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this is bbc news. the headlines at 11:00: police say they now believe 58 people are dead or missing, presumed dead after the grenfell tower fire — but warn that figure could rise. you have the absolute commitment of myself, the metropolitan police and eve ryo ne myself, the metropolitan police and everyone involved that as soon as we can, we will recover those who have died in the grenfell tower. theresa may admits the support forfamilies in the initial hours after the disaster ‘was not good enough‘, after meeting some of those made homeless by the fire. the queen observes a minute's silence at events to mark her official birthday, in memory of all those who died in the tower and in the recent attacks in manchester and london. in other news: prosecutors say they will seek a retrial in the sexual assault case of the entertainer bill cosby, after a jury failed to reach a verdict. and we'll be taking a look
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at tomorrow's front pages, including the sunday telegraph which says the prime minister will face a ‘stalking horse‘ leadership challenge if she waters down brexit. good evening and welcome to bbc news. 58 people are now presumed to have died in the fire at grenfell tower in west london. police have warned the death toll is likely to rise. the bbc understands the number of dead or missing could be around 70. today, following a meeting with some of those affected, theresa may admitted the government response, in the initial aftermath had not been good enough. jeremy cooke reports. in the midsummer heat, grenfell tower casts a long shadow. a new dark reality on the london skyline, with the power to
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shock, and to move. a sight which stops you in your tracks. too much to take in. it's hard to know what to say, yeah. it's just horrific. everyone's busy talking, but yet you can just feel a silence. it's really overwhelming. four days on from the disaster, and with every official update, more grim news. sadly, at this time, there are 58 people who we were told... we have been told were in grenfell tower on the night that are missing, and therefore sadly i have to assume that they are dead. the investigations into how this happened will be complex and lengthy, but the residents' association for grenfell tower and the surrounding blocks is already calling for the council
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and its management agency to be suspended from their landlords' responsibility. andrea newton says the community felt ignored before the tragedy, neglected since, with no access to basic information. where is everyone? what are they getting next, where will they move, what do they need? who needs what, and where? these are fundamental questions, and we are days after this disaster. i have done the angry. ijust have got to get this done. today the residents brought those frustrations to downing street, asking for more help on the ground. it was a robust discussion, there was in motion in the room and people said what they wanted to say and he felt they were listened to and listened to carefully. and the victims that are helping
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out. they have been completely let down and it is the same people that potentially might have caused this that are now lessening down again and it's tragic. if it wasn't the community and the volunteers, i would dread to think what would have happened those people. the prime minister says that she accepts there are huge frustrations here and she is promising to send more support into the area. it is the sort of help that is desperately needed but this community could have used it days ago. its way, way too late. that you are reassured from what theresa may have said to you? not right now, not right now. though i am not, not right now. with so much pain and frustration here, there is
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warning that the government must continue working with the community to avoid frustration and anger. the operation to recover bodies from g re nfell tower operation to recover bodies from grenfell tower goes on. a reminder of what has been lost and the scale of what has been lost and the scale of the task ahead. 0ur political correspondent alex forsyth now with her assessment of whether this afternoons meeting succeeded in softening some of the anger we have seen in the past few days. the statement that the reason they issued after that meeting was clearly a n attem pt issued after that meeting was clearly an attempt to counter some of the claims that her government's response has lacked sympathy and understanding. it was a long statement in which she said she had heard the concerns of residents, their fear heard the concerns of residents, theirfear and heard the concerns of residents, their fear and concerns that their voices hadn't been listened to. she and —— announced a series of measures, money, and immediately put inflect clothes and food and extra support down on the ground to offer
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advice. the response from some in the community is so far cautiously optimistic. but theresa may have been under significant pressure. not just in terms of the handling of what happened in grenfell tower but also as a result of the election which left her position weakened. this was clearly an attempt to put her government back on the front foot, to show that she understands, that she is offering support and that she is offering support and that she is providing action. this was her trying to cement her authority. the question remains whether it will be enough, particularly for those in the community that has lost so much. amid the anger that not enough‘s been done to help those affected by the disaster, some are still trying to find answers about what happened to their relatives, missing since wednesday. mark lowen reports. this is a tragedy that has shaken the faith. in safety, equality and justice. it has brought a tight
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community even closer, waiting, still, for any news of the missing. dozens from grenfell tower are lost. faces from the floors that were in golf as the flyer rose. this backfire. it's always the public that runs to rescue. where is the authorities? where are they? forgotten corners of this area are becoming shrines to granville, to grief, to frustration. dahsa grenfell. the only comfort now will be adverse to what happened. instead, there is the pain of not knowing what happened. still missing, this 57—year—old from egypt's. his mother and nephew fear the worst. they —— he called his
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grandmother after three a. m.. the worst. they —— he called his grandmother after three a.m.. he told the police the smoke was coming into his house and they told him they were coming, closed the door, put wet towels on the floor and they are coming to get him. he said to my grandmother that once he was out, he will let her know that he is ok. we are all angry. we all want the same a nswe i’s , we are all angry. we all want the same answers, we are all frustrated. but we really need to do at the right way. we all want to achieve the same thing but not with aggression. it doesn't work, it never did and it never will. a mother who watched her son ‘s nearby home turn to ash. 0ne from so many of the hell from g re nfell tower. earlier metropolitan police commander stuart cundy named the first victim to be formally identified —
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a 23—year—old syrian refugee — mohammad al—hajali. his family have issued a statement saying: "mohammad was a very amazing and kind person. he gave love to everyone. he came to the uk because he had ambitions and aims for his life and for his family. our whole family will miss mohammad dearly and he will never be forgotten. " and in the last hour the home office has issued a statement saying it has assisted the family of mohammad alhajali, in "making arrangements for their travel to the uk in these terribly sad circumstances". and we'll find out how this story — and many others — are covered in tomorrow's front pages shortly. the evening standard's robert fox and city am's rachel cunliffe join me at 11:30 tonight. the queen observed a minute's silence at the trooping the colour parade today, in memory of all those
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who died in grenfell tower and in the recent attacks in manchester and london. earlier, she issued an unprecedented statement — on what is her official birthday — in which she said it was "difficult to escape the very sombre national mood". 0ur royal correspondent, nicholas witchell, reports. on a day intended for celebration, the queen led the nation in sorrow. before leaving buckingham palace for horse guards, she stood with the duke of edinburgh for a minute's silence. a moment of reflection, joined by the footguards on the parade ground and the cavalry at the palace gates — in remembrance of those lost at grenfell tower, and in the terrorist attacks in london and manchester. in a statement issued at six o'clock this morning, the queen said: yesterday she'd visited the scene of the fire at grenfell tower and met some of those who have lost friends and neighbours. it had clearly made a deep impression. in her statement she said:
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"i have been profoundly struck by the immediate inclination of people throughout the country to offer comfort and support to those in desperate need." she went on: band plays her birthday parade went ahead. it had all the familiar components. the footguards marched and trooped the colour of the irish guards, and the royal family appeared on the palace balcony, where prince george as usual stole the show, gazing down at the crowds, and then as the raf fly—past appeared, up at the sky with his sister. but this was no ordinary trooping. this was a year when the head of state reflected the country's feelings of shock and grief. nicholas witchell, bbc news, at buckingham palace. since the fire, the government has ordered councils across england to check the safety of their buildings. many have sought to reassure tenants living in tower blocks. but as our correspondent
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duncan kennedy reports, it's notjust residential tower blocks that are coming under scrutiny. in all parts of the country and in all parts of buildings, the green fell fire is changing people ‘s lives. i've been he nearly 40 years in the same place. like this lady who has lived on the 24th floor in her power bloc since 1977. without a worry until this week. bloc is due to be clouded that after cladding came under suspicion in the west london fire, she has called the council to an emergency meeting to express residents' doubts. because lots of the flats are very doubts and the heating is not a very good system and it is quite cold, we were all pushing for the cladding to be done to make it warmer and now i
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wa nt reassu ra nces done to make it warmer and now i want reassurances before we go to the council and say yes, 0k, we will haveit the council and say yes, 0k, we will have it done. seven years ago, this tower block fire in south london killed two firefighters. there was no connection with cladding could it did bring changes. the blaze led to a complete rethink about safety and sprinklers were led —— added not only here but buildings across the city. now in the wake of the green fell fire, councils are looking at all of their buildings, notjust the tower blocks. —— rents are all fire. gray this building was built only three years ago and came with cladding built into it but it will also be examined by experts just to make sure it is fire resistant. also be examined by experts just to make sure it is fire resistantm is something they should look at that it shouldn't worry residents. we have fire alarm tests every week and we had another one today so we
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keep checking it. wherever you go, public sector buildings are being checked. here, nhs officials are trying to reassure local people, saying that local cladding on the building is safe. from cornwall to lincolnshire, meetings are being held and nerves steadied. tower blocks and other buildings once only talked about in terms of their aesthetics and quality are now places for discussions about safety and protection. the headlines on bbc news: police a total of 58 people are missing, presumed dead in the fire. they warn that number may increase. theresa may acknowledges that support for families in the wake the fire in west london was not good enough after meeting victims and volu nteers enough after meeting victims and volunteers at downing street. and in other news — thejudge in bill cosby‘s sexual assault case declares a mistrial
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after the jury was unable to reach a verdict. sport now, and a full round up from the bbc sport centre. we arejoined by damien. it remains tight at the top of the leaderboard at the us open in wisconsin but as the third round heads towards the close there is now an outright lead. justin thomas shot a course record nine under par. behind them, things are getting incredibly tight. 0ne shot off the lead. england have reached a 2—0 nil win over argentina. was what was missing
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most of their best players, larval largely due to the tour in new zealand. we found a way to win. our defence improved and that got us backin defence improved and that got us back in the game. 0ur defence improved and that got us back in the game. our ability to score from the states was fantastic, i thought. plenty of southern versus northern hemisphere matches today of stock scotland defeated australia. coach warren gatland has been
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answering criticism from eddiejones that the replacements on the tour are not being selected on ability alone. i will let him do his own talking. you can do plenty of it. we made the decision that we think is the best decision for us. i understand it is concerned people are concerned. but his point, i suppose. ijust are concerned. but his point, i suppose. i just know are concerned. but his point, i suppose. ijust know how difficult it is doing the travelling from argentina, it is notjust as if you are in buenos aires, you need to get around the world and acclimatise and you use past experience for that. before that match in new zealand, england's women defeated the black ferns. it was level at half—time but they scored five tries in their 29— 21 victory. on the back of these
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results, england will go to the world cup in august as the number one side in the world. coming across the world to a rugby country is not an easy place to come in and play or when. we found that our last time the hard way when we lost all three test will top tonight was a showcase of women's rugby, the top two sides going hammer and tong. the warriors into the semifinals of the challenge cup. this try and a drop goal looked to have pulled the warriors clear. joanna kondo could become the first british woman to win a tour on home soil. she came through in straight
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sets against slovakian opponent. this is the first time that contra has reached a grasscourt final. that is all the sport for now. the entertainer, bill cosby, has walked free from a court in the us after a judge declared a mis—trial in his sexual assault trial. the jury were unable to reach a decision on whether the seventy nine—year—old was guilty of drugging and sexually assaulting a woman thirteen years ago. aleem maqbool reports. after so many accused him of being a calculated sexual predator, bill cosby is free now to go home from court. the jury didn't acquit him, but they could not unanimously agree to convict him either. we came here looking for an acquittal, but like that rolling stones says, you don't always get what you want — sometimes, you get what you need.
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god bless you all, and happy father's day. the mistrial was celebrated like a victory by cosby‘s supporters. it is just as we overdue? it is a waste of taxpayers money. 60 women came forward and accused him... yes, after 20—25 years. no, please. back in his heyday bill cosby was the most prominent african—american, the highest—paid actor, and undoubtedly a trailblazer. .. of the dozens of women who came forward saying he sexually assaulted them, most couldn't go to trial because it was so long since the alleged incidents took place. one case was heard in court, though, brought by andrea constand, a former university employee who claims that in 2004 he drugged and then molested her. bill cosby did not take the stand
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during the trial. instead his defence team tried to undermine the credibility of his accuser. women's rights supporters are appalled and say they still hope for a mistrial —— retrial. say they still hope for a mistrial -- retrial. if more accusers are allowed to testify next time it may make a difference. in other words, it is too early to celebrate, mr cos by. it is too early to celebrate, mr cosby. ground two may be just around the corner. for now, bill cosby walks free, but there is the prospect he is going to be retried, and there is no question that in spite of this result his reputation as something of an american father figure has now been tarnished. an investigation has begun into how a us navy destroyer — one of the most sophisticated warships in the world — was involved in a collision with a vast container ship off japan.
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seven crew members are still missing after the uss fitzgerald, which has now arrived back at port, was hit by the phillipine vessel in the middle of the night. the ship's commanding officer has been taken to hospital by helicopter. the husband ofjo cox, the mp who was murdered last year, has said his wife would be "incredibly humbled" by events held today in her memory around the uk. brendan cox, who helped organise "the great get together", said it showed the country was "crying out for a sense of togetherness". the policeman who died confronting the westminster attacker in march, pc keith palmer, has been awarded a posthumous medalfor bravery. he is named in the queen's civilian galla ntry list, released this year alongside the birthday honours. among this year's awards, are a knighthood for the comedian billy connolly, and a damehood forjulie walters and june whitfield. lizo mzimba reports: keith palmer, killed as he tried
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to stop a man entering parliament during the westminster attack in march. he's been awarded a posthumous george medal. also recognised with queen's galla ntry medals, pcs craig nicholls and jonathan wright, who arrested the man who killed mp jo cox lastjune. bernard kenny, who was with the mp when she was attacked, has received the george medal. he just sano and tried to save her and we can't thank him enough. the two boys, similarly, unarmed, just went in, they knew he was armed, but not a thought. just went in. we are absolutely delighted. true heroes. i've been on record as saying why bother learning algebra? i have no intention of going there. billy connolly has received a knighthood, something sure to spark a strong response from fans. some of them will say high time and some of them will say what the hell is that all about?! i don't know what to prepare for. i am a little embarrassed but deep within me i'm quite pleased.
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terry and june and absolutely fabulous's june whitfield has been made a dame. in the world of music, 1960s eurovision winner sandy shaw becomes an mbe. and the last surviving member of the famous dambuster raids, johnnyjohnson, has been made an mbe. global superstar katy perry has made history by becoming the first person to reach 100 million followers on twitter. canadian singerjustin bieber is closely behind at 96.7 million and barack 0bama is in third place with almost 91 million. it efficial. is the
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follmuecl it efficial. is the followed in it official. is the followed throwninto z'jff it official. is the {m into the fi 77 7 7. 57 515—5555“: i515; 55,5 5555191525; nearly a 77 7 7. 57 515—5555“: i515; 5555 5555i5lfxt5; nearly a i555 ' " ' t 7’ 7 7. 577 5715—57-55“: i55;}7555;555!155; nearly a i555 ago " ' t 7t 7 7. 577 5715—57-55“: i55;}7555;555!155; nearly a i555 ago with her , t 5:1: * ttt?% song w:fi * ttt?% song i w::f * ttt?% song i kissed a controversial hit song i kissed a girl. now the singer has become a social media phenomenon on. in a politically charged chained to the river, of her new album, reveals a social conscience which could be a majorfactor in why social conscience which could be a major factor in why she is so influential. but mostly it's the day today of katy perry the fans want. —— day to day. one of her most republished tweets was on the night of the manchester attacks, in support of fellow singer ariana monday. how does the global superstar compare in social media ta rts ? superstar compare in social media tarts? let's have a look. superstar compare in social media
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tarts? let's have a look? clo 55"? barack 0bama clo 55"? ba rack 0bama who clo 55-3 barack 0bama who ” 5— ~ clo 55-3 barack 0bama who é 90.9. | president barack 0bama who has 90.9. her ongoing feud with pop to popstar taylor swift has now dealt helped her popularity. —— is no doubt helped her popularity. will someday hold out with the glorious weather, let's find out. it will. another hot day is coming up and the temperature today hit 30 celsius. making teddington hotter : ,.,w§— gill-e5 7. that : ,.,w§— 5555 that hit : ,.,w§— gaffio that hit was than tenerife. that hit was widespread across england and wales and parts of scotland, northern ireland not too bad either. many others enjoyed clear sky like this across much of the day. this was one of the pictures from earlier on. not sunny everywhere, in the north—west
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there was a weather front that will be there until sunday. it is a very warm night. tim bridgerat be there until sunday. it is a very warm night. tim bridger at the moment in london or outside 23 degrees and by the end of the night still about 19 or 20. you will be an uncomfortable motorhead fools of that there will be a lovely start to the day. to the north—west of scotla nd the day. to the north—west of scotland again that front will continue to bring some damp weather across the isles and highlands fools. elsewhere is dry with sunny spells breaking through the day across eastern and southern scotland and through counties of northern ireland. england and wales, a glorious start to the day first. light winds and temperatures reaching 24 x nine in the morning fools not it will be another hot one. as we go through the day there isa one. as we go through the day there is a small chance of a shower building across east anglia in south—east england. 0nly building across east anglia in south—east england. only one, if it does form at all, so you will be unlikely to catch it. for the vast
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majority, sunny and hot. 27 degrees in cardiff, are higher temperature than today. mid—20s for edinburgh. high levels of pollen to watch out for. for some it could be on the sneezy side and there will be high levels of uv fools. if you sneezy side and there will be high levels of i it fools. if you § sneezy side and there will be high levels of i it may .. if you § sneezy side and there will be high levels of i it may be ‘ you § sneezy side and there will be high levels of i it may be ‘ you 5 using sneezy side and there will be high levels of i may be ‘ you 5 using sneezy side and there will be high levels of l 3 the be ‘ you 5 using sneezy side and there will be high levels of l 3 the be ‘ y few using sneezy side and there will be high levels of l 3 the be ‘ y few days high suncream. in the next few days high pressure is still with us. hot air stays across the southern parts of the uk. fresh air around that coming into the north and east. temperature will drop away, sheffield will drop to 20 but the hot air will be with us to 20 but the hot air will be with us for quite some time is —— time. staying on the warm side over the coming few days. more hot weather on hello.
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