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tv   BBC News  BBC News  June 20, 2017 11:00pm-11:16pm BST

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hello, everyone. this is newsday on the bbc. the headlines: an attempted terrorist attack in brussels central station. authorities said only the attacker has been hurt. the suspect has been neutralised immediately after the explosion. we do not know if the man is still alive. us officials say north korea is directly to blame for the death of the student otto warmbier. also ahead, portugal's prime minister is no wire highway were most of the big times of the forest fire died, had not been blocked. in hong kong, the leader cannot guarantee freedom of speech in the territorial. live from oui’ speech in the territorial. live from our studios in singapore and london, this is bbc world news — it's newsday. welcome to our viewers around the
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world and those joining us welcome to our viewers around the world and thosejoining us in the uk. it is at 6am in singapore, 11 in london and he died in russell ‘s weather central station was evacuated and train lines suspended after an explosion. only the suspect was heard. this is what prosecutors said. at about a 30, there has been a small explosion at the central station in brussels. the suspect has been neutralised by the military present at the scene immediately after the explosion. we do not know if the man is still alive or that he's dead. there were no other
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victims. it is considered a terrorist attack. workers at the central station describe seeing an explosion and said the suspect was wearing an explosive belt. translation: i went down the stairs to go back to the platform and i heard someone shouting at one point heard someone shouting at one point he shouted "allahu akbar" and blew up... all right, more from adam flemings in brussels. what more can you tell us about the incident that took place at the brussels central station? the belgian authorities are treating this as a terrorist attack although they could not tell us whether the suspect was alive or dead. or the identity of the man at the heart of the incident. it seems to have started in the early evening. the station is in the
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centre of town, close to the ground seats near one of landmarks. and near one of brussels landmarks. people were out enjoying themselves. from piecing together eyewitness reports and information from the authorities, it seems he ended the station concourse, he may have been wearing some kind of explosive belt. he set off a small explosion. pictures of which have been circulating across social media and on front pages of newspapers across europe. people fled the station in panic. the man was neutralised by an armed unit of the belgian unit. we do not know if he was injured seriously or killed. the reason that was a unit patrolling the station is because the city has been on high alert since a series of terrorist attack last year. people are used to
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seeing men with guns and high—profile places in the city. seeing men with guns and high-profile places in the city. we are seeing live pictures from brussels central station. there is currently an ongoing military and police operation and according to several belgian media outlets, witnesses are saying the man was shouting something before setting off the explosion? the right conflicting reports about whether the man was shouting slogans as he did try to set off his device, the small device he managed to set off. that has not been confirmed by the authorities. but they are treating this as a terrorist attack. to make sure people had decent information, belgian authorities were quick to ta ke to belgian authorities were quick to take to social media when reports came out saying it incident is under control and provided as much reassurance is possible to people
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and that seems to have worked because after these fresh reports, i made my way into the studio and people were still out on the streets, enjoy a beer, enjoying a meal at cafes and pubs. although one of the metro stations were close. there are more police outside. they are telling people not to get on the trains and did see some women in tea rs trains and did see some women in tears so we went quite perfect dead by this. you mentioned belgian prosecutors are treating this as a terrorist attack. has anyone claimed responsibility so far and is this alone unmanned or could this be a work of a group? we will have to wait a few hours to get hold of all the information. authorities gave us as much information as they could. you saw for yourself it was not a lot of information. the fact they
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are saying the situation is under control and the fact that the only area cordoned off is around that train station suggests they are not worried that there are other attacks imminent or other attackers banning something similar in the near future. the threat level has remained where it is. it is high but it has remained where it is. authorities said the situation is under control now. thank you so much for giving us under control now. thank you so much forgiving us an under control now. thank you so much for giving us an update for the latest development in brussels. our other top story, within 30 minutes, a coroner in a hire has been asked not to perform an autopsy on the american student otto warmbier. he died at home on monday after being released from a north korean prison. the us state
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department says north korea is directly responsible for his death and president trump repeated his criticism of the regime. it is a total disgrace what happened to him. frankly, he fear had been brought home sooner, i think the result would have been a lot different. he should have been home that same day. what happened to him was a disgrace. i have spoken to his family and his family is incredible. but he should have been brought home a long time ago. otto had been sentenced to 15 years ha rd otto had been sentenced to 15 years hard labourfor otto had been sentenced to 15 years hard labour for allegedly stealing a propaganda site. we were told north korea failed to tell him the student was ill. i met with the north korean is 20 times in the last year. i set the delegation to try to get otto otto out in exchange for
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humanitarian assistance. i lent a year later that he was in a coma. this was a crime of humanity. the gross human rights violation, a cover—up. this botulism excuse, sleeping pill, he might have been tortured, abused. this is wrong and there should be some kind of punishment to the north koreans. also making the news, the chancellor says he wants to leave the eu in a way that prioritises british jobs and prosperity. he was saying those words when he also said immigration would be managed rather than shut down. liam fox welcome to his speech but said that people who wanted to put immigration policy ahead of economic policy were losing the argument. a balance in the best
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interests of the country. clearly we wa nt to interests of the country. clearly we want to ensure that business gets access to the labour it needs but there is also a strong worry amongst people in britain that people are coming to return to using a public service and may not be contributing toa service and may not be contributing to a national wealth. the government kneels to deal with that in a reasonable way over time. —— needs to deal with that. forces allied to president assad — russia is accusing authorities after the downing of a plane. the portuguese prime minister is the —— demanding to know why a highway where most of the big dance ofa highway where most of the big dance of a massive fire died was not blocked. more than a thousand fighters are on the ground in the region. at least 64 people have died since saturday. a state of emergency
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has been declared. the indonesian police searching for for foreign inmates who escaped from prison in bali, through a narrow tunnel dug under walls. police believe the inmates were from australia, india. bulgaria and malaysia. all four are believed to be on the island. in news coming in, daniel day—lewis is to retire. his spokesman gave the statement. he said the actor was grateful to all his collaborators but will no longer be working as an actor. he will make his final screen appearance in fashion drama, phantom thread. the leader of hong kong has told the bbc she could not guarantee that freedom of speech will protect those
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who called independence. a chief executive elect about to mark 20 yea rs executive elect about to mark 20 years says the uk handed it back to the mainland in... 20 years ago. in 2014 protest paralysed the place. carrie lam will be sworn into office. she has been accused of being chinese's puppet. 20 years since hong kong returned to china 20 years since hong kong returned to china, and its leaders are often and its leaders are often accused of being beijing's puppets. they're chosen not by the public, but by an establishment committee, carrie lam won 777 votes. how can you claim to represent all the people of hong kong with only that number? well, i don't think it is a question of a number. the question is about legitimacy.
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i know perception is important, but to say that i am just a puppet, i won this election because of pro—beijing forces is, sort of, a failure to acknowledge what i have done in hong kong over the last 36 years. i have pledged that, as part of my governance style, i will be engaging all sectors of the community, especially the young people. three years ago young people made their own effort to engage with a massive democracy protest that brought the heart of hong kong to a standstill for months. they won nothing, and now some say the only way to get democracy is independence from china. beijing sees such calls as a threat to national security. i think hong kong is an inseparable part of the people's republic of china. you think so, what if other hong kong citizens disagree? what if they wanted to call for independence?
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they disagree in the form of being an expression of personal opinion, then everybody could have a view. you could condemn him and so on. but whether that expressing a view constitutes an offence, then we'll have to look at what the law says. what's the answer? we'll have to look at what the law says. can you promise the people of hong kong that never in your tenure will someone go to jail for calling for autonomy, self—determination or independence? well, i can promise the people of hong kong that we will abide by the rule of law. so that's a no, you can't make the promise? no. how can you promise when you don't know the actual situation, when you don't know the actual legislation in hong kong and to give a, sort of, perpetual situation answer, i don't think that is a very fair question to ask. china's influence in hong kong is growing — some of it open, some of it not. last year there was public outrage over the suspected abductions of publishers whose books
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were critical of chinese leaders. they were held on the mainland and forced to make televised confessions. even after their return to hong kong, most have stayed silent about what happened. the hong kong police force have been working on this case and trying to collect evidence and come to a view. but unfortunately, without the co—operation of the people involved, it's just not possible. so do you think it's possible that those hong kong citizens are afraid to speak up about what happened to them, do you think that's a possibility? i don't know. so how many hong kong citizens need to disappear before you start to draw any conclusions about what might be happening to them? i think that is not a fair question. we are not here to quantify that sort of allegation, but if there are worries that have been undue interference into hong kong affairs, which should come under a high degree of autonomy, then the chief executive has to reflect those sentiments and speak up on behalf of the people. yes.
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so would it be fair to imagine that you might have a conversation with president xi which goes — please, make sure that no security services from the mainland operate undercover on hong kong soil? will you be having that conversation? i will be very honoured to have a conversation with president xi on occasions, hopefully on the 1stjuly. carrie lam, thank you so much forjoining us. pleasure. are watching newsday. it is yoga day around the world. we


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