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heated talks are continuing between the conservatives and the democratic unionists to strike a deal to form the next government. this morning, the defence secretary sir michael fallon backed theresa may, but said she would have to start governing with the support of her cabinet, rather than listening to advisors. but criticism of her leadership style has continued, with former chancellor george osborne calling her a "dead woman walking", following the general election result. here is our political correspondent leila nathoo. deal a loan deal. confusion over an announcement last night whether the dup had already come to an agreement with the conservative party. today, clarification that talks were still ongoing. we have had very good discussions with the conservative party about how we could help forming a national government to
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bring stability to the government. these discussions continue. but we have made good progress. no news on what the medium and on return, but their social conservative views may conflict with conservatives wishing to modernise. this will be a supply arrangement. certain things like voting for the queen's speech, making sure the budget goes through and issues of the fence. it will be and issues of the fence. it will be a french aerial arrangement. it depends on how long the prime minister can last. i think we will know very shortly. we could get to the middle of next week. she is
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flawed. she is in a desperate position where her situation is untenable. if theresa may does remain resident, there will be huge questions over the policies she would be able to get through. the majority would be tiny. and with brexit talks beginning injust majority would be tiny. and with brexit talks beginning in just over one week, she needs to get the party and parliament behind her approach. if you do not have backing on brexit, you are opening the door for jeremy corbyn. brexit, you are opening the door for jeremy corbyn. jeremy corbyn said the ready to govern and said he would put an alternative queen's speech. are you would have some agreement with the dup divorce
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issues through the house of commons when they have not agreed positions, i cannot see that. we are ready and have policies which one should support from the people. no, it is up support from the people. no, it is up to others to stand beside theresa may. our correspondentjohn campbell is in belfast for us this lunchtime. john, the talks continue, after some confusion late last night that a deal had already been struck? it was a bit messy. we had an initial statement from downing street declaring that a deal had been done. later, the dup said that was not the case. they said good progress had been made. in terms of what the dup will be looking for, we have heard a lot about the social policies. they will be looking for isa policies. they will be looking for is a financial package. the dup
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chilly plan for a hung parliament. the set out a document looking at what they would want in the event of offering support. they said they could kill austerity and would not back any further austerity measures. clearly, there are issues to do with brexit on top of that. a service has taken place this morning at a re—opened southwark cathedral to remember those who died in the london bridge terror attack. meanwhile, police have released pictures of the fake suicide belts the three attackers were wearing when they struck last saturday night. here is our home affairs correspondent, daniel sandford. the made evil cathedral caught up last saturday in the 21st—century atrocity. this morning, is open for
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the first time since the attack. just over one week ago, the cathedral and community witnessed terrible things which should not have happened. i young nurse give hyundai wife trying to save the life of the fellow human being under attack. others suffered terribly. many others would have been killed oi’ many others would have been killed or injured had it not been for the rapid and effective response from the police. overnight, scotland yard released pictures of the fake suicide built the men had constructed. they were made from plastic bottles. the plan to instil more terror during the rampage through borough market. during the horror, police officers cleated a
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safe area and a buyer. the inspector explained what it was like to be caught up in what he called pandemonium. it was pandemonium. i could hear the gunshots. we pushed people into the pub. it seemed like the safest place to put a large volume of people. the police search of the claim is seen is now over and it should reopen in the next few days. detectives investigating the carnage are still working through mountains of cctv footage. there we re mountains of cctv footage. there were no new arrests overnight. the youngest son of the former libyan leader, colonel gaddafi, is reported to have been released from prison. a militia group controlling the town of zintan in western libya says it freed seif al—islam, who has spent the last six years
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in jail following the revolution which overthrew his father. our middle east correspondent orla guerin is in tripoli. seif al—islam, for many the symbol of the heated dictatorship, no once againa of the heated dictatorship, no once again a free man. this will open the deep wounds. supporters will be hoping he tries to re—enter the political fray. he was the era apparent expected to inherit the family dictatorship. for years, apparent expected to inherit the family dictatorship. foryears, he was the public face of the regime. that was before the uprising six yea rs that was before the uprising six years ago. later, he appeared —8 few
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fingers, the of a straight he said. he was sentenced for claims oprah talented during the uprising. he was tried on crimes against humanity. he was released by a local militia. it has been condemned and says it betrays the markers of the blood of the revolution. his re—emergence will add another element of unpredictability to the country's u nsta ble unpredictability to the country's unstable mix. the exact whereabouts of seif al—islam our unknown. the lawyer said that information will not be revealed for security reasons. we are hearing he is in the eastern region of tobruk. if he
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remains there, he will be will be on the range of the international authorities. —— beyond. a month after electing emmanuel macron as their youngest—ever president, the people of france are voting in the first round of parliamentary elections. the new president is hoping his centrist party, formed a little over a year ago, will win an outright majority. half of the party's candidates are new to politics and include a retired female bullfighter and an award—winning mathematician. our correspondent lucy williamson is in paris. when you think this party is so new to have any seats in parliament, the predictions going into this are suggesting that the party of emmanuel macron could be on to win a
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landslide. it will be a real time in politics, pushing the two traditional political parties onto the back burner is. over 500 seats have been contested throughout the country. his party is contesting nearly all of them. one that works the party out from the others is the number of new faces brought in as candidates. half of them are drawn from parts of the world having never served in politics before. they were selected from a range of applications which were sent in. a retired former bull—fighter and a fighter pilot, amongst them. 51 years of hurt have ended thanks to england's young lions. the under 20's havejust won the world cup final, seeing off venezuela in a 1—0 win. it is the first time england has reached a world cup final since 1966.
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our sports correspondent andy swiss was watching and sent this report. it has only taken 51 years, but pinch yourselves, this is england once again in the world cup final. the under 20 team hoping to end decades of disappointment. he began as favourites against venezuela. but england very nearly took an early setback. but fleiss and 20 minutes left, calvert—lewin put england ahead. but with 20 minutes left, they conceded a penalty. the
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goalkeeper came to the rescue, to the really. they held on for a famous triumph. it is their first victory at any age group since 1966. after yea rs of victory at any age group since 1966. after years of working to the past, the future is never looked great. —— greater. you can see more on all of today's stories on the bbc news channel. the next news on bbc one is at 6.35. bye for now. we are going to bring you more on the latest fallout from the general election. there has been open speculation about the leadership of the conservative party. and also,
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concern about this could prospect of a deal with the dup. the defence secretary said he would need to rely more on her cabinet colleagues and less on the advisers. there has also been more criticism offered by the former chancellor george osborne, who described her as he did women walking —— dead man walking. we canjoina we can join a correspondent in westminster. of course, this deal between theresa may and the dup is absolutely poured pivotal in terms of her being able to form a majority government. we have talked to a
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couple of former northern ireland secretaries, we have been asking them what the deal would mean for them what the deal would mean for the future also of the northern ireland assembly. sinn fein, which is the second largest party in northern ireland said it wants to restore the assembly, but they are deeply concerned if the conservatives do a deal with the dup. i spoke to sean would want, who was a former secretary within the northern ireland and said that theresa may was treading a fine line and dangerous line by doing a deal with the dup. there is a belief that the parties must be neutral in dealing with northern ireland. it
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was put forward in the good friday agreement and it is how we have progressed since approved for the assembly. theresa may is no going to drive a coach and horses through the principles of that. it is essential that both the unionists and nationalists need to realise that the british government is neutral. it is conceivable that nationalists would possibly look at a conservative minority government propped up by the dup as being one of neutrality. i respect arlene foster. i negotiated with her many times. she is a very good politician. but she leads the dup and the have a very particular position. they have a position on 93v position. they have a position on gay marriage, a clear position on
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the irish language. and what theresa may is doing for her own survival is risking the assembly getting back up and running and that would be morally reprehensible. can you see some way through an incredibly tricky situation. what is the way to get back to the talks to try and restore the assembly of the dup two metre deal with the conservatives? there is is that theresa may has to back off from using their dup as a means of clinging to the wreckage of the election result. but she's not going to do that. she has to remember that she is the prime minister of the united kingdom. she has to forget about her own leadership first of all. i had the
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pleasure of working with many british prime ministers. the previous prime ministers would never have done such a thing like this. you would put at risk the political process and the peace process in northern ireland with broken in politics to cling on to your own office in downing street. we are hearing that the irish prime minister has spoken to theresa may. he has put something on twitter. he had indicated his concerns that nothing should happen to put the good friday agreement at risk. the founding principles of the northern ireland assembly, of course. poor shaving. shaun woodward saying that
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he believes theresa may is putting the assembly future in northern ireland at risk. we from another former secretary, owen paterson, who was not so concerned. he said that the dup had a nose that they would be no wriggling with regard to the negotiations. we're talking also a lot today about simply the future of theresa may. many people seem to think our position is untenable. you we re think our position is untenable. you were concerned about what the european union brexit negotiators rethink of theresa may if she is going to attempt to open the
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negotiations. the be held back not by the prospect for not winning the election but the argument i made was that european leaders will notice what is happening. the me think that theresa may is going to be replaced soon and will not want to commit to any big negotiations with until her position is resolved or a successor is appointed. germany have got elections in the autumn. there is a window for germany to choose a new chancellor and only then will negotiations began really properly. if theresa may opens the brexit
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negotiations, issue putting great britain in their weaker position? yes. she is not particularly good negotiator. the conservative party going ina negotiator. the conservative party going in a much more ukip direction as unsettled a lot of people in the party. she is not a good negotiator. she does not seem to want to find it what the other person that the table once. she is too focused on her own needs. what sense are you getting about rumblings of the leadership contest. boris johnson about rumblings of the leadership contest. borisjohnson was suggesting he would not be taking a run at the leadership. everyone in the party are still under state of shock and anger. i am not sure
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anyone knows what the immediate planners. i hope we do not get focused on personalities. i think we need to have a committee of people involved in the brexit talks. it cannot just be one involved in the brexit talks. it cannotjust be one pearson. we need to make sure our chances are maximised. at the moment, the conservatives do not look like a party of change. we need a broader remit of the message from whoever may be her successor. the message that the electorate delivered, but what about the backbenchers? there is real concern about learning
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the lessons of the election. the speech in downing street on friday was so robotic. she did not even apologise to the conservative mps who lost their seats in the 1922 committee who would generally support her, rather worried that she is in the wrong intellectual place and does not her responsibilities in the week of the election. we were discussing the position in northern ireland is whether the dup deal might endanger the peace process. shaun woodward said he thought the position of theresa may was morally
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reprehensible. she needs the dup. she does. it is locally essential that she gets them, because the other parties cannot out vote her at the moment. do you think she will survive as prime minister of she gets their deal with the dup in the short term. have i to give the short answer? that would be very nice. england have won the biggest international football title since 1966 by winning the under 20 world cup in south korea. england won 1—0.
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venezuela chadian opponents. the best coming from the penalty spot, with the england goalkeeper producing a fantastic save. the more surrealist of things, england are world champions. i'm sure the celebrations will continue. fantastic. wales are looking for their first win in world cup qualifying tonight, when they take
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on serbia in belgrade. after four straight draws, they're four points behind group leaders serbia and the republic of ireland, who play austria. gareth bale heads a long list of missing players but striker sam vokes is set to win his 50th cap. it has been a fantasticjourney. there has been a core group of players who have been there through the. that is very important. this is going to be very tough. but we've beenin going to be very tough. but we've been in these situations before. we are waiting to see if his to lose over after the nose injury suffered
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yesterday against the crusaders. usain bolt said he was the most nervous he'd ever been before a race, as he ran his last 100—metres on home soil. a sell—out crowd of 30,000 in the jamaican capital kingston watched as he won the "salute a legend" race. the eight—time olympic gold medallist will retire in august, after the world championships in london. and his words echoed around the stadium last night. there are no words to describe this. i would never thought i would have reached these hates in track and field. my aim when i came into athletics was to win the 200m at the olympics. i have obviously achieved a lot more but i could not have done it without the support of the people here are my family and friends. i never expected this. thank you for showing your support to me. we can
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have arguments in different sports about who was the best. but there is no argument here. he is simply the best there has ever been. jamaica has always been a massive country for track and field and he has changed the face of it in the last decade. we will miss him terribly. we will see him competing in the world championships. it is the men's french open final this afternoon. rafael nadal going for a tenth title at roland garros against stan wawrinka and there's commentary on bbc radio 5 live. that is all for no. an easyjet flight from slovenia to stansted was diverted
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to germany last night, when the pilot was alerted to a suspicious conversation on board, including what police called "terrorist content". all the passengers left the aircraft using emergency slides and a backpack was destroyed in a controlled explosion. three men have been arrested. the tv presenter richard hammond has been treated for a fractured knee after crashing a car while filming for his new motoring show, the grand tour. he was driving an electric supercar in switzerland when it left the road on a bend. the a7—year—old, who suffered brain injuries in a crash while filming top gear 11 years ago, got out of the vehicle before it burst into flames. his co—hostjeremy clarkson tweeted that it was the "biggest" and "most frightening" crash he'd seen. let's get a look at the weather prospects.
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it is a day of sunny spells and blustery showers. many places seem more showers than sunshine. the bulk of the really heavy showers will be across scotland and northern ireland. there may be thunder and lightning. temperature rise, getting up to 18 — celsius in northern ireland. a few degrees higher in the south east. this evening, a few showers. still some wet weather in the west of scotland. elsewhere, a few early showers in the north. 18 celsius in northern ireland. all the details online.
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