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this is bbc news. i'm shaun ley. the headlines at 11. police are still questioning a man — in connection with a terror attack near the finsbury park mosque last night. he's believed to be darren osborne from cardiff. one person died, and 11 others were injured when a hired van was driven into worshippers near the mosque in north london. a minute's silence for the victims of the grenfell tower fire — as the number of dead has been revised again to 79. the brexit secretary, david davis,says formal talks on britain's departure from the eu have got off to "a promising start" and on the day yet another terror that, we have a behind—the—scenes look at a hospital dealing with a major terrorist incident. it is both moving and uplifting. good evening and
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welcome to bbc news. police are still questioning a man on suspicion of terrorism offences after a van was driven into a crowd of worshippers last night — near a mosque in north london. witnesses say the driver shouted that he wanted to kill muslims. the attack happened in finsbury park shortly after midnight. 11 people were injured and one man died, though he'd collapsed before the attack and the cause of his death isn't clear. a van was driven onto the pavement, hitting people in its path — bystanders held the driver until police arrived. a 47—year—old from cardiff — named as darren osborne — has been arrested under the terrorism act. our home affairs correspondent daniel sandford is at the scene tonight. it was just after midnight in london and the third attack using a vehicle injust three months.
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this time the muslim community was the target. basically drove on the pavement, coming straight towards all the muslims and as he is coming to them, he hit them. after the van had crashed through worshippers marking the holy month of ramadan, men who had been to prayers found themselves wrestling the driver. when he was on the ground i asked him why, why? innocent people. he goes, i want to kill muslims. he said i want to kill all muslims. he literally said that. after a struggle, the suspected driver was arrested. the imaam had intervened to prevent violence and the suspect was handed over to the police. why did you do that?
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why? we flagged them down, told them the situation, there is a man, he mowed down a group of people and there is a mob attempting to hurt him if you don't take him, god forbid he may be hurt. he said he had rushed there to a help a cousin. i couldn't believe it. what i saw there, i was like, oh, like a field full of... flesh, people screaming. half of them were teenagers. i was telling everyone, look, you know, we can't do nothing about him. we need to focus on these people. try and get help to these people. there is one ambulance and... you know, there's other people injured. we have got cars. the 47—year—old suspect is believed to be darren osborne, a father of four from cardiff, unknown to mi5. he was arrested on suspicion
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of attempted murder and then of terrorist offences. as he left, with handcuffed hands, he waved to the crowd. can we take any more terror prime minister? the prime minister arrived at the scene, visiting finsbury park mosque. the terrible terrorist attack that took place last night was an evil act borne out of hatred and it has devastated a community. i'm pleased to have been here to see the strength of that community coming together all faiths, united in one desire to see extremism and hatred of all sorts driven out of our society. there is no place for this hatred in our country today and we need to work together as one society, as one community, to drive it out, this evil that is affecting
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so many families. the prime minister's visit came i2 hours after the van ploughed into a group of worshippers, theresa may clearly wanting to be seen among the community that was attacked, as soon as possible. jeremy corbyn, who is the local mp, was up much of the night talking to his constituents. and visited the scene with the labour mayor of london, sadiq khan. throughout the day, the enormity of what happened appeared to weigh on the shoulders of politicians. it is a terror on the streets and of the people i'm proud to represent. that is why i'm here. all around the politicians visiting a huge police operation was under way. the focus — this white van rented in wales. it had turned off the main seven sisters road into a cul—de—sac, hitting people as it went through. some of them were treating a man who was apparently suffering
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from a heart attack. the man who later died. this was quite clearly an attack on muslims who looked like they were probably muslims and they were coming from a prayer meeting. we treat this as a terrorist attack and we in met are as shocked as anybody in this local community or across the country at what's happened. in this year of terror, the muslim community of north london was a new target. but the consequences of the violence were the same — some people in hospital this evening have potentially life—changing injuries. as we've heard, the bbc understands the suspect to be darren osborne, who's 47 and a father of four who'd been living in cardiff but is believed to be from somerset. police have been searching a residential address in the pentwyn
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area of the city. as our wales correspondent sian lloyd reports. more than a 150 miles from finsbury park, this house in a quiet residential street in cardiff is a central part of police investigation. the home of darren osborne, originally from weston—super—mare, who has been living here for ten years with his partner and four children. this woman and her family moved next door. darren osborne had helped her with diy. just a shock. he seemed an every day guy, i see walking the dog and taking the kids to school. he was never unpleasant to me. did you see him at the house yesterday? yeah, he was singing at dinner time with his kids as normal. his family issued a statement saying:
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they added: this family run—company has played a part in the investigation. the vehicle used in the attack came from here. managers at the company said they're shocked and saddened by what happened in finsbury park. they say they're helping the investigation. police continue to guard the family home this evening, during the afternoon i spoke to many people who live in the street, who knew the family, and they‘ re overwhelming feeling is that of shock. over the coming days,
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the questions will continue — what was it that led to this terror attack? twelve months after the united kingdom voted to leave the european union — the first formal talks — to set the terms of departure — have taken place in brussels. michel barnier — the eu's chief negotiator — said he hoped the talks would be held in a constructive atmosphere. for the uk — the brexit secretary, david davis, talked of forging a new and special partnership. our europe editor katya adler is in brussels with the day's events. hanging onto that handshake as hard as he could, this was david davis's show of strength today, the first day of face—to—face brexit negotiations almost 12 months since the uk voted to leave the eu. i am here in brussels today like michel barnier to begin the next phase of our work, to begin a new, deep and special partnership. determined to sound confident and upbeat, everyone knew
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the secretary of state carried british political uncertainty in his back pocket and he knew that they knew. fast forward through this first day of negotiations where brexit divorce details like the irish border, citizens‘ rights and a possible exit bill were discussed and it became clear that david davis had given in on what he pledged would be the row of the summer, his demands to talk trade with the eu from the start. there was the closing press conference at the european commission, there was one brexit promise he insisted he was sticking to. can the eu trust that what you ask for today or tomorrow will be what you ask for in a few days' time considering the political confusion in the uk? the position has not changed. because the membership of the single market requires the four freedoms to be obeyed and we want to bring back control of our laws and borders, we will be
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leaving the single market. he said the uk would leave the european customs union as well. then michel barnier‘s intentional upbeat mood erupted into this. translation: the uk decided to leave the eu, not the other way round, and consequences are substantial, human, social, financial, legal and political. this is not about punishment and revenge, but do not underestimate those consequences. david davis declared himself an optimist that the eu warns, it is fraught with risk. the number of people believed to have died in the grenfell tower disaster in west london last week has risen to 79. so far, five of them have been
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identified. they died in the course of the fire. the metropolitan police have warned that they may never be able to identify all those who died. the bbc has seen letters — which reveal that four government ministers received warnings — that fire regulations were not keeping people safe in high—rise blocks like grenfell tower. prosecutors in paris who say the man who drove into people today was on the terror watch list. nobody died. the french minister called it an attempted terrorist attack. the former bbc children's presenter brian cant — best known for play school and play away — has died at the age of 83. house with a door. he was one of the most popular figures on children's television throughout the 1960s and 70s — when he also voiced programmes such as camberwick green and trumpton. brian cant had been suffering from parkinson's disease
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for a number of years. that's a summary of the news, newsday is coming up at midnight — now on bbc news it's time for newsnight. a grim spring and another terror attack on the streets of britain but this one was different, it was targeted at muslims. we'll ask what we know of islamophobic terror and the threat it represents. also tonight: the clock is ticking. nothing is agreed until everything's agreed. with last three months since invoking article 50 but today the brexit bargaining action began. labour's keir starmer tells us what
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brexit he wants and his alternative to free movement of people. and will there be a free movement of prime ministers? our political editor has more news. i've learned more details today on the turmoil inside number 10. and... we are on standby for a major incident. there is a major police operation now under way. as terror strikes again, we see how it was dealt with by behind—the—scenes ina was dealt with by behind—the—scenes in a hospital coping with the aftermath of the westminster bridge attack in march. another attack so similar to what we have seen, this one used a vehicle asa have seen, this one used a vehicle as a weapon but this time the vehicles weren't random, selected for their religion. the police, prime minister and mayor of london have gone out of their way to make
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clear they draw those restriction between the atrocities of islamist mad men and eight case like this, it wasn't just a hate mad men and eight case like this, it wasn'tjust a hate crime, it was also terrorism —— draw no restriction. it came after midnight in the mixed area of finsbury park ata time in the mixed area of finsbury park at a time when ramadan was over and people were helping an elderly man who had been taken ill on the pavement —— draw no distinction. john sweeney is there, what is the feeling? the feeling is not much calmer than it was earlier today when it was very feverish. all sorts of people and religions were here and they are doing an extraordinary effort. muslims, anglicans, jewish people, six, to get


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