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tv   The Papers  BBC News  June 12, 2017 10:45pm-11:01pm BST

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both intended to be pretty grim for the prime minister. john major's press secretary, i remember this. the prime minister. john major's press secretary, i rememberthis. i think the daily mirror was trying to be insulting, but as a star wars fan, ithink be insulting, but as a star wars fan, i think they have made two mistakes, carrie fisher died just a few months ago. and princess lela is the heroine! one of the most beloved icons, a motion picture history. misfire on their part. higher share of the vote than tony blair ever did. lost the majority. we can move to reality. what a sound bite. got
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us to reality. what a sound bite. got us into the mess, will get us out of it. it has been an extraordinary 48 hours. she has apologised to the cabinet, the party, and the only silver lining seems to be the backing from borisjohnson. i would not be getting too comfortable. just a little short of a majority, she has got to try to make this work. she is also trapped. trapped in an alliance, with the dup. going to seek substantial spending. also making changes behind—the—scenes, and seven ministers, i think five of those are strong remainers. this
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whole thing, centring on breaks it, —— brexit, give me a stronger hand. and even the world mess then, does not do thisjustice. in the context of what the times as saying, it is reality, as not having a majority and those of commerce, some of the cuts that they wanted to push through not going to be introduced. things like the social care changes. in that respect, austerity is going to be over. no political wheel of getting it through the house of commons. that is the political reality, the cars that have been dealt. if the queen's speech does
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not get through, the government bailing is going to get past first base? we have had stories about the ripping up of the manifesto. but as the times has pointed out, the budget was supposed to be balanced by 2025. this is quite extraordinary. we have seen what has happened today, we have had several reasons. and perhaps we could have done a deal with the dup. this is problematic. it could ricochet into affecting the queen's ascot trip. the queen is not going to be happy about that. nobody
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knew what the outcome was going to be. it is hardly surprising that some plans, including the date of the queen's speech have had to be changed. take us to the front of the telegraph, and then we can put at the other one. talks about softer brexit? it said the focus is going to be on theresa may, and the suggestion seems to be is that labour would seek an end to the public sector pay freeze. theresa may, whereof this but it does seem to have michael gove's fingerprints.
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that was pretty good. it is very difficult to see this. for once, i agree. i thought he was going to be excited, talking about softer brexit. the labour party, as opposition, not doing anything remotely wrong. i would not expect them to try to make the eu has been absolutely clear. both the labour and the tories, 82% of the vote, have said they are going to have to change freedom of movement. exit
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polls indicated that 70% and the conservative party, labour are going to deliver for photos, but the tories cannot, won't, and talk about the people who did them into parliament. ruth davidson has told theresa may that she must reach out to other parties, work with others on brexit, suggesting dilution. we want the best possible trading relationship, tariff free. labour has said we
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would actually have to have the closest possible relationship, forces possible arrangement, with the customs union, and it is already putting on the table duel for the eu nationals. it is the collaborative approach, but we're not going to much of that. david cameron tried that, going to the eu, we will accept any deal, and we know what happened. the argument, if you offer too much at the start, effectively caving. the cards are on the table. everybody knows this. and the clock is ticking. it has got to be finished by march 2019. i think the
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confrontational approach, characterising theresa may, entirely wrong. you just talk the referendum is going to the overturned. and the delay to the queen's speech. people getting very excited, i gather it was some confusion as to whether the speech gets written on this royal goat... but the actual reason, they have not concluded arrangements, they do not know what is going to be in the date was set seven, eight, nine weeks ago. fed does not look good. arlene foster, have been rating what is in the speech. we are the united kingdom, it is proposing to do a
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deal with a parliament that has got the majority of the seats in northern ireland, if we have the home parliament why should they not be part of discussions? and the ft quoting barnier, getting impatient? this shows the weakness of theresa may, and he has said we have got to get a move on. we have had three months already. absolutely nothing done. we have not had negotiations, talks, progress. we have got to actually get on with this, because the complications and complexities of this are absolutely immense. no consensus within the government
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of how to approach this. you can see that from the remainers. u can see the readjustment. getting excited. and in patient. he thinks basically that we just salute the european union, we do not have remainers in the conservative government, respecting the outcome of the referendum. it is a discussion about the terms we leave, not remainers in that sense. barnier seems to have forgotten, from the date of the referendum, the line from europe was
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i'io referendum, the line from europe was no discussion without notification. refusing attempts to have conversations, with the commission, not talking to you until you have notified article 50. you have highlighted this snippet. just put this into perspective, this story is saying that for the first time since the crash of lehman, huge, serious drop in recent months, from the global credit markets. that could indicate that we could be getting a significant downturn in the global economy. on that note, away from the politics, thank you... don't forget you can see the front pages of the papers online on the bbc news website. good evening. it was an improvement
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in the southern half of the country as we went through this afternoon. it was cloudy, scattering of showers. and those continuing throughout the night, northern ireland, western scotland, and the touch of patchy mist and fog. the rain could be heavy, across western
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scotla nd rain could be heavy, across western scotland first thing on tuesday, gradually drifting eastwards. north wales as well. despite that chilyl start, temperatures going to respond. and already, at eight o'clock, mid teens. going to the gym and pleasant. the temperatures going to continue to crime. the sunshine across england and wales. scattered showers from northern ireland, 23 degrees possible. high—pressure drifting to the new continent, making inroads from the atlantic. particularly across the southern half of the country. hardly a cloud
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in the sky, and we keep those showers in northern ireland, northwest coughlan but look at those temperatures. 26 not out of the question. warm, hot day on wednesday and that could result in some thunderous showers. the frontal system pushing from the atlantic, slowly, slowly, starting to introduce something fresher. less humid feel. scattered showers but at the same time, some decent spirit of sunshine in the south—east. this is bbc news. the headlines at
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11. theresa may apologises to tory mps for the party's election performance, telling them, i put us into this mess, i will get us out of it. the prime minister was superb, statesmanlike and humble in realising the difficulties and tackling the problems the country faces. earlier, mrs may convened her new cabinet is ministers acknowledged the quinns beach fairly —— setting out the element's spans plans might be delayed. we are optimistic the deal we are putting together will happen. until we do that, we can't agree the final details of the queen's speech. and coming up on newsnight, can you fill the ground shifting on brexit?


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