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tv   BBC News  BBC News  June 20, 2017 5:45am-6:01am BST

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to the death of otto warmbier, the american student who was released from a north korea prison. mr trump says he condemns the brutality of the north korean regime. the daily telegraph has the beginning of brexit talks, which started yesterday — between britain and the eu. the report says the lead negotiators from both parties have quashed hopes for a so—called "soft" brexit. finally, venice's waterways are world renowned and now its people have spoken. nearly 99% of people who voted in an unofficial referendum want to ban giant cruise ships from docking in the city's lagoons. that's also in the daily telegraph. with us is iain anderson, founder of the international communications agency, cicero group. good morning. sleep well in the uk hit? it is about time
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air—conditioning was invented in uk homes. there is a lot of horrible stories around at the moment?” think we are all looking for a day of positivity and an watch and only again we are opening our papers to relentless negativity. the story thing on yesterday's attack on a london mosque is appalling. there it isa london mosque is appalling. there it is a suspect now under arrest. unlike other attacks we have seen where you can talk more freely what has taken place because of the perpetrators may have died, in this ticket case, police are still working through this situation and they have been very careful about how they talk about this. it is an
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alleged terror attack. it isjust awful to see again. that photograph of someone arrested in connection with the attack in many newspapers today. very worrying for a lot of people across the world. shall we move on to the gulf news. while that was unfolding in london and dominating our outlets. we had a story about russia and the situation with regards to syria and the fact that russia is saying it is threatening aircraft from us led coalition in syria because of the actions by the us. it is changing that scenario and it has been pulled in all sorts of directions. this is the first time that apparently is syrian — russian coalition plan has
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been shutdown by an american aircraft. we were keeping tabs on this yesterday. we were supposed to have... trump was leading us to believe during his presidential campaign, there was said to be a love in between donald trump and vladimir putin and it is not happening and it has become a proxy war between the russians and the americans. everybody needs to keep their eyes on this. you say that but there have been other toxic tensions in syria, it is a walk on many fronts and it is not escalated into a world war three, god forbid because many of the leaders know better than to let that happen. many leaders do but we have a new
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president involved in america which seems to be certainly trigger—happy in his approach towards foreign policy. the hotline has been suspended so dialogue cannot take place between the russians and americans and we need to keep looking at this. this could be a flashpoint that escalates. i certainly hope not but as i said, this is the first time is syrian — russian backed aircraft has been shot down. it is pretty serious. another flashpoint, shot down. it is pretty serious. anotherflashpoint, north korea and the us following the death of this 22—year—old honours student, otto warmbier. awful circumstances surrounding his personal story, of course, this involves the new administration in the united states and its stance against north korea
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again. reading into this, apparently this young guy had gone on a wild venture holiday, that is the way it was marketed, to north korea. we should tell viewers, you can go on holiday to north korea. just a couple of months ago, i went into it from the south korean side in the midst of this tension. the us soldiers telling me this stuff takes place all the time but trump again has reacted quite angrily. extremely angrily. it will be a further ramping up of the tensions. once again an attempt by the north koreans to hold hostage american or western citizens as pawns. there are a number of americans in north korea. it is frightening. let's talk
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brexit. your boiled egg. soft or hard? how do you feel it is going? a lot of the papers are saying david davis gave ground. he was not going into that it is the strong leader he was trying to put forward. they wanted concurrent negotiations, talk about divorce but also about a new trade deal at the same time. they have not got that. they have conceded on day one. they will talk about divorce first. what makes business very anxious is, are we going to use all the oxygen — only 20 months to go — talking about that divorce? philip hammond the chancellor is talking about ensuring
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there is a transitional deal and from an economic point of view that is what this does is we'll be focusing in. the transition from the existing arrangement to the new one. you get different messages from different leaders. theresa may is extremely busy with other issues. what is your take on how this is emerging, the uk position? do you feel they are in the way it on a similar... do they have a clue, in other words? are they behind closed doors squabbling?” other words? are they behind closed doors squabbling? i wrote a piece for london paper last week saying let's not start of these negotiations until we are ready. but we cannot wait, we triggered. interesting to see emmanuel macron saying britain still has the opportunity to change its mind. we are opportunity to change its mind. we
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a re clearly opportunity to change its mind. we are clearly not ready. yesterday was about the op ticks off david davis saying i have started the negotiations. what we have agreed is when we are going to talk and how we are going to do it. nothing more than that. in the meantime, for those running a business, a business in the uk exporting to europe, issues none the wiser. the safest thing to do is prepare for a hard brexit. that is the safest thing that any business to do. businesses are preparing for the worst and getting on with it. have you been to venice? absolutely. it isjust amazing. some parts are very busy on the water. if you go into the jewish quarters, it is a very quiet, it is lovely. it gets busy when one of
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them comes in. it is like an invasion. people wanting to spend weeks on a cruise ship, i do not know why, and it can cause flooding. venetians have voted for a ban. know why, and it can cause flooding. venetians have voted for a banm is an unofficial referendum of stop 99% of them have voted for a band but that is balanced against all those tourists turning up and spending a heck of a lot of money in venice. can they not dock further away? that is clearly what is being said but that has to be balanced against the economic balance the people living there. many thanks. have a really good day and we will see you soon. hello. monday brought the highest temperature recorded in the british isles so far this year and here's one for your diary, if we manage to get as far ahead as wednesday and we're
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still producing temperatures in excess of 30 degrees, that will be the longestjune hot spell in over 20 years given that by that stage we'll have put together five consecutive days with the temperatures over 30, which we easily exceeded on monday, especially at the hampton water works, 32.5, which beat a number of more recognised holiday locations across the world. there's something of a change in hand for some parts of the british isles, given we're about to see an old weak weather front tumbling its way further south across the british isles, introducing the prospect for some at least of somewhat cooler, fresher conditions. quite a bit of cloud to the eastern side of the pennines and an onshore breeze, all of it helping to cool things. those effects won't be felt across the south—west of england or the south—east of wales, temperatures here perhaps a fraction higher than they were during the course of monday. london, perhaps a little bit cooler here, but as we get up to the north—west of england, still plenty of heat, cooler on the eastern side of the pennines. for northern ireland, scotland, quite a bit of sunshine around but you're on the cooler side of the weather front so those temperatures nowhere near as high as the ones i've indicated
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in the south. you don't need me to tell you the pollen levels have been extraordinarily high of late, that's the way it stays i'm afraid for much of the british isles through tuesday. the uv levels are also very high and where you get the sun for any length of time you've got to start thinking about protection. from tuesday and into wednesday, as far ahead as that we could still talk about the hot air from iberia and the near continent to the extent that somewhere across the south—eastern quarter we could look at 32 certainly, possibly as high as 34. as is often the way at this time of year, we bring in a little bit of moisture from the atlantic, pushing that heat underneath it, and things could start to go bang quite violently as well. so it's something we're keeping an eye on at this stage. and wouldn't you just know it, we're starting to think about glastonbury as well. notice how those temperatures towards the end of the week begin to tumble away quite smartly, and,
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as i say, at this time of year the heat can tend to break down in quite violent thunderstorms. wednesday night into the first part of thursday, they could be a real player in the weather scape. eventually we'll see somewhat cooler conditions pushing across much of the british isles but it may take a while before we see these temperatures in much of the south—east beginning to tumble away. hello. this is breakfast, with dan walker and louise minchin. police continue to question the man suspected of carrying out a terror attack at a london mosque. the family of darren osborne say that they are "shocked" and "devastated." here in finsbury park, hundreds of people attended a vigil last night. the mayor of london sadiq khan vowed that the attack would not divide communities. good morning. thanks for being with
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us. it's tuesday the 20th ofjune. also this morning: nearly a week after the grenfell tower fire, more than £200,000 of emergency funds has been given out
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