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owe i’ over to the everyone. when i went over to the muslim welfare house at three in the morning it was, they were all they're working away trying to support the community and bring about peace to understand what had happened and tend to those so badly injured. that is the response of the community. i'm grateful to everyone that has come here this evening. come here to show what our community response is about this. think about it. just think about it for a moment. those that set off bombs in london on 7/7 and kill people from lisburn, those that supported and that person who set off the bomb in manchester, that took so many lives, those that kill people with lives on london bridge, and this incident, all designed to achieve the same thing. attacks on our community that will bring about a division of all of our communities. the only response can ever be one of bringing
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communities together in solidarity and support for each other at a time of crisis. applause. that is the only response there can ever be. we're not going to be divided because we are muslims, christians, jewish people, buddhists, hindus, humanists. we're not going to be divided, we're going to be united together. in opposing this awful trend and awful attack that has taken place. i'm very proud to represent this community in parliament, proud to represent finsbury park in all of its faith and diversity and all its differences. because those faiths, that diversity makes us more united than anyone could ever do who tries to divide us. applause. and of course a community that is divided
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cannot achieve things together. if you divide people on the basis of faith, on the basis of race or language, then what do you do, you blame someone, you blame someone because there is a problem in the community and when that blaine has run its course you blame someone else. and at the end of that, what have you achieved, have you built a new school, trained and your doctor, employed a new nurse, inspired a child to what they can achieve in their life, no. all you have done is to sow the seeds of hatred that go from one generation to another and make us more divided and more dangerously divided. if we want as we all do, a future for all our children, the future of peace, even better education, of better health ca re better education, of better health care and greater prosperity and sharing the wealth of the earth for
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future generations, you do not achieve it by dividing communities and blaming each other all stop you recognise something, we are strong together and we can all learn something from each other. and so in this time of sadness, this time of fear that some money people have, let's reach out in strength. that support people going through the most unbelievable stress and pain now as their loved ones are lying in the royal london hospital hoping that they recover. as they are frightened of racist violence and racist attacks and remarks on the street. let us treat each other with respect, let us challenge anyone that uses any kind of discriminatory or racist language in any shape or form. not in an aggressive way, just politely say to them, you would not like that said about you, do not say about anyone else. live together and respect each other.
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and when we lived together and respect each other we realise that we all are unique, we all are philosophers in our own way. we all have our different forms of ambition and imagination we can all achieve. and we cherish that and we learn from each other and that is what makes our society so much stronger. so if there's anything good to come out of this horrible incident on sunday night, during the month of ramadan when people should be celebrating and looking forward to the celebrations of the festival read, the person who did that thought they could divide our community and could do the same everywhere else. well it is not going to work here, in birmingham, in leicester, manchester, it is not going to work anywhere. because we will not allow it to work anywhere. jeremy corbyn they're speaking in
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his constituency finsbury park in north london. part of his constituency, saying the local community must stick together. this is after that terror attack. on sunday night. they must stick together against those trying to divide it. he said it was a time of sadness and gear but we must all be child, treat each other with respect and dignity, challenge races and live together and respect each other. jeremy corbyn in his constituency there responding to the terror attack on sunday evening. talks between the democratic unionists — and the conservatives — on supporting theresa may's minority government are not going as expected, according to the dup. they want the government to give ‘greater focus' to the negotiations and they warn that the dup can't be ‘taken for granted'. the already delayed queen's speech, outlining the government's legislative programme, takes place at westminster tomorrow. well our northern ireland political editor, mark devenport, is following developments for us at westminster.
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do you have any sense as to what these glitches might be in these talks? we cannot be certain, what we know is that dup have been looking for significant funding proposals for significant funding proposals for northern ireland, whether in health or education funding or possibly allowing northern ireland to cut its local rate of corporation tax to compete with the low rate south of the irish border in the irish republic. it could be that there has been some resistance from there has been some resistance from the treasury to some of these dup demands. that could be behind it but beyond that the dup tonight have been complaining about what they claim isa been complaining about what they claim is a chaotic approach by downing street to the negotiations. and they say certainly it was not what they had expected. the dup are past masters in negotiations obviously, dealing with power—sharing in northern ireland. how much of this could be then simply playing for time or trying to
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extra ct simply playing for time or trying to extract as much as they can? you have to factor that end, it could all be part of a tactical game because as you say the dup have been used to negotiating with the british and irish governments and other parties at stormont of the course of many years and it may well be that they see sending out a negative briefing tonight as a tactic to try to secure more concessions from downing street and the treasury. other westminster sources remain confident that the deal will be reached. they point out the dup are not going to vote forjeremy corbyn to become prime minister and they think a deal could be announced as soon as thursday. many thanks for that. and we will bring you a special programme on the queen's speech tomorrow from 11 o'clock on the news channel. time for a look at the weather news. too hot for some people and
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temperatures will be rising tomorrow, the peak of the current heatwave. tomorrow could be the hottestjune heatwave. tomorrow could be the hottest june day heatwave. tomorrow could be the hottestjune day in the south for a0 yea rs. hottestjune day in the south for a0 years. that is the forecast of the moment. there will be some thunderstorms around as well buzzed across northern and western areas over the next 2a hours or so. it is a warm evening tonight, these are the temperatures around nine o'clock. and then tomorrow morning in the north and north—west some showers around, pretty hit and miss. but the hot air resurging from the continent and that will be exceptionally hot for the time of the year. we are forecasting 3a degrees. we have not had that in junein degrees. we have not had that in june in london for a0 years. watch
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out for those storms, they will be rumbling our way. hello and welcome to one hundred days plus... the governor of the bank of england says brexit will make people poorer. is the government now softening its position on brexit. it is not clear who has the upper hand. the chancellor is playing the long game. the transition from brexit must put the economy first — and provide stability for british business. but the uk's trade minister is on a mission — to convince america, britain will be going it alone. tomorrow when the queen delivers the government's programme a new trade bill will be in it. i think it's very important that we set out how we intend to deal with our trade once we leave the european union. also...
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they are voting in georgia in a massively expensive race that democrats really want to win. it's a small congressional election which has turned into a big referendum on donald trump.


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