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trust's came in off duty. the trust's medical duty —— medical director briefed reporters earlier. we have for patients, none of whom are critical. i am very proud of the fantastic response from our staff, both those on duty and those who came in as a response to the major incident protocol. we continue to ca re incident protocol. we continue to care for patients who are primarily suffering from the effects of smoke inhalation. along with the emergency services and other receiving hospitals, we are ensuring we are doing everything we can to care for and support those affected by this dreadful incident. our accident and emergency department at both hospitals remain busy and we are asking members of the public to attend only if it is an emergency. we are requesting that where possible they attend their local walk—in centres or their general practice. we are trying to see as many patents with scheduled appointment as possible during this time. and it's the third time in three months that this hospital, this nhs hospital has been put to
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the test. they also treated patients here who were caught up in the westminster bridge attack at the end of march and more recently in the london bridge attack. so this has been another very difficult, very testing morning for the staff here. sophie. jane, thank you very much. well, we have no idea what caused this place, we just well, we have no idea what caused this place, wejust know well, we have no idea what caused this place, we just know it took hold incredibly quickly, within 30, 35 minutes or so, according to eyewitnesses. we know it had been recently refurbished, only reopened last year. but the london fire brigade chief has already said she's seen brigade chief has already said she's seen many brigade chief has already said she's seen many tower block fires in her time but she has never seen anything like this. simon gompertz reports. shocked witnesses talked about the speed at which the grenfell tower fire spread, there did seem to envelop the 2a story building in
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just 30 minutes. investigators will be asking how that could have happened. i was taking videos at 1:30am and it was right from the bottom straight to the top and moving across the building. the movement of the fire across the entire building took no more than half an hour. the tower was built in 1973 but had an extensive refurbishment last year and attention is already focusing on the rainproof cladding which was added on the outside to boost integration. the worry and this is just speculation at the moment, but the fire might have spread across it. the cladding system is there to prevent water coming into the building but it also creates a cavity around the back between the outside pace of the building and the concrete structure. it should have fire stops at each floor level or should be noncombustible to prevent it acting as a chimney and allowing the fire to spread. residents had more concerned that the advice was to remain behind the fire retardant
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doors of their flats rather than escape, to stay put. and that there was no central fire alarm system. these practices which depend on fire being containable in one area of a building. the residents action group said it flag dangers but all warnings fell on deaf ears and we predicted a catastrophe like this was inevitable in just predicted a catastrophe like this was inevitable injust a matter of time. there are a number of tower blocks across london and across the country and responsibility lies with the local authority or private management companies and they need to make sure that tower blocks are safe. i will be asking questions raised by the fire last night. the kind of questions your viewers are asking, that are not unreasonably being asked by the residents. answers will be crucial to make sure the other tower blocks are not in danger and to address worries that fire officers might not have had easy a ccess fire officers might not have had easy access to the building. tower blocks are designed to avoid this kind of thing happening, firefighters normally would fight a
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firefighters normally would fight a fire like this from the inside, going up the fire escape and fighting using internal mains and so on and clearly that has not been possible in this case. the company in charge of the refurbishment last year, taiwan, told bbc they met all required building control, fire regulation and health and safety standards and they fully support enquiries into the fire. but to avoid further catastrophic fires respected fire protection association says the increasing use of combustible materials in construction needs to be addressed. that is likely to be a major focus for investigators. well so many questions and very few answers. the investigation of course will begin,. 0ur science editor david shukman is in our central london newsroom. a number offire
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a number of fire safety experts we spoke to this one have been relu cta nt to spoke to this one have been reluctant to go on record about the possible cause because there are so worried about causing offence. but one majorfactor is worried about causing offence. but one major factor is this. worried about causing offence. but one majorfactor is this. british tower blocks are basically designed with what is called a passive safety system in other words the building designed to contain a fire if there is one in a particular corner of the building. they should not spread. clearly there will be a major set of questions about how it was possible for the fire to spread across the building and vertically and in such incredible speed. another major focus of any investigation will look at the cladding. we heard about how chunks of this cladding from the outside the building were seen on fire and falling to the ground. a lot of questions will be raised about that. the point of cladding is if you have an old 1970s tower block like this, it is quite a good solution to improve its insulation and improve its looks, by fitting panels to the outside. well if you
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look around the world we have seen a number of incidents of tower blocks with cladding fitted to them burning up with cladding fitted to them burning up and causing a great deal of distress and damage and fatalities. a key focus of this now will be, it is the cladding, what is contained in it, resistant enough to fire. particularly at those very high temperatures you get when a fire gets completely out of control. so the passive safety system failing, thatis the passive safety system failing, that is one major area, and what role the cladding played in this disaster. thank you very much. well to people who have lived in this area all the livesjoin me now. sam proctor and monica bryant. really unbelievably shocking. you're wearing a mask because there is still smoke around. there's a lot of shrapnel everywhere. it is bad. and
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it is really sad. you both know people who live there first one person, we do know if he's 0k and another we just found out he is ok. then another friend of mine died. friend of mine, and anti, children and uncle who died as well. you know that for sure? yes. it is so shocking to see what has happened and the absolute panic during the night. the thing that is more shocking is apparently we were told emergency services could not get into the building. that is why it escalated to the point where it is still on fire now. loads of hours later. and there are three other buildings underneath. they tried to modernise it, they should have left
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it. new kitchens or whatever. they put a plastic cladding over it. and then one of the other neighbours said they saw the plastic cladding going up. or said they saw the plastic cladding going up. 0ran said they saw the plastic cladding going up. or an explosion happened with the fridge and then the plastic cladding was all coming off. certainly this whole area covered with this black, charcoal debris. we just do not know what has happened at the moment. there is a lot of shock and angry people here as well. a lot of anger. they have just thrown up these new places and they're just not doing them properly. it has happened too quickly. they're building and putting in the kitchen is too quickly and then you have problems. there has been a lot of touring and throwing with the council apparently about the safety of the building before this happened. and also the advice given to people in the event of fire. thein sein, stay put. i had never heard that, but maybe because
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the emergency services could not get to them. they said stay in and shut the door. but they will not have known how severe it was. they are doing their best. we mustjust say, you say you've lived here all your lives but the response of the community has been incredible. i could not walk for people handing out food and water. soft toys and stuffer babies. we have all stepped together and it is good to see it. sad, but good. -- stuff for babies. very sad for yourfriend sad, but good. -- stuff for babies. very sad for your friend and i hope eve ryo ne very sad for your friend and i hope everyone is found. thank you very much. because of events here overnight, political business has been put on hold. let's go to westminster now and norman smith. we heard from the prime minister short time ago. i suspect in the aftermath of such a national tragedy many people will expect there would be some kind of common statement to
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give the mps a chance to express their horror and sadness at what has happened and also to begin to ask those many questions about fire safety, building regulations, local authority oversight and so on. that will not happen and the reason is wilmot is because frankly of the current uncertainty gripping westminster. because mps cannot begin their business again until the government can produce its queen ‘s speech. without this morning that thatis speech. without this morning that that is almost certainly not going to be delayed because the dup the two ministers are trying to strike a deal of the view it would simply be inappropriate in the immediate aftermath this tragedy to come forward with a big political announcement like this. so that deal will be put back to next week which means that the queen ‘s speech probably will be put back beyond that. that causes specific problems for theresa may in terms of compounding the sense of almost drift gripping the government but also could push back exit negotiations. 0n the grenfell tower
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tragedy we had a statement from the prime minister. just let me read you that. they said the prime ministers deeply saddened by the tragic loss of life at the grenfell tower and has been kept constantly updated on the situation. the prime minister, her thoughts are with all those affected by the terrible incident and the emergency services working tirelessly in very difficult circumstances. i can tell you that this afternoon there will be a meeting of the civil contingencies secretariat, the body which basically pulls together all the information, what we know about the tragedy and also tries to provide any additional resources or support for those directly involved in trying to provide help. namely the emergency services and local authorities. thank you very much. i'm joined by the area dean of kensington, the reverend mark 0'donoghue. you have been here since
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the early hours. local churches like saint clement have been open since 3:30am this morning receiving people evacuated from the houses and doing what communities of jesus what communities ofjesus christ a lwa ys what communities ofjesus christ always do in these situations, offering a shoulder to cry on, food and drink and it hasjust been wonderful to see that. it has been tragic to hear the stories of people feeling distressed about loved ones and their whereabouts. it has been awful to hear people anxious about whether they will have a home to go back to today or this week. and yet at the same time this wonderful moment of london life where a community that is massively diverse comes together and stands together. the difficult thing for the authorities right now is up to 600 people could have been in there, we do not know how many. and it is
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establishing those numbers. and you have had people coming from church to church this morning. people asking if we know the whereabouts of their loved ones and it is desperate to see. we are trying to keep lists of people in the different centres to say, stay put because loved ones will come and find you. do not go wandering about, stay put and let us compile lists so the royal borough can then do their work of coordinating efforts and so on. it just means that we can help in that small way to provide something of a sanctuary for the chaos outside. can you describe the scene that major this morning. i walked up the street and saw a bright blue sky with a burning building and my mind immediately went to last summer when i was at the september 11 museum aren't those photographs of that bright blue sky with a burning building. i went in and saw people upset and distraught and then the most amazing community response. boots, marks & spencer tesco, all kinds of people collaborating to bring deliveries of food and provisions. chefs saying that they
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will cook lunch for everyone. it is the best of london when people are hugely diverse backgrounds come to help. we had members of the local muslim and sikh communities, inundated with offers of help. it has been a wonderful sight of this fabulous community coming together. but meantime you have all these people who have lost their homes, lost a bsolutely people who have lost their homes, lost absolutely everything. and you've been talking to many of them. there is some anger out there, you would have seen that already today and understandably. and christians are passionate about truth and love and there will be questioned the need to be answered in the next few days and weeks. but also much loved but needs to be demonstrated not just today and in the next 48 hours but the days, weeks and months ahead. thank you so much. an emergency number has been set up for anyone concerned for loved ones in the north kensington fire. the casualty bureau is 0800 0961233.
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right now, let's go and have a look at the latest weather with nick miller. with high—pressure exerting its influence across england and wales this afternoon, some warm sunshine for many, for scotland and northern ireland, more brief, more clout, but despite that breeze, most places are dry. you can see the differences across the united kingdom this afternoon on the satellite view. for england and wales, some patchy cloud developing and especially into northern england, there may just and especially into northern england, there mayjust be a patchy shower developing. there are some outbreaks of rain in northern ireland and scotland, but elsewhere, mainly dry. for england and wales, very high uv levels for some, very high pollen levels as well with
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temperatures peaking into the upper 20s in south—east england but widely in the low to mid 20s. just some coastal parts of wales a little bit cooler than elsewhere. there is a hint of pennine shower into this afternoon, but in ireland, a view brea ks afternoon, but in ireland, a view breaks in that cloud and temperatures pegged back into the teens. scotland, a bit more breeze and outbreaks of rain in the far north—west. this afternoon into this evening, the atlantic weather system will bring in more cloud and rain, with heavy bursts meeting the west of scotland. elsewhere, dry, and a muqqy of scotland. elsewhere, dry, and a muggy night especially across parts of the middle and south—east of england where we have seen today's is temperatures. tomorrow, rainbow push through initially in scotland and northern ireland, with sun pushing three later, but thundery showers possible later. behind the
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hot weather in the south—east, fresh air pushes him, still sunny spells, but temperatures held down a little bit compared to today with the fresher feeling air. bit compared to today with the fresherfeeling air. into bit compared to today with the fresher feeling air. into tomorrow evening, the showers continue into scotla nd evening, the showers continue into scotland and northern ireland, maybe the odd one of the northern england and wales. friday's weather, broken cloud and sunshine in northern areas, some outbreaks of rain, more especially in north—west scotland. into the weekend, it is south—west scotla nd into the weekend, it is south—west scotland where there will be more breeze and clout compared with elsewhere. northern ireland at north—west england cloudier times, there will be some sunshine in the south—east and temperatures heading towards the 30s in the warmest places by the time we get to sunday. that is the forecast. back to you, so be. died but the death toll is expected
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to rise. at least 70 people are being treated in hospitals across london. the amount of london said that many people are unaccounted for when he was here a short time ago. this is what he said. the fire commissioner has taken me to see for myself when val tower and it is extremely distressing and devastating. —— grenfell tower. can ibegin by devastating. —— grenfell tower. can i begin by saying that my thoughts and prayers as i am sure the thoughts and prayers of the entire country with the family and friends of those in the building that have been affected by this tragic fire. i also paid tribute to the emergency services, amazing as they are, from the fire service, we have more than 250 firefighters here from the beginning, the commissioner, many mile walking —— many more working through the day that comes with
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neighbouring fire services helping us neighbouring fire services helping us out through the day. more than 12 hours since the fire broke out, the tower behind me is still alight. you can see the smoke pouring out of the windows. we will have continuing coverage throughout the afternoon on the bbc but right now, it is time and we stay with these pictures from above and we stay with these pictures from a bove west and we stay with these pictures from above west london, the grenfell tower with plumes of smoke still going into the air as firefighters continue their battle to extinguish a blaze that began just before midnight last night. at least six people known to have been killed, that number expected to rise. this building, once home to hundreds, know a symbol of a tragedy which it
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is feared has claimed many lives. eyewitnesses describing people trapped in the tower, screaming for help, yelling for their children to be saved. biting tortures on their mobile phones on and weaving them from windows, seeking help. —— putting torches on their mobile phones on. i was greeted by smoke. the bank at the door was someone knocking on the door to wake you up. to alert me. i opened the door, i shut the door because of the smoke. i closed the door, got some towels, wet them, alerted my wife, screaming there is
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fire. we went into the kids room, wrapped the towels over their heads, proceeded to except the premises. it was so dark, there was so much smoke, people were running down the staircase. some people had like it. there was so much confusion. there was no sign of alarm or bells. is there an alarm and grenfell tower. generally they would be an alarm but there was not. we only heard the alarm after1:30am. there was not. we only heard the alarm after 1:30am. this was a failure in safety measures that should have been in place. there was no fire alarm but somebody banging on your door, you get your wife, your two young children.|j on your door, you get your wife, your two young children. i also knocked on the door of a neighbour.
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kept running, because at this point idid not kept running, because at this point i did not want my kids to be inhaling anymore smoke. i did not wa nt inhaling anymore smoke. i did not want to collapse. as you were trying to run down the staircase, how far ahead of uk juicy? to run down the staircase, how far ahead of ukjuicy? it was too dark. arm's—length. ahead of ukjuicy? it was too dark. arm's-length. the fire started on the fourth floor. how do you know that? once we got to the ground floor, exiting the premises, iwas confronted by my neighbour who lives at number16, he said, are you lucky? —— are you all right. i should concern. i asked where his wife was. he said, though, it was just me in the house, my fridge exploded. he said his fridge
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exploded? he said his fridge exploded. at which point the fire brigade were supervising. they took a statement from him. what time was that? what time was that when you got eight at the bottom of your block of flats? nolito than ten past one. “ nor block of flats? nolito than ten past one. -- nor later. there was smoke clearly in the stairwell. from the fifth floor, through the steers, the dora was open, people were consta ntly dora was open, people were constantly going in and out. we will return to events in west london. other breaking news, in the last 30 minutes, a top us republican has been shot during baseball practice. eight multiple shooting
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was reported. 0ne practice. eight multiple shooting was reported. one person in custody. it is understood house of representatives majority whip, and assistance where shot. apparently he was shot in the hip. he isa was shot in the hip. he is a flip in the republican—controlled house and that makes him one of the most senior figures in congress. —— eighth work. he isa figures in congress. —— eighth work. he is a representative from louisiana. the president donald trump said he is aware of the shooting and is monitoring developments. we understand a gunman has opened fire on republican members of congress during baseball practice near washington, wounding several people, including this house of representatives whip. any news
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agency has suggested at least two law—enforcement officers and one congressional staff member were also injured in the shooting. we understand that the incident took place as politicians were practising for a baseball game against democrats. it was republican politicians against democratic politicians against democratic politicians but witnesses say that the man who opened fire was armed with a rifle and fired what is understood to be 50—100 bullets. he is understood to have endured a number of people. one congressman said that he saw someone shot and then everyone scattered as security forces shot back. another said they had seen him shot on the hip. police
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have got a suspect in custody. we will return to events and virgin you, but one story dominating the news is that fire in west london. at least six people have been killed, it is feared that number will rise. the first thing is your reaction to what is clearly a huge tragedy. our hearts go out to the families of the people who are dead and who are missing. and a sense of what terror must have been for those people who had to flee the burning building. it is absolutely terrible. but the most important thing is to swing into action now, to help move the system forward , action now, to help move the system forward, to make sure that those people who ran out of the building in their pyjamas with no money, with
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no clothes, with no food or medication, they have got no homes anymore, they need to be resettled as quickly as possible so the children can start going to school again. and our hospitals, we need to be sure that the health secretary is on to the hospitals right away. kings college hospital has still got people there from the london bridge attack. no it is looking after people from this tragedy. they need to be reassured by the health secretary that they will have the resources they need. wea we a statement from the government that they are going to help people be resettled, that they will set in process learning lessons, and that they will help their health services deal with those people who have been so horribly injured. if i deal with those people who have been so horribly injured. ifi canjust ta ke so horribly injured. ifi canjust take you back to 2009, the fire in 2009 which was said to be avoidable,
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that killed six people in south london, where lessons learned?” fear lessons were not learnt. the coroner said that when the building, lakanal house, coroner said that when the building, la ka nal house, was coroner said that when the building, lakanal house, was being refurbished, actually the contractor breached the fire safety. the entire point about these tower blocks is you are supposed to be safe from fire, even if fire has started in one flat, it will not split because there will be compartmentalisation, and with la ka nal there will be compartmentalisation, and with lakanal house, the bleached —— the berdych that compartmentalisation, when fire started its spread, there was not enough supervision of the contractors, and once the fire was spreading the fire brigade, instead of urging people to flee, said stay there because the fire would be contained. there were so many
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lessons to be learned from the lakanal lessons to be learned from the la ka nal house lessons to be learned from the lakanal house fire. it seems to me that this is the scene that has happened again, not least that sprinklers should be put in these tower blocks, because when there are sprinklers people do not die from a fire in their own flat and that stops it from spreading. obviously there will be an enquiry. i am already hearing that the contractor is suing fire regulations were in place. all these things will be with that. what struck me is the bewilderment and grief that we saw in the early hours of this morning, that has quickly been replaced by a lot of anger. when you see fire regulations, the contractor says the fire regulations have been complied with, the problem is the building regulations in relation to fire safety needs to be updated regularly because new materials are being used all the time and they all need to be checked out. and also the fire service needs to have enough
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resources that they can do regular checks and make sure that all the work done by the contractors hasn't compromised the fire safety. but above all there needs to be sprinklers. it is so heartbreaking for me to look back on what i said at the time, when the coroner said what he said about lakanal house, and see we must learn lessons so that this does not happen again, and to see once again, fire starts in a flat, and its place, and people are told to stay in their flats, and they lose their lives, and here it seems to be on a bigger scale. jeremy corbyn is calling for the government to make a statement in the house of commons tomorrow, even though the house of commons is not sitting because of the shambles that the government zone, the government should still make a statement in the house of commons. and we want to make sure that the council will be given the resources and the hospitals will be


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