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welcome to bbc news, broadcasting to viewers in north america and around the globe. our top stories: almost a year after the referendum, the brexit negotiations are about to begin — but the british government appears divided on its approach. three days of national mourning in portugal — after more than sixty people are killed in wildfires. another win for president in emmanuel macron as his party takes control of the french national assembly. and london police say that more than 58 people died in a tower block fire and warned that some victims may never be identified. we begin with developing news in the finsbury park area of north london — reports of a vehicle colliding with pedestrians.
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in the past hour the metropolitan police has issued this statement. they said — police were called just after 0020hrs local time on the 19 june to reports of a vehicle in collision with pedestrians. officers are on scene with other emergency services. there are a number of casualties being worked on at the scene. there has been one person arrested. enquiries continue. london ambulance has issued this statement: "we have sent a number of resources to an incident in seven sisters road. more information will follow when we have it." an eyewitness cynthia vanzella said on twitter: "horrible to watch police officers doing cardiac massage at people on the floor, desperately trying to save them. ijust hope they did."
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i think we can speak to an eyewitness on the phone now. hillary lives across the street from where this happened. right across from the police cordon outside the front window. thank you for talking to us. can you tell us what you saw? what happened? thank you. i level on seven sisters road, just down the street from where the attack happened. basically i got home around midnightand happened. basically i got home around midnight and shortly after getting home i started hearing a lot of yelling and screeching and a lot of yelling and screeching and a lot of chaos outside. i went down and ran out to see what was happening. everybody was shouting that a van had hit people and, basically, there was a white van stopped outside the
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mosque and people were coming out after prayers had finished. i did not see the attacker himself although he has been arrested but i did see the van. the police started to ask people to move back so they could put up a cordon and we were pushed back along the street. people we re pushed back along the street. people were agitated and shouting that this was a white supremacist attack and it should be called terra and people we re it should be called terra and people were unwilling to move back but were very angry. the police kept calm and kept moving people backwards to just past durham road, a bit further back from seven sisters road. i returned to my flat because the cordon is further along so i can enter and have access to my flat. i am
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watching everything unfold from my window. fire engines have pulled up will stop we are feeling quite helpless and not really knowing what to do. other than handing out water we're sitting here in waiting for information to come. it is after midnight in london but, as you say, if this was a mosque then evening press would have happened. our busy was it? —— how busy? press would have happened. our busy was it? -- how busy? i came back at half 11. i know that there were prayers on, i saw them as i was walking down the street, a lot of people walking towards it. this mosque is one of the biggest and there is a thriving muslim community here. very active. i came home and got ready to go to bed and then i started hearing all the noise. when
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i went downstairs the street was love people reacting to what had happened but i don't know exactly how many people had just come out of the mosque itself or who were there at the time or, like me, had responded after hearing the chaos and went down to see what was happening. when people started to get agitated and it seemed like there would be a scuffle, i instinctively moved back out of the way because, obviously much you want to make you do not get caught up in anything that unfolds. the police we re anything that unfolds. the police were calm and they recognise that people were panicked. in terms of casualties, how many people could use the search, what kind of injuries could you see?|j use the search, what kind of injuries could you see? i could not see much but i know there were at least, from the look of a come there seemed to be at least three people
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who were definitely seriously injured. people had been pushed as far back from them as possible. so that the emergency services could get through. i have a feeling there we re get through. i have a feeling there were more. i imagine that if the people were friends or relatives in the area or at the mosque then there must have been people quite panicked and upset around them. exactly. there were women crying and men yelling. there was a lot of yelling in what i assume was arabic so i could not understand everything that people were shouting. i can't tell you exactly what was being said that there was definitely... there were all sorts of people, women, children, young adults outside. i'm not sure what age the victims were. we are looking at pictures of the police presence on the road. lots of police presence on the road. lots of police cars, from the latest pictures we have received. what can
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you now see from your window in terms of how big this operation is? the operation is definitely huge? i am looking out my window so you may hear a little more noise. just outside there are five police cars outside there are five police cars outside my front door and at least 13 or 15 at the end of the cordon. ifi 13 or 15 at the end of the cordon. if i look left can see the station and the entire road is backed up with police cars, ambulances, there we re with police cars, ambulances, there were released five fire trucks, the big ones, and, literally, from the station almost all the way down it is entirely ambulances, sirens, police cars and i know that the cordon is going off in the other direction because i now somebody who lives further down it was messaging
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me telling me that the cordon is going down in that direction as well. so it seems to be a significant part of seven sisters road. thank you very much, hillary, for your eyewitness account there. she was on the phone from just the seven sisters road where this incident was reported to have happened. we now have a fear on the phone. she was an eyewitness to the aftermath. thank you forjoining us for a aftermath. thank you forjoining us fora can aftermath. thank you forjoining us for a can you tell us what you saw, cynthia? when i went to the window from my bedroom it had already happened. i was in bed and i started to hear a lot shouting outside. seven sisters road is incredibly noisy, so that is nothing new. but when the shouting got louder and louder i went to have a look at what was going on and the access road
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across my block of flats with many people gathered outside. i don't have a good idea of numbers, possibly 200 people? many, many people, enough to block at least half of seven sisters road. as well is the access road. they were nervous and shouting. there was no fight at all. they were nervous and shouting and i could see that they we re shouting and i could see that they were waving. later on i found out they were waving at a police car stuck in traffic further down. and ina stuck in traffic further down. and in a matter of seconds the police car came here, stopped by them and then they just car came here, stopped by them and then theyjust push someone towards then theyjust push someone towards the police. taking, tay kim! and then the police put this man inside then the police put this man inside the car. so to be clear, the crowd,
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in essence, offered up this person to the police? is that right? yes. there were pushing him towards the police, telling the police officer, they would confuse, they did not know what had happened, so they were telling the police officers to take him, take him. so i understood that... i just found him, take him. so i understood that... ijust found out later on there was a car running people over. idid not there was a car running people over. i did not say what actually happened. when you say the crowd, armagh right in thinking that these are people who would have been attending the mosque was to mark i think so, because the mosque is around the next corner and the usually gather in this corner where they meet after the prayers. just to talk a bit, i get a guess. so there
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we re talk a bit, i get a guess. so there were more people gathered in the corner. they were the ones handing him over to police. in terms of casualties, could you see how many people had been hurt and injured?” saw it least three or four injured people on the pavement, being held by police from my point of view there is the police van blocking my view, i saw it least to people on the floor —— two people. they were giving them cardiac massage until the ambulance arrived. an incredibly distressing sight to witness,
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cynthia. what can you see now in terms of the police operation? the situation is calm now there are many many police cars here still. there are still many police cars, the road is completely closed so there is no traffic. there are at least, from what i can see... 15 police cars? maybe more. they are going around and talking to people, probably trying to get witness reports. the helicopter is still flying above. what happened to the man who was offered up by the crowd to the police. they asked him to arrest
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him. what happened to that man?” think he was taken by the police. i did not really see that there was so, so did not really see that there was so, so many did not really see that there was so, so many people. i could see many heads together, quite nervously. and, then, someone entered the police car but i could not see their face or anything. a few minutes later i saw, i think, someone posted on twitter, footage, because so many people filming with their phones, their mobile phones. i think one of them posted it on twitter and you can see the man's face clearly and he said that that man had run over people with his car. that is all i
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know, actually, from what happened. so you heard that from someone down on the street, cynthia? no. i heard that from somebody who posted it on the internet. so from faraway, this man had exactly the same thing, but the footage was taken from the middle of the crowd will stop i too saw the top of the guys head. thank you very much for describing what you very much for describing what you saw. thank you for talking to us here on bbc news. you are looking at pictures from the finsbury park area of north london where police and emergency surgeon of north london where police and emergency surgeon this is our reacting to some kind of incident. one man has been arrested after a van collided with pedestrians from the two eyewitness accounts we have heard here on bbc news, it sounds like it least three or four people have been injured in that incident,
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being treated at the scene by the ambulance service. very much on going there. the pearly pictures coming into us a short while ago show a very large operation going on near one of the large mosques in london at around 20 minutes past midnight london time. one person arrested after the incident in north london involving a van colliding with people on the street. a developing story and we will keep across it over the next hour or so. it's a big day in the modern history of the united kingdom as negotiations start to leave the european union. the british finance minister, philip hammond, has said brexit talks must safeguard the economy, and that reaching no deal would be very, very bad for britain. a position that appears to put him at odds wit the prime minister. alex forsyth has the story. wattel negotiations involve? damian
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grammaticas explains. monday morning, 11am in brussels, the seventh floor of eu headquarters. the talks that will decide the future of britain will begin. the key players. for the uk, david davis ta kes key players. for the uk, david davis takes the lead. michel barnier will ta ke takes the lead. michel barnier will take the negotiating lead for the eu. michel barnier has spent months preparing. he met chancellors and prime ministers across europe, regularly tweeting. he also likes to self promote. he is levelheaded but tough. on holiday, he tweeted there isa tough. on holiday, he tweeted there is a long road ahead. michel barnier is a long road ahead. michel barnier isa is a long road ahead. michel barnier is a realist. i hope everyone is
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calm, that is the best way to negotiate. how will it work? the eu has laid out its plan, saying the uk will follow it. the first phase will deal with exit terms. only if the eu is satisfied, possibly in october, do we move to the second phase, the future relationship of the uk to the eu. that is not what the uk wanted, trade talks from the start. they wa nted trade talks from the start. they wanted to talk about citizens rights, eu citizens in the uk and the other way around. financial obligations of the uk, how it will be calculated. the irish border, how to avoid one between north and south. some in the eu say one thing michel barnier will make clear is the expectation the uk can get as good a deal outside of the bloc as inside is unrealistic. one example, great britain decides to get out of
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the single market and of the customs union, but it decides to begin again. you are out, you are out, you are in, you are in. the talks have to be wrapped up by late next year. the timetable is incredibly tight, the issues, and credit complex. there is concern in a logjam in any one area could scupper the whole thing. later we will see if the negotiations are causing divisions in the british government before negotiations even begin. a forest fire in portugal has killed nearly 60 people and firefighters are trying to stop it. the prime minister has declared three days of mourning. a desperate battle against nature.
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large areas of central portugal are ablaze. this area is no stranger to forest fires, but these are some of the most dangerous ever. the speed and ferocity of the flames catching people in cars and homes. a woman screams for her house. as the fire rages on several fronts, entire villages have been evacuated. officials still not sure what remains. translation: we were inside the house, the fire was all around us. the firefighters came to get us out because we could hardly breathe any more. as to whether the house burned or not, it must have burned, for sure. almost instantly, we saw the fire on the right hand side of the car, and within 15 seconds at the most, the wind that the fire created leapt across to the other side, and within 30 seconds, it was to the right, to the left, to the back of the car. you had no option but to keep driving into the fire.
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at times, the response has seemed chaotic. hundreds of firefighters working furiously since yesterday. but some people say they have been left to fend for themselves while their homes burn. thick low—lying clouds of smoke are making it hard for firefighting aircraft to work effectively. france and spain have sent their aircraft to help. as the death toll mounts, the goverment has declared three days of national mourning. with no signs of a break in the weather, this battle isn't over. paul adams, bbc news. in france, the new president's new party has won a big amount of seats in parliamentary elections. this is after a second and final round of voting. lucy williamson reports. two months ago, this result would have stunned france,
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more than 60% of parliament won by a party that a year ago did not even insist. the only surprise, that they didn't win more. proof of how much mr macron and his party have reshaped french politics. translation: you have given a clear majority to the president. this majority will have the mission to act for france. the majority of french people have preferred to choose hope over anger, optimism over pessimism, and trust over fear. the front national, by contrast, won just a handful of seats, one of them going to their lead at marine le pen, who will enter the national parliament for the first time. translation: in the face of this party and in the face of this beast of the system, we are the only force of resistance to the dilution of france, of its social models, and its identity. never before has a french political party won such a stunning majority
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from scratch, big enough for mr macron to push forward with his bold and controversial labour reforms, big enough even for him to weather the inexperience and diversity of his new mps. and with around 200 seats shared among a divided opposition, some are asking where real political pressure will come from. we must put something on the table, and for the moment, we have nothing to put on the table but to say, you are going to work more. and you are going to be paid less. if he will succeed, he will have to cope with us, and it will be a fight. who wins? i don't know. we'll see. mr macron's sweeping victory hides a more complex national mood. turnout was just 43%, the lowest for decades. and many voters wanted change, but most did not pick emmanuel macron as their first choice for president. and not everyone agrees with his plans for economic reform. mr macron's new elected army has been drafted quickly. most have never served before. having swept away the old political
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order, will they deliver something new? lucy williamson, bbc news, paris. in cricket, pakistan have won the champions' trophy after comprehensively beating their great rivals india at the oval in london. pakistan started as the underdogs, but set the world champions a big total to beat, and then bowled out india's star batsmen, in the end winning by 180 runs. the two countries do not play each other outside of international tournaments because of political tensions. bbc urdu's henna saeed has been with celebrating fans in the pakistani city of lahore. the pakistani cricket team has defeated the indian cricket team. this is lahore, pakistan. the crowd is going crazy. they have a reason to celebrate. the icc‘s champions trophy is coming to pakistan and they could not be more happy! the sentiments are extreme. they cannot control their happiness.
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the pakistani team were the dark horse at the start of the tournament, and now they are the winners. the celebrations will continue for a long time. get used to this! a reminder of the developing story. there has been an incident in north london, near a mosque there has been an incident in north london, neara mosque in there has been an incident in north london, near a mosque in finsbury park. it looks like a major incident. metropolitan police say a van collided with a number of
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pedestrians. people have been treated at the scene. one man has been arrested. we spoke to an eyewitness earlier and they said the man was offered up by the crowd, and he was arrested. authorities say a fan has run over worshippers as they left the mosque in finsbury park and they say their thoughts are with the people. —— van. it happened at 20 past midnight, london time. this is a large mosque in north london, with many worshippers coming out after evening prayer is. it is then when the incident happened. police say people are being treated at the scene and one people are being treated at the scene and one man people are being treated at the scene and one man has been arrested. stay with us on bbc news.
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good morning. it was a hot, dry and sunny weekend for many of us. perhaps too hot for some of you. the place to be was across the coast. this picture came form east sussex, but it could have been many resorts through the weekend. refreshing sea breezes here. temperatures widely across the country, high 20s, low 30s. the only exception was the far north—west, 13 degrees in shetland. we still have the nuisance weather front that has been sitting there for the last four of five days. cloud and drizzly rain. to the south, a pretty warm start to our monday morning. overnight lows only sitting at around 18—20 degrees. there will hardly a cloud in the sky. so, those temperatures are set to rocket once again. now, our weather front will start to sink slowly south into central scotland and northern ireland, increasing cloud here. a hot and dry afternoon to the south of it. the chance of isolated showers. they really will be very isolated. again, the temperatures will be the talking point, high 20s, low 30s quite widely.
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pretty hot close to the coast. yes, a light seabreeze. nevertheless, high uvs expected across much of the country. thicker cloud in northern ireland in central scotland as the weather front sinks south. northern and western isles will actually see some brighter weather. sunshine for a change. just a few showers. the weather front will continue south overnight monday into tuesday. not much in the way of rain on it. but, it is a cold front. it will introduce fresher air. mid—teens into the north is quite likely. the north of england in the midlands, cloudy skies, mid—twenties more likely. to the south of that front, hot and sunny. high 20s not out of the question. by wednesday, sunny and dry weather in the south—east corner. a fresh feel with a breeze coming off the sea. 13 degrees. by the end of the day, sharp and possibly thundery downpours possible from the west.
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they will slowly clear away on thursday, but leaving a legacy of cloud. extreme heat in the south—east potentially on thursday. 30 degrees or more. it is the start of the grasscourt season and the start of queens. it will be pretty hot for both spectators and players. bear in mind high uv. sunscreen will be necessary. it will be hot at royal ascot as well. the weather will be fair and set to be hot. take care. this is bbc news — the headlines: nearly a year after the british vote to leave the european union, formal brexit negotiations will begin in brussels in a few hours' time. britain's finance minister confirmed on sunday that the uk would leave the eu's single market and customs union. the negotiations are due conclude within two years. hundreds of firefighters are battling to control a forest fire in central portugal which has
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killed more than 60 people. many died in their cars while trying to flee the flames. two army battalions have been sent to help the emergency services — and france and spain are also providing assistance. weeks after emmanuel macron became president of france, his political party has gained an absolute majority in parliament. he now has the parliamentary support to push through sweeping reforms but some union leaders say they're ready to fight his plans. now on bbc news, the travel show.
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