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tv   BBC News  BBC News  June 22, 2017 5:45am-6:01am BST

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up the great al—nuri mosque in mosul. one iraqi general called it a crime against all iraq. and donald trump has put forward the idea that his proposed water wall with mexico should be covered with solar panels. in aiyawatt, he said such a war would generate energy and pay for itself. time to take a look at the stories and how the news media is by —— by digesting the news of the world. one of the big news stories here in the uk is yesterday's queen's speech. while pointing out the resemblance of the queen's hat to the eu flag, the daily telegraph looks at theresa may facing what it calls
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a "constitutional crisis". it reports the prime minister's brexit plans could be derailed by opposition parties. mrs may will meet other eu leaders at a summit in brussels later. france's new president emmanuel macron will be there too. he's given his first interview since being elected — le figaro one of eight media outlets he spoke to. he says france will have a "pragmatic" relationship with britain when it leaves the bloc. saudi arabia's arab news dedicates its whole front page to the change in the kingdom's succession line. king salman has replaced his nephew with his son, to become heir to the throne. mohammed bin salman is recognised for making major changes to the country's economic and energy policies. uber co—founder travis kalanick is hailing a taxi out of his chief executive office. he's stepping down as ceo, in the wake of a number of scandals at the company. the financial times reports uber
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is facing a leadership vacuum, with three top executive positions now vacant. with me is amrita sen, chief oil analyst at energy aspects. lovely to see you. likewise. the queen's speech, not quite the normal p°mp queen's speech, not quite the normal pomp and circumstance, but it was boiling hot? all of our correspondence found it very hot. give us your take on this. the telegraph looks at the constitutional crisis that could occui’. constitutional crisis that could occur. it is about the house of lords possibly taking action to rebuff a lot of what was in the speech? they had to water down a lot of what was proposed. i think nine of what was proposed. i think nine of the bills were related to brexit. interestingly, i guess it boils down
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to the fact that the conservative party does not have a majority. that is why they are seeing that they can't take this line with brexit, and why they are threatening to water this down. the issue about her not having a majority, that is coming out in all the newspaper coverage. this article talks about the democratic unionist party and what they are asking to get a deal, a£2 what they are asking to get a deal, a £2 billion payment is apparently being demanded for northern ireland, and are guaranteed to end austerity. this is a real issue for theresa may. she has to get some kind of deal to get anything through parliament? and yet, it is looking extremely difficult to break about. there was some news earlier saying that they had denied it, but clearly, it has been run across all the newspapers. i think the concern amongst many is, do we need to go through another round of elections? it is going to be very
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destabilising, given that the brexit election talks have just started. destabilising, given that the brexit election talks have just startedm was a very brexit heavy speech... i am loving the hat, it does sort of resemble the eu flag. many were tweeting about that. resemble the eu flag. many were tweeting about thatlj resemble the eu flag. many were tweeting about that. i don't know whether she chose it on purpose, but i think it that a lot. the fact it was blue with all these yellow bits... moving on to let figaro and the guardian, several outlets giving their exclusive interviews with emmanuel macron, i don't know if it is exclusive if there are eight papers —— le figaro. interesting to get his take on the relationship between france and the uk? yes, it
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covered a lot about european values. he has been very pragmatic. he has said that they are not going to close the doors on the uk. he said, why should i be the one to say that the doors are closed? he genuinely believes that you need to have very solid relationships, even after the brexit, because of security concerns. as he said, terrorists in europe don't know where the border ends. i genuinely believe that he wa nts to ends. i genuinely believe that he wants to develop a very cooperative relationship. ringing in our correspondence from russells. doing the news review, talking about emmanuel macron. he wants to make an impression in the next 48 hours?|j impression in the next 48 hours?” have got some more exclusive interviews for you. this is from a french—speaking newspaper, we have got the bbc sticker right over the
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president's face. sorry about that. it does say, the new french president has become the faith in europe which has grasped the initiative. also talking about a franco— german relationship which has been reinvigorated. the message of creating ideals, creating a vision, spelling out a bit more on the nitty—gritty. they want to avoid a warof the nitty—gritty. they want to avoid a war of agencies. the uk has two eu agencies, one for medicine and one for banking. they will be handed out to other countries. just to give you another exclusive with emmanuel macron, his message is, the eu cannot be a supermarket. you cannot cynicallyjust think, we want this, not that. it has to be a vision, a dream, an idea. perhaps that franco— german motor at the heart of it can
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start to purr again. talking about the other big announcement yesterday, front page of the arab news. the newly appointed crown prince. just explain how significant this is an talk us through the family tree? his father, who is right now the king, he was the deputy crown rents. the current king has deposed, he has gone with the knife. the crown prince has been relieved of his duties and his son has been promoted. the outgoing crown prince was the nephew who is basically the son of the older king. the airto basically the son of the older king. the air to the throne, he has been the one who has been pushing through a lot of new ideas, new reforms, a
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way of moving saudi arabia away from a nation that is completely reliant on oil income, trying to diversified saudi arabia? not easy. know, and thatis saudi arabia? not easy. know, and that is why he has kind of reason, especially in western media as well, right from the start, he is only 31 yea rs right from the start, he is only 31 years old, he is believed to echoed the voice of the young and rising population of saudi arabia. at the end of the day, over 90% of their gdp is linked to oil. he is trying to say that they have to become less dependent. it is a huge policy in terms of renewable energy, it is really boosting the private sector. the big thing he is trying to undertake is a 5% ipo of the world's largest... the market flotation? raising some funds? ok. quickly
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mentioning travis kalanick, he is gone? iam mentioning travis kalanick, he is gone? i am not surprised. the thing about uber is... it is a driverless company, but interestingly, a lot of investors are divided. they say, look what happened to apple when steve jobs was let go. that was when apple really started to grow. travis kalanick has been criticised for his aggressive tone, but it leaves them with a huge vacuum at the top. thank you so much, lovely to see you. thank you for your company and have a great day. we will see you soon. hello, there. we saw the peak of the heatwave on wednesday afternoon, with temperatures across southern britain soaring into the low
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to mid—30s celsius. it was 35 degrees recorded at heathrow, which was the warmest day of the year so far, but also the warmestjune day since 1976. wales also saw its hottest day with 31 degrees recorded in cardiff. further north, though, it is a little bit cooler, and we start to see a thundery breakdown developing, particularly across northern england and west scotland as we head into wednesday evening. that heat will continue to retreat back into the near continent as cooler and fresher conditions push in off the atlantic, with a fair old breeze. this introduction of cooler air into the heat will spark off further thunderstorms through the overnight period. mainly across the northern half of the uk, tending to ease down towards thursday morning. we'll have a lot of mist and murk developing across western coastal areas. it will be a touch fresher here, but still a warm and muggy start first thing on thursday. it means will be a warm and humid start in the south—east, but we will likely see a line
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of showers and thunderstorms move through the midlands and in towards the south—east during the morning period, and then clearing away. and then another ripple of showers and thunderstorms pushing in towards northern england and eastern england in the afternoon. so quite a messy picture. there will be some sunshine in the north and west — a bit cooler and fresher here. cooler and fresher in the south—east, 25 or 26 degrees. mid—20s instead of mid—30s. you will notice that difference. late on thursday, things will turn more unsettled across scotland and northern ireland, and that's because this vigorous area of low pressure arrives. this sets the scene for things becoming more unsettled from friday onwards, with cooler and fresher air pushing in off the atlantic. so we'll have some sunshine in the south and east on friday. further north, a band of rain moving through, and some of it will be quite heavy. the scotland and northern ireland, a breezy and windy day as that low pressure sweeps through.
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it will feel cooler and fresher, as well, with temperatures in the mid to upper teens celsius, here. we could make 25 degrees in the south east. into saturday, a breezy day, as you can see with these wind arrows. a few showers will develop, mainly across the north and west. the odd heavy one here. top temperatures 20—23 celsius in the south—east, so still feeling cool and fresher. sunday, winds will come down from the north—westerly direction, so it will be a touch cooler still across scotland. further south—east, we could make 21 or 22 degrees. so the main message is it's turning cool over the next few days. certainly over the weekend, it will feel cooler. fresher, with temperatures near normal for the time of year. it will be breezy with a mixture of sunshine and showers. hello, this is breakfast, with charlie stayt and naga munchetty. the kensington council chief executive quits over the response to the grenfell fire in which at least 79 people died. nicholas holgate says he was asked by the government to resign. he's described the fire as "heart—breaking" but says his continued presence would be a "distraction". good morning, it's thursday the 22nd ofjune. also this morning: as theresa may
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faces eu leaders today for the first time since the brexit talks began — she'll outline plans to protect the rights of european citizens in the uk. more than half of british summer fruit and salad growers could be short of migrant workers to harvest their crops this summer
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