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tv   Outside Source  BBC News  June 20, 2017 9:30pm-10:00pm BST

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hello, i'm ros atkins, this is outside source. bible goes straight to belgium. police in brussels have shot a suspected attacker after the small explosion in the central station. authorities say the situation is under control. all eyes are on the us state of georgia as voter heads to the polls in a special election. it's already the most expensive congressional race in us history. it is seen as a referendum on the presidency of donald trump. manchester united manager jose mourinho has been accused of tax fraud in spain. i'll speak to bbc sport. and we'll be looking at the issue of child bride's in sri lanka — in case you are justjoining in case you arejustjoining us, a
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feud minutes ago, we started getting information about the security and from —— incident in brussels. and explosion was heard at the train station prompting an evacuation of the main square. . more information started coming in. the brussels news for the bbc told us the brussels news for the bbc told us that the train station had been evacuated. the story started to develop. we were told by reuters that the belgian police said they had neutralised someone, soldiers carried out that action, it was soldiers guarding the central station. the bbc spoke to the federal police directly and said that a man triggered a small explosion in the central station and has been neutralised, no one else is expected to be injured. the police
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say the situation is under control. let me show you where the station is. it is right in the central of brussels. it is a big station that caters not just for brussels. it is a big station that caters notjust for belgium but also for people travelling all over europe. these are the pictures coming into the bbc newsroom. lots of security presence. an area has been cordoned off. this is not an ongoing situation and the police says it is under control. you are at the scene, what can you see? the area has been completely cordoned. there is military personnel and plenty of police and military vehicles. the metro station, all the entrances have been closed. there are more vehicles arriving whilst we
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are more vehicles arriving whilst we are talking. and no one can get into the area which has been completely isolated. so far, little is known about the supposed attacker and the number of casualties. i spoke earlier, one hour ago, number of casualties. i spoke earlier, one hourago, to number of casualties. i spoke earlier, one hour ago, to belgian security services that said all that they knew was that one person had been neutralised. there was a small explosion but the central station and that they had no further evidence of more casualties. they also told me they were about to gather at the crisis centre which is a panel composed of the prime minister and interior minister, police and prosecutors to determine what to do next, to raise the threat level or whether to conduct house searches. we know very little at the
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moment. it is still ongoing. we are trying to find out more but it is still very confusing. this incident happened in the middle of the evening so presumably the station was not that busy? definitely not rush hour. especially since the belgians go home quite early. lots of people who work in the city do not work —— do not live in the city. the star to leave about 5pm. the explosion incident occurred roundabout named pm so it was not a very crowded time of the day. —— named pm. military personnel were stationed inside the station neutralised this person immediately. there was no other people injured.
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it is too early to assess the number of casualties. i travelled to brussels quite often to cover the european union and it has been striking and the last 12 months how much more visible armed police are. it isa much more visible armed police are. it is a constant presence. we have got used to it. there is military personnel in every train station and in most metro stations. there are armoured vehicles often on the streets. when the european leaders come to the city, which by the way is going to happen thursday and friday, there is a bigger european summit we are all prime ministers and presidents are expected to come into town, the security is increased and you see even more military personnel patrolling the streets. and people got used to it by now. for peoplejoining us, can you give us for peoplejoining us, can you give us the size of the operation that is
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happening at the station now?” us the size of the operation that is happening at the station now? i am circling around and what i can see is that the entire perimeter, i would say it is about boo—a00 metres all around the station area is cordoned off and nobody has access to it. and more and more police cars are arriving and are cordoning the entire area. you can probably hear them in the background. you can hear them. sirens blare. they have also cordoned of a church so they are blocking off the entire area. thank you forjoining us.
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i understand you are also close to where the incident happened? we have just left the perimeter on our way back home. about 20 minutes ago we we re back home. about 20 minutes ago we were let out of the restaurant where were let out of the restaurant where we had found shelter at the time of the explosion. where were you at the time, you would in this restaurant? no, we were actually entering into the station to take a train, a colleague and myself. right at that moment we saw people running out of the station and the security guards directed us in french away from the train station and it was at that moment that the doors of the
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restau ra nt moment that the doors of the restaurant were opened for us and we could enter through to find shelter. how quickly did the emergency services and security services arrived? that was really quickly. but those were found about 120 seconds. and when you were eventually released from this restau ra nt eventually released from this restaurant where you had to spend a few minutes, where you given any information by the people who were looking after you as to what happened? yes, after a while one of the restaurant personnel informed us of explosions having occurred in the train station. the well briefed and knew what was going on. in the meantime there was no signs of panic. the situation seem to be pretty much contained at the
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beginning. thank you very much for speaking to us. we appreciate it. the incident was contained almost the moment it happened. the belgian police have spoken to the bbc and said that they did do with an incident at the central train station in brussels, and about a person was neutralised. there have been multiple reports of a small explosion. we await more details on what happened. we know that the area has been cleared, the station was evacuated and the situation is under control. you can see the live pictures coming in now, it does remain cordoned off and the investigative work is ongoing. we will keep our eyes on that story. we will keep our eyes on that story. we will switch away to america. huge attention in the us on a vote today in georgia. it's for a seat in congress — that came free after tom price was appointed us secretary of health and human services. his replacement will either be the democrat jon 0ssoff
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or republican karen handel. this has become a big deal. republican tom cole sums it up neatly, "first and foremost, this is a referendum on the trump presidency." and he's backed up by the money being spent. $56 million. that makes this the most expensive house race ever. donald trump's involved. @realdonaldtrump "karen handel for congress. you she will fight for lower taxes, great health care strong security, a hard worker who will never give up!" as anthony zurcher points out "that's now six tweets in the past day about the georgia election. can presidents with ratings as low as trump's usually avoid injecting themselves into elections". let us be to anthony in washington, dc. this does not change the numbers
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in the house of representatives whatever way it goes, why are people putting in so much money?m whatever way it goes, why are people putting in so much money? it is because this particular seat, donald trump won it by onlyjust over i%. it has been held by a republican for decades and they think it is a chance to pick up a seat, the democrats. it is a sunbelt, southern state, educated. they have to win it if they want to pick up enough seats to flip the house of representatives over to the side. there have been some special elections in the past, kansas and montana, they came close on but did not go over the top. those seats donald trump won handily. they are focusing on the elections in 2018, seats like this one. if they can flip it it is a good sign if they cannot put that
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despite spending these resources, democrats will start to second—guess the strategy and wonder if they can ta ke the strategy and wonder if they can take the house of representatives back next year. the democrats have the donald trump worked out but have they worked out what they worked out what they're offering as an alternative? it is funny, this has been billed as a referendum on don —— donald trump, the democrat candidate has not spent a lot of time talking about a donald trump. he is running as a fiscal moderate. he is running as a fiscal moderate. he has been talking about health care, making sure there is an affordable health care for americans. he talked about running good government and social spending. as far as good government and social spending. as farasa good government and social spending. as far as a cohesive strategy, they are going to need more thanjust, we are going to need more thanjust, we are not donald trump. voters like to vote for something rather than against. you saw hillary clinton last year run on an effectively, donald trump will be full, campaign was that she did not set out clear
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objectives and goals that she could campaign on. how long untilwe know who has been victorious? it is about three hours until the polls closed, if it is a fraction of percentages, it could go on for quite a long time. 5—6 hours. it could go on for quite a long time. 5-6 hours. we'll keep a close eye on the situation in brussels. this has been a security incident at central station. police say that a man has been neutralised and that the situation is under control. hundreds of people have attended the funeral of olivia campbell—hardy, who was 15, and killed in the manchester arena terror attack. the teenager, from bury,
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was called a "true friend with an amazing smile." 0livia was one of 22 people, who lost their lives in the suicide bombing last month. her parents asked that the service be a celebration and thanksgiving, for her life, as abbiejones reports. outside the church where 0livia came for re lessons they gathered in solidarity, silently watching her blue coffin arrive. mourners were also wearing blue, the teenager's favourite colour. amongst them in a wheelchair, olivia's friend adam lawler, with her on the night of the attack. his injuries clear to see. some here have known 0livia since she was in primary school. it is sickening, she is such a happy and bubbly girl. really down to earth. she was happy, she was never causing any trouble. she was the best person that anyone could ask for. for others, it was a chance to show olivia's family that their town was with them. it really affects me, it is like i have to be here. it is my town and my people. draped over the teenager's coffin, a flag with a b, the symbol of manchester since the attack.
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unity was a key message of the service. running through every element in it, are the threads of hope and love. the exact opposite of meaninglessness and hate. she was a girl with character and vitality. the order of service for olivia's service says it all, her family and parents wanted this to be a celebration of her life. a celebration and thanksgiving. she was 15 and full of life. we want to give her a prom, the 16th, 18th, let, everything that she is going to miss out and that is what is getting us through. we want to give her the best sendoff that we can possibly give her. 0livia was a talented singer and her school choir sang during the service. then there was applause. as the coffin was carried out. a time for comfort for those
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who must live with their loss. there has been a security incident in the central train station in brussels. police say they have neutralised a man and that the situation is under control. jose mourniho has been accused of multi—million dollar tax evasion in spain. the alleged fraud took place between 2011 and 2012 when mourinho was boss of real madrid. can you give us more information on whatjose mourinho can you give us more information on
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what jose mourinho is can you give us more information on whatjose mourinho is accused of? can you give us more information on whatjose mourinho is accused of7m all comes back to image rights from 2011-12. b $.6 all comes back to image rights from 2011—12. b $.6 million forjose mourinho. this is ongoing in spain with the few other players, lyondell messy and his father who has also been accused. —— lionel messi. if in spain if that is less than two years for the non—violent crime, they do not go to jail. jose mourinho, this $3.6 million. he has said that the government ratify his tax payers and he paid around $29 million in tax at a rate of about a1% until may 2013. he entered into a settlement agreement with the spanish tax authorities after the change of rules in 2015. there will be more to come on that. cristiano ronaldo has also been accused of defrauding the spanish government to do with image rights. he has denied these
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accusations and has threatened to leave spain. he gave evidence on this on the 31st ofjuly. lionel messi and his father have been found guilty. javier mascherano accepted he had been found guilty and had a one—year suspended sentence. and the brazilian neymar will stand trial after moving from santos and brazil. jose mourinho has hit back at these details on what has came out through his agent, jorge benitez, who also looks after cristiano ronaldo. —— mendez. let us go to portugal. they are still recovering from the wildfires. 64 people have died since saturday. he is the latest report from james
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reynolds. this afternoon, portugal despatched more planes to fight its forest fires. the government is yet to make this region safe. the relief effort is too late for the village of varzeas, it's lost one in five of its residents. sisile tina told me she knew all the victims. she tried to count the dead. "two lived here", she said. "three, four, five and more." on saturday afternoon, the village watched the forest catch fire. "there was a massive noise", amal told us, "and then we saw the flames." "we'd never seen anything like it", said valdemar, "it all happened in just a few seconds."
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residents were then forced to take an immediate, terrifying decision — stay here and risk getting caught by the flames or drive off in search of safety. many drove, it proved to be a fatal mistake. on this road, flames engulfed many in their cars. mario pinhal told portuguese tv that his family tried to escape in two vehicles. his wife, suzanna and their daughtersjoanna and margarita drove ahead, but they died in the fire. translation: i regret leaving home. everyone has been kind, but i just want my wife and my daughters back. mario and his parents barely escaped in the car behind.
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"we should have died", mario mother's cries, "nobody would miss us." mario pinhal‘s home remains standing, it is a shattering monument to his family's decision to flee. if they'd simply stayed put, they would have all survived. james reynolds, bbc news, central portugal. you can also find the report from james online on bbc news. a security incident at the central railway station in brussels. we can bring any colleague from the bbc, adam fleming, who is live from the brussels newsroom. four people joining us, can you start the beginning? this security incident started a couple of years ago at the brussels central station which is a stones throw from the grand place, the historic centre of brussels. a
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couple of miles from the eu headquarters weird i am speaking to you from. this is the home to many european institutions. a man was seen at the central station carrying a rucksack. and reports are stating they could've been an explosive vest on his body. the let of a small explosion that caused panic in the train station. a few moments later, the man was shot by the belgian military because the city is still filled with armed soldiers guarding key points after a series of terrorist attacks in the past few yea rs. terrorist attacks in the past few years. belgian security sources stating that the suspect has been neutralised. we do not know if that means he has been arrested and detained, or he has been shot and killed. we will get more details in the next few minutes because the belgian federal prosecutors office
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will do a press conference at the scene in the centre of brussels. thank you very much. to reiterate, the level of security that we would see around the central station now would already be reasonably significant? yes, think back to the terrorist attack in london a few weeks ago and they flooded the streets were soldiers and that was a surprise to people in london because you do not get armed soldiers guarding places like parliament or major train stations. in belgium, it isa major train stations. in belgium, it is a fact of life for people that live in brussels after the series of attacks a few years ago. they come out of the train station and you will see an army vehicle, and you will see an army vehicle, and you will see an army vehicle, and you will see some stationary soldiers and some patrolling soldiers. when you take the eurostar train and arrived from london, the first thing that you see your soldiers. the european commission and parliament, the embassies of member states of the embassies of member states of the eu, they have got soldiers
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posted outside. 0n the eu, they have got soldiers posted outside. on my walk here to oui’ posted outside. on my walk here to our office is a short while ago, the local metal station was closed with armed police and soldiers standing at the entrance and telling people not to go into the metal station as a precaution. —— metro station. thank you for the update. when we get that statement from the police, we will show to you if you're watching bbc world news of the bbc news channel in the uk. 0n watching bbc world news of the bbc news channel in the uk. on thursday and friday, there is a major eu summit. 0utside souls will cover that. i will not speak to you from brussels tomorrow but i will do so from thursday. it is really getting too hot.
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especially for people across the south with soaring temperatures. there are potentially on course for the hottest june there are potentially on course for the hottestjune day in 40 years. recently, temperatures have been up to 31 degrees. the following day will be much hotter. that hit will peak on wednesday. we are in for some thunderstorms. they will affect northern and western areas of the uk during the course of wednesday and into thursday. in f— it ? 20s fa? :. — of a??? ' blue of “5:7-
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be thunderstorms. it bea be a . fresher in the will be a lot fresher in the morning, around 12 degrees in inverness. soaring temperatures, that heat comes back in from the continent. it is a small area that will get the very high temperatures. to the north of that, we have some potential thunderstorms. very difficult to predict exactly where these storms will be. temperatures in the 20s and then 34. if that happens, it will be the hottest day in 40 days injune. it has been thursday - 30 degrees. starts on thursday with 30 degrees. q??? there is starts on thursday with 30 degrees. mfg there is a starts on thursday with 30 degrees. q??? there is a declining then there is a declining temperatures because fresher there will be arriving. eventually that fresher air will push through. look at those temperatures, back down to 26 in
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london which is still pretty hot. elsewhere will be in the teens. it'll take a few days for houses to cool off after storing all of that heat after a prolonged spell of hot weather. this is friday, a cool front of those across the uk. behind it will be fresher conditions. temperatures only down to about 23 degrees ahead of that in the south east. 15 across scotland. they will be some rain around as well. on the weekend, one weather front clues away and we are between weather systems. some sunshine and showers. sunday, maybe some rain getting into north—western areas. it will be changeable during the course of the weekend. i am changeable during the course of the weekend. iam pleased changeable during the course of the weekend. i am pleased to say it'll be fresher for many of us, particularly across the south during the weekend. there will be some rain on and off. into early next week,
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the high pressure is to the south. low pressure is close by. that will allow for the fresher atlantic weather to come in. it should be in the 20s. the heat is well towards the 20s. the heat is well towards the south of us. we will not be getting that heat wave. next week will be fresher and some rain around. there is no sign of that heat returning at this stage but things could change. it is mostly good news.
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