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this is bbc news. the headlines at 11: downing street has secured, in principle, an agreement with northern ireland's democratic unionist party, giving the conservatives a working majority in parliament. meanwhile, the prime minister's two most senior advisers have resigned in the wake of the general election. police revealed the london bridge terror attackers tried to get a 7.5 ton lorry, but their credit cards we re ton lorry, but their credit cards were rejected. a once in storm leads toa were rejected. a once in storm leads to a rescue operation. and scotland push england all the way, as they go on to draw in their world cup qualifier at hampden park. good evening, and welcome to bbc news. downing street says it's secured
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the principles of an outline agreement with northern ireland's democratic unionist party, giving the conservatives a working majority in parliament. the deal would be on a so—called "confidence and supply basis," allowing theresa may to pass crucial votes once the commons resits next week. the cabinet will discuss the agreement on monday. today, theresa may's two closest advisors, nick timothy and fiona hill, resigned following the conservatives‘ failure to win a parliamentary majority in the election. here's our political correspondent, alex forsyth. past friends, now even closer political allies. without enough mps of her own, theresa may has returned to the democratic unionist party to help herform a government. she signalled her intention yesterday in this address. we will continue to work with our friends and allies in the democratic unionist party in particular. our two parties have enjoyed a strong relationship over many
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years, and this gives me the confidence to believe that we will be able to work together in the interests of the whole united kingdom. with its ten seats won on thursday, the dup will back theresa may on key votes like the budget. it's not a full coalition, but a looser agreement. the details, scant so far. now they're politically centre—stage, prompting renewed scrutiny of their policies by some here in westminster. pro—brexit, socially conservative, the party's opposition to same—sex marriage and abortion in northern ireland has caused concern among some tory mps here, but not all. i don't think we're going to go backwards in terms of social legislation. it's part of our dna now, part of what makes us the great country we are. and i'm sure the dup understand that. theresa may's relying on the dup
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to govern here because she doesn't have an overall majority. she will have to balance competing demands on almost every front, taking into account notjust the position of the dup on some issues, but that of her own mps too. and today, two of her closest advisers quit, leaving her to navigate tricky waters without their support. nick timothy and fiona hill were accused of having too much control over policy and tactics, blamed for the election campaign that cost the prime minister her majority. and today, as the consequences of that sunk in, reflection and recrimination. some tory mps saying theresa may had to heed calls to change. there have been plenty of calls to make sure that the circle around her was wider and more inclusive to prevent anyone believing that the two principal advisers had undue influence. the prime minister's under pressure from all sides. with no majority, her plans for things like grammar schools
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and social care will be hard to get through parliament, and the queen's speech, her programme for government, is just over a week away. i cannot see how a queen's speech can be laden with interesting pieces of legislation, because many of them are going to be items which will cause dispute within the conservative party, or between the conservative party and the dup. the prime minister may be back in number ten, but not how she'd hoped. without her key aides, dependent on support from the dup, thejob of governing here is harder than ever. alex forsyth, bbc news, westminster. so, what might the democratic unionists want in return for their loyalty, and how will any deal affect the politics of northern ireland? here's john campbell. political views here are firmly held and slow to change. on saturday mornings for the last five years, unionist protesters have gathered at belfast city hall. they're opposing a council policy to reduce the numbers of days
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on which it flies the union flag, a decision they feel undermines their british identity. they welcome the dup‘s new influence. from a loyalist point of view, i think northern ireland is in the best position we have ever been in. we couldn't have wished for anything better than a hung parliament. what should they be asking for? first off, they should be asking to stop the witchhunt against the british army. just across the street, what do people think dup should be prioritising? i think the national health and the hospital is one of the most important ones. mostly all of the schools and welfare and stuff. i'm pleased they are going into government with them. a functioning executive for government in northern ireland, because that's what we really need. money's great, but it doesn't answer all the questions. we will organise massive demonstrations! the dup is a party with religious roots, and that continues to influence its social policy.
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chanting: stormont, stormont, hear us clear! it opposes extending gay marriage and abortion rights to northern ireland. fundamentally, we did not expect to be in this position. but issues like these are unlikely to feature in talks with the conservatives. the dup‘s demands here will be overwhelmingly financial. they have a clear road map they set out in 2015, when they thought they would be in this position. there is very little in that about social policy. but this new relationship raises wider questions about the conservatives' role here. on monday, cross—party talks will get under way, aimed at restoring northern ireland's collapsed government. but how can a conservative secretary of state act as an honest broker at those talks when the conservatives are now so reliant on the dup? this deal has come more quickly than many expected, but tonight, the dup are revealing nothing about what they want in return for their support. but on brexit, the dup does not appear to share theresa may's view that walking away with no deal is a viable option.
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the pa rty‘s financial demands are likely to include more money for infrastructure. and it will not support further austerity measures, like the means testing of winter fuel allowance. that wasjohn that was john campbell. that wasjohn campbell. earlier, he spoke about what the dup is likely to do next to secure this deal with the conservatives. we are expecting a major dup delegation to come to westminster, probably on tuesday next week. it is in the interest of the conservatives to have this nailed down as far as possible before brexit negotiations. we have had a statement tonight from sinn fein, the largest nationalist party in northern ireland. they criticised this deal in the past when dup has tried to do this. interestingly,
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they have also said it is now time for the irish government to speak up. they say it is up to the irish government to now speak for all of the rights of all the citizens in northern ireland. alex forsyth spoke about the new political landscape facing westminster. theresa may is exactly where she did not want to be. she is facing pressure from all sides. we don't know about the deal with the dup, but she will have to give them concessions for support. she is facing pressure from within her own party as well. conservative party members have different views on grammar schools, social care, things theresa may wanted to do. on brexit, they are deeply divided about the direction the government should take. she needs all of them to back her now to get anything done. today, we have seen they are prepared to get pressure put on her, with two key advisers leaving, leaving her feeling
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with two key advisers leaving, leaving herfeeling isolated tonight. she has appointed a new chief of staff, and is trying to say it is business as usual. it is far from it. the election result has left her all four pretty seriously weakened. -- authority. that was a message from alex forsyth. it's been revealed that the ringleader of the london terror attack had tried to hire a 7.5 ton lorry, instead of a van, to run down members of the public. police say the number of injured would have been much higher. eight people died in the knife and van attack a week ago. here's our home affairs correspondent, daniel sandford. on the edges of borough market, they were repairing the damage today, replacing the doors that had been shot off by armed police in the desperate hunt to find the killers. the police are gone, but the market itself, where five victims were stabbed to death, remains sealed off for now. a scene of horror and heroism. we have stories of people who came out armed with chairs,
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other items, were throwing bottles and anything they could get their hands on, with a view to try to prevent the attackers coming into pubs and bars, but more importantly, to scare them off, to stop other people being attacked. the weapons the attackers used were 12—inch pink ceramic knives of the ernesto brand, possibly bought at lidl. they were found tied onto the men's hands with leather straps after they'd been shot by police. minutes earlier, they'd killed three other people on london bridge before crashing their b&q van. in the van, police found 13 petrol bombs made with lighter fluid and cloth cut from tracksuit bottoms and two blowtorches. detectives believe that behind this green door in east ham was the men's safe house. in a top floor bedsit rented by rachid redouane two months ago, detectives discovered items that had been used to make their petrol bombs and their fake suicide vests. and an english—language copy of the koran left open at a page referencing martyrdom.
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the ringleader of the gang, khuram butt, had tried to hire a seven and a half tonne truck that morning which would have made the attack worse, but fortunately, his payment did not go through. he was also being investigated by counter—terrorism detectives for fraud and was still on police bail, although the case was about to be dropped. at the present time, i do not regard what i have seen as an intelligence failure. but, you know, everybody would expect us to look at what has happened and to ensure that both we learn whatever we can from what has happened and secondly, that we continue to improve and improve and that is what we have always done in this country in the face of a changing terrorist threat. the men killed three of their victims as they drove across london bridge and stabbed five more to death in borough market. it was the third attack on britain in ten and a half weeks. daniel sandford, bbc news, london.
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people in london have been urged today to visit the capital's bars and restaurants in a show of "unity and resilience" exactly a week after the attacks. the british red cross launched the appeal, calling for people to come together, as sarah campbell reports. a warm june evening, a few minutes' walk from london bridge and borough market. this area is packed with bars and restaurants. that's what made it a target last saturday. one week on, people are back in defiance of those determined to spread terror. obviously, you still reflect upon it and think about those people that that happened to, but it doesn't stop me from coming out at all. you can't not think about what happened, wondering about what the mood would be like, but it's really celebratory and fun. we stick together, that's what we do. that's what london's all about. across the capital, there was a concerted effort this evening to collect money for victims of terror attacks
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and their families. the uk solidarity fund was set up in the wake of the manchester and westminster attacks by the british red cross. so in pubs like this this evening, they are encouraging people to donate money. restaurants are donating the price of certain meals and there are collections being held in tube stations and theatres. and alongside the donations, a sense of solidarity. i think it's absolutely right that on the anniversary of what happened last weekend, the tragic events that happened last weekend, that londoners can just go out and do what londoners do. a walk across the centre of london this evening involving representatives from different faiths. a show of unity to remember those who were killed. sarah campbell, bbc news. a rescue operation has taken place in the mid—atlantic after a fleet of yachts that set out from the uk was hit by what's described as a "once in a lifetime" storm. the sailors, competing in a transatlantic race, encountered is—metre waves and 60—knot winds. crew on three yachts issued mayday
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calls last night and another two needed help from the coastguard. the cruise liner, the queen mary ii, was also involved in the rescue effort. earlier, the director of the race, john lewis, gave this update on the situation. we have a competitor who has done the atlantic three times. he has just recently been rescued. his boat was severely damaged. it was rescued by the queen mary, which diverted to the position. we have another boat from hungary which was sunk. we don't know the full reasons for that. they have been rescued. we have a yacht from holland called happy. they were dismastered. they have been rescued. we have a further
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two. over six hours, five boats were seriously affected and three boats we re seriously affected and three boats were sunk and two boats retired. but eve ryo ne were sunk and two boats retired. but everyone is well and safe and presently recovered. the tv presenter, richard hammond, has escaped serious injury after being involved in a car crash in switzerland. the electric car he was driving came off the road during practice for an organised race and then burst into flames. the 47—year—old suffered a fractured knee and was flown to hospital. let's have a quick look at some of the front pages. the observer says may's premiership is in peril. the paper leads with its editorial comment saying mrs may is discredited, humiliated, and diminished. it says she is now weak, with rivals and opponents no longerfearing her. the daily mail focusses on the foreign secretary borisjohnson saying he is set to launch a bid to become prime minister. it also carries a picture of former top gear presenter richard hammond who was involved in a car crash during filming in switzerland. the telegraph says theresa may may be in downing street but she has no power after losing
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her majority in parliament. the paper says senior tories are jostling in an unofficial race to replace her. the sunday times claims as many as five cabinet ministers are urging borisjohnson to oust theresa may. the express leads with the resignation of theresa may's two closest advisers, nick timothy and fiona hill. its headline refers to them as toxic. and we'll take a closer look at those and the rest of tomorrow's papers in our paper review at 11:30pm. the headlines on bbc news: meanwhile the prime minister's two most senior advisers have resigned in the wake of the general election.
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sport now and for a full round up from the bbc sport centre, here's james. the world cup football qualifier between scotland and england at hampden park ended in a dramatic 2—2 draw. a match that had been largely forgettable for 70 minutes then burst into life in the closing stages. substitute alex oxlaide chamberlain put england ahead before leigh griffiths scored two goals from free kicks to put the home side within touching distance of a first win over england in 18 years. then harry kane scored in stoppage time to maintain england's unbeaten record in the group. they're still top. scotland stay fourth. i think it's a huge moment for the team. you know, the questions around us team. you know, the questions around us centre on character, centre on
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the ability to withstand events that go against you and, yeah, that's what we've got to show, we have to bea what we've got to show, we have to be a team that i never beaten. we've also seen scotland's best ever freekick and scotland's second best ever free kick ever. then i have a noise after that, i've never heard anything like that before. so these memories are great, i look at the players, i say it's unfair that you have to keep coming back taking knocks like that but they turn up and do. northern ireland's hopes of making the finals next year were boosted with a 1—0 victory in azerbaijan. stuart dallas scored the winner in injury—time. it's a result that strengthens northern ireland's position in second place in group c. germany are five points clear at the top after thrashing san marino 7—0. on to rugby union and the first test between england and argentina tonight was an absolute thriller. eddiejones‘ side eventually came out on top 38—34 with a last minute try. argentina were leading
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going into the last 20 minutes but england came back. george ford scoring and converting to level the game at 31—31. with barely three minutes left on the clock, argentina thought they'd nicked it with a drop goal but once again, back came england. debutant denny solomona running in the match winning try with a minute left on the clock. it's great, the resort, but we're disappointed with our performance, we gave them too many points but what we did show was a ton of real tea m what we did show was a ton of real team ethic today. we had ten young quys team ethic today. we had ten young guys come team ethic today. we had ten young guys come in in a difficult situation where we are chasing a game and they just situation where we are chasing a game and theyjust did theirjob brilliantly, which was fantastic. gregor townsend has enjoyed success in first match as scotland coach. they beat italy 34—13 in singapore. the scots ran in four tries in 11 minutes, two either side of half time. tim visser touching down here. ross ford, who had scored just one
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try in 107 previous internationals, then added two tries in quick succession. damien hoyland completed the scoring. scotland will play australia next saturday. maria sharapova has announced in the past hour that she won't be playing any matches in the grass court season, and so will not be entering wimbledon qualifying. sharapova, who has recently returned from a drugs ban and was not given a wild card by the all england club, had been preparing to the championships via the qualifying competition, but she has sustained a muscle tear and will not be playing over the coming weeks. england have knocked australia out of the icc champions trophy in the final match in group a. england, who had already qualified for the semi—finals, were set a target of 278 for victory. australia needed a win to stand any chance of qualifying for the last four but in a match again affected by rain, england were comfortable winners under the duckworth lewis method. ben stokes made 102 not out and captain eoin morgan 87. we just talked about how we were
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going to go about it. it was important to get some sort of a partnership going and how we were going to negate australia's bowling. you know, they bowled really well up front, they asked all the questions and got the ball moving. we felt i suppose the positive way was the best way. lewis hamilton has equalled ayrton senna's total of 65 pole positions ahead of the canadian grand prix. the briton did it in style, clocking the quickest qualifying lap ever seen in montreal. he was a third of a second clear of championship leader sebastian vettel. after the qualifying session, senna's family presented hamilton with one senna's race helmets to mark the achievement. it was a great lap. i can't believe that it came together so well. you know, the first section was fantastic and then just managed to bea fantastic and then just managed to be a little bit up on each one. the
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tea m be a little bit up on each one. the team did a fantasticjob to learn from our mistakes in the last race and really build up for this race so i owe it all to them. chris froome has an awful lot to do if he's to win a third straight criterium du dauphine after australia's ritchie porte increased his overall lead with just one stage to go. bmc rider porte attacked near the end to gain 2a seconds on team sky's froome, who now trails the australian by one minute and two seconds. the stage was won by froome's team—mate peter kennaugh with another britain ben swift in second. tomorrow's final stage is another testing mountain ride before a final climb to the finish line high in the alps. ryan burnett is the new ibf bantamweight world champion, beating lee haskins tonight in northern ireland. belfast native burnett took control in the fight, knocking the champion haskins down in the sixth and 11th rounds. the fight did go the full 12 rounds, unbeaten burnett taking the win and picking up his first world title. that's all the sport for now.
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there has been a sharp rise in hate crimes reported in london since last today's terrorist attack. 58 people have been arrested in the city in the past week. cressida dick, who heads the metropolitan police, has been speaking to rickin majithia from the bbc‘s asian network. we are seeing an increase in hate crime. i'm sorry to say that we a lwa ys crime. i'm sorry to say that we always the after significant attack, or terrorist attack, either here or overseas sometimes a rise in hate crime. the vast majority of those crimes are verbal abuse or harassment, perhaps online abuse, but it is of concern to us and we are looking for it to reduce and we ta ke are looking for it to reduce and we take every single one seriously. are looking for it to reduce and we take every single one seriouslylj
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spoke take every single one seriously.” spoke to a man who knew khuram butt well, he said he reported his concerns to him to the anti—terror hotline, but he was still able to carry out the attack, wide? we take every call to the anti—terror hotline seriously, we will investigate the information we are given. sometimes that information will mirror other information we have, sometimes it will form part of a larger intelligence picture. very frequently we will not be able to go back to the individual who has given us back to the individual who has given us the information to tell them precisely what we have done, but every bit of information is taken seriously and i would encouraged people to continue to give us that information. there have been three terror attacks on british soil in the last three months, did intelligence failures allow this to happen? i think an intelligence failure is a very powerful phrase to use. it would be wrong if we do not
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look back. of course people would expect us to do that and we will review what has gone on. at the time| do - regard what i present time i do not regard what i have seen as an intelligence failure, but everybody would expect us failure, but everybody would expect us to look at what - happened. failure, but everybody would expect us ‘ been ( at what. happened. failure, but everybody would expect us been a at what. happened. failure, but everybody would expect us been a at what. hap| months your ‘ would you for your force, how would you describe morale? do you need more officers to keep london safe? their morale in terms of dealing with this phenomenon i would say is why. i've been nothing but inspired by listening to my officers over the last week and the staff engaged in for example forensic work and other things, they are so determined. looking forward we will review all our strategy, our resources, our tactics, of course we will. i anticipate that things will change in the future. i am not going to say that definitely means this number or that definitely means this number or
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that number, more pounds, or more people, let alone more officers. but ido people, let alone more officers. but i do anticipate that when we take a long, hard look at how we are dealing with the spread of work the metropolitan police has and this changing terrorist threat, we will be asking for more resources in the future. cressida dick speaking to bbc asian network's rickin majithia. now it's time for the weather. matt taylor is still here, i thought you had gone home!” matt taylor is still here, i thought you had gone home! i wish, here for a few more hours yet! weather—wise today, a bit mixed, sunshine and warmth, very pleasant, for others it was cloudy and cruel. tomorrow we switch around, where you had sunshine today it will be cloudy and cooler, where you had rain, it will be brighter and warmer. let me
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show you what is going on, a deep area of low pressure to the west of us area of low pressure to the west of us in the atlantic, those that got caught of it were to the west of that with a big, strong northerly flow but at the moment a weather front is crossing the country, especially across england, it's what brought the rain in northern and western england earlier on, producing drizzle in southern england leaving murky conditions in the channel but the temperatures, a muqqy the channel but the temperatures, a muggy night to come in the south—east corner. elsewhere temperatures in the teens as we start sunday morning. showers around from first thing, scotland, northern ireland, continuing through the night and they will become more abundant later. in northern england, abundant later. in northern england, a few showers in cumbria and northumberland and in the west midlands, the south—west, a vastly improved day compared to today tomorrow, warmer than it did this afternoon with sunshine overhead. sunshine in the midlands, in the afternoon with sunshine overhead. sunshine in a e midlands, in the afternoon with sunshine overhead. sunshine in a greyilands, in the afternoon with sunshine overhead. sunshine in a grey start, in the afternoon with sunshine overhead. sunshini drizzle rey start, ifhe ”"" "w’ " ' afternoon with sunshine overhead. sunshini drizzle ggj kent ifhe ”"" "w’ " ' be
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could be gloomy first thing but for much of the south—east the morning cloud breaks up, sunshine comes out and dryfor cloud breaks up, sunshine comes out and dry for the rest of the day. showers developing in northern, western england and wales in the afternoon, the heaviest and most frequent will be in scotland and northern ireland with potentially hailand northern ireland with potentially hail and thunder later. a blustery afternoon, especially in western coasts and hills, but to the west, warmer than today, in east anglia and the south—east, cooler. overnight and into monday, a keen breeze across the country and showers packing in, northern ireland, parts of scotland and northern england in particular. a fresh start to monday compared to tomorrow morning and scotland in the central belt if you're on the move in the rush hour, winds could have an impact on restrictions to bridges and ferries but it will ease down during the day. a few showers on monday, especially in the north, but not as many as sunday, many will get through most of the day dry. a bit of cloud in many places, best of the
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sunshine in, that changes things, not enough to prevent a few showers in scotland and northern ireland but in england and wales, increasing sunshine and by wednesday, feeling warmer once again. bye for now. hello. this is bbc news. we'll be taking a look at tomorrow morning's papers in a moment. first, the headlines: downing street has confirmed that it has agreed the principles of a deal with northern ireland's democratic unionists to help keep the prime minister in power. theresa may finds herself leading a minority administration and needs
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