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the map and drawing a line on the map and saying one place will get one thing and another something different. the boundary will be blurred. northern and western areas will see rain at times, it will be breezy further south and east. there will be some sunshine and at times it will be pretty humid. high pressure to the southis pretty humid. high pressure to the south is bringing the largely dry conditions in southern areas. towards the north and west, the threat of rain. we do have something ofa threat of rain. we do have something of a split today. generally a lot of clout across the country. towards the south—east, some good sunny spells. some showers across scotland. and across northern areas of the country, northern ireland, scotla nd of the country, northern ireland, scotland and northern england, it is pretty blustery. maybe the odd shower in northern england. mostly dry through the afternoon. as we come in to south wales, south—western england, the midlands, east anglia and the south—east, the cloud beginning to break up. temperatures still at 20 or 21
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degrees in the south—east. this evening and overnight we will seek cloud thickening up. one frontal system will spill into northern ireland and northern scotland. further east and further south, largely dry with clear spells. particularly the countryside, where it is chilly. northern ireland, scotland, northern england and north wales a lot of clout tomorrow. there could be the odd heavy shower in north—east scotland. further south, dry weather, sunshine. the best of that close to the coastline. temperatures creeping up. for the middle part of the week, this low pressure will try to squash its way in. but it runs into high pressure. that will force this warm air up from the south, quite humid air. that will waft its way in many southern areas. split fortunes on wednesday. strong sunshine on sunday
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—— in the south. patchy rain for northern ireland and western scotland. a contrast in temperatures. maybe 27 degrees in the south—east. cooler and fresher to the north—west. it is in the humid airon to the north—west. it is in the humid air on wednesday night into thursday that we could see some thunderstorms clipping into south eastern areas. into thursday, a band of rain pushes in, introducing cooler, fresher conditions. the end of the week still brings some contrast. the north seeing affirmative cloud. some outbreaks of patchy rain. further south, affirmative cloud. some outbreaks of patchy rain. furthersouth, cooland fresher. temperatures still in the 20s. plenty of dry weather and some sunshine. divided fortunes. a reminder of our main story. it is back to business in westminster but it is not business as usual after the election result. the bbc understands that the queen ‘s speech will now be delayed following theresa may's failure to win a
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parliamentary majority. but it is not expected to be delayed for more than seven days. that's all from the bbc news at one. so it's goodbye from me, and on bbc one we nowjoin the bbc‘s the england under 20 ‘s manager says it is too early to call them the golden generation following the victory in the under 20s world cup. the england manager says it is up to the clubs do not sure english talent. —— to make sure. 0bviously, ultimately, the aim is that those players come
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through to senior level and a big part of that is for them to get opportunities with their clubs. i think they have shown that, if the under—20s are world champions, there are enough players there to fulfil a career in the game without clubs looking elsewhere. harry kane will retain the captaincy for the friendly match against france. a winding—up order petition against leyton orient has been dismissed, after all the debts were paid. the club will be playing in the national league next season after finishing bottom of division two. the last of the champions trophy group matches is underway. sri lanka and pakistan are playing for a place in the semifinals. sri lanka were put into bat. they are 184—7.
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whoever wins this match will join england, bangladesh and india in the last four. asked about to and finishers, england will begin a t20 series against south africa. the squad has been announced. rafael nadal said he thought he would be fishing on his boat by now, not winning the french open for a record 10th time. he cruised past stan wawrinka in straight sets, to take his 15th major title. he has now won grand slams in his teens, twenties and thirties. he says he is looking forward to playing on grass next at queens and then, of course, at wimbledon. iam i am playing well since the beginning of this season. i enjoy a
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lot playing the, and i have missed playing at wimbledon. ijust hope my knees hold—up and i can have the preparation i will need. there was a familiar sight in leeds, but still a thrilling one when, for the second year in a row, double 0lympic champion alastair brownlee beat his brotherjonny to victory in the world triathlon series in their home town. he hopes to compete in the mixed relay cup this year. i'm just kind of working out how to fit it in at the moment and looking at that. maybe the grand final, as well, i might do that. it is nice to be in the position of not having a fixed calendar. i've spent the last ten years going for world series and 0lympics. so, it is nice to say, i fancy doing this race, i willjust do it. that's all sport for now. he can get much more on the bbc
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sport website. the sinn fein president gerry adams has said no deal between the conservatives and the dup will be good for people in northern ireland. he was speaking ahead of talks aimed at restoring devolution which are due to begin at stormont this afternoon. if we do not believe that any deal could be good for the people here. and any deal which undercuts in any way the process agreements here is one which has to be opposed. that puts a huge bonus on the new
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president of ireland. i know this has already been expressed to the british prime minister. let's speak now to danny morrison, sinn fein's former communications director. he said these talks would undercut any prospect of getting the power—sharing agreement back up and running. it is a distraction. we believe the newly appointed secretary of state that he sides with the unionists on the likes of legacy issues. we think we know what
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the dup wants. that is exactly why the dup wants. that is exactly why the assembly fell apart at the end of last year. they had reneged on previous agreements. unless we get these previous agreements up and running, i cannot see any prospect of this going forward. is it not possible for a conservative led to remain impartial when it comes to northern ireland. the official name is the conservative and unionist party. when the house of commons and the house of lords both voted for irish
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home rule, the orange card was played. that is why we have the practitioner. we welcome participation in communication between both communities in the north of ireland. but we have to also a knee of the likes of the collusion with loyalist paramilitaries. people here do not know any details of any deal between the conservatives and the dup. how would it benefit northern ireland if the conservatives were not able to provide stability at a difficult time? i have helped a lot of talk about the dup getting a soft brexit
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with the soft border. first of all, the brexit talks are due to last two yea rs. the brexit talks are due to last two years. i do not see this agreement going beyond the summer. if that was resolved, it would be good, but i do not think people in glasgow and liverpool were other places would be particularly pleased. one of the sailors rescued during a transatlantic yacht race says the conditions were some of the worst he had never been at sea. from the line from the queen merely two, which picked up the survivors we can speak to which picked up the survivors we can speakto him. which picked up the survivors we can speak to him. you had quite a claim of it. it has been an interesting couple of days. i was sailing along
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quite happily. the wind was strong, but not too bad and i took the sails doughnut night and went to bed. the must win rate down into the water. she did not roll over, but when she came back up again, she was full of water. fortunately i had the hatch closed. all the floorboards had come up. all the food was swilling
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around. it took me about three hours to pump it clean. unfortunately, the distress radio beacon had started because it had been torn from its packet. this left of the emergency services. i eventually got it turned off and had a think about what was going on. the sale of stealing had packed up. eventually the stealing cable broke. then a canadian ayr force plane came overhead and i talked to him. then, the ship arrived at night. i had
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asked the pilot what the wind strength was and he said it was between 60—70 knots. newly going into hurricane conditions. it certainly felt like that. you are an expediency or taking part in a transatlantic race, are these are the worst conditions you have ever seen? i have been on a foreseeable than before in one previous race. the wind that time had not had the time to build up the sea in the way this one had. you must have been enormously grateful to see the rescue services they are. enormously grateful to see the rescue services they arelj enormously grateful to see the rescue services they are. i was. when the first aircraft turned up i could hardly speak because i was so
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emotionally overcome. then, there was no way this merchant ship could have picked me up. i was then told that the queen mary two is going to turn up. i was quite happy to take that option! i could not have had a better rescue service. we have been fa ntastically better rescue service. we have been fantastically looked after by cunard. ina in a moment, a summary of the business news. this is the bbc news channel. the latest headlines.
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the bbc understands that next week's queen's speech will be delayed. david davis says the government is prepared to walk away from the brexit talks, if the uk gets a bad deal. the brexit secretary insisted negotiations on leaving the european union will begin in a week's time, despite the uncertainty surrounding theresa may's government. the party of the french president, emmanuel macron, is heading for an overwhelming parliamentary majority after the first round of voting for the national assembly. these are the business headlines. the uncertainty caused by the general election has led business confidence to sink "through the floor", according to a lobby group. a snap poll of 700 members of the institute of directors found a "dramatic drop" in confidence following the hung parliament. members saw no clear way to resolve the political impasse quickly, the iod said. however, it found there was "no desire" for another election this year. and consumer spending has fallen over a i2—month period for the first time in nearly four years — according to the credit card provider, visa. its research appears to support suggestions that people are reining
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in their purchases as prices rise and wage growth stalls. the most popular targets for belt—tightening have included transport, clothing and household goods. ratings agency s&p has warned on the outlook for the uk following the election, echoing similar comments by its rival moody's. jean—michel six, s&p's chief economist for europe, the middle east and africa, said the inconclusive result meant that "for the time being, the outlook remains negative". moody's has said that the election result has heightened uncertainty and increased fiscal risks. a survey of employers said that the expected freedom of movement to continue after brexit. i7% expected no change to the current rules. we can speak to lindsey from the
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resolution foundation. were you surprised? i resolution foundation. were you surprised ? i expected resolution foundation. were you surprised? i expected business to be slightly more circumspect. 0ne surprised? i expected business to be slightly more circumspect. one way of explaining away the findings is the assembly has no been details of what the new immigration situation may be. they may be projecting the best case scenario. do you feel there is more certainty around and they should be preparing?” there is more certainty around and they should be preparing? i think it is unrealistic to think that migration levels will stay the same. the conservative party has said the ten are looking to reduce net migration to the tens of thousands. businesses have got some explaining to do is to buy the am not preparing
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for that. two companies generally wa nt for that. two companies generally want free movement? absolutely. around two thirds wanted no change to the current migration situation. another 25% said they wanted some sort of regime allowing those people who have a job offer to come to the country without any access problems. if we do not get the tape of labour that they would like, we meet as to increase investment and productivity. absolutely. we expect businesses to be looking towards automation or other forms of investment. the other thing they could do is investing more in existing staff, making them more attractive to people from the united kingdom. thank you very much. there have already been for
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walk—outs over the dispute between workforce and bmw soup. they have rejected the pension offer from the company. uber‘s chief executive could be forced to take a leave of absence under changes being considered by the firm. reports say the company's board met on sunday, but hasn't yet released details about mr kalanick's future. other reports also suggest that the company's chief business officer may resign — as soon as today. jaguar land rover has made a £25m investment in the minicab—hailing service lyft, according to the times. lyft is raising money to help compete with bigger rival uber. jaguar land rover will
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have the chance to test driverless vehicles. the stamp trader stanley gibbons, which has been in business since 1856, has put itself up for sale. the company says it has undergone a major reorganisation over the last 18 months and has cut £10 million off its annual costs bill. and these are the market numbers. utility companies doing well. the mod movement on technology stocks. that is the business for no. we will go straight to kings college hospital, we have the duchess of cambridge is making a visit. she is meeting staff and patients affected by the terrorism attack in london
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last weekend. she is speaking to members of staff. she is there to meet two groups of staff who were working on the evening of the attack. they are people providing support for those in hospital. dozens of people were injured on that night. 48 people. eight people lost their lives. many of them were taken to this hospital. it is one of the hospitals in south london quite close to the scene. the duchess is going a lot of questions and walking through the golden jubilee going a lot of questions and walking through the goldenjubilee wing. the
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duchess will be meeting some of those recovering from the attacks. there is david davis, the brexit secretary, taking part in any political cabinet taking place at two o'clock this afternoon. michael gove, the new environment secretary. is it good to be back? you can tell by his face that it is very probably is. we have also seen the home secretary and boris johnson, is. we have also seen the home secretary and borisjohnson, the foreign secretary going in. we heard from mrjohnson earlier, saying it
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was fighting to get on with the job. rumours that he was eyeing up the topjob. he said the cabinet rumours that he was eyeing up the top job. he said the cabinet was behind and wanted to get on with the business of governing. theresa may is having a meeting with seeming tea m is having a meeting with seeming team 22 committee. the group of conservative backbenchers. it will be an exciting meeting to be a fly on the wall that. they want to voice their concerns about the election campaign. more people arriving for this meeting. we will leave that. we will
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speak to our royal correspondent, who is at kings college hospital. we saw the duchess of cambridge arriving. she is here at this very busy hospital. it is quite common for members of the royal family to appear in hospitals after such terrible incidents as we saw last weekend. in private, she will meet some of those still being cared for in the hospital. although we are ten days on from the attack, there are still many people in the hospital as a result of the attack. she will talk to the doctors and staff about the tape of care which is given and
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deal with emergency responses like the saw last saturday night. thank you very much. we can no take a look at the weather. changing fortunes depending on where boats in the country you live. rena tames and often very big easy in the north of the country, much more pleasa nt north of the country, much more pleasant in the south. rather cloudy in many areas. closed in the north
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of scotland, but these showers tending to feed. some pretty strong winds continuing in the south of scotla nd winds continuing in the south of scotland and the north of england. sunshine developing in the south is the cloud breaks up. high temperatures of 20—21dc. this north — south split continues. you can see these outbreaks of rain pushing from these outbreaks of rain pushing from the west, some of which could be quite heavy. into tomorrow, rather cloudy for northern ireland and scotland. some of these showers could be heavy in the north—east of scotland. again, better weather in the south. temperatures beginning to creep up to 23 celsius in the
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south—east. this low pressure area pushing in, but it will be meeting a high—pressure, which will push humid here up. humid conditions over on wednesday night overnight. some clothes are no pics of rain for northern ireland and scotland. it is clear we have that warmth and humidity we may see some thunderstorms in the south east wednesday night into thursday. accord front pushing finisher conditions for much of the country towards the end of the week. this is bbc news. i'm simon mccoy, live from westminster. these are the top stories at 2pm. the bbc understands the queen's speech, in which the government sets
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out its plans, has been delayed. theresa may is meeting her reshuffled cabinet for the first time since the general election, ahead of a difficult meeting with backbenchers later. downing street say they are still confident of getting a good brexit deal and are sticking to the two year timetable — brexit secretary david davis says the uk will walk away if not. what happens if we don't get a deal, you know? our argument what happens if we don't get a deal, you know? 0urargument is, under those circumstances, you have got to be ready to walk away, right? you have got to plan for that, even if you don't get it. i'm reeta chakrabarti — the other top stories this afternoon... the leading russian opposition figure, alexei navalny, is reportedly arrested, as he urges his supporters to attend anti—government protests across the country.
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