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tv   Click  BBC News  June 18, 2017 12:30pm-1:01pm BST

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showing you now. cloud pictures showing you now. cloud limiting the strength of sun in scotland, but elsewhere, very high levels of uv, which is just about as strong as it gets in the uk. it will continue. a bit of cloud bubbling up, and a very small chance of a thundery downpours later in the day because of the heat, most likely in east anglia and the south—east. pretty u nco mforta ble east anglia and the south—east. pretty uncomfortable night for most of us tonight, but again, tomorrow looks hot, and dry for many, though that cooler air creeps further south in scotland and northern ireland. temperatures in the low 30s across the south—east. hello. this is bbc news. the headlines: government staff are being drafted in to manage the response to the grenfell tower fire following fierce criticism about the response to the tragedy. church services are taking place
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across the country today, to remember those affected by the blaze. the queen's speech to parliament next year is to be cancelled, to allow mps more time to scrutinise brexit legislation. it's been described as an unusual move. fifty seven people are killed in a forest fire in central portugal, which continues to spread. many of the victims burned to death in their vehicles when they were trapped by the flames. now on bbc news, it's time for click. ok, let's play. this week, we're punching above our weight... die! driving round the bend... and dropping gunk in a bucket. right, let's see.
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dragons? check. singing pirates? check. orcs? yup. all of which can only mean it's time for e3, the world's maddest video games expo in the heart of downtown los angeles. this is where new games are launched and new hardware is lauded. it's always big, loud and bright but this year, for the first time, it's notjust open to those who work in the games industry. fifteen thousand members of the public have also been allowed in, each paying up to, get this, $250 for a ticket. you do the maths. all of which means things have got a lot busier. personally, it hasn't affected my enjoyment of the show at all. but the question is, are this year's crop
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of announcements worth the wait? now, how exciting e3 is very much depends on whether the big console manufacturers have any big announcements or not, and this year microsoft generated the most excitement by announcing a new console. and marc cieslak got hands—on. welcome to e3 2017. and with that xbox head honcho phil spencer kicked off the xbox e3 press event. it's a big yearfor xbox, as it's announced a brand—new console, code—named scorpio, is now called... the xbox one x. cheering. its high—end spec includes six teraflops of graphics performance. that compares to the ps4 pro's 4.2.
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it's capable of producing 4k high dynamic range visuals at 60 frames a second, as well as producing dolby atmos audio. all of this adds up to a whole lot of horsepower for a console. it's been billed as the most powerful console ever, but is raw computational grunt enough to shift sony from its number one position in the console market? in an attempt to do just that, a parade of 4k resolution games assaulted the senses, including a peek at the latest addition to the popular assassin's creed series. set in egypt, assassin's creed origins. you throw grenades... tomorrow, you'll be throwing cars. the expendables‘ terry crews brings the smackdown to crackdown 3. open—world, smash—everything—in—sight destructo fest.
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as well as family friendly platformer super lucky‘s tale. all of these games will play on the old xbox one and will play with 4k graphics enhancements on the new xbox one x. but leading that 4k charge for the new machine, racer forza motorsport 7. and anthem, a new sci—fi exosuit actioner from the creators of mass effect, bioware. and, weirdly, a 4k enhanced minecraft, one of the few games where high—end lighting effects don't really seem that necessary. a strong line—up, then, for the new xbox. but is it strong enough? well, that was long and loud, but microsoft did show off 42 brand—new games. very little, though, in the way a fan favourites or franchise games like halo or gears of war. some of the favourites that people know will be coming at some point. halo, gears of war,
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we didn't even show today. now, last month, i was at both of those studios looking at the amazing work that they're doing. we were able to fill up this arena with great games without even bringing, like you said, two of the biggest franchises in gaming here. is more power that important when bringing out a new machine? nintendo's done pretty well with its new machine, the switch, which is arguably the least powerful console on the market. the power is incredibly important to the most discerning premium customer. but also you want games like lucky‘s tale. i mean, we showed minecraft running in ak, one of the biggest games on the planet's going to be playable across our whole line—up of consoles connecting all the people together. so it's about having content for everybody. here it is, the most powerful console that microsoft has ever made. we do know what it looks like. it's actually quite slimline. it's smaller than the old machine, the xbox one s. and we do know how much it's going to cost — it's going to cost £a49. and we know that it's released on november 7th.
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but we don't know what games are like when you actually power the machine up, grab hold of a controller and play them on it. to find out that, i have to go over there. ok, now you might think that my driving here is a little bit scrappy, but there is method to my madness. by damaging the car, i can see the additional level of detail it's adding. you can see individual raindrops. there is an absolute smorgasbord of different weather effects going on here, all of them to show off what this machine is graphically capable of. the first time that i've played a game on the new xbox one x and i've just played forza motorsport 7, which is probably the most recognisable of all the titles that are going to launch with this machine when it comes
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out later on this year. what can i say about it? well, graphically, it's absolutely fantastic. it's a beautiful game to look at, as you would expect as it has 4k resolution. but is there more to the xbox one x thanjust producing games which have incredible graphics? that was marc and, interestingly, no talk of vr at microsoft, but, never fear, muhammad spen lee is here. you hit me! the cool thing here is that this is an htc vive running without the usual cables trailing to a pc. now this has, until recently, been very, very hard to do, because there's just too much of a delay between your movements and what you see in the headset when you don't use cables, and that results in much motion sickness. but display link has managed to cut the cords and use its own compression technology, and a 60 gigahertz transmitter on the headset to reduce the latency to less than five milliseconds. right, next up, nintendo's big announcements at e3, and kat hawkins has the details. nintendo's not had the best couple of years. its last console, the wii u, failed to connect with the public, selling poorly. but with the release of the switch
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and its success as the fastest selling console in ninty history, crowds flocked to its booth at e3 this year. nintendo doesn't do big press conferences any more, instead choosing to make its announcements via an online presentation. fun and battle, always locked together. last year the nintendo booth was all about one nintendo icon, zelda. but this year there are games aplenty. and a lot of this guy. # here we go, off the rails! super mario odyssey sees him travelling the globe in a wild and ambitious title that relies a lot on mario throwing his cap about. so what we've got in this game is completely new. mario's able to throw his hat, just like that, pop on a rocket and accelerate away. and it's notjust rockets. his hat has become a key game mechanic used to break bricks, collect coins, ride around on chain chomps and even inhabit the body
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of anything his headwear lands on. as one of nintendo's most popular characters is mario the ace up switch's sleeve? translation: certainly that is the case. notjust with mario but with a lot of other things as well. we've heard from people who maybe haven't played a nintendo system since the n64. some haven't played since the super nintendo, but they have those wonderful experiences from childhood and they see something in the super mario odyssey that will pull them back in, and that's a wonderful opportunity to bridge to a lot of new experiences that we are offering as well. mario's the star of the show again in another game, mario + rabbids. famously covetous of its characters, ninty has allowed another games company, ubisoft,
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to create this game, officially sanctioned by gaming legend shigeru miyamoto, mr mario himself. i said, whatever you do, don't try to make a jump game or a mario platformer, try to make a mario game that has never been made before. while it's not unheard of for nintendo to work with other studios, it is amazing to see it handed so freely to one outside of japan. and there was lots more, including a kirby, metroid and one that got a lot of fans‘ hearts racing, a pokemon rpg. but with no release date announced, we could be waiting awhile. translation: when will that come out? well, i'd like to know that myself. with the switch taking main stage at this year's nintendo event, it seems as though this is clearly their present and theirfuture. and as the switch has got portable capabilities, what does this mean in the long—term for nintendo's other hand—held devices? hello and welcome to the week in tech.
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it was the week that apple's tim cook revealed the compa ny‘s developing a self—driving car system. roaming charges ended for uk mobiles within the eu. just make sure you read the small print! following months of scandal and reports of sexism and harassment within the company, uber‘s ceo, travis kalanick, announced he will be taking a leave of absence. and a bt ad featuring ryan reynolds was banned after claims over its great value were found to be misleading by britain's advertising watchdog. sleep tracking device hello says goodbye. despite raising £i.9 million in crowdfunding, followed by a staggering 30 million further investment, it's curtains down. a robot has been composing its own music. researchers at georgia institute of technology have been working on shimon, the marimba—playing bot.
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it uses deep learning to create its own works after having listened to over 500 tunes and millions of segments of sound from artists including the beatles and beethoven. and finally, ever thought fish don't hold enough power in this world? well, tech artist neil mendoza's latest work has created a solution. as smashy swims, he's tracked by a webcam with software calculating the velocity needed to translate his moves into powering the hammer. apparently it empowers fish to break people's stuff. now although gaming is massive the fact that they are video games operated by often quite complex controllers means that if you have a disability they are quite difficult to play. kat has met up with one guy who has made it his mission to improve accessibility and make games playable for all. i received a challenge recently,
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come and play me at killer instinct. fight on. it did not say "if you dare", but it might as well have done, because as it turns out, ben is somewhat of a combo expert. ok, now you're punishing me. i cannot do anything. ben, have mercy. this is unbelievable. just unbelievable. ben has taken me out in about 20 seconds. i could have done it quicker than that if i did not screw up my inputs at one point. we're playing killer instinct, a five—year—old combat game. it is a big e—sports title with players competing for millions of dollars each year but it is not only its popularity that makes this game stand out. there, kathleen has blocked low. the only reason i know she blocked low is because i heard that "thunk" sound that you heard there. ben is relying on his hearing
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because he is blind, which makes this win even more impressive. if you throw a fireball it travels. and that rather satisfying connection sound at the other end, when it hits the opponent. when i say, "do you realise you're fighting a guy who cannot see? " they are like, "no, i did not realise that all." they are like, "how does this work?" that starts conversations in itself about how games are and are not accessible. you're passionate about taking that conversation further now? i think it needs to go further because gamers without sight are being left in the dust. things like being able to tell your friendly team and your enemy team apart. different footsteps. it can be done. it is not an impossibility. audio only games have been around for many years. it is only now that sound designers are starting to harness the potential of modern hardware. i am now beginning to understand how crucial sound design is to accessible gaming.
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i was intrigued. where do you even begin and what if the thing you're designing for is as iconic, visceral and downright scary as alien? i am at the bafta—winning sound design studio creative assembly, getting a behind—the—scenes look at what went into the xenomorph of alien isolation. there are bits of the game where the alien will be an event above the corridor and you will not know he is there apart from bits of slime that will drip down. the sort of thing we would do for that would be to drop handfuls of it into the bucket. look at that, we have got wallpaper paste and porridge and we are creating the sound of an alien. obviously the visuals are incredibly important but without sound, they become kind of... there is no weight to them. it is incredible to see the mess and extremes that went into the sound of the game. creaking.
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no! but despite all this, someone like ben would still struggle to play alien isolation. and the reason for that is the menus are not visible to him. episodes, clips, gadgets, spencer kelly, about click. on the web, a screen reader speaks out the menu options. it took years of the internet before accessibility features like this became commonplace and it is still not 100%. and as for games consoles, currently blind gamers have to memorise the menus within games. that is what their real big barrier is. it is the middleware, the tools people use to make games, they are not compatible with the software that blind people use
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to operate technology. if that barrier could be removed, we will see a big increase in the amount of blind accessible games there are. ian hamilton has produced accessibility guidelines for games developers. his mission is to make gaming more inclusive. accessibility‘s job will be done when people stop innovating with technology. there is always going to be some kind of new barrier that needs to be overcome. ian has been working with people like ben for years but it is really now down to the console makers to bring about change. we want to make sure the games and consoles we build are accessible to any kind of player, whether it is somebody who has sight issues, hearing issues. we are working with apis with our controller, we announced co—pilot modem, where two people can use two controllers to play one version of the game. if somebody maybe cannot use all of the buttons there. microsoft is really leading the way now when it comes to accessibility for blind gamers. they have released a new text— to—speech api which means, for the first time, in—game menus will be read out. let's see what ben thinks about this news. if other developers, so sony, nintendo, anybody else, if they want to make their content more accessible using in—game menus and spoken ui elements, that is brilliant.
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if i can buy a game on day one without having to worry about how much i am paying for it versus its accessibility, that would be ideal. games, games and more ps4 games. sony kicked off its playstation press event with a bang, thanks to a trailer from developers naughty dog's latest adventure, uncharted: the lost legacy. you don't like anything. thank you. i'm slipping. the crowd certainly liked that sony made it snow in sunny la for robo—dinosaur mash—up horizon zero dawn's expansion, frozen wilds. and everyone's favourite, friendly neighbourhood spider—man swung into action in a new game which features an innovative use of spidey‘s athletic abilities and his web slinging. hi. is this the flight to newark? and unlike xbox, who did not even mention vr,
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playstation renewed its commitment to techno worlding goggles, sorry, "virtual reality", by showing off a host of vr games, like platform adventure star child. join me. and an utterly bonkers final fantasy vr fishing game. final fantasy 15, monster of the deep. playstation is riding high at the moment with its ps4 outselling its rival, the xbox one. but with the super powerful xbox one x on the horizon, will things like vr help sony to maintain its lead? i think that over the long term it really is an opportunity to create
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a new entertainment medium, but i do stress that it is over the long term. in the last six months to a year, we have seen a little bit of overhyping of the category out there. certainly not by ourselves. we saw this as the start of a very long process of bringing vr into the mainstream. you will see lots more technology innovation. i think content makers, game makers and others, including folks making television programmes, they are really only starting to learn what the tools are to make really good vr content. microsoft launched the xbox one x yesterday. it is an enormously powerful machine. it sony in danger of being left behind in terms of producing the most powerful console out there? i think the consumer will have to look at both systems and make a comparison. obviously there is a significant price differential between the two units, which plays somewhat towards our advantage and i also think that with playstation 4 pro, you get some additional tangential benefits if you're interested in vr. suffice to say, i think we are very confident where we stand right now.
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well, that was marc at sony, and now three more people playing video games. actually, two playing games, and one watching a movie, all on the same screen. but depending on where you sit, you get a different view. the secret is actually in the special reflective screen, which only reflects the light from this projector straight back in this direction. that means no—one else can see this. you can have a load of projectors all shining different stuff at the screen and each person only get that light reflected back. the result is ok but i could see traces of the other viewers' images. maybe there is a bit more work to do. there are a few things you can guarantee at e3 every year, bright lights, lots of noise,
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and lots of sequels, too. these are the fan favourites which seem to get a new iteration every 12 months. it has long been said that these franchises are in danger of getting repetitive, but this year, some franchises have thrown up a few surprises. video games publishers, like movie studios, love a sequel. it is easy money. all you have to do is take your popular title, make a few tweaks to it and push out an annual refresh. money in the bank. however, at this year's e3, there are a couple of sequels which are having to work a little bit harder than usual. a good example is call of duty. gone is the fan polarising sci—fi settings of the last couple of games and it has been replaced by the period in history which originally inspired this series, the second world war. who needs ray guns, robots and energy shields? i've got a rifle, a steel helmet and the determination to take this beachhead.
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the gameplay is chaotic, noisy, frantic. it is everything you want from cod. and that is it from click at e3. we are back in the us next week. in the meantime, you can follow us on twitter. and on facebook. thanks for watching and we will see you soon. another hot day for the vast majority across the uk. as a
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consequence, we will see temperatures just as we saw yesterday, escalating into the high 20s, even the low 30s, likely to beat these values. the sun has been out already, plenty of weather watcher pictures, brecon beacons, this is solihull, plenty more to the sunshine will follow. satellite picture, cloud again from the weather front across the north west, not all will enjoy the sunshine, but there might be quite a bit around. misty low cloud, that has burned off, this weather front is more significant, bringing rain and drizzle and hill fog to the highlands of scotland, and the northern isles for a time. trying up across shetland. brighter weather across shetland. brighter weather across the eastern side of the grampians, to the central lowlands, and across the south—east and northern ireland full. still reasonably bright outside the rainy periods. for england and wales, more refreshing around the coast, low
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20s, not to mention the fact that we could see an isolated storm late in the day, triggered by the heat, 29 to 32 degrees. likely to be the warmest day of the year so far, likely to break temperatures of yesterday. very strong sunshine, as strong as it gets in the uk, unusual to see very high levels. if you are heading out, take extra care. likely that we could see under is ours, more likely for the golf then it is over here in the uk. if you are keeping an eye on that, worth bearing in mind. overnight, fine weather continues, the weather front migrates further south, if you found last night uncomfortable, it will be more so last night uncomfortable, it will be more so tonight, more widely across england and wales as humidity continues to rise. the hot air will stay with us. especially in the southern half of the uk, freshening up southern half of the uk, freshening upa southern half of the uk, freshening up a little further north, if you
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like the fresh weather, with the weather front coming across. dipping away to northern england. still with the heat, into the high 20s, by tuesday, further south. as ever, there is more on the website.
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