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tv   BBC News  BBC News  June 15, 2017 1:30pm-2:01pm BST

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you know it's bad when you're told to write your name on your helmet. london fire brigade‘s chief dany cotton has heaped praise on herfirefighters, the emergency service heroes who did everything they could to save those who were trapped. hero! look at that. i hope everyone gets out safely too. early on in the fire, my firefighters tried to reach some of the higher floors. i spoke to a crew before i left who had been to the 20th floor looking for people. we specifically targeted flats where we were getting calls, where we knew where people were. as the commissioner of the london fire brigade, it was a very stressful and difficult time. i was looking at a building engulfed in fire, i knew members of the public were still trapped yet i was committing hundreds of firefighters to a building which to a lot of people looked terribly unsafe. my firefighters were desperate to get in there and desperate to rescue people. crew after crew were sent
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into a very dangerous, very hot and difficult situation because we have a passion to do as much as we could to rescue the people in there. it was a very challenging, very difficult and very traumatic event for everyone involved. we had minor injuries yesterday. up to nine of my firefighters suffered minor burns, some heat exhaustion due to the intensity in the building and hard work. some obvious slips and trips over debris falling everywhere. i am more concerned longer term about the mental impact on the people who were here because it was an unprecedented event and people saw and heard things on a scale we had never seen before. going forward, one of my main concerns is the mental health and well— being of my firefighters and doing trauma and care counselling for them. the words of london's fire brigade chief, dany cotton. now the weather,
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with jay wynne. good afternoon. this rainbow was captured in somerset from a passing shower. one thing will notice today as it will turn that bit fresher and we have sunshine and showers, but not an equal measures. we have the fresh aircoming in behind equal measures. we have the fresh air coming in behind this band of cloud, just moving its way eastwards. you can see the speckling of showers, mostly in scotland and northern ireland. for the bulk of england and wales cricket board of fine weather this afternoon. a bit ofa fine weather this afternoon. a bit of a breeze but some good spells of sunshine. a lovely afternoon across the south—west, 17—18, still a bit breezy but a good deal of sunshine. a bit of patchy cloud. a lovely afternoon on the south coast. but the breeze is there to contend with. maybe a shower for the breeze is there to contend with. maybe a showerfor some the breeze is there to contend with. maybe a shower for some parts of south—east of england but most bases fine and dry. not as warm as yesterday but still 23—24, not too bad for the middle ofjune. other
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teams across northern england, maybe a shower or two but most of the showers are in central and scotland. 16-17 in showers are in central and scotland. 16—17 in belfast with some showers moving through on the breeze. showers are few and far between and across wales and we'll get temperatures in the upper teens. the breeze continues to blow through this evening. one or two showers across scotland, northern england and northern ireland. a lot of dry weather overnight. it should be fresher. by friday morning, temperatures down by a good few degrees in a few places but still 12-13 to degrees in a few places but still 12—13 to start the day. friday will turn into a day of the north—south split with the northern half of uk seeing more cloud. most of the rain confined to the west of scotland, the north—west of injured. the best of sunshine further south and it will be quite warm, 23—24. 20 odd degrees in belfast, not too far behind that in aberdeen. at the start of the weekend high pressure builds in. it will be a bit of breeze and rain in the north—west but most bases on saturday will be fine with variable cloud, some sunshine and some warmth. we will get hotter as we head towards
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sunday. back to you. a reminder of our main story this lunchtime. the prime minister has called for a full public inquiry into the london tower block fire. the number of those confirmed dead is now 17 but police are warning thatis is now 17 but police are warning that is expected to continue to rise. the faces of some of the many who are still unaccounted for, young and old, many of them trapped on the other floors of the building. and old, many of them trapped on the otherfloors of the building. —— upperfloors. so otherfloors of the building. —— upper floors. so many otherfloors of the building. —— upperfloors. so many people otherfloors of the building. —— upper floors. so many people still missing, so many questions unanswered. we have continuing coverage on bbc news. now it's time for the news where you are. goodbye. hello there, i am john motson with the latest sports news. the us open
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is under way before golf‘s second open of the year. the condition of the course has prompted complaints from the players. the defending champion peered with two previous winners. the defending champion dustinjohnson is paired with two previous winners in martin kaymer and jordan spieth. masters champion sergio garcia goes with bubba watson and adam scott. while 2011 winner rory mcilroy justin rose and jason day. but after all the criticism of the rough what does the defending champion make of the course? you have to hit the fairway is, you can't play in the rough. obviously
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no weather condition, it will be soft and you have to play long. i like the golf course, i think is that some very well for me. bangladesh and india are facing each other for a place in cricket‘s champions trophy final, where they'll play pakistan after their victory over england yesterday. bangladesh currently on 236 for seven against the holders. patrick gearey is at edgbaston. and patrick, bangladesh were going well until they lost some key wickets. indeed, it has been a game of the song moments. bangladesh took two early wickets. then we had a period ofa early wickets. then we had a period of a bangladeshi dominance. it looks a good pitch to bat on. it seemed that bangladesh were going to make a really good total, above 300 but
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things changed quickly. wicket after wicket fell, they could not get the run rate up or any momentum going. the total looks like it is not what it could've been. remember, india are such good chasers in one—day cricket. bangladesh have never made a semifinal before. who expected them to make this one? india are such formidable opponents, they have the added advantage of playing pakistan in sunday's final at the awful. that is some way off but what i deem might be. indeed, yes. many thanks. some rugby now. some rugby now. owen farrell faces an anxious wait to see if he'll be fit for the british and irish lions' first test against new zealand in nine days' time. the england fly half is out of saturday's match against the maori all blacks in rotorua. he was named on the bench, withjonny sexton starting at number ten, but has been forced to pull out with a quad strain.
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flanker peter o'mahony, captains the side, with tour skipper sam warburton on the bench. maro itoje starts in what is an otherwise, unchanged forward pack, from the one that beat the crusaders last saturday. warren gatland says he's going to keep the all blacks guessing, ahead of their first test next weekend. he was really good coming off the desk the other day, the combination with ten and i2 desk the other day, the combination with ten and 12 was pretty seamless. johnny knows from his last couple of games, their semifinal and the first games, their semifinal and the first game against the barbarians. he was down a little with confidence but he has got his module back at the moment and we wanted to give him a start. to build some momentum. that is always spot for now. as we've been reporting, the prime minister has ordered a full public inquiry into the grenfell tower fire. that announcement came as mps began
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gathering at westminster to hear a government statement at a special session. it will be made by the police and fire minister, nick hurd. theresa may ordered the inquiry after visiting the scene this morning, and gave this statement in the last few minutes. i visited the scene of this terrible fire this morning. i wanted a briefing from the emergency services. they have been working tirelessly in horrific conditions and i have been overwhelmed by their professionalism and bravery. i heard stories of firefighters running into the building, being protected from the falling debris by police officers using their riot shields. we thank all of emergency services for the incredible work they have done. i have also heard the confirmed number of dead is 17 but it is expected to rise further. we know 37 people are receiving treatment across hospitals in london, 17 of whom are receiving critical care. at times like this, the response of the
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community has been extraordinary and shows the great spirit of people responding to a tragedy such as this. i have ordered that the cross government group which is meeting to ensure that the response is properly coordinated is meeting again today, this afternoon and the government stands ready to provide any assistance necessary to the emergency services and the local authority. i know we have all heard heartbreaking stories of the people who were caught up in this terrible terrible tragedy and i want to reassure the residents of grenfell tower, all of them are in our thoughts and prayers at the moment, i want to reassure them the government will make every effort to ensure they are rehoused in london and as close as possible to home. but right now people want answers and it is absolutely right. that is why i am today ordering a full public inquiry into this disaster. we need to know what happened. we need to have an explanation of this. we owe that to the families, to
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the people who've lost loved ones, friends and the homes in which they lived. in that quest for answers, some people are wondering whether the decision to delay the publication of a fire safety report might have contributed and can you also guarantee to local authorities there will be extra money for sprinklers for high—rises? we need to ensure this terrible tragedy is properly investigated which is why ordering a full public inquiry so we can get answers and find out exactly what happened and why. it became clear to me this morning that that was necessary because when i visited the scene and spoke to the emergency services. they told me how this fire progressed was rapid and ferocious and unexpected. so it is right that in addition to the fire report that will be
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produced and any potential police investigations, we have a full public inquiry to get to the bottom of this. why did this happen? people deserve answers on the inquiry will give them. let's talk to our political correspondent mark lobel. theresa may raising the spirit of the community, but we know that his anger there. was an inquiry inevitable? the prime minister has come to the conclusion this is an issue of public concern, perhaps led to this by growing public anger over the past couple of days and pressure from opposition politicians, questions being asked about what happened. she wants to get to the bottom of not just happened. she wants to get to the bottom of notjust what happened in this instance and why the fire spread quickly but also weather warning signs were missed in the
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past. this covers notjust the te na nts past. this covers notjust the tenants association and the council but questions have also been asked of governments. so she's going through with their government inquiry, go through all the questions, have publicly documented and have any future recommendations from the inquiry to prevent this happening in the future. in the meantime, mps are gathering at westminster for a special statement, tell us more. a minister is chairing this cross—party group to find out if the government is doing enough to support the ongoing emergency services. they had a meeting yesterday and will have on this afternoon. he will take questions from mps. we expect this to happen soon and it will be televised. he will read out a statement and then a nswer will read out a statement and then answer questions about every aspect of what is going on and what the government can do about it. clearly
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there is considerable political fallout, more to come? yes, more to come. labour have been asking questions about why a review into fire safety regulations following a coroners report in 2013 reporting on an incident in 2009, reported sprinkler systems and recommended simplifying safety systems, why had that not taken place? the government will push back and see even if those regulations had been changed, it might not have stopped the fire in this instance. all of that leaves more questions. i think they will need to get to the bottom of what happened once they can get access to the building. it is an ongoing situation at the moment. they are still trying to work out how best to deal with the crisis so it is too early for the investigation itself to ta ke early for the investigation itself to take place. there are former ministers who will be questioned
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publicly, there could be harrowing testimony in this public inquiry when it takes place so it will be a very difficult inquiry for many to watch but there are huge range of questions for it to go through. thank you very much. the commissionerfor london fire brigade dany cotton explained the search of the tower could take weeks. so, we have been present overnight, we have maintained a watching brief. we have extinguished some small pockets of isolated fire. however, you will continue for some time to see small wisps of smoke coming from the building, due to the nature of the contents in the building and some of the areas that are now far more difficult to access. the ongoing plan for today is i will have my specialist urban search and rescue teams and advisers, who are working very closely with the local council, and the building surveyors, to come down, to come to a plan as to how we can make the building safe going forward, to allow my firefighters and the police to work closely together to progress through the building, doing a detailed, fingertip search,
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looking for evidence and looking for identification of people who may have been in the building. obviously, this will be a very slow and painstaking process. this is a large building, there will be a large amount of building work required internally. we call it internal shoring — structures will be to be built to ensure the floors are safe. before we do that, we are going to utilise some specialist dog training teams that we have in conjunction with the metropolitan police, that will go through the building and the surrounding area, looking for any identification of people. they are specially trained dogs and they will be used first of all. the benefit of using those dogs is clearly they are much lighter than people and they can cover a greater area in a very short space of time. so the urban search and rescue dogs will come in first and be followed up by specialist advisers. i anticipate london fire brigade will be on the scene here for many days to come, working with our partners to ensure that we do our best for the people
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who are waiting for news of their loved ones. thank you. in a statement, the metropolitan police commander stuart cundy confirmed at least 17 people have died and that the fatality figure was likely to rise. yesterday was a very difficult day. clearly, it was challenging overnight, particularly for colleagues from fire. and today, as you have heard, the work really starts in earnest, to ensure we are doing appropriate recovery of everybody from those premises. sadly, i can confirm that the number of people that have died is now 17. we do believe that that number will increase. for my colleagues within the health service, there are still a number of people receiving treatment in hospital. there are 37 people receiving treatment, of which 17 are still in critical care. like we explained
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yesterday, our absolute priority for all of us is about identifying and locating those people that are still missing. it would be wrong for me to get into numbers that i do not believe are accurate. our casualty bureau number is 0800 0961233. and if you have reported somebody missing and you now know that they are safe and well, please contact that number so we can identify those that we are still trying to find. earlier my colleague ben brown spoke to natasha green who lives in the area. she's been trying to find her daughter's friend jessica urbano ramirez. i'm worried aboutjessica. this is my daughter's school friend, and a friend basically that we know in the area. and she got separated from her mum in the panic in the early hours of the morning.
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and obviously, as you can imagine, as her mother, she is frantic. she was told that she was at hospital. she went to hospital, only to find it was the same name but wrong girl, and we're just devastated. and so frantically looking for her. so if anyone, anyone knows her whereabouts, please do inform, please tell the correct numbers. and you've got that poster printed, you're going around pinning that up to walls and notice boards? yeah, we're giving it to anyone and everyone we can think of and obviously trying to use the media as well to just get her face out there, because her motherjust needs to find her daughter. and she's 12 years old, jessica, and a friend of your daughter's, you were saying. yes, a school friend of my daughter's, who has also been looking and going on social media and getting the word out there. and they're going round with their friends as well and trying to do as much as they can to just help give any news and information that we can. and there are so many people in the same position as you, worried about other people, who are still missing. we just don't know what's happened to them. exactly, still unaccounted for.
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obviously, the mass panic, the smoke. i could see the smoke from my window, and i'm not as close, but the thickness of the smoke is enough to engulf anyone. people's vision, and everyonejust got separated from their loved ones. it's just a frantic search that you cannot believe in this day and age are still happening. and we are angry. i'm not going to lie. the locals are angry. this could have been prevented. lives didn't need to be lost. and they are lost. the people are looking for their children and it's so unfair. it's really unfair! this shouldn't have happened. it's 2017. it's not fair. this is notting hill! and it's just devastating. it really is. i'm sorry. why do you feel it did happen? do you have any idea? because people cut corners. they cut corners. they were told and they didn't do anything, because they're not going to listen to residents. because they're not of a certain class or they haven't got enough money. and they were ignored. and this is the devastating result.
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people have had to lose their lives so they can listen. it's not fair. so there is anger here and there is grief and there is anxiety. there is also extraordinary generosity — people giving so much, donating so much. we emptied out the supermarkets yesterday. we made four trips up and down. we even phoned the major supermarkets like tesco's and sainsbury‘s and asked them to donate stuff, which they kindly did. so the residents and the locals, even people coming from different areas. there was a woman i met from croydon that came down with her child to donate stuff. and we're so grateful. because the community spirit has been outstanding, it really has. so for that, out of these tragic circumstances, the unity of people is just amazing. you are watching bbc news. in the business news...
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no change in uk interest rates still at 0.25%. the bank of england's rate setting committee voted on it a few hours ago. but what is interesting is that three out of eight members of the committee voted to increase rates because of rising inflation. uk inflation is at a nearfour—year high of 2.9%, much higher than the mpc‘s target rate of 2%. but in the us — its central bank — the federal reserve — has raised the cost of borrowing. it's the second increase in three months. the fed has raised its rate by a quarter of one percent. that takes it to the highest it's been since before the 2008 financial crisis. retail sales were up 0.9% in may, compared to the same time last year. that's the joint slowest rate since april 2013. the ons says the slowdown was — in large part — caused by rising prices.
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a european union law to abolish roaming charges for people using mobile phones abroad comes into force today. the new rules mean that people travelling within the eu will be able to call, text and browse the internet on mobile devices at the same price they pay at home. the european commission said the end of roaming charges was one of the greatest successes of the eu. but some warn phone users could face "unexpected charges". on the surface it is a great step forward for consumers. the data we get stung for a while we travel are
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no longer additions in the eu but you are entirely right, there are small print elements. things which caught people out. most consumers are on great value packages and could suffer from out of bundle charges. so it depends on the amount of data you can access? yes. it is a move forward from the historic tap which has now been replaced by those free usage policy which enables us to utilise as much as we do domestically but there are some bundles, if you go outside, you can be charged a significant amount of money. remember to look at the tardis you have at the moment and whether the country you travel to is included. at the moment we are looking at all these different tariffs, making sure these providers are going above and beyond. there we re are going above and beyond. there were huge charges to the us,
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australia and new zealand. are those providers offering this is free and no extra charge and are they being singled out? when we say the european union, this is what we mean by roaming charges, what about places like switzerland and norway? by places like switzerland and norway? by the included? at the moment, in the wider european area, they are not included yet. a number of providers that have providers with countries like switzerland and norway and turkey, those providers can offer coverage for those countries. so what happens after brexit? today, no change, we're still a member of the eu but as for the tariffs that come into place after that, some providers could put up after that, some providers could put up charges. we will see what happens. thank you very much. no change in uk interest
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rates still at 0.25%. that is the business. now for the weather. good afternoon. we have some sunshine out there. it is turning a little bit fresher. let us take a look at this weather watcher picture. some patchy cloud and a few showers. it will turn a good deal fresher. this fresh air is coming in from the atlantic, following on from this band of cloud. the fresher air filtering it way in, you can see showers in scotland and northern
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ireland. one or two showers across the far north of england but a lot of dry and bright weather for wheels on the south west of england. that isa on the south west of england. that is a bit ofa on the south west of england. that is a bit of a breeze. possibly the middle 20s in the south—east. 25 degrees in parts of kent. most places not as warm as yesterday. northern england might see a shower or two bubbles of the showers be across central and west scotland. quite warm up around the shores of the moray firth. 16 or 17 with showers in belfast. in wales, plenty of sunshine, still breezy, temperatures in the teens. through this evening, we will keep a few showers in scotland and northern ireland and northern england but most of england and wales will be dry with clear spells. not as warm as it was this morning tomorrow. don't buy a good few degrees. still
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12 or 13 degrees for most towns and cities. and north south split tomorrow. i fear that —— cities. and north south split tomorrow. ifear that —— of cities. and north south split tomorrow. i fear that —— of cloud for the north. light winds and quite warm again, 2a degrees for london. not farfrom warm again, 2a degrees for london. not far from that in aberdeenshire. there will always be a breeze in the north—west which will have most of the game. high pressure in charge for most of the uk which will bring a fine weekends, bright weather. hotting up through the weekend. 23 degrees in aberdeenshire. peaking at 28 in the south—east. probably higher than that on sunday in the south—east. 25 degrees in the north of england. even into the start of next week, across england and wales, light winds and sunshine. we could hit 30 celsius are in the london
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area. this is bbc news, i'm ben brown, live at the scene of the tower—block fire in west london. the headlines at two o'clock. the london fire brigade say the death toll here has risen to 17, but their warnings that the number rise considerably, and many people are still missing. firefighters have reached the top floors of the building, but they say there is no hope of finding anyone else alive. my firefighters were desperate to get in there and desperate to rescue people, and we committed crew after crew into a very dangerous, very hot, and very difficult situation. specialist teams are now trying to make the tower safe so they can search for the missing. the faces of some of those still unaccounted for,
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