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tv   The Film Review  BBC News  June 16, 2017 9:45pm-10:01pm BST

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piece together what happened, and just how the blaze spread so quickly. three enquiries, from the police, the fire brigade and also the public enquiry office. we report on the questions that the enquiry will have to consider. my mate told me 20 minutes ago that grenfell tower is on fire. it is the first, obvious question, for the fire brigade to answer. this video was shot 20 minutes after the fire started. where? how? i saw someone come running out of flat 16 on the phone, calling for the fire brigade. he said it was a fridge fire. his fridge was by his kitchen window, so when the fire brigade put the fire out, the fire had already gone through the window to the cladding on the outside, and the wind has helped it. all of a sudden, the cladding court. he said the cladding court, which leads to question number two.
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it should not have. the building was clad with aluminium panels in 2016, the work signed off by the council. so far there is no evidence that standards were breached, but... the regulations are a minimum safety standard expected for a building, to keep it reasonably safe for the occupants and people around it. if you are using materials, or using it in circumstances that you know are more dangerous, then you have to mitigate that, make a risk assessment and engineer out the risk. in this test, the fire is contained by flameproof walls. experts say that good fire safety results from good design. so was the redesigned to grenfell tower safe? were there other factors? after the work was completed, gas pipes were moved to public areas. residents were furious.
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thejob of finding out who might be to blame has now been taken over by the police. what we will do with the investigation is we will get to the answer of what has happened and why. that is why the police have taken the lead for the investigation, and if criminal offences have been committed, we will investigate that. examining the wreckage willjust be the start. they will have to look at the role of the council, building managers, contractors, subcontractors, a vast job. the question of whether tower blocks are safe will be for the public enquiry, but for now, across the country, this is luiten, councils are checking fire safety procedures and refurbishment work. deaths in fires are rare. just 229 people were killed at home last year. another question for the public enquiry, because there have been plenty of warnings in the past. cladding was a factor in this fire in southwark in 2009. a coroner suggested more sprinkler systems might be considered, but introducing them widely might mean a new approach to fire safety.
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something for the enquiry to consider. the 1970s era grenfell tower was designed simply to contain the spread of flames, what is called passive fire safety. but all of these modern developments will have fire detection systems and sprinklers, bringing those older blocks up to this sort of standard would not be cheap, and it would certainly be disruptive for their residents. but what price should be put on a life? especially on the lives of those living in towers, from the poorest in society? this disaster has triggered a national debate which could last years. the newly elected labour mp for kensington has criticised the council in the wake of this. she said that it was a lack of emergency
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planning and she was waiting for the council to respond to her. the lies issue with the council. it is absolutely appalling. anything can happen at any time. where is emergency planning? we need the relief team, coordinating, we have an incredible amount of volunteers, food and drink. nobody knows what to do. we have seen people taking out frustration at the town hall, tension has been rising. what is your message to the people feeling frustrated? absolutely correct to be angry. but violence is never the answer. turn anger to change. i am coming out, talking to them, trying to find out what is wrong. the
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council are not responding to the mp. it is disturbing. i am doing what i can. i cannot coordinate anything on the skill, into my incumbency as an mp. residents of terrible that has been refurbished by the same company have voiced concerns. the company said that the work has made all building regulations, camden council said it had a robust fire safety policy and was carrying out extra checks. posts have highlighted what the claymores general failure to inspect and maintaini
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claymores general failure to inspect and maintain i received the equipment. they have blamed the ongoing culture of negligence. 0ne has concluded it is a terrifying thought, but only a catastrophic event will expose incompetence. nigel lives in an identical tower block, and over many years he has raised concerns on behalf of residence. we have had a number of fires. fire door? old. 165 flats. 0vercrowding. residents have got expanded families, having to utilise the broom cupboard, makeshift bedrooms. we had a period of time that these were totally unusable because criminals had broken in. stolen all the raw metal. monica
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lives on the 19th floor.|j stolen all the raw metal. monica lives on the 19th floor. i cannot sleep at night. ijust think, nobody would come to save us. residents have been raising concerns. you have been doing the same. do you think the lesson? no. so much contradiction. the fire alarm, leave the building. there is no fire alarm. use the appliances provided. there are none. firefighters have a lwa ys there are none. firefighters have always clarified safety, but the union said that has been scaled back. it is notjust about going to fires, pointing jets, back. it is notjust about going to fires, pointingjets, putting it out, it is safety work, getting to
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the community and doing inspections. stuff like that. no doubt that the huge cuts that have been visited on the service, particularly london, have had an impact. suspicion that the public enquiry, closely controlled by the government may not get to the bottom of what has happened. we have got to be concealed, why we are going down this route when we have got the hundred years system in place, the inquest, high court judge hundred years system in place, the inquest, high courtjudge appointed as the coroner can deal with this openly and transparently. as the coroner can deal with this openly and transpa re ntly.m as the coroner can deal with this openly and transparently. it is important we are not left waiting for years. we need answers now. i wa nt for years. we need answers now. i want an interim response this summer. we need to make sure that local residents have crop of representation, being given legal representation. any individual,
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responsible, criminally prosecuted. theresa may visited the location this evening, but left quickly, when crowds descended. they shouted coward. much to do to win back their trust. we have got a special section dedicated this on the website. the ten 0'clock news will have fiona bruce at the tower. but we can get an update on the weather. it has been a week of settled, someone with for most of us with little significant rainfall. the reason has been the position of this jet stream. at the atlantic, deflecting low—pressure to the north—west. that is when we have seen outbreaks of rain. at the
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weekend, the jet stream seen outbreaks of rain. at the weekend, thejet stream evens, improving for central scotland. high pressure the mainline story. that is going to drag up this hot air, likely to see temperatures across iberia peaking in mid 40s. potentially, 30s in france, and southern parts of england, possibly in excess of 30. on saturday, hardly any clouds. and the breeze driving moisture, to the north—west. some misty conditions. temperatures, disappointing. high 20s, possibly. that is going to stay with us, she met on saturday into sunday. the weather front in the north—west. and weather front in the north—west. and we could get some misty conditions.
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it is going to be a pretty sticky evening, difficult for getting a good sleep. 11, the low. again, temperatures are going to rise, still dragging that drizzle in the north—west. bad visibility along the coast. eastern scotland, we are going to start to get some warmth. 30, likely, south east corner. some su btle 30, likely, south east corner. some subtle variations as this goes back south. that is going to introduce more cloud across scotland, showers and outbreaks. keeping the heat, but the slim chance of some isolated thunderstorms. we keep the heat, 30 degrees, fresher conditions starting to creep south. that is the story as
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we go to tuesday. cold front. introducing fresher air. more cloud here. across the east coast, temperatures dropping. keeping that down to the south, fresher in the north. wednesday, low—pressure pushing from the atlantic. the potential for seeing some significant breakdown, thunderous detail. northern ireland, and west facing coasts, 13—18. fresher in the south. mid 20s. next weekend, it looks likely that the high—pressure may drift to the new continent. allowing the door for the pressure to move. a lot of uncertainty. if that happens, we could see some significant rainfall, thunderstorms developing. it looks likely that
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things could become unsettled, the risk of some imports and certainly going to be fresher but that is long way off. enjoy the region. the grenfell tower fire — the bbc understands the total of people dead or missing now is around 70 — and anger about why it happened spills over. protestors storm kensington town hall, crowds are demonstrating in central london and on the streets around the tower block. protestors storm kensington town hall, crowds are demonstrating we are sent from hospital to hospital, to shelters. why is there not a community house for family members? why? why do we have to go out there and actively look for them? theresa may is jeered as she visits displaced residents and promises a five million pound relief fund.
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