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tv   BBC News  BBC News  June 16, 2017 11:00pm-11:16pm BST

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this is bbc news. i'm ben brown. the headlines at 11pm: protests in west and central london as emotions run high following the grenfell tower inferno. there are growing calls for answers as to why the building went up in flames so quickly. the prime minister already criticised for her response to the tragedy announces a £5 million fund to help the victims. what we need to do is to ensure that immediately people have the support that they need in order to deal with what is an horrific and terrible circumstance that people are in. and 30 people are confirmed to have died in the fire, but police say that number is likely to rise. the bbc understands more than 70 are dead or missing. on newsnight i ask the prime
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minister if she has misjudged the public mood of the grenfell tower disaster. good evening and welcome to bbc news. angry protests have been taking place in london as residents demand support for those affected by the grenfell tower fire. people have stormed kensington and chelsea town hall, and gathered to protest outside the bbc. earlier the prime minister theresa may made her first visit to the area to meet survivors and she announced a £5 million emergency fund to help the victims. police say at least 30 people are now confirmed to have died in the blaze. the bbc understands the total number of people who are either dead or missing is around 70.
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our first report tonight on the latest on the tower block fire is from our correspondentjeremy cooke. this is what happens when grief turns to anger. crowd chants: we wantjustice! the target is kensington town hall, the office of the council that owns g re nfell tower. the office of the council that owns grenfell tower. they want answers. we want justice! we need to be heard! we all have things to say. we are in pain. i understand that the response we got from the council is not satisfactory. they want to hear from the local authority officials who they hold responsible. justice! how could this tragedy have happened on this scale in this city in 2017? the whole procedure is chaos. we are sent from hospital
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to hospital, to shelters. why is there not a community house for family members? why? why do we have to go out there and look actively for them, and then be told misled information? be told there is a checklist and they are possibly alive. they make us call family members, and every someone else telling us, no, that is not made by themselves, but by someone on their behalf. we live in a modern world. why is it carried out like this? it doesn't make sense. but today, again, in the shadow of grenfell tower, a different kind of response. sorry. sorry! it is an overwhelming community tragedy with an overwhelming community response. if we get all the missing people on the same window... a continuing grassroots mobilisation, doing all they can. and visited today by royalty. a time to reflect and to thank.
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you guys did a brilliantjob in unprecedented circumstances. but the queen and prince william left in no doubt of the agony and the grief here. royal protocol meets raw emotion. william, harry, come on here, please. could you tell us who they are in the pictures? family, friends, ok? they're not my children. it is my family's friends. all of them that died in there are my families and friends and children. when the queen turned up, everyone came. go to the media, show the queen you are nice. sorry to the policeman and the fireman but you are not doing the right job. the rescue crews are still making their way through the building. it's hard to imagine a more challenging task. dangerous and slow work, it is why the official death toll remains so much lower
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than what the people here expect, and what they fear. the building itself is in a very hazardous state. it is going to take a period of time for our specialists, both from the police and the london fire brigade, to fully search that building to make sure we locate and recover everybody that has sadly perished in that fire. we will be doing that as swiftly as we can. i completely understand the need for those who have lost loved ones, that as quick as we can, we are able to announce that. tonight, the government announced what it calls a comprehensive package for the victims. anger, disappointment. we haven't seen anyone in the authority who we can give some responsibility to because there was no one here to organise anything at all. i've got friends
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who died in there, but no one is telling us. we've got friends who died in there. what do you think the problem is? they are not bringing out the truth. they need to talk the truth and get real. theresa may steps down and doesn't come here and see any of us. she is all about the place with manchester. no truth. the investigations and the inquests, the enquiries, will take months, perhaps years, to complete, but the people here believe they already have a fundamental understanding of this tragedy, that the fire swept through the building at breathtaking pace, and that so many people from this neighbourhood have lost their lives. where are the children? the general belief here tonight, the hardest of truths, is that the dozens of missing are among the dead. and so, three days later, the fire is out, london rumbles on, and grenfell tower, 127 homes, stands monument to the lives, to the families who had been lost.
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jeremy cooke, bbc news, north kensington. well, politicians from all parties and the prime minister in particular are facing a barrage of criticism from local people about how they've responded to the fire. many say their voices have been ignored for years. today the local government secretary sajid javid promised that whatever recommendations are made by safety experts, including rehousing people living in other tower blocks, they will be carried out. our deputy political editor john pienaar reports on the political questions that need to be answered. all but hidden from view, the crowd of police protection told me this was theresa may. she had been meeting people from the neighbourhood, meeting volunteers inside this local church. she was
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ushered into her car afterwards and rage boiled over in the street outside as she left. the government failed. her coming over here trying to speak to who? who do you want to speak to? you had your chance. now eve ryo ne speak to? you had your chance. now everyone is going to be angry and go crazy. it is a pr stunt. at the wider church n. it is a shame it came to this. more residents would have come out if they knew she was there to protest. it is about what are you doing? where's the care? very called for not meet any victims. early today, unlike yesterday, the prime minister met casualties, people touched by the disaster. yesterday, she only met members of the emergency services, and that went down badly in the area. she promised help. the government is making £5 million available for those emergency funds for people, who need just to get money to buy the normal things of everyday life.
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this morning, i was in one of the hospitals meeting some of the victims there, and one of the women said to me, basically, she ran out of this grenfell tower, basically, with a t—shirt and a pair of knickers. she has nothing. that is why the government is putting that funding in. there are other things we will do as well to provide support for people to ensure they are rehoused within three weeks. you miss read the anger people feel about this. they shouted "coward" at you this afternoon. we have made sure the emergency services have the support they need in order to do the job they were doing in the aftermath. but thousands of blocks must be inspected. millions of pounds of work. today, the government pledged action. we will do whatever it takes, take the expert advice, make those building safe and make those people safe.
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whatever it takes, we have to be led by the experts, but there can be no short cuts to this. donations of clothing had been pouring in today. london's mayor demanded help, answers and justice for those hit by the tragedy. it's really important that we are not left waiting for two, three, four years before we get answers. we need answers now. what i'm asking for is an interim response to the enquiry this summer. tonight, anti—government protesters took up the issue and took to the streets. more anger on the streets tonight, hundreds of demonstrators marching past downing street and into central london. the chant: may must go. the prime minister's authority was weakened by the general election, and now she is facing another defining test and it's come far sooner than theresa may could have imagined. expect more of this —
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demonstrations and this disruption. this tragedy has become a cause, and another reason for the government's enemies to turn up the volume. a brief look at some of the other news. more than 1100 people have been recognised in visio's queen's birthday honours list. julie walters, june whitfield and another become dames, while billy connolly gets a knighthood. iam going i am going on record to say why it is there no algebra? i have no intention ever going there! billy connolly, actor, musician and stand—up median, has received a knighthood. something sure to lead to age strong response from fans.|j think there will be quite a big reaction to it. some of them will say high time and the other will
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say, what the hell is that all about? could they want to prepare for! iam about? could they want to prepare for! i am a little embarrassed, but deep within the iron very pleased to have it. actress julie walters becomes a day in —— a dame. as does olivia, who says she is extremely proud to be on it. the same honour for terry and june and absolutely fabulous's june whitfield. for terry and june and absolutely fabulous's june whitfieldlj for terry and june and absolutely fabulous's june whitfield. i am still in shock, really, but it is wonderful to know that people have been good enough to appreciate what i've done. in the world of music, the 1960s eurovision winner becomes
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an mbe. charttopping singer ed sheerin is also getting an mbe. and the founder of europe's first black and minority orchestra becomes an obe for services to music. as a role model i've got a lot of responsibility, but it certainly gives people coming from behind, people for black, minority and ethnic communities, the knowledge that they too can follow a career in classical music. several people are being recognised for their bravery, among them pc keith palmer who tried to help during the terrorist attack. pc craig nicholls and jonathan wright also honoured, who arrested
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the man who killed jo cox lastjune. bernard kenny, who was with mp when she was attacked, received the george medal. i just she was attacked, received the george medal. ijust saw her and tried to save her. the two boys, similarly, unarmed, just went in and he was armed, but not a thought. we are absolutely delighted. true heroes. and the last surviving member of the famous dambuster raid is has been made an mbe, one of more than 1000 people honoured. that's a summary of the latest news. newsday is coming up at midnight. time now for newsnight. down at the site of the fire — they're calling her a coward.
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can the prime minister prove to the protesters in west london her government has listened and learned? within three weeks, people will be rehoused so they have a home to go to. i ask you again, do you accept, though, that you misread the public mood and the level of anger? you didn't go and meet residents and they really resented that. this was a terrible tragedy that took place. tonight those demonstrations continue — one group have tried to storm kensington's town hall. another was outside the bbc. and at downing street — all demanding answers. i walked with them from kensington town hall to the tower and saw the passion and the anger of people here.


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