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tv   Sportsday  BBC News  June 13, 2017 10:30pm-10:44pm BST

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the snp in decline, that you've got the snp in decline, you've got labour close to both the snp and the conservatives, and we're really back in the game. one important detail. in many of their seats like cal cordy and cowdenbeath that labour the tories took 13 seats across scotland. but it was largely in rural areas. they aren't threatening the snp in the big cities or the central belt. their leader ruth davidson has detoxified the tory brand enough that conservatives now feel comfortable in scotland. but they aren't that far ahead of labour by total share of the vote. they have not become the sole opposition to the snp. the snp had a bad night but they did when 35 seats, over half of the scottish constituencies,
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with 37%. they enjoy support across the country in the cities and highlands alike. in north east fife the snp won byjust two votes. in a first past the post system a win is a win. here and across scotland. of course it's disappointing we've lost a number of seats but still winning more parliamentary constituencies than all the other parties put together. essentially a westminster election is not a home game for the snp and we won the election nevertheless. it was inevitable the snp would lose votes but they fell further than anyone expected. it feels now as though the tide has turned against their plans for another independence referendum. spanish prosecutors have filed a lawsuit against the portugal and real madrid foot. cristiano ronaldo, accusing him of tax fraud worth £13
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million. he's denied any wrongdoing. as we heard earlier the prime minister has been attending a friendly football match in paris as pa rt friendly football match in paris as part of her visit to france. the hosts managed to win 3—2 against england. here's hour sports correspondent. a night of sporting solidarity. as the players emerge, the managers embrace, a friendly in the friendly spirit. once the whistle blew this was no cosy kickabout. england began boldly. ryan bertrand's cost, harry kane's trusty right boot. if it seemed too good to last it was, as their defensive frailties were exposed. ntiti with the equaliser and when another save france's way jibril seascape the hosts. the
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referee referred this to a video assistant who said it was a penalty and a french red card. harsh? harry kane didn't mind. england level and a man up. time for a kane didn't mind. england level and a man up. time fora quick kane didn't mind. england level and a man up. time for a quick mexican wave but it was france that ended up smiling. a late winner from wave but it was france that ended up smiling. a late winnerfrom dembele. england's season ends in frustration. newsnight is coming up on bbc two. tonight, a tory minister dropped from theresa may's team yesterday tells us why the party has to change its ways and change its name. join me now on bbc two. hello, you're watching bbc
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news, i'm olly foster at the bbc sport centre, these are our headlines tonight. england sign off for the summer holidays with defeat in paris to ten man france. the lions lose again in new zealand as the all blacks loom ever closer. and on the eve of england's champions trophy semifinal against pakistan, we'll have the team news from cardiff. good evening.
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it's been a long season for england's footballers. it came to a close in paris tonight with defeat against france. 3—2 the final score in thjeir friendly at the stade de france. our sports correspondent andy swiss is with me. evening andy, we'll get to the match in a moment but there was a terrific show of solidarity before kick—off in the wake of the recent terror attacks. yes, it was a very poignant occasion. it was a friendly in the friendliest sense, a show of sporting solidarity between france and england. you can see the two leaders their side—by—side before the match. as a band played don't look back in anger, the famous oasis song which has become an anthem. both teams sang along lustily to that. once that had finished we had
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a minute's silence as the entire stadium showed its respects to the victims of the recent terror attacks, just as we saw at wembley 18 months ago in the wake of the paris attacks. it was a similar scene and a show of courting support between the two nations. yes this was a friendly, they played much better than they did over the weekend, i thought anyway. the french still came out on top with a win. a slightly frustrating night in many ways for england. at the start they began brightly. they took the lead after just they began brightly. they took the lead afterjust eight minutes. harry kane with yet another goal this season. kane with yet another goal this season. france equalised shortly afterwards, a great save but france went level. they went ahead just before the break. another good save
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from heaton but france ahead at the break. then controversy. was this a penalty, dele alli brought down. it went to a video assistant to decided it wasn't just a penalty but also a red card to france. harry kane equalised from the spot. we then saw a mexican wave between the two leaders but theresa may won't be smiling at the end because france came away with the victory. dembele with the winner just 13 came away with the victory. dembele with the winnerjust 13 minutes from the end. some good points for england but ultimately a frustrating night for them. they play malta and slovakia at the beginning of september in world cup qualifiers. harry kane has captained them for the last couple of matches, hasn't he? that's right. he said scoring twice in france should be enough, we've got to find a way to win, we weren't good enough, we want to be brave and play from the back. it's
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disappointing. we were in the drivers seat but we didn't step it up drivers seat but we didn't step it up another gear, not good enough. certainly some defensive errors which will haunt england. plenty to look at ahead of those qualifying matches in september. thank you. scotland's women have lost 1—0 to sweden in a friendly, as they continue their preparations ahead of the european championship this summer. sweden are a strong force in women's football, ranked sixth in the the world, and they had the better chances in vaxjo — a shotjust cleared off the line at the end of the first half. they finally found a way through scotland's defence in the 84th minute though — a headerfrom caroline seger giviing sweden the win. scotland play one more friendly before the euros begin, against the republic of ireland next month. the british and irish lions record in new zealand now reads: played four, lost two. they went down 23—22 to the super rugby side
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highlanders in dunedin. they have two more warm—up matches before the first test against the all blacks in 11 days, and their injury list is growing too. james burford reports. for the lions, another chance to leave everything on the pitch. but they do so with the news that stuart hogg has been ruled out of the rest of the poor through injury. in the highlanders, they saw a side with tricks, power and all blacks. after trading penalties he eyed another 93p- trading penalties he eyed another gap. this time firmly in his hands. the lions on the back foot. to add insult to injury, and injury for courtney lawes. jonathan joseph scored before the seymourjumped at the chance to take the lion's share of the scoreline. with tries coming ata of the scoreline. with tries coming at a premium suddenly the opportunities were starting to come. sam warburton first. liam coltman
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then for the highlanders. so it came down to two kicks. marty bank took the lead, before elliot daly had the chance to win it with this, just short of victory. if you had to look back i wouldn't blame it on one instance but i would say there was a string of too many penalties that we gave away. you've got to give credit to the highlanders, they force them out of us. highlanders, they force them out of us. they were probably avoidable. that was probably what her toss the most. -- hurt us the most. england's women are also in new zealand, after beating australia they have now beaten canada in the international women's rugby series — they play new zealand next. england's cricketers are in cardiff for their icc champions trophy semifinal against pakistan tomorrow. it looks as though they've run out of patience with jason roy. their opening batsmen is finally set to be dropped after a run of poor scores. our correspondentjoe wilson is at sofia gardens. england come back to cardiff
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unbeaten in the tournament but there's always room for improvement. during their main practice session we saw jason roy fielding on the boundary. not quite this time. while amongst the players, walloping balls towards him, jonny bairstow. england went named their team the day before the match but ifjonny bairstow comes in forjason roy, eoin morgan would back him. we are in a very fortu nate would back him. we are in a very fortunate position that jonny ba i rstow is fortunate position that jonny bairstow is our next man in line. he's a very fine batsman and one thing he does exceptionally well is actually deals with no baggage. he comes in and wants to prove everybody wrong. he's been a huge attribute in him scoring runs when he's had a chance to score runs. certainly in white ball cricket. when he's got back into the test tea m when he's got back into the test team he's been exceptional. opening the batting at international level is an entirely different ball game. but was the wallingford jonny
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bairstow today from mickey arthur, he was in good form in his media conference and said he is taking more chill pills to deal with being in charge of unpredictable pakistan. they were shambolic against india in his own words but they've improved to get to the semifinal. we know that realistically england are playing unbelievably well. they are a really, really good one—day unit with no apparent weaknesses. we stressed yesterday at the end of the game when we had a quick debrief, we stressed that we need to play our best game. if we play our best game we can put them under pressure. finally a word about empty seats. there has been a lot of talk that there might be thousands of empty seats for the match, mainly because indianfans seats for the match, mainly because indian fans have purchased tickets just in case india where to play. therefore they wouldn't turn up. now, the icc have said they've already had 3000 tickets reposted,
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being put up for resale from fans for this game, and they are extending the deadline for supporters to do that until midnight on tuesday local time. the icc insist they are doing all they can to make sure there is an atmosphere here to match the occasion. england's women had a win today, beating india at loughborough by 1111 runs. captain heather knight took three wickets on her return from injury. that match was a dress rehearsal for the opening game of the women's world cup, which begins a week on saturday.
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to g ahead to mi ahead what— , 7 papers hr election? just! still from the election? just! still shell—shocked! we are going to start with the telegraph which declares the prime minister will stick to her pre—election plans for a hard brexit, despite calls for a change of approach following the election result. the times says things could go in the opposite direction as it sources claim. the chancellor is preparing to fight to persuade members of the government to support
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a softer brexit instead. the i points to pressure from michel barnier to begin talks as theresa may is
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