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tv   Newsday  BBC News  June 21, 2017 12:00am-12:31am BST

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hello, everyone. this is newsday. our top stories: an attempted terrorist attack in the central station of brussels. the attacker is a dead but no one else is hurt. the suspect has been neutralised by the military that were present at the scene immediately after the explosion. us officials said north korea is directly to blame for the death of american student, otto warmbier. also ahead, the hunt continues fall fourforeign prisoners also ahead, the hunt continues fall four foreign prisoners who tunnelled their way out ofjail in bali. the new leader of hong kong says she will not be a bull to guarantee freedom of speech in the territory. live from our studios in singapore and london, this is bbc world news — it's newsday. welcome to viewers
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around the world and for those joining us in the uk. it is 7am in singapore, midnight in london and 1am in brussels where a suspected terrorist has been shot dead after an attempted attack in the central station of brussels. people heard him shout "allahu akbar" before that was a small explosion. brussels central station evacuated shortly after police say a man triggered a small explosion. eyewitnesses say they heard gunfire and multiple explosions. minutes later smoke. outside, people gathered together, making their way to safety. translation: i went down the desert to go back to the platform where i had to go and they are heard someone
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shouting and at one point he shouted "allahu akbar" "allahu akbar" and blew up the suitcase. i tried to evacuate as many people as possible. he wasjust behind me, two metres behind me and he still had the belt on. the country is already on high alert. units were within the scene within minutes and shot dead the suspect. this is being treated as a terrorist attack. at about 8:30, there has been a small explosion in the central station here in brussels. the suspect has been neutralised by the military that were present at the scene immediately after the explosion. there were no other victims. this incident is considered as a terrorist attack. the attack follows a series of attacks last year when three suicide bombers targeted the cities at port and an underground station. an area
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popular with tourists enjoying the evening sunshine now on edge, surrounded by police and military personnel.. let update you on our other top story this power. a coroner in ohio has been asked not to perform an autopsy on the american otto warmbier otto warmbier student. the request came from his family. he died on monday after being released for a north are we in prison last week. the us state department says north korea is directly responsible for his death. president trump repeated his criticism of the regime. otto warmbier had been sentenced to 15 yea rs ha rd warmbier had been sentenced to 15 years hard labour for allegedly stealing a propaganda poster. mr richardson who had helped to negotiate his release said this... i met with the north korean is 20 times in the last year. i'd sent the delegation there to try to get otto out
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in exchange for humanitarian assistance. so i learned a year later, after he was in a coma. this was a crime of humanity, what the north koreans did. they've done a gross human rights violation, a cover—up. this botulism excuse, sleeping pill, he might have been tortured, he might have been abused. this is wrong and there should be some kind of punishment to the north koreans. north korea's new president has said pyongyang should bear a heavy responsibility for otto warmbier‘s death. we can talk to steve evans. bring us up—to—date to what you are hearing coming from north korea? allowed silence, i am afraid. there has been a reaction to the call from president moon to have access to the remaining prisoners in north korea. three us citizens and south koreans.
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things are moving or make changing on the diplomatic front, if you like. president trump has tweeted that chinese help on north korea has not worked out so you do wonder if president trump is now reassessing american policy. not only because of otto warmbier — that is simply an embellishment, if you like on the bigger story which is the nuclear story — by president trump has indicated that north korea does not seem indicated that north korea does not seem to be moving because of any increased chinese pressure and there may well be increased chinese pressure in terms of coal imports going down from north korea to china. china may have done something. there is not being of the nuclear test many people thought would have happened some months ago but president trump has indicated
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that chinese pressure has not actually achieved very much. there isa actually achieved very much. there is a meeting of diplomats, chinese and us diplomats, that is imminent. it is interesting to see what emerges from that. thank you very much for that update. steve evans live from seoul. also making news, the chancellor philip hammond has said he wants the uk to leave the eu ina way said he wants the uk to leave the eu in a way that prioritises british jobs and prosperity. in a speech in london he also said immigration will be managed rather than shut down. liam fox welcomed his speech but said that people who want to put immigration policy a head of economic policy were losing the argument. have a balance that is in the best interests of the country. clearly we want to ensure that business gets access to the labour that it needs but there is also a strong worry amongst people in britain that people are coming to united kingdom and using our public services
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who may not be contributing to our national wealth. that is the problem that our government will deal with and will deal with that in a reasonable way over a period of time. the portuguese prime minister is demanding to know why a highway known the road of death by most of the big terms of the massive forest fire perished had not been blocked. at least 64 people died in the fire on saturday and the government has declared a state of emergency. polls have closed in the us state of georgia. millions of dollars are being poured into campaign advertising the contest that is a single seat. some news that came to us single seat. some news that came to us in the last hour that the actor daniel day—lewis is to retire. his spokesperson made a statement on his behalf saying the actor was immensely grateful to all his
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collaborators and audience but will no longer be working as an actor. his famous by such films as there will be blood, will make his final appearance in phantom thread. the incoming leader of hong kong has told the bbc she cannot guarantee that freedom of speech will protect those who call for independence. carrie lam is the chief executive elect who is about to mark 20 years as the uk handed it back to china. some have begun to call for independence. in other parts of china, such calls are treated as a crime. next she will be sworn into office by the chinese president. her predecessors have been accused of being beijing's puppets. she spoke to our editor being beijing's puppets. she spoke to oureditor in being beijing's puppets. she spoke to our editor in china. 20 years since hong kong returned to china, and its leaders are often accused of being beijing's puppets.
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they're chosen not by the public, but by an establishment committee, carrie lam won 777 votes. how can you claim to represent all the people of hong kong with only that number? well, i don't think it is a question of a number. the question is about legitimacy. i know perception is important, but to say that i am just a puppet, i won this election because of pro—beijing forces is, sort of, a failure to acknowledge what i have done in hong kong over the last 36 years. i have pledged that, as part of my governance style, i will be engaging all sectors of the community, especially the young people. three years ago young people made their own effort to engage with a massive democracy protest that brought the heart of hong kong to a standstill for months. they won nothing, and now some say the only way to get democracy
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is independence from china. beijing sees such calls as a threat to national security. i think hong kong is an inseparable part of the people's republic of china. you think so, what if other hong kong citizens disagree? what if they wanted to call for independence? they disagree in the form of being an expression of personal opinion, then everybody could have a view. you could condemn him and so on. but whether that expressing a view constitutes an offence, then we'll have to look at what the law says. what's the answer? we'll have to look at what the law says. can you promise the people of hong kong that never in your tenure will someone go to jail for calling for autonomy, self—determination or independence? well, i can promise the people of hong kong that we will abide by the rule of law. so that's a no, you can't make the promise? no. how can you promise when you don't
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know the actual situation, when you don't know the actual legislation in hong kong and to give a, sort of, perpetual situation answer, i don't think that is a very fair question to ask. china's influence in hong kong is growing — some of it open, some of it not. last year there was public outrage over the suspected abductions of publishers whose books were critical of chinese leaders. they were held on the mainland and forced to make televised confessions. even after their return to hong kong, most have stayed silent about what happened. the hong kong police force have been working on this case and trying to collect evidence and come to a view. but unfortunately, without the co—operation of the people involved, it's just not possible. so do you think it's possible that those hong kong citizens are afraid to speak up about what happened to them, do you think that's a possibility? i don't know. so how many hong kong citizens need to disappear before you start
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to draw any conclusions about what might be happening to them? i think that is not a fair question. we are not here to quantify that sort of allegation, but if there are worries that have been undue interference into hong kong affairs, which should come under a high degree of autonomy, then the chief executive has to reflect those sentiments and speak up on behalf of the people. yes. so would it be fair to imagine that you might have a conversation with president xi which goes — please, make sure that no security services from the mainland operate undercover on hong kong soil? will you be having that conversation? i will be very honoured to have a conversation with president xi on occasions, hopefully on the istjuly. carrie lam, thank you so much forjoining us. pleasure. you're watching new —— newsday.
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coming up: it is yoga day. we will see how the bends and stretches have created a great business. there was a bomb in the city centre. a code word known to be one used by the ira was given. army bomb experts were examining a suspect van when there was a huge explosion. the south african parliament has destroyed the foundation of apartheid by abolishing the population registration act, which for 40 years forcibly classified each citizen according to race. germany's parliament, the bundestag, has voted by a narrow majority to move the seat of government from bonn to berlin. berliners celebrated into the night but the decision was greeted with shock in bonn. just a day old and the royal baby is tonight sleeping in his cot at home. early this evening, the new prince was taken by his mother and father to their apartments in kensington palace.
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the real focus of attention today was valentina tereshkova, the world's first woman cosmonaut. what do you think of the russian woman in space? i think it's a wonderful achievement and i think we might be able to persuade the wife it would be a good idea if i could to get her to go up there for a little while. this is newsday on the bbc. i'm rico hizon in singapore. i'm babita sharma in london. our developing story: in belgium there's been an attempted terrorist attack in the central station of brussels. there was a small explosion in the main train station. the new leader of hong kong has said she will not be able to guarantee freedom of speech in the territory. let's take a look at some front pages from around the world. the daily telegraph in the uk among many leading with brexit, as theresa may puts the hot topic
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at the heart of the queens speech. the guardian highlights the increasing pressure on the prime minister as she fails to secure a deal with the democratic unionist party. we've just seen her speaking to the bbc‘s carrie gracie. well, carrie lam is also featured on a number of asia newspapers including the china daily hong kong's incoming chief executive, says she has high hopes for the city's future. and from the new york times — becoming chelsea manning. the us solider, freed from prison, talks about why she disclosed thousands of classified documents and the isolation that followed. in indonesia police authorities are still searching for four prisoners who escaped from jail in bali.
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the men from australia, india, bulgaria and malaysia crawled through a narrow tunnel dug under the walls. with me is the bbc‘s rebecca henschke is injakarta. what more can you tell us about this fourforeign inmates what more can you tell us about this four foreign inmates who escaped? well, they had prison terms ranging from about two years to 15 years. interestingly, sean davis, the australian, had just a few months left on his term for he would have been released. he was running a boxing programme inside. we've been told by prison officials that all of them were well behaved inmates. there was no indication that they we re there was no indication that they were planning something together. and the indian inmate was quite religious. he was involved in the ramadan celebrations taking place. what does this say about the
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indonesian prison system? because jailbreaks are now common in the country, where most prisons are overcrowded. that's right. prison brea ks overcrowded. that's right. prison breaks find unusual. and the manner under which this was done, the fact that the tunnel was dug, has caught a lot of attention here because of the way indonesia is carrying this out. at present brakes aren't unusual. earlier we saw a time when a wall collapsed in a prison and all the inmates could run freely out before they had to be rounded up and caught. interestingly under indonesian law inmates aren't given extensions of their sentences and are not punished for escaping, so if these men are caught they will come back and serve their time. but there is an investigation taking place into why this could happen. there was no guide standing at the control tower next to the tunnel the day
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they escaped. thank you for the update. let's return to our top story: belgian soldiers have shot a man suspected of being a would—be suicide bomber at brussels central station. they shot him dead. on the line is martin dales, an adviser to a member of european parliament, and he was in the area as the situation unfolded. tell us what you saw. i had been out to dinner. i came back to my hotel, having had alerts on my phone and also phone calls from my constant daughters back in the uk. —— concerned. they were asking what was going on. where i am staying is right next door to the station. so i came back to a police cordon and
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they kindly let me go in and come back out again. so that was the situation then. the cordon seems to have been lifted recently, but not before we saw... we were pulled back away from the windows in the hotel i am in, forthe away from the windows in the hotel i am in, for the person to be taken away. but clearly the police and authorities had ta ken away. but clearly the police and authorities had taken away the person who had been shot dead and that's what journalists person who had been shot dead and that's whatjournalists inside the hotel are saying as well. so that was rather disturbing, to put it mildly. martin, tell me, were you aware of what was happening inside the railway station? only by the alerts that i received off the
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phones, because i was about half a mile away in a restaurant. but obviously coming back into this area and finding the whole place cordoned off, i wondered and finding the whole place cordoned off, iwondered how and finding the whole place cordoned off, i wondered how i would get back into the hotel at all. what the police were wonderful. i do really praised the authorities here for the way they've handled this. i will just tell you this. i will send you photographs as well. we just had the automated vehicle that assisted in sorting out the person on a platform, who had allegedly set fire to everything, it actually had a little gadget in the hotel room, on the red carpet, as you come in. a slightly surreal experience. i was totally gobsmacked when that came, that this gadget came in. basically
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we all feel safe. what's been going on in the uk as well, everywhere, you know, one of the policemen set to meet today that this can't go on. i think that's probably the message to everybody, whoever is in charge of politics. we need to try to resolve way all this is happening and striker make sure it doesn't happen again. sorry to cut you off. we've run out of time, but we appreciate you joining us and we are glad to know you are safe. here in london, police are still questioning a man in connection with the attack on muslim worshippers in north london on monday. daniel sandford reports. he's underneath! you have to lift the van! the chaos caused by the attack on sunday night was captured in these dramatic new pictures. a hired van had apparently
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deliberately ploughed into a group of people marking the holy muslim month of ramadan. nine ended up in hospital and one man died. among the people in the crowd were abdullah and his 13—year—old son. today they were recovering at home in their garden. abdullah has little english, so his son spoke for both of them. i saw an angry driver in the van, in a company van. he looked at the muslims. they gathered around. he drove through and hit seven or eight people. and was underneath a van. my dad got hit on his shoulder and next to his legs. and my dad's friend got
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hit on the stomach. witnesses have told us that the van came down the road at speed, turning into this cul—de—sac and knocking down the worshippers as it came through. it then came to a rest between those two bollards. the bollard that it hit has been moved. when it came to a stop, a young man was trapped underneath the van, though he has survived. today, with north london in shock, the head of one of the mosques called for calm. hate crime is on the rise. we have to do something to stop this madness. the cycle of violence will lead us nowhere. after a day of crime scene investigation, the van was eventually taken away yesterday evening. the suspected driver was arrested at the scene. darren osborne is still in custody,
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dean held on suspicion of murder, attempted murder and of preparation and commission of terrorist acts. it's international yoga day and over 180 countries are celebrating it, and sharanjit leyl has this report. omm.... an ancient practice given a modern twist. this woman isn't your typical yoga guru. she has built a multi—million—dollar business as a master to the stars. fans include alicia keys and kate hudson. she travels the world to teach her form of yoga, which has a following amongst one big growth market. now the millennials are monetising and i think we've seen a huge jump just from the kind of past nine months when the millennials
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now start monetising and using the digital space. and it's only scratching the surface. 300 million people are now practising yoga worldwide. the warrior, the cobra, and the downward facing dog. whether you practise yoga or not, these are all terms that have become familiar because yoga, from a 5000—year—old indian spiritual practice, has now become big business. stay with us. we will be back with the headlines next and asia business report on the way. see you soon. as
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has been the case in recent days. tuesday brought 30 degrees widely across the southern half of the british isles and as i say on the bbc are the heatwaves are available. if we get to 34 on wednesday that will put us well up the table. not quite into pole position compared to 1976, but certainly up there. wednesday is the summer solstice. for some the real start of summer and it will certainly feel that days starting from this space of 20 degrees in the south of wales and into the west country, down into the south—west of england. once the sun is up the temperatures are set to soar. that's not quite the whole story. there will be a fair amount of cloud coming in across the northern half of britain and in the afternoon we may see pretty violent thunderstorms breaking out in the far north of wales and to the north of england, maybe the scottish borders as well. the story in the south will undoubtedly be about the heat, especially if we get to the mark of 34 celsius, but it is and
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just a south—eastern problem because it extends yet again into the west country, to the south—west of england, into wales, the heart of the midlands and towards the north—west of england. further north there is a somewhat cooler field to there is a somewhat cooler field to the weather. even some of these temperatures, for example 22 in belfast, is above average for the time of year. as we get further north it does look very much more u nsettled. north it does look very much more unsettled. those storms will rumble on during the course of the evening. later on we will see the first signs of somewhat cooler conditions trying to move in from the atlantic. once we start putting that moisture into the mix of all of the heat that we've had of late, that could be quite explosive. if you catch some of these thunderstorms as they rumble from west to east you will certainly know all about it. it could be gusty winds, damaging hail and there will be a lot of water very quickly, so driving conditions will be treacherous. but at least
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they herald the arrival of cool and fresher weather. that will not fill the case across east anglia and the south—east, where temperatures are well on into the 20s in a couple of locations. to the latter half of the week and towards the latter half of the weekend low pressure is the dominant feature. weather fronts coming in from the atlantic. all the while introducing the cool and fresher conditions from the atlantic rather than the air from the continent that we've experienced of late. hence that sort of temperature profile which will take us into a cooler weekend. this bbc world news. our top story: there's been an attempted terrorist attack in the central station of brussels. belgian soldiers shot the attacker — officials say he's dead. no one else was hurt. police said the attacker was wearing what appeared to be a bomb vest and a small explosion was triggered.
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a coroner in ohio has been asked not to perform an autopsy on the american student otto warmbier, following a request from his family. the us says north korea is directly to blame for his death. and this story is trending on thousands of camels have been reunited with their owners in qatar after being stranded on the border with saudi arabia, following the dispute between the two gulf neighbours. stay with bbc world news. i will
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