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training conditions will be a lot less testing for these scotland players, but the task that awaits them on the field here in sydney will be far greater. the wallabies are top three team in the world. we've had a lot of tough games against them recently, so we know we did well and what of areas, but we will definitely have to games in all areas to ensure we are getting a that we want. when you are playing world —class that we want. when you are playing world—class opposition, it helps to have your own world—class talent. wp nell, back in the scotland ranks, after fearing injury might have ended his career. there was doubt in my mind, that this could be the last game. been there, through that, i'm stronger. saturday was quite emotional, to be on the pitch, just to run out, it was quite emotional. just to realise there is a second chance. townsend was my troops have a second chance to impress the new
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head coach on saturday. the hard work starts again tomorrow. just a day after making history and winning the french open for the tenth time, rafael nadal has been relaxing in the style his efforts deserve today. the king of clay took a leisurely cruise along the river seine in paris along with the famous trophy, less than 2a hours after an emphatic straight sets win over stan wawrinka in the french capital. nadal will return home to his home in majorca this week before beginning his grass court season at queens in a week. i'm very happy, super happy about what happened here. two wins, i enjoyed it a lot. ifelt a lot for the people here, it means a lot to me. because it's the most important eventin me. because it's the most important event in my career, so i feel all the support on the ground and all the support on the ground and all the people, it's been very emotional for me. in the future, let's say i have to keep on trying hard to keep
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making chances. rugby league's super league has just completed its seventh annual state of mind round of matches. state of mind is a mental health charity run by ex—players, and was set up after former great britain star terry newton took his own life back in 2010. the initiative tackles the stigmas surrounding mental health, and claims to have saved 25 lives so far. now other sports could be set to follow its example. rugby league is a first, the first sport in the world to have a dedicated round of fixtures to do with mental health. last year we reached over 8 million people. if 0.01% of those people do something different about the way they are feeling, if they seek help, potentially we could save a lot of lives. danny scu nthorpe potentially we could save a lot of lives. danny scunthorpe became involved in the charity after sinking into depression, where injury ended his career. he says he being able to talk about his problems has saved his life. former referee ian smith also battled with mental health issues when he left
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the game. i felt i lost my identity. a refereed for 12 years, and because of the external pressures that the referees and match officials are put under, i think what people do not understand is that inside that uniform, there is a human being that does make mistakes. when you're out there, it's still a very lonely and isolated place. the former professionals a re isolated place. the former professionals are now taking the message beyond the game, presenting their stories to alpha male environments, such as prisons, the emergency services, and building sites, to encourage men to talk about depression. if a rugby league player can speak about how they are feeling then anyone can. we only get positive feedback. we did a construction site 12 months ago down in london, and the day after, seven blokes in london, and the day after, seven blo kes we nt in london, and the day after, seven blokes went to the hr and said they we re blokes went to the hr and said they were struggling, and needed help. construction sites, you are five times more likely to die from suicide then you are from an accident on site. some of the tweets
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we get back by direct or indirect are amazing. people have said we are making a massive difference and have contemplated taking their own lives until they got on this programme. it's incredibly rewarding, it's like my own therapy class. now the initiative could be broadened into other sports. i actually think this isa other sports. i actually think this is a world first. the rugby league community and the rfl in particular deserve every credit. the department of health, their recent policy, revised policy on suicide prevention, and the parliamentary select committee both commented and commended the rugby league and state of mind, as a benchmark for other sports as well. we'll end the programme with two notable successes in the world of golf. we'll start in hastings, where olivia prokopova of the czech republic is celebrating after winning the world crazy golf championship. among the obstacles on the course were a classic windmill, a water wheel, an obelisk, a lighthouse, and various ramps and bunkers. the 23—year old won the event
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for the second time, and the thousand pounds prize to go with it, with a final round of 31 — seven shots cleared of runner—up steve lovell. and olivia wasn't the only one celebrating. frenchman fabien helbois has won the first major of the season on the footgolf world tour. he defeated fellow frenchman antonio balestra in a playoff in amsterdam to win the trophy and a prize of 3000 euros. that's just about it from sportsday, a recap of some cricket news and pakistan have beaten sri lanka to earn a semifinal champions trophy clash with england. there'll be more sport here on bbc news throughout the evening. good evening, today has been a
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bright and breezy affair for money. lots of cloud around, the strongest of the winds through the central belt of scotland. as the day progressed, we did see some sunshine, and the beautiful end to the day. further north and west the cloud never really broke up. we had a few showers continuing and that will be the story through the night across northern ireland, north west auckland, showers and breezy weather through the night and extending down into north—west england and wales. further south a touch of mist, rural spots falling into single figures. we start tomorrow with persistent rain to the north—west of scotland, it will be pretty miserable. perhaps not so the eastern scotland and as we go through the day, back brain should become more showery. shower was already through northern ireland and northern england, perhaps north wales as well. more showers
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stretching through the midlands, a bit chilly first thing in the morning but the temperatures will respond as the sunshine is there, pretty much from the word go. it will be a present start to the day and it will stay like that too much of the day. rain in scotland moves east, becoming lighter and more showery. allows for some brightness to come through. temperatures will respond, highs of around 14 to 19 degrees in the south—east corner, we could see 23. high—pressure desperately trying to hang on in there, for what happens on wednesday. low—pressure knocking on the door in the atlantic and that is going to allow this warm, moist air to flood up from the ocean, and that will turn pretty hot and humid. for much of england and wales, a beautiful day, hardly a cloud in the sky and lots of sunshine. if you like the heat, you might be disappointed. 26 not out but the question, a few showers in the north—west, 1517 likely here. as a
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fish out of wednesday we could see if you are on the rebound pause for a time, wednesday and thursday. then we will see that low—pressure moving m, we will see that low—pressure moving in, slightly fresher air but only slightly. it has to be said, we could lose some of that humidity that we have seen through the rest of the week. isolated showers, not a bad day on thursday. some warm with 24 bad day on thursday. some warm with 2a degrees, looks as though we could see a bit more allowed around on friday. more from me in half an hour. hello and welcome to 100 days +. the british prime minister apologises to her mps for the election result and they give her a standing ovation. but the markets aren't so easily pleased — the pound hit a seven—month low against the euro. mrs may apologises to party mps for the mess she got them into. just a week from the start of brexit negotiations, what impact will this have? no such uncertainty in france. the first round of parliamentary voting gives president macron a boost.
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us attorney generaljeff sessions says he wants to testify in public tomorrow on the firing ofjames comey and his own meetings with russian officials. and protests on the streets of moscow lead to scores being detained. thousands demonstrate against the alleged corruption in russia. the opposition leader alexei navalny is placed under house arrest.
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