was something wrong with the world! thank you, jack. thank you, caroline. they'll both be back at 11.30pm for another look at the stories making the news tomorrow. i'll be back with the headlines after the weather. hello, there. cooler tomorrow but if you had rain today, it will be brighter and warmer. there will be blustery showers around, the wind still a feature tomorrow, the degree to the north and the west. the rain works towards the south and east anglia, light and patchy by the morning. showers pushing in across northern ireland and parts of
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central and western scotland. temperatures pushing up. at unite in the and east and there. temperatures in the mid—teens, one or two may avoid showers but it will become harder and harder to avoid them in the afternoon. today, a vast league brighter start, lots of a breeze. a great start to parts of the midland and the south east. cloud the south—east will break up, dry afternoon with sunny spells, elsewhere heavy showers and more abundant across parts of northern england, midlands, wales and the south west. some areas will avoid them altogether. height teens, maybe low 20s in regards of temperature. quite windy night in store today
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present at the start the new working week. the further south you are, you should go into monday on a dry note but a bit of a fresh start compared with sunday morning. monday morning rush—hour, in scotland, central alps, thus up to 50 miles an hour, that would cause some issues. showers not as plentiful on monday. showers not as plentiful on monday. showers in northern england and wales. further east, dry. temperatures drier than saturday. into the rest of the week, high—pressure ill since the south, you bits of rain across parts of scotla nd you bits of rain across parts of scotland and northern ireland. temperatures on the up from the mid—week. lots of sunshine, too. this is bbc news. the headlines at 11: downing street has secured, in principle, an agreement
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with northern ireland's democratic unionist party, giving the conservatives a working majority in parliament. meanwhile, the prime minister's two most senior advisers have resigned in the wake of the general election. police revealed the london bridge terror attackers tried to get a 7.5 ton lorry, but their credit cards we re ton lorry, but their credit cards were rejected. a once in storm leads toa were rejected. a once in storm leads to a rescue operation. and scotland push england all the way, as they go on to draw in their world cup qualifier at hampden park.
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