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tv   BBC News  BBC News  June 21, 2017 5:45am-6:01am BST

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sally has joined sally hasjoined me. as you've been hearing on bbc news, the queen's speech will be read here in britain a little later on. the daily telegraph headline about it says theresa may "clings on to brexit lifeline". it says she'll put the uk's exit from the eu at the heart of the speech, in the hope that she can remain prime minister. to the financial times. british bank barclays and four former executives have been charged with fraud over their actions in the 2008 financial crisis. it's the first time criminal charges related to the financial crisis have been brought against a bank in the uk. the new york times reports china is sending jitters through the markets. it says investors have been preoccupied with politics in the us and europe, but a market insider quoted in the article says china's debt and finance bubble keeps getting bigger. the south china morning post looks at comments made by incoming hong kong leader carrie lam.
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referring to the controversial independence issue, the paper says she is calling for an "i am chinese" ideology for young children. an opposition lawmaker says he fears "brainwashing". finally, barbie‘s buff blonde bombshell boyfriend is getting a makeover. ken now has a new range of hair styles, skin tones and body types too — yes, he's getting a little fatter, to reflect the changing world. this is in the guardian. i think ithinki i think i look more and more like the blonde can. the original can? the new, plump can? —— ken. with us bill blain — strategist at mint partners. the daily telegraph, we are guessing what the queen as saying on behalf of the government. this is what they wa nt to of the government. this is what they want to drive through. it is one of
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the thinnest queen's speech as we will hear. as for brexit, she is putting all her eggs in the basket, we don't know if it will be hard—boiled, soft boiled or scrambled. go on. the great minds think alike. one of the things that surprises me is, she is very much attaching herself to making sure she completes the brexit negotiations and survives the next two years. if she survives the next two months, i will be surprised. she doesn't have an agreement with the dup, possibly scrambling into bed with the liberals. i am sure they will make that mistake again. what does this mean for the economy? we had mark carney‘s speech, philip hammond —— philip hammond outlying in —— outlining it will be a tough road ahead but if there is political turmoil, meaning they cannot push
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through changes they think are right the economy, what does it mean? this is the real crisis we face. politics and confidence somewhat determine markets. at the moment, we have an absolute political failure but we also as a result of that have declining business confidence and coi'isuitiei’ declining business confidence and consumer confidence. the sterling is making consumers have to dig deeper. business is losing faith. that becomes a nasty vicious reverse cycle and we are stuck in that until we see something change at the other side of the equation which is politics and it's very difficult to see who is going to replace theresa may and give us some strong and sta ble may and give us some strong and stable government. watch this space. i don't think the british people have the stomach for another election. we may have to get used to it. the financial times, berkeley 's
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executives accused of cash call fraud. this is interesting because it's split the city down the middle. half the city believe that what the berkeley 's executives did should give them sainthood. that actually saved ba rclays give them sainthood. that actually saved barclays as it could have stumbled into the same hole as lloyds and they can scotland. and they saved the taxpayer. but what they saved the taxpayer. but what they did also broke the laws. they created a false impression of the bank's financial position, they did deals that were against the spirit of the law and broke the law. it does appear, allegedly, that there was a lot of money paid in advisory fees. what is the right thing to do here? do you go for the rule of law
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because they happened to get lucky and survive ? because they happened to get lucky and survive? this is a serious fraud office accusation against berkeley ‘s office accusation against berkeley ns __ office accusation against berkeley ‘s —— ba rclays. office accusation against berkeley ‘s —— barclays. barclays is saying it is considering its position, it hasn't come out with a statement one way or another. they are saying they will vigorously defend themselves. and both coming from different angles. both will be standing there saying, hey, i angles. both will be standing there saying, hey, lam angles. both will be standing there saying, hey, i am the whistleblower. at this as an investigation that is ongoing. they will appear in court early injuly. ongoing. they will appear in court early in july. an ongoing. they will appear in court early injuly. an ongoing investigation. just charges at the moment. you are talking about the political instability and economic concerns from the market but the new york times has an interesting article stating that it is china that we should be looking at. this is one of the perennial stories which runs around the market. whenever you see the us or uk or
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europe in trouble, people say, look at the chinese stock and bond markets. there are concerns about china but to be honest, there are markets in the market bubbles that do exist are the least of our concerns. the chinese have demonstrated an ability to handle the overlending that has been going oi'i the overlending that has been going on in our society. they are able to handle the stock market. it is difficult but there are other crises which could mean it is more interesting. the first of those is, beryl ‘s —— there has always been this implicit covenant between the government and the chinese people that if the government delivers riches and growth and jobs, the whole thing will continue of course, if the economy slows, they may fail to deliverjobs and growth. the second issue, young people tend not to a cce pt second issue, young people tend not to accept the status quo so when you see descent breaking out, it tends to come from the younger part of the
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population so that could still remaina population so that could still remain a problem and the third big issue, i don't think it gets enough attention, is the potentialfor environmental disaster in china. they have done so much damage to the environment as a result of their race to growth, it is creating health issues across the whole country. it is created drought conditions and flood conditions and other issues. why is china different anyone else? it is particularly true in china but their race to growth has created all kinds of imbalances in the economy and the environment and the challenge is but how to answer these questions about keeping people happy withjobs and growth and solving environmental issues. in the meantime, carrie lam
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issues. in the meantime, carrie lam is to become the new leader of hong kong. she was picked by the chinese government. sorry, my apologies. she was elected, the appointee of the chinese government. the accusation is that she has been called the puppet. interesting she wants to champion this "i am chinese" idea. nursery aged children in hong kong, that's not likely to go down well. previous administrations have tried to do the same and there has been pushed back. she is the new a cce pta ble pushed back. she is the new acceptable leader. she has been very, very clear that she is not going to tolerate dissent were any kind of independence movement within hong kong which, to be realistic, just isn't going to happen anyway. the chinese government will not let it occur. she has set down a clear
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action plan for their administration. the fact that includes things like getting people to believe they are chinese, that is concerning. the guardian reporting on the new look ken. all six versions. it looks like a boy band. lam the versions. it looks like a boy band. i am the same age as cat as ——i am the same age as ken. are they going to make a fat boy ken? they say they have. not as bumpy as me. absolutely fascinating chat. thank you to you for watching as well. hello, once again. as has been the case in recent days, tuesday brought 30 degrees quite widely across the southern half of the british isles and, as they say on the bbc, other heatwaves are available. if we get to sa on wednesday that will put us well up the league table. not quite into pole position compared to 1976, but certainly up there. of course, wednesday is the summer solstice.
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for some, the real start of summer. and it will certainly feel that way, starting with 20 degrees in the south of wales and into the west country, down into the south—west of england. once the sun is up and we're off and running the temperatures are set to soar. that's not quite the whole story about the day's weather. there will be a fair amount of cloud coming in across the northern half of britain and come the afternoon we may see pretty violent thunderstorms breaking out in the far north of wales and to the north of england, maybe the scottish borders as well. the story in the south will undoubtedly be about the heat, especially if we get to that mark of 3a celsius, but it's notjust a south—eastern problem, because it extends yet again into the west country, to the south—west of england, into wales, the heart of the midlands and up towards the north—west of england. further north than that there is a somewhat cooler feel to the weather. but even some of these temperatures, for example 22 in belfast, is above average for the time of year.
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as you'll see, as you get that wee bit further north it does look very those storms will rumble on during the course of the evening. and later on we will see the first signs of somewhat cooler conditions trying to move in from the atlantic. once we start putting that moisture into the mix of all of the heat that we've had of late, well, that could be really quite explosive. if you catch some of these thunderstorms as they rumble their way from west to east, right through the heart of the british isles, you will certainly know all about it. there could be some very gusty winds, damaging hail and there will be a lot of water very quickly, so driving conditions will be treacherous. but at least they herald the arrival for many of cooler, fresher weather. that will not feel the case across east anglia and the south—east, where temperatures still well on into the 20s in one or two locations. to the latter half of the week and on towards the weekend,
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all the while introducing the cooler and fresher conditions from the atlantic rather than the air from the continent that we've experienced of late. hence that sort of temperature profile will take us on into a cooler weekend. hello, this is breakfast, with louise minchin and dan walker. theresa may sets out her two—year plan, with brexit at the top of the agenda. but with no commons majority, the prime minister is expected to scrap several key manifesto promises in a delayed queen's speech. good morning, it's wednesday the 21st ofjune. also this morning: one of britain's top police chiefs warns services could be stretched to breaking point, as ministers put terrorism officers on an emergency footing. a suspected suicide bomber is shot
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dead in brussels as he sets off an explosion in the city's main railway station.
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