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tv   Sportsday  BBC News  June 19, 2017 6:30pm-6:51pm BST

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watching bbc news. the headlines at 25 minutes past six. the bbc understands that the man arrested for the finsbury park attack is called darren osborne, he's age 47 and from the cardiff area. he is being held on terrorism charges for murderand being held on terrorism charges for murder and attempted murder. being held on terrorism charges for murderand attempted murder. she says —— murderand attempted murder. she says — — theresa murderand attempted murder. she says —— theresa may says the... it isa says —— theresa may says the... it is a sickening terrorist act. ten people were injured. police a seven to nine people were either dead or missing presumed dead after the g ru nfeld missing presumed dead after the gru nfeld tower in missing presumed dead after the grunfeld tower in london last week was any familys —— families have lost one family member. the brexit secretary has been in brussels meeting michel barnier at the start of two years of logicians. it was clear from the opening that most of —— both of us wants to get the best possible partnership, one for the uk
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and for the possible partnership, one for the uk and forthe eu. possible partnership, one for the uk and for the eu. the former children's children presenter has died at the age of 83. brian cant. he had been suffering from parkinson's disease. ina in a moment, it will be time for sports day, but first, a look at what else is coming up this evening on beauty news. we will get the latest from the terror attack on muslim worshippers near a mosque in finsbury park which left one man dead and nine people injured. at seven, we will be in brussels to join christian fraser for 100 seven, we will be in brussels to join christian fraserfor 100 days plus to join christian fraserfor100 days plus to get the latest of the first day of the brexit negotiations. later this evening, i will have a look at who they's headlines at the papers. i will bejoined look at who they's headlines at the papers. i will be joined this evening by the veteran political commentator lance price and alison little from the daily express. that is all ahead on bbc news. now it is
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time to cross to the bbc sports centre. hello there. the headlines kyle eastmond has lost his first—round at queens to dennis of canada. bad news for heather watson, she is also out of the eagle classic in birmingham after losing her opening verses of croatian lady. asbos big kicks off, a sport survey reveals that while men still earn more prize—money than women “— men still earn more prize—money than women —— as it kicks off,. warren gatland insists a place is still up for grabs as the british and irish prepare for their latest tour match. welcome to the programme. wimbledon
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may not start for another fortnight, the grass court season is in full swing. in the last few moments, kyle edwards have done it has just lost that game. that was a rematch of the davis cup tie earlier this year when he was qualified for hitting a umpire with the ball. no such difficulties here. the canadian won the first set. edmonds did hit back to level matters. however, he lost the decider. making his way into
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round two. heather watson is out of the aegon classic in birmingham at the first round stage. the british number two lost the opening set to ukraine's elina svitolina, but battled back to level and force the match into a decider. svitolina, the world numberfive, broke early in the third set though and eventually came through 6—2, 5—7, 6—3 for her first win at this tournament. naomi broady is on court now — she's playing alize cornet of france. she was broken in herfirst service game but has fought back. is going currently going with serve in the first set. so naomi broady in action in birmingham and we'll hear from her shortly because a bbc sport study has found that the gap in prize money between men and women at the top of professional sport is closing.
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the survey was carried out as part of women's sport week, and all this week on sportsday, we'll be hearing from women about the challenges they face and the importance of sport in their lives. tonight, two—time olympic cycling champion joanna rowsell shand reports on the closing gender pay 93p- asa as a sports person, you are there to compete in the best of your ability and win. medals and trophies on the currency. but for many of us it is a job as well. but my main source of income was lottery funding. i had presumed that men and women got the same prize—money at amateur level. i was surprised that it was likely only relatively recently that this became the case. in 2014, bbc study found that 30% of sports did not pay equal prize money. the same study this year has seen that figure drop to 17%. squash paid equally when the men and women's tours joined last
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year. they realised that without the support of the women's tour, that the word almost hit a ceiling going to promoters and going to national governing bodies and seeing that for this money you can get the men and the women and the best in the world. it is exleyjust raising us both up together. i have enjoyed being part of the women's tour. organisers have been very passionate about female riders get treated the same as their male counterparts. when will creating the women's tour back in 2014, there was... there is a lot less money going into the sponsorship of the sport. that is a challenge we still have. fortunately, some of the big brands are happy to sponsor both and aim for equality. commercial deals are crucial to raising prize—money. so is positive action. in 1923, campaigning led to the us open tennis paying winner is the same. wimbledon didn't do so until 2007, it still is only grand slams that do. the man ranked at 100 and the
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world, still earns more than the woman earns the same level. some people argue that they sell out more stadiums, but at the us open, i know that when serena was due to complete the fourth grand slam of the year, the women's final sold—out faster than the men's final. this weekend, the women's ricky wilcock gets underway. the price what has increased almost tenfold since the last tournament to 1.5 million pounds. organisers are promising equal prize—money in 15 years, but they know it will take work. we have got it series of strategic meetings which. to look at how that is possible. these things do not happen overnight. sports are all on their owi'i overnight. sports are all on their own individualjourneys, as a team sport, we are at an exciting point. there is no divine that this is a vicious or virtuous circle, involving audiences tv coverage and sponsorship increasing prize—money
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for women. it also takes a concerted effort from those involved. things are changing, but there is still some way to go. british and irish lions head coach warren gatland insists there's still an opportunity for players to force their way into the reckoning for the first test against new zealand which takes place on saturday. the lions play the chiefs tomorrow morning with all six of the recent call ups from scotland and wales among the replacements. ireland's rory best will captain the side as maz farookhi reports. going through final drills ahead of the last warm up match. rory best will become the fifth different captain for tomorrow's six game on tour. they are certainly sharing it around. the whole squad is sharing the workload. the addition of wales and scotland players drafted in straight into painting and straight into the bench. —— training. warren gatland said it was always at the idea to bolster the ranks, but the first test is five data way and the
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coaches feel that the players have fitted in perfectly. it has not been difficult, it has been great. the lads are very interactive amongst each other anyway. we find it fantastic because that is what it is all about. one team, fantastic because that is what it is allabout. one team, one fantastic because that is what it is all about. one team, one squad. not a lwa ys all about. one team, one squad. not always so positive, england battled their way to a series win on saturday, but neither they nor irish players were called up. that is because gatland felt that they were to far away from japan and won't considered. some people feel it should have been done on merit not on geographical proximity. he's not alone. many people will say that what he is doing right now it has devalued it and players on the tours will look of other players and say you do not believe to be here. -- deserve. deserving or not, the lions ethos has always been about the greater good. every game has its
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importance. any time you put on that lions shirt or your international jersey, whatever it might be, you have to leave it in a better place than you found it. gatland was briefly part of a team against these opponents 11 years ago. on these touchline tomorrow, no thoughts will linger. england under 21s are in action against slovakia in their second group game of the european championship in poland. after drawing their opener against sweden, england need to win this, but they went behind midway through the first half. martin chrien headed slovakia into the lead. england hit back less than five minutes after the break though, with swansea city defender alfie mawson finding a way through. and how about this for a turn around in fortunes? just ten minutes later england took the lead thanks to southampton forward nathan redmond. there is less than ten minutes to go in this game. england are still leading 2—1. a little over two weeks after the champions league final the draw for the qualifying rounds of next season's competition has been made.
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and celtic could face northern irish champions linfield in the second qualifying round. linfield will have to get past la fiorita from san marino in the opening round for that to happen. welsh champions the new saints will face europa from gibraltar. the draw for the first qualifying round of the europa league has also been made. rangers will make their return to european football against luxembourg outfit progres niederkorn. stjohnstone will play lithuanian side fk trakai. crusaders from northern ireland are up against latvia fk liepaja. bala town will face liechtenstein club fc vaduz, and another welsh side, connah's quay nomads, will play hjk helsinki. bangor city are at danish club lyngby in the first leg of the first round and northern ireland side coleraine are at haugesund. in hockey‘s world league, scotland's men were beaten by pakistan this afternoon. scotland took the lead in the match,
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wei adams with the strike. that was as good as it got, it ended 3—1, and they are bottom of pool b. but scotland could still qualify for the quarter finals if they beat canada in their next game. that's all from sportsday. there'll be more sport here on bbc news throughout the evening. almost exactly a year from britain voted to leave the european union, david davis has been in brussels. he has done speaking to journalists following a day of talks. both sides
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have agreed on the timetable. they spoke about the single market and leaving the customs union. nothing has changed. we have the lancaster house speech, the two white papers, the article 50 f. all backed up by a manifesto. so it is the same as the one before. because of the membership of the single market requiring freedoms to be obeyed, we need to bring back to britain the control of our laws and borders, we will be leaving the singer market and a customs agreement. the same arguments apply, but also because thatis arguments apply, but also because that is the only way that we can develop a free—trade agreement with the rest of the world. that is a major upside for britain. the circumstances have not changed, at all. today's talks were very much about setting the right tone as well
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as outlining the key subjects for discussion. at the same news conference, noted concerns about the board and the republic of ireland were one of those top priorities. we agreed that our closest collaborators will start dialogue on ireland, the protection of the good friday agreement and maintenance of the current travel area are most urgent issues to discuss. we also agreed of the importance and the timing for this first phase. 0ur objective is to agree on the main principles of the key challenges for the uk's withdrawals, as soon as possible. this includes citizens rights, the single financial settle m e nt rights, the single financial
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settlement and a question of border in particular is an ireland. our correspondence in dumb and fleming —— adam fleming is in brussels. when is it start getting difficult? yes, thatis is it start getting difficult? yes, that is what i have been struck by all day. how much charm is being laid on by both these men, the use of each other‘s first name, giving each other‘s presents. sharing a lunch rather than meeting at either side of a table. there is still the sort of landmines that we known in this document. the terms of reference that was released. issues of citizens rights, the rights that eu citizens of people living in the uk committee uses and living abroad, still not decided. although we will get something at the start of next week. financial settlement, that, get something at the start of next week. financialsettlement, that, in other words, is the financial bill that the u wants to present the uk
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with is a cost of brexit. other separation issues, what on earth could be contained in such simple words there? of course, the big, thorny issue is that border between northern ireland and the republic of ireland, we started by talking about just how warm everything was and how chummy every body was, right at the end of a press conference, michel barnier issued what sounded like a bit of a dark warning, saying that for all the optimism, there would still be serious consequences for the uk from leaving the eu. despite the uk from leaving the eu. despite the optimism, quite a lot of emotions still on the european side, as well. bye, question, iwas emotions still on the european side, as well. bye, question, i was struck bya as well. bye, question, i was struck by a note at the bottom of those terms of reference, as you say, being issued publicly and for journalists to be able to see. the timetable for the next few months, talks about transparency and there isa talks about transparency and there is a very specific promise by both
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sides that in effect they won't leak each other‘s private papers to give them some advantage. i wonder what that tells you about the level of distrust, particularly in the light of that dinner in downing street, things got a bit apparently heated 01’ things got a bit apparently heated or elite league is told as he got a bit heated. dinner that michel barnier was at alongside jean—claude juncker. that is one way of looking at it. the other way of looking at it is about how a convoy only moves at the rate of the slowest vehicle, this is the most transparent side and the eu all along has been publishing edition papers, negotiating documents, that is because they have two and that is thatis because they have two and that is that is how they operate. they have to agree principles. they are the ones who set it. the uk will have to be just as ones who set it. the uk will have to bejust as responsible. there must bejust as responsible. there must bea bejust as responsible. there must be a mutually assured destruction clause there. whether that is
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allowed be published or not, or if the other side breaks the rules, there will be consequences. yes, i suppose the upside is that we will get lots of documents like this, the downside is that there will be fewer leaks from this place. i have a feeling you will have a lot of time on eurostar. the headlines on bbc news: the bbc understands that the man arrested for the finsbury park terror attack is darren osborne aged 47 from the cardiff area. he's being held on terrorism charges including murder and attempted murder. clea rest pictures. clearest pictures. this is the higher band that he was driving. it was a band that was registered in wales and now is being removed for
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further examination. the first day of brexit talks between the uk and the eu have finished — with both sides saying negotiations have got off to a positive start an update on the market numbers for you — here's how london's and frankfurt ended the day. and in the the united states this is how the dow and the nasdaq are getting on. nobody seems calm, despite the drama going on at the moment. more now on our main story — the terror attack on people near a mosque in north london. the suspect is in custody and police confirm he is not known to them. the bbc understands he is darren osbourne, a 47—year—old man from cardiff. let's talk to joey valentino — joey was inside the muslim welfare house in finsbury park when the attack happened. thank you for being with us on the
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bbc news. can you describe what you saw and heard when you came out of the house? literally i was praying inside.


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